7 Comfy Clothing Pieces to Wear After Giving Birth

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Being a mother is one of life’s greatest gifts. Your heart will be filled with joy and a sense of wonder, especially while looking at the beautiful face of your newborn. And with all the excitement, time, and energy you spend caring for your little one, dressing well is probably the last thing on your mind after giving birth. Perhaps you may even feel content wearing your old maternity shirt and sweatpants as they feel ultra-comfortable.

While caring for your bundle of joy is naturally your top priority, you may want to focus on your needs as well. Apart from making sure to eat well and taking regular showers, consider sprucing up the clothes you wear. After all, your outfit can influence your mood and ensure you stay comfortable while attending to your infant’s needs. Dress well, and you will feel happy, energized, and inspired instantly. Taking extra care with your outfits can also help you cope with the changes your body experiences after giving birth. Just as you expanded your wardrobe to accommodate your growing baby bump, consider including some stylish pieces that will make you look and feel good postpartum. After all, you’ll want to make sure that your outfits will be breastfeeding-friendly as well.

This article will provide you with seven must-have clothing pieces that best suit your post-delivery needs and can be easily adjusted as your body recovers. And since you deserve to look your best, we will also discuss styling ideas to help you create fashionable yet comfy outfits.

Cotton Leggings

Cotton Leggings

Your postpartum wardrobe will not be complete without a couple of high-quality cotton leggings. Besides being cool on the skin and ultra-comfy, these stretchy pants are also versatile. You can pair them with your favorite maternity top or an oversized shirt, and you are ready to nurse your baby or relax at home in style.

Are you going out to give your little one a dose of vitamin D and fresh air? Try wearing your black cotton leggings with a white button-down shirt and white sneakers. Finish this casual yet chic look with a pair of square oversized sunglasses. Going out for your first date with the family’s newest addition? Elevate your outfit by changing into cute black ballet flats and adding a statement scarf for a splash of color.

When buying cotton women’s leggings online, opt for pairs with high waists and wide waistbands to support your postpartum belly better. Such styles will also help conceal and complement belly bands or wraps if you are wearing them. Try getting cotton leggings in neutral colors like black and gray, so you can readily mix and match them with loose tunics, long tops, and short flowy dresses.

High-Waist Denim Leggings

High-waist denim leggings are another clothing option you can wear after giving birth. What makes them exceptional is that they combine the classic look of your favorite jeans and the stretch and softness of leggings—so you can wear them comfortably all day long. Their high-rise design can also help create an illusion of a flatter midsection and a longer lower body because they sit higher on the torso.

Make sure that you purchase pairs in your size for better comfort and support. As for length, opt for denim leggings that sit just above the ankles to create the most flattering appearance. Pair denim leggings with loose and long tops to create balance. Complete the fresh look with shoes that suit your activity. Denim leggings will look great with sneakers, sandals, flats, and even heels.

Asymmetrical-Hem Tops

Comfortable clothes do not have to be boring. So, make sure to add loose-fitting and fashionable asymmetrical-hem tops to your “mom uniform” to experience both style and comfort. Unlike ordinary blouses with horizontal hems, asymmetrical clothing creates more flattering vertical lines that draw attention away from your middle area. Wear them to exude a more stylish, youthful, and hip vibe while concealing your postpartum belly.

Asymmetrical tops match well with denim or black cotton leggings. You can also use them as a layering piece to create different looks with a few staple pieces. Try purchasing them in colors and prints that you love to give you that much-needed mood boost after a sleepless night caring for your little one. You can also consider asymmetrical-hem nursing tops if you are breastfeeding.

Boyfriend Shirts

Do you want tops that create a polished and sophisticated look but are as comfortable as your favorite loungewear? If so, you can never go wrong with adding boyfriend shirts to your postpartum wardrobe. More commonly known as oversized button-down shirts, boyfriend shirts feel like pajama tops but can be transformed into an effortlessly chic look. And because they have buttons on the front, nursing your baby will be a breeze while wearing them.

Try pairing an oversized white button-down with beige capris and white lace-up sneakers to create a relaxed weekend ensemble. Do you want a smart-casual outfit? Opt for a pinstripe design. Wear a long dark blazer over the shirt, then pair it with high-waist denim leggings and black leather loafers for a put-together appearance.

T-Shirt Dresses

A solid-colored or printed cotton dress is another ultra-comfy clothing piece worth investing in after giving birth. They offer the softness of your favorite shirt and can be easily dressed up and down with the right shoes and accessories. Opt for a straight cut to make your tummy less noticeable, and go for flattering necklines like a V-neck to create an illusion of a slender face and a longer neck.

T-shirt dresses are perfect when you want to dress well but do not have the energy to mix and match different pieces. A tee dress looks good on its own. Opt for a dark hue or busy prints for a slimming effect, pair it with sneakers, and you are good to go. You can also add a denim jacket or other accessories to upgrade your look. Do not be afraid to experiment with lengths, textures, colors, and styles until you find an outfit that fits your mood.

Flowy Blouses

Loose-fitting and flowy blouses made of light fabrics are fantastic additions to your capsule wardrobe as well. Not only are they airy and comfy, but they are also stylish and cover your post-pregnancy body in a flattering way. Are you afraid of looking frumpy? Find flowy tops with a bit of shape and interesting accents. Pieces with bell sleeves or layering details in attractive prints and colors are fantastic options.

Create a streamlined and well-balanced appearance by pairing your flowy top with fitted pants, such as high-quality leggings or jeggings. Want to add more height and look more feminine? Choose wedges or heels in neutral hues that complement your outfit, and finish off with dangling earrings for a bohemian vibe.

Trapeze Dresses

Trapeze Dresses

Besides empire and A-line cuts, you will probably enjoy wearing trapeze dresses after giving birth. The trapeze style is a bit narrow around the chest area and has a loose body that extends up to the hemline, making it universally flattering.

Trapeze dresses are comfortable and easy to style. For instance, you can go monochromatic. Put on a white trapeze dress with half sleeves and pair it with white sneakers for a laid-back yet classy vibe. Change into stylish heels, and you have a more sophisticated ensemble. Do you want to highlight your beautiful shoulders and upper arms? Opt for sleeveless trapeze dresses in light fabrics.

Comfy Clothing

Keeping your little one clean, happy, and well-fed is a 24/7 job but it’s also important to make sure that your needs are met. Hopefully, this piece can inspire you to make small indulgences by dressing up even if you’re just handling bottles and diapers. Consider it as a form of self-care—something that you may forget to do as a busy mother. Try creating amazing outfits with the clothing pieces described above, and you will surely realize how easy it is to put together postpartum ensembles that are both comfortable and stylish.


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