12 Mindful Hobbies for New Moms

Updated: July 15, 2023 | Published:

Becoming a mom is incredibly rewarding but also one of the most overwhelming and challenging things you’ll do. Caring for such a small human on top of your already full life isn’t easy.

Between the responsibilities and shifting hormones, new moms are likely to suffer from depression or lose themselves to the roles of “mother,” “wife” or “employee.”

If this sounds familiar, you can have hope. Life with your new little one can look completely different. No, the diapers, feedings, and tantrums don’t magically disappear, but picking up a mindful hobby or two can transform your outlook.

Pursuing your passions and interests will also help you regain your sense of self. Try one of these mindful hobbies and see how it improves your life.

Get an Adult Coloring Book

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy adult coloring books. You can start by printing a few pages to practice with and make sure you like the activity before committing further.

After that, you only need an adult coloring book and a decent set of pencils or thin markers. As you build your skill, you can move past simply coloring within the lines and work on shading and other techniques.

Make a Scrapbook

When you’re a new mom, there’s no end to the memories you create with your little one. Scrapbooking allows you to hang on to precious moments and save them for the future.

You can buy physical scrapbooking supplies or create a digital version depending on your budget, available space and interests.

Walk or Hike

Even before getting the all-clear from your doctor to exercise again, you can go for walks. Fresh air is good for you and the baby and will get you out of the house. As you leave the postpartum period and gain strength and endurance back, you can go for longer walks or try hiking. Getting out in nature with a friend lets you vent and gossip while caring for your body.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

If you love being creative and sharing your thoughts, a blog or YouTube channel could perfectly fit you. Start one of these as a passion project to document your experience as a new mom, or use your knowledge or expertise to make this hobby your side hustle for some extra cash.

Take a Dance Class

Dance is a way of expressing your emotions through movement, and its complexity keeps you grounded in the moment rather than allowing your mind to wander.

Physical activity combined with music is also a great mood booster. Join a class with a friend or partner to make it a relationship-building experience.

Try Baking or Cooking

Once the freezer lasagnas and crock-pot meals from loved ones are all gone, you’re generally left to your own devices for food. During the newborn stage, it’s common to get stuck in a rut of easy and less-than-healthy foods, like cereal, Pop-Tarts and mac and cheese.

Nourish your passions and solve a problem by getting into baking or cooking. Trying new recipes and cuisines will ignite your taste buds and help you recover postpartum.

Start Knitting or Crocheting


Knitting and crocheting aren’t just for your grandma anymore. Now you can find fun patterns to spice things up and make stuffed animals, clothing and much more. Share your creations with family, nursing homes or charitable organizations to spread the love.

Practice Your Camera Work

You’re already taking a million and one pictures of your newborn. Why not get better at it? Take an online class in photography or start simply with YouTube videos or a book from the library.

Learning about the best angles, lighting and settings will help you take higher-quality pictures. Use your skill for personal use or start a side hustle taking pictures for other people.

Get Back to Reading

Unlock your inner bookworm by digging back into the pages of a good read. You can use Audible if you absolutely can’t find a way to sit down.

However, it’s better to carve out some time during a nap or when your partner has the baby to get away and read. Re-read an old favorite, pick up a friend’s recommendation, get a group of new moms or other lady friends, and start a book club.

Make Your Own Accessories

While it may feel like ages since you got dressed up and went out, more date nights and coffee outings are on the horizon. Starting a jewelry-making hobby will ensure you’re ready for any occasion.

You can use polymer clay to hand-cast earrings or use molds to create your design using your favorite colors. Make necklaces and bracelets using wire or string and beads.

Play Your Favorite Games

The concentration you need to play board or card games keeps you grounded in the present. Plus, you’ll stretch your skills and socialize with loved ones.

Stick to a few favorites first to reduce the load on your budget and space — buying new games is an addicting pastime. Find other game-loving couples or families to swap with or host a game night to try new ones.

Start a Garden


Starting a garden is a fun way to get outside and connect with nature, and you don’t need much space or money to get started. A few plants in pots on your porch will be enough to begin your hobby.

Ask friends for clipping of the plants for you to propagate or save seeds from your produce to get started for free. It only takes a little while to weed and water. Soon you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor at the dinner table.

Enjoy Feeling Like You Again

Busy culture and societal expectations for mothers have you believing a lie. They say you need to drop everything else to be an amazing mom. Living this way will leave you burnt out and frustrated.

The truth is practicing mindfulness through hobbies makes you a better mommy. Taking time for your passions and interests will boost your mood and give you a sense of self outside your role as a new mother. You’ll be more patient with your family and confident in your skin.


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