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Frequently Asked Diaper Bag Questions | 2019

Are you thinking to purchase a diaper bag?

If your answer is yes, then here are some questions and answers that will help you make that decision practically.


What are diaper bag essentials?

You would like to carry a lot of items in your baby bag. But the size of the bag is always limited. And you can only carry some items in it. But what are those items?

Those are the essential items for your baby. The things that your baby according to his/her age will require the most. I said this because the items required by an infant will be different from that of a toddler.

What are diaper bags?

Diaper Bags is nothing but an organizer for your baby stuff. We all know how hard it can be for a mom to do everything.

A diaper bag is a friend, a companion that gets you everything you need and whenever you need it (of course it gets you whatever you packed). 

How big is a diaper bag?

The size of a diaper bag totally depends on what you want to carry in it. If you just want to carry baby's necessities then a small diaper bag is enough.

However, if you also want to carry some extra items for the baby as well as some snacks and books for yourself, I recommend getting a duffle bag style bag or a backpack.

How to pack or organize a diaper bag?

The best way to pack anything inside any bag is to first prepare a list of items that you want to carry in the bag. Then to set a priority of each item according to the frequency of use.

Put the items with more use at the top. This will ensure that you won't need to unpack the whole bag again and again just to get that thing at the bottom.

Also, remember to keep all the small things including the pacifiers and wipes in the pockets provided in the bag.

How to choose a diaper bag?

There are certain key points that you should always keep in mind while choosing a diaper bag. These are:

Form factor

The best way to know which form factor of a baby bag you will love to use, just check your previous 10 bags. They will be the base for what you can purchase next.

Many find backpack comfortable over other bags, but if you have not used a backpack in years or if you do not have one then getting a backpack style diaper bag may not be the best idea after all.


A large bag can be good but not for every occasion. One of the best examples is flight's cabin baggage. There are bags that will not be allowed in the cabin.


A feature-rich bag will always be more beneficial. Do check the bag if you can fit at least your baby essentials. Some diaper bags come with dividers to keep your stuff neat and tidy. I always prefer those to a single big space.


Currently diaper bags are prepared with one or mixture of these: genuine leather, faux leather, canvas, cotton.

Can you bring a diaper bag on a plane?

Most airways allow diaper bags as cabin baggage. They even sometimes allow you to carry it as an extra bag without any fee (I recommend to check with the airways).

However, there are some bags that you can carry only as check-in luggage. This is mainly because of the large size of the bag.

Can you wash the diaper bag?

Absolutely! There will be incidents when you forgot to close the lid of the baby formula tightly or any foodstuff gets a spill on the bag. If you do not wash the bag, it will smell really bad.

Some bags cannot be machine washed. So, please check the instructions carefully before throwing your bag into the machine.

How to pack a diaper bag for the hospital?

Before packing your hospital bag it is very important to know what's allowed in a hospital. Once you get that clear, head to this link:

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist: Printable Edition

This is a printable PDF consisting of a comprehensive list of 87+ items that you might need to pack.

We are preparing a list of questions that a mommy might ask, so please leave your comments below if you have any questions to ask.

We have already added the below questions from our subscribers which we will answer every day.

How to make/sew a diaper bag?

You can check this YouTube video which shows perfectly how to sew a diaper bag tote.

Which Skip Hop Diaper Bag is best?

IMO, Skip Hop manufactures brilliantly designed and practical diaper bags. I personally love their duo diaper bag.

Which is the best diaper bag company?

Coach, Jujube, AmyandRose, Catter, Lassig, Camo, Prada, Columbia, Gucci, MK, ToysRUS, Fawn Design.

Which countries these bags are available in?

These are available in stores near you at locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Can I go with a messenger style bag if I'm more comfortable with it?

Definitely, you should buy a maternity bag which you are comfortable to carry. Even if a backpack can hold 100s of items but if you are not satisfied carrying it then it's of no use. Click on the below image to check this design out


Where can we buy AmyandRose's best-selling diaper bag?

You can buy it by clicking the link below:

Fashion Mummy Maternity Nappy Bag