Hottest Present Ideas for Fashion Addicted this Holiday Season

Updated: March 12, 2024 | Published:

As the year nears its end, yuletide bells ring. A time of celebration and showing love to your dear ones through gift-sharing and recreational activities.

It may not seem an up-hill challenge to get a gift for someone who is not choosy or have a high rated taste. But when it comes to your fashion-loving friend or family member who always has trendy, classic, up-to-date collections in her closet, you may find it hard to decide what gift to get that she already doesn’t own or what brands are appealing to her taste.

There are in fact actual classy, fancy gifts that a trendy friend of yours will love and appreciate if you give them as a gift. Let us now review some of these and give you an idea of what to get for them based on different categories.


Calvin Klein women’s Brady pump ($43.99 – $132.99)

It is a known fact, no one rejects a Calvin Klein. These 4-inch heel shoes are comfy, pointed toe, and classy. Made of pure leather with a synthetic rubber sole. These heeled shoes will definitely bring a top-notch look to your fashionable entrepreneur or office working friend.

Frye Women’s Reed Inside Zip tall knee-high boot ($124.9 – $398.00)

This is one stylish gift to give a fashionista. It is made of pure leather with a knee-high length. This boot is perfect for any high-raising occasion and even for a walk around town due to it being durable and comfortable to walk with.


Saint Lauren sunglasses ($121.55 – $530.00)

If your friend is a luxury, fashionable type, sunglasses is a must-have in their collection, so why not gift her a Saint Laurent designer eyewear? These luxury tinted glasses will not only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays but will surely bring a fancy and chic look your friend will love to command. What’s more? You get to choose from a wide range of classy collections Saint Lauren offers.


Louis Vuitton Belt Mini ($595.00)

Your friend will love a fancy Louis Vuitton belt. This belt is authentic and has a sparkly golden buckle. This cute mini belt will be a lovely present as it can go with different attires; skirts, trousers, and even a gown.

Tony Burch Women’s reversible croc logo belt ($199.00 – $239.00)

This belt is anything but not fancy. It has a well-patterned croc design and a smooth peninsula blue-black color. Clean, pleasant to look and feel with a golden razor reversible buckle. This belt will be an amazing addition to the collection and your friend will surely be grateful for it.

Women’s Clutch/Bags

Coach clutch zipper ladies leader cross-body bag ($229.99)

This clutch bag is smooth, fancy, and easy to carry. It’s retro, leather-made, and can go fine with any fancy outfit for any occasion.

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Pochette Felicie clutch bag ($1,840.00)

Leather-made box patterned bag with a golden metallic chain handle, this clutch bag is one fanciful gift. It is versatile and can be used as a wallet and even a clutch bag, all this made possible with its detachable metallic gold chain.

AmyandRose women bag collection/Bella™ women bag set ($85.00)

This four-in-one set is nothing short of versatility, sophisticated, fancy, and chic. It has a wallet, a hand purse, a mini shoulder bag, and a big handbag. Each of the women bag set is roomy and durable enough to hold all of what she has according to their sizes.



Ariana Grande Ari Eau de parfum spray for women ($38.95)

Every classy fashionista will love some Ariana’s music. How about gifting your friend a collection from hers? The Grande perfume bottle is stunning and a masterpiece, the fragrance will make one look fancy, timeless, and confident with an attractive scent.

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de perfume ($53.95)

This is a classy perfume. Gives a charming, longevity, enchanting, radiant, and feminine great radiance to the body, and as a plus gives women confidence. Your friend will surely love this confident booster perfume.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline for Noman Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.2 fl oz ($44.80)

If your fashion friend loves nature then the Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline is one to gift to her. It is made from nature’s gifts such as balsa wood, lotus flower, and bamboo. This perfume scent leaves a natural effect that elevates a good mood.


Cole Haan Women’s Leather Racer Jacket with Quilted ($149 – $315)

Help your friend get a high-end look with the Cole Haan leather jacket. 100% made of leather, this jacket is comfortable to wear and can go well on any pants.

Hudson Women’s Red Leather Jacket ($296.77 – $510.56)

Soft, lambskin leather with an adjustable removable belt, the Hudson Red Jacket will give a gang but stylish look your friend deserves this holiday.

Make-up Kit


Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with 7-piece silk 4-in ($148.63)

Your fashion friend will surely love makeup, so why not gift her the luminous kit. This kit has all she needs to get radiant, glowing facial skin. What’s more? It comes with a gift wrap!


Peora 14K Gold Pendant for women with diamonds ($300.00)

This 14 karats white gold necklace has a pearl-solitaire that is created with gemstones that sparkle in the dark and brighten up a face. This necklace also comes with a fancy signature gift box!

Arthur’s Jewelry Solid 14K yellow white rose bracelet ($405.00)

This 7-in beautiful 14K yellow white gold flower bracelet is one special gift for a fashionmonger. The rose flowery designs glitter and blend with any outfit giving an overall solid confident look.

There are of course other gift ideas available to give your fashion addicted friend in this ‘spirit of giving’ holiday season. Whatever you choose, be sure that it is a fancy, modern, sparkly and chic choice just as your friend loves her things in her collections to be!


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