What to Do When Your Child is Aggressive

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Is your child aggressive too? Here’s what I did…

I had a fantastic call with Parenting leader, coach and one of my mentors Sandra Will. This call was so jammed packed full of great info I just had to write about it. We were discussing aggression in children.

My son has been using an aggressive tone lately which has been a concern for me.

Whenever children are aggressive we as parents often punish, reprimand, or explain.

Explaining or reasoning with an angry child rarely works.

The child is hurting and needs love and understanding. Sandra was sharing with me how to handle this sensitive situation.

When children are aggressive they are frightened underneath and are looking to us to reach for them and be close to help them heal.

No amount of punishment or discussion will help them heal their intense feelings.

What I interpreted from this call is my need to slowly and gently move towards my son with love and care and be prepared to listen to his intense feelings and fears.

I don’t have the space to get into all the details of this long and interesting topic, you will need to see the resource section for my recommendations.

The bottom line is I was avoiding my sons cries for help.

Child needs help

I got a little too “mental” and started to reason with him when obviously he isn’t thinking clearly and reasoning isn’t going to get me anywhere.

When he uses an aggressive tone I really need to put my own feelings aside and push through by being close and being there for him in a loving and gentle way.

No amount of discussion will make a dent in his fears.


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