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Vintage Leather Bag

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The most amazing Vintage Leather Messenger Bag I've come across.

You are looking at one of the sharpest, durable and rugged leather satchels of all time, the Vintage Leather Bag by AmyandRose.

Classy enough to be worn to a business meeting and casual enough for daily routine, each AmyandRose piece is crafted with genuine materials and utmost attention to detail which you'll notice once you get your hands on!

Unlike other bags, leather bags are timeless and have the ability to look good over time.

Order yours today and pump your style with our bestselling vintage leather bag.

Why do you need a handmade vintage leather bag?

People often ask me what's the best bag one can have and my only answer to that question is "Handmade Leather Bag".

Hello, this is Rose from AmyandRose. You might be thinking that who is going to spend tons of money on that handmade bag if they can get a similar machine built faux leather one in sub 60 range.

Well, you are not wrong.

But before you just go away, think this for just one second, isn't that just a lifeless plastic bag without any story attached to it?

genuine leather bag, on the other hand, will always have a story attached to it. The pattern, the spots, the scars will make you think why the animal got this mark in the first place, what's the story behind it.

To me, having a leather bag is like having a pet. You care for it! What's the best way to do that?

Give your bag a name.

Yes! You heard me clear. Giving a name to a thing will make it closer to you.

I can get a handmade bag like this on Etsy. What's so special about your bag?

The bags on Etsy are made in bulk. I think you know where I'm going with this...


Perfected with genuine cowhide leather, this bag is very spacious with pocket for a laptop, interior compartment and interior zipper pocket.

The bag is available in normal size, good enough to hold 14" laptop and large size to hold 15.6" laptop model.
Large: 11.8 inch (height) x 3.9 inch (width) x 16.5 inch (length) - suitable for 15.6" laptop
Normal: 11.4 inch (height) x 3.1 inch (width) x 15.5 inch (length) - suitable for 14" laptop

  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Soft Handle
  • Zipper & hasp type closure
  • Flap pocket exterior
  • High quality polyester lining

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