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What to Do When Your Child is Aggressive

Posted by Amy T. on

Is your child aggressive too? Here's what I did...

I had a fantastic call with Parenting leader, coach and one of my mentors Sandra Will. This call was so jammed packed full of great info I just had to write about it. We were discussing aggression in children.

My son has been using an aggressive tone lately which has been a concern for me.

Whenever children are aggressive we as parents often punish, reprimand, or explain.

Explaining or reasoning with an angry child rarely works.


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Romania Parental Plan

Posted by Amy T. on

The idea of a parental plan is still in the beginning phase in Romania. What is it? The article 2 and 64 from the mediation law provided that parents may be mediated about how to raise children after divorce. Click here to download the Romania Parental Plan! This is the standard parental plan which can be used by parents, courts, and mediators as proposed by ARPCC. It’s a set of questions in XLS format, answering to which will automatically generate the mediation agreement. Show us your love for AmyandRose by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Follow us...

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NISMART National Family Abduction Report

Posted by Amy T. on

National Incidence Studies of Missing Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART) is the periodic study to estimate the number of reported missing and recovered children in a particular year.


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