Rose Smith

Rose, a co-founder of AmyandRose, is an embodiment of wisdom, experience, and dedication in the realms of health, parenting, and lifestyle. At 52, Rose’s journey is a testament to her lifelong commitment to promoting well-being and nurturing growth.

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Rose graduated with a degree in Health, a foundation that has significantly shaped her professional and personal pursuits. Her education and decades of real-world experience have endowed her with a deep understanding of health dynamics, especially in parenting and family life.


A series of significant achievements and contributions have marked Rose’s career. Her expertise extends beyond academic knowledge, encompassing practical insights into parenting, pregnancy, nursing, and overall family health. Rose has been instrumental in developing AmyandRose’s product line, ensuring that each item reflects health-conscious design and practicality.

As a mother and a health advocate, Rose has navigated the challenges and joys of parenting, infusing her personal experiences into the ethos of AmyandRose. Her approach is holistic, considering not just the physical aspects of health and parenting but also families’ emotional and psychological well-being.