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How to pick the perfect party dress

Posted by Amy T. on

When it’s time to celebrate, every woman wants to look and feel her best. Finding the perfect party dress can be a fun experience, but it isn’t always easy. We are here to make your choice a little easier and help find the perfect dress that will look like it was made especially for you.

pick perfect party dress

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Perfume Ingredients | How it's made

Posted by Amy T. on

Perfume Oil Profiles

Clove: Worth its weight in gold?

Spices were big business four hundred years ago. At one point during the 17th century, there was scant change amongst the price of gold and the price of cloves. By turns, the Venetians, Portuguese and Dutch traveled to the Spice Islands where they made their fortunes trading in clove, nutmeg, and other spices. The Dutch even destroyed cultivation of cloves on all but two islands in order to restrict supply and thrust up prices.


The hot, fruity, sweet-spicy aroma of clove evokes its tropical origins. Indigenous to Indonesia, much clove oil now originates from Sri Lanka. The name derives from the Latin 'clavus', meaning 'nail', referring to the shape of the flower buds that are steam distilled to produce the aromatic oil.

Cloves were used in Roman, Greek and Chinese civilizations for their medicinal properties, particularly for digestive and respiratory ailments. Clove oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties and has long been used as a dental analgesic. In the Middle Ages, pomanders – oranges studded with clove buds – were used to provide a pleasant scent to the air and kill off contagious diseases.

Warm, sensual and elevating, in perfumery clove is often combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise as a base for spicy-oriental Dior j'adore fragrances.

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Choosing a Fragrance | Detailed Guide

Posted by Amy T. on

They say that a picture tells a thousand words and yet our most powerful sense is our sense of smell. Not only has you sense of smell a direct link to the brain it also creates an emotional link which means we often have strong emotional connections to a smell.

Never under estimate the power of a wonderful fragrance – it can lift the spirits and soften the heart! Making it all the more important to choose wisely!


We are always here to help you and advise you on choosing a fragrance - but we have also compiled for basic information and some fun questionnaires that may also guide you along the way.

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How to dress well on a budget? | Definite Guide for 2019

Posted by Amy T. on

Clothes shopping is something that some people enjoy while others despise it.

I have listed 13 different ways to help you save money if you are limited on funds and don't know how to revive your wardrobe for free.

Use your garments in several ways:

Mix and match your tops and pants to create a variety of looks, casual or sophisticated. 

Turn a long maxi skirt into a strapless dress. Slide a strapless top down to your mid-waist and wear a top over it, this creates the length to help cover your bottom. No-One will know! Layer your clothing Use a belt to cinch in the waist on those baggy tops or dresses.


This will minimize the need to buy more clothing and help revive some of your older garments.

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November Beauty news you don´t want to miss

Posted by Amy T. on

AmyandRose selects out the “November berries” at the beauty department.


November brings the glamour of the Happy Holidays festive collection from London. Not only is this collection trendy but simply amazing with its color shades and glittery.


You can´t go wrong with it. Bobbi Brown introduces Caviar & Oyster and Choose Your Black collections. The Caviar & Oyster collection includes Caviar & Oyster Palette, Shimmer Nail Polish, Dual-Ended Mascara, Lip Gloss, Brightening Lip Gloss and High Shimmer Lip Gloss.

The Choose Your Black Collection includes Kohl Cake Liner, Smokey Eye Liner Brush, Long-Wear Eye Pencil, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Kohl Eyeliner. Why we love it – because black is in this season.

These go well with the genuine leather tote bag at AmyandRose.

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