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Maternity Dresses | Top 30 Picks + Buyer's Guide

Posted by Amy T. on

Maternity is a unique experience in life that is filled with many emotions like joy, fear, anticipation, and anxiety.

Until recently pregnant women had to make do with matronly, polyester-blend clothes; now, upscale designers have come on board, creating chic collections using cashmere and leather.

Finally, maternity fashion may seem a contradiction in terms, but it’s come a long way, baby.

From a dowdy past populated by polka dots and polyester blends rise delightful, sophisticated choices, with hardly a panel insight.

White Pregnancy Dress

Cut closer to the body in better quality fabrics, the best maternity clothes pay homage to the cosmopolitan wardrobe’s women had before they were pregnant and the tummies they have now: matte jersey wrap dresses, stretch denim flares, cotton capris, classic cashmere twinsets, floral wrap gowns, preggo leggings, halter tops. That’s right, halter tops.

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7 Precautions During Pregnancy

Posted by Amy T. on

7 Precautions During Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most magical experience in a women’s life. As the baby begins to develop inside the womb, so does the women turn to a mother. This nine-month phase is exciting as well as pretty confusing for young mothers.

Given nuclear families tradition and the busy lives of the city flocks create turmoil in the young mother’s mind. And no granny to guide creates a sense of insecurity. So, here I would like to highlight 7 precautions during pregnancy.

Routine checkups

Routine visits to doctors would not only ensure that your baby is healthy and developing but would also keep the worries at bay. Make it on top of your priority appointments.


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