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How to dress well on a budget? | Definite Guide for 2019

Posted by Amy T. on

Clothes shopping is something that some people enjoy while others despise it.

I have listed 13 different ways to help you save money if you are limited on funds and don't know how to revive your wardrobe for free.

Use your garments in several ways:

Mix and match your tops and pants to create a variety of looks, casual or sophisticated. 

Turn a long maxi skirt into a strapless dress. Slide a strapless top down to your mid-waist and wear a top over it, this creates the length to help cover your bottom. No-One will know! Layer your clothing Use a belt to cinch in the waist on those baggy tops or dresses.


This will minimize the need to buy more clothing and help revive some of your older garments.

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