Top 10 Gift Ideas for your 10-year-old Daughter’s Birthday

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It’s that time of year again, and your ten-year-old daughter’s birthday is fast approaching. It can be tough to find the perfect gift for a child at this age, as they are at a point where they are starting to develop their interests and preferences.

However, with a little research and creativity, you can find the perfect gift that will put a smile on your daughter’s face. Read these daughter birthday wishes.

Daughter Birthday Gift Ideas

List of top 10 gift items for your ten-year-old daughter’s birthday:

A new bike or scooter

This is a classic gift that never goes out of style. A new bike or scooter will allow your daughter to get outside and active while also giving them a sense of independence.

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A crafting or art kit

If your daughter loves to get creative, consider giving them a craft or art kit. This could include paints, markers, beads, or even a knitting or sewing set.

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit for Girls Gifts Ages 8 9 10 11 12 Teen Years Old and Up - 3 Bracelets and 3 Necklaces
  • Comes with 8 colors of polymer clay, 3 pendants, 12 charms, 99 beads, 2 clay cutters, roller, 3 necklaces, bracelet cord, bead rod, cutting tool, and instructions

A new book or series

Encourage your daughter’s love of reading with a new book or series. Look for something that entirely matches their interests, whether fantasy, adventure, or something else.

A board game or puzzle

A board game or puzzle is a great gift for a child who enjoys spending time with their family and friends. These gifts can provide hours of entertainment and are perfect for rainy days or quiet evenings at home.

Momo & Nashi World Map Puzzle for Kids - 75 Piece - World Puzzles with Continents - Childrens Jigsaw Geography Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8, 5, 6, 7, 8-10 Year Olds - Globe Atlas Puzzle Maps
  • World Map Puzzle set is an entertaining educational activity for kids to help stimulate and challenge their minds, and aid in development as they play and learn. A handy play set that promotes problem solving and memorization skills.

A new outfit or accessory

Help your daughter express her style with a new outfit or accessory. This could be something as simple as a new pair of shoes or as extravagant as a new dress or handbag.

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron with Interactive 8 inch Blue Plush Toy and 50+ Sounds and Reactions, Multicolor
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A toy or game based on their favorite TV show or movie

Does your daughter love a particular TV show or movie? Consider giving them a toy or game related to that franchise. This could be anything from a Lego set to a board game to a plush toy.

A gift card to their favorite store or activity

If you’re unsure what to get your daughter, a gift card can be a great option. This allows them to choose something they want or enjoy, whether a movie trip or a new outfit from their favorite store.

Amazon Gift Card - Print - Amazon Logo
  • Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.

A new sports equipment or accessory

If your daughter loves sports, consider giving them a new one. This could be anything from a new soccer ball to a pair of rollerblades to a basketball hoop for the driveway.

Chridark Ankle Skip Ball for Kids - Foldable Flash Wheel Skip Ball, Outside Game Toys for Kids & Adults, Gift for Boys & Girls Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 Years Old (Pink)
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A new piece of tech

Children at this age are often very interested in technology, so a new piece of tech could be a great gift. This could be something like a new tablet or phone or even something fun like a video game console or virtual reality headset.

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An experience, such as tickets to a concert or a trip to a theme park

Instead of a physical gift, consider giving your daughter an experience they will never forget. This could be tickets to a concert or sporting event, a trip to a theme park, or another attraction.


There are many great gift options for a 10-year-old daughter, and the perfect choice will depend on your daughter’s interests and preferences. Consider what she loves to do, and try to find a gift that matches those interests. Whether it’s a new bike, a craft kit, or tickets to a concert, there’s something for every child on this list.


  1. What are some good gift ideas for a ten year old girl who loves to craft or create?

    Some good gift ideas for a ten-year-old girl who loves to craft or create might include a craft or art kit, a knitting or sewing set, or a local art or craft studio membership. You could also consider a gift card to a hobby store or a craft or art magazine subscription.

  2. What are some good gift ideas for a ten year old girl who loves music?

    Some good gift ideas for a ten year old girl who loves music might include tickets to a concert, a new instrument, or a membership to a local music school or program. You could also consider a gift card to a music store or a subscription to a music streaming service.


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