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Best Baby Lullaby Songs | Relaxing and Helps Baby Go to Sleep

Posted by Amy T. on

Here are the best lullaby songs with lyrics to help your child relax and go to sleep. This is one of the largest collections with 50+ lullaby songs.

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How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Posted by Amy T. on

Having a work-life balance is almost impossible in our society. Some people even work for 12 hours per day, so how are they going to have time for family, relationships, or other fun activities? 

Having a work-life balance means taking off some of that heavy workload off your back and enjoying your free time. 

But here are some other ways you can improve your personal and your career life while staying healthy and sane.

How to improve work life

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Weighted Blankets for kids with autism. Is it a good idea?

Posted by Amy T. on

Weighted blankets have been an ideal tool that therapists have recommended for years to fight autism. One particular factor of why these blankets are so highly successful is the way they are made - sewn with delicate pockets filled with polypropylene pellets, allowing the blanket to give firm and even pressure to the little body. This is a very important tool for rest time in every therapy for kids with autism, and it’s also useful when easing the symptoms of ADHD and other sensory disorders or conditions.

Happy kid

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