About AmyandRose

Think of AmyandRose as your go-to for all things parenting, pregnancy, and finding a little ‘you’ time in the mix. We’ve been at this since 2011, so we get the ups and downs of family life.

From eco-friendly diaper bags that fit everything to comfy-yet-stylish maternity clothes, we design with busy lives in mind. And yeah, we’re based in Portland – we might occasionally slip in a mention of good coffee.

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Our Products

We’re picky about what we offer. Here’s what you’ll find at AmyandRose:

  • Bags that work as hard as you do – errands, work, weekend adventures, you name it.
  • Maternity dresses that makes you feel confident, not frumpy.
  • Health and parenting tools that cut through the noise and actually help.

We’re all about smart design and good materials. Because who has time for stuff that falls apart?

Our Founders

Amy Smith

Amy Smith, co-founder of AmyandRos is a bit of a journalism rockstar. Awards, top magazines, the whole deal. But what really fuels her passion is her journey as a mom. She knows the power of good information and the relief of finding products that just work.

Rose Smith

Rose is our wellness guru. Think of her as the wise aunt who’s seen it all and knows exactly what you need. Her health background (degree in public health from ASU), plus years of hands-on mom experience, means she’s as practical as she is kind. Rose makes sure everything we offer is safe, effective, and good for families.

Matt Smith

Matt’s the behind-the-scenes guy who believes business should do good. He grew up volunteering and wants AmyandRose to be known for more than just great products. That is the reason why we are always seeking opportunities to give back.

What We Believe

Being a parent, and taking care of yourself – it shouldn’t be a struggle. We believe in making it easier for you with trusted knowledge and products you love, maybe a little bit of that “get it, you’re doing awesome.” Oh, and we believe in leaving the world better than we found it.

We’re More Than a Store

Kids’ charities, school fundraisers, beach cleanups…we get involved. Because AmyandRose isn’t just a shop, it’s part of a community. And that community includes you!


Amy T. Smith

Director & Co-Founder

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