7 Tips For Hosting A Small Party On A Shoestring Budget

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Summer is here, and it is the season for garden parties. BBQs, swimming, and other fun and entertainment activities will be the order of the day. But how can you make the most of this period of the year, creating something special when working with a tight budget?

Below are several ways to take advantage of the time spent during the warm weather with family and friends.



You will need ample space for your event, an area with enough room for people to congregate. What better place for this than your backyard! You can use your garden as the party spot if you want to cut on costs. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a ruby or cricket pitch if you plan to hold a big party. Also, you can check out charity-run sports facilities for discounted rates.

Some sports facilities allow people to use their fields for free if they agree to purchase food and drinks from their restaurants, canteens, or bars. You also should check the facility’s licensing requirements. You probably will part with around £150 to £500 when hiring a field but coming with your food and drinks—but opting to hire a venue a fantastic idea when you consider the availability of essential amenities like toilets for your guests.


Getting people on their feet dancing is synonymous with most party programs. But it also means have a substantial playlist and someone on the deck deejaying. You can eliminate the costs of hiring a DJ by being the one handling the music decks. Spend time going through the songs you plan to play at the party, arranging your playlist ensuring you have tracks that will get everyone dancing. You can use your laptop, tablet, or phone to find the jams that will help get people in a partying mood.

Music streaming services like Spotify can be an excellent resource for creating playlists. Also, check out YouTube for more of your favorite and trending tracks. Moreover, you can use an online tool such as YouDJ or Tubedisco to create a seamless continuous mix effortlessly if you do not have the DI skills.

Power Supply

Having a generator on standby for emergencies is a wise move. However, you need not go out of your way to get one if you can access the mains electricity to the building that will host the event. That means getting high-quality extension cables (Arctic Cable). It would help if you also got fly leads that will convert the electricity to suit your equipment’s power requirements. Alternatively, you can opt to hire the cables from a business with different machinery and equipment for hire.

It also is wise to bear in mind the safety of the premises and all in attendance. Therefore, ensure all naked wires are covered, and the cables are tacked away so avoid tripping people. Moreover, protect your electrical equipment from adverse weather. You should consider researching IP66 regulations to learn all you should know regarding outdoor extensions.


You can opt to buy most of the food and request your friends to bring something along. It is a witty strategy for ensuring that everyone’s tastes and preferences are catered for since your guests will bring what they love eating. Moreover, you can leave some meals to be prepared during the party, opting for options like sandwiches, salads, kebabs, fries, or baking. If you plan to have a BBQ, ask people to bring what they want on the grill. You also can make specific requests to ensure nothing is left out or having too much of a particular dish.

Alcohol and Drinks

Check out the local mall or supermarket when shopping for drinks. Also, ask your friends to come with what they would prefer. You also can plan for a cocktail-making session before the party starts.  You can buy what you need in bulk from a pal with an account at a cash and carry. Conversely, you can check out Majestic Wines party services or other such service providers to supply what you need. They can deliver your stock to the venue.



The appropriate lighting at night will make your party come alive. For instance, you can drape festoon lights over trees, along the building’s edges, across the lounge area, and where suitable. You can use different colored bulbs to have the venue twinkling. Solar or battery-powered fairy lights are also an excellent cost-cutting option.

Extras – Decorations, Furniture, And Invitations

Pick a venue that will comfortably accommodate all your guests. People should have enough room to sit and relax.  You can drape throws on your garden chairs, spread out picnic blankets, and place bean bags and cushions on the ground when the sun goes down, and the moon is out for the party. Inject a little fun people go crazy for these giant light up Christmas bulb necklaces. Bring in some extra furniture, and you also can use hay bales if you can get them for the local farmer. Also, you can grab a few wooden pallets cheaply and used them as chairs and tables.


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