Striking a Balance Between Working from Home and Parenting Young Children

Balance Between Working from Home and Parenting Young Children

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many working parents into remote working to curb the coronavirus’s spread. Likewise, schools have sent students home and adopted virtual learning. Most daycare providers have also suspended services. That means working parents have to juggle working from home and taking care of their young children. However, striking a balance between … Read more

Important things to take when travelling with kids

Important thingsto take when travelling with kids

Being a parent is one of the most joyous moments in the life of two individuals. Similarly, travelling with the kids can be one of the most enriching and pleasant experiences that you will ever come across. On the other hand, it might also turn out to be a total nightmare if you were not … Read more

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading

There is no denying that motherhood has become the most fulfilling job in this fast-changing world. Each milestone of your children’s development is challenging and demanding. From the time of his bedtime training to the day he learns how to speak and read, the whole process of bringing up acquires your time and struggle. Being … Read more

Step by Step Technique to Teach Phonics to Kids

Step by Step process to Teach Phonics

Phonics experts have determined that phonics is the foundation of early reading and writing skills. They recommend systematic and explicit phonics teaching. Phonics is based on the alphabetic principle where the relationship between letters and sounds they represent is established. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, 66% of students cannot read at grade level by … Read more

5 Best Baby Monitor Cameras of 2020

Baby Awake Baby Monitor

God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers’ but mothers could not be everywhere and so they made a baby monitor! As parents of a little one, it obviously will be your wish to always keep a close eye on your baby. At work, out for a grocery spree, or even just in another room … Read more

10 Best Books for 6-8-Year Olds

Best Books for 6-8 Year Olds

Developing a reading habit in a child is not an easy task. Also, getting them to read on a daily routine is not enough. Having valuable books at your disposal is key. With a plethora of printed and online children’s books all over, it’s hard to settle on the best. Take your child’s reading skills to another … Read more

Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Raising human beings is one of the most demanding jobs in this world! And it becomes more challenging when you have a newborn. Your days become occupied with additional duties, and nights become tirelessly long, sleepless, and exhausted. Of course, you want a sound and healthy sleep to stay energetic, active, and composed throughout your … Read more

How to Teach a Child to Read at Home?

Teach your Child to Read at Home

It’s every parent’s dream to see their child become a competent reader. Unfortunately, most parents underestimate the power of parental involvement in shaping a child’s reading skills. They end up leaving their children to read on their own. This could be unintentional due to a lack of knowledge on proper teaching strategies, or they just believe it’s … Read more