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In an era where the digital realm intertwines with our everyday lives, particularly for our children, navigating online safety becomes paramount. Enter PC Tattletale – a robust, user-friendly monitoring tool designed to give you peace of mind in the digital age. Our in-depth review of PC Tattletale will walk you through its innovative features, practical applications, and how it stacks up against other parental control software. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a vigilant employer, or an individual prioritizing digital security, this review will provide essential insights.

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Accurate activity tracking.
  • Unobtrusive background operation.
  • Regular updates for better performance.
  • Intuitive dashboard design.
  • Delay in live tracking.
  • Increases CPU usage during monitoring.
  • Privacy concerns due to extensive monitoring.
  • Can affect system performance slightly.
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Why You Should Trust Us

For this comprehensive review of PC Tattletale, we engaged with leading child development experts to ensure our analysis is deeply informed and current. We consulted with Dr. Raymond, a renowned child psychologist from Sydney, and Dr. Martha, a distinguished child development specialist from New Jersey. Their expertise in child behavior and online safety significantly contributed to the depth and accuracy of our review.

Additionally, we conducted thorough research and analysis to provide an objective and detailed assessment of PC Tattletale. This blend of expert insights and meticulous research underscores our commitment to delivering valuable and trustworthy content, helping parents make informed decisions about their children’s digital safety and well-being.

Who This Is For

This review of PC Tattletale is tailored for parents seeking effective ways to safeguard their children’s online activities. If you’re concerned about your child’s exposure to the digital world and want to monitor their internet usage without infringing on their privacy, PC Tattletale offers a discreet solution. It’s particularly beneficial for parents of teenagers who spend a significant amount of time online and those with younger children who are just starting to explore digital devices.

PC Tattletale is also a valuable tool for parents who may not be tech-savvy but are looking for a straightforward and user-friendly way to monitor their children’s online interactions.

While it does require an investment, the peace of mind and comprehensive monitoring features it provides can be a worthwhile trade-off for ensuring your child’s digital safety. However, balancing monitoring with trust and open communication with your children about internet safety and usage is important.


In today’s digital age, the Internet has become essential for communication, education, and entertainment. However, it also presents risks, especially for children and businesses. Monitoring and tracking software like PC Tattletale can help mitigate these risks by providing insights into online activities.

In this comprehensive PC Tattletale review, we will discuss the features, use cases, pricing plans, and user experiences, helping you decide whether this software is right for you.

When I first stumbled upon PC Tattletale, I was a tad skeptical. Could software offer such comprehensive monitoring without being overly complicated? I tried it on our family computer to get to the bottom of it.

The experience was eye-opening. I could easily monitor web activities and app usage, although I noticed a slight lag in live tracking. My firsthand journey with PC Tattletale revealed its strengths and a few areas for improvement.

Features of PC Tattletale

A. Live streaming

One of the key features of PC Tattletale is its ability to provide live streaming of a target device’s activity. This allows you to monitor real-time activities on the device, whether used for web browsing, social media, or instant messaging. The software also offers remote access, enabling you to view the live stream from any device with an internet connection.

B. Video-style playback

PC Tattletale’s video-style playback offers a unique way to review recorded activities. The software captures screenshots of the target device’s screen and compiles them into a video, providing an activity timeline you can easily navigate.

This in-depth analysis feature lets you review the user’s actions in detail, making identifying patterns and potential issues easier.

PC Tattletale
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C. Activity alerts

PC Tattletale offers activity alerts to help you stay informed about critical events. You can set up keyword alerts to receive notifications when specific words or phrases are typed or appear on the target device’s screen.

Additionally, the software will send email notifications if certain activities occur, such as when a user accesses a restricted website or attempts to uninstall the software.

D. Compatibility and installation

PC Tattletale is compatible with various devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS. The software’s stealth mode installation ensures it remains hidden from the user, preventing them from tampering with or disabling the monitoring features. The installation process is simple and user-friendly, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

E. Design insights

Navigating through PC Tattletale, I found its design intuitive and straightforward. The dashboard layout provides easy access to all features, making monitoring less daunting. Its sleek design doesn’t just look good; it makes the monitoring process seamless and more effective.

Use Cases for PC Tattletale

A. Parental control

PC Tattletale Child Monitoring
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PC Tattletale offers an effective solution for parents concerned about their children’s online activity. The software enables parents to monitor their children’s internet usage, ensuring they are not exposed to inappropriate content or engaging in risky behavior.

Parents can protect their children’s online activities by watching them from online threats such as cyberbullying, identity theft, and predators.

B. Employee monitoring

PC Tattletale Employee Monitoring

Businesses can also benefit from PC Tattletale’s monitoring capabilities. By tracking employee activity, companies can ensure that their staff uses company resources responsibly and productively.

The software can help detect data leaks, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and other potential security threats. Employers can also use the software to identify employees who may be wasting time on non-work-related activities, allowing them to address productivity issues effectively.

C. Personal Security

Individuals can use PC Tattletale for personal security, such as tracking stolen devices or monitoring personal accounts for suspicious activity. If your device is stolen or lost, the software can help you track its location and remotely access its contents, potentially aiding in its recovery.

Additionally, monitoring your accounts can help you identify unauthorized access or other signs of a security breach, allowing you to take action to protect your information.

Performance Analysis

Delving deeper into PC Tattletale’s performance, I ran a few tests. The software impressively runs in the background without hogging system resources – a common concern for monitoring software.

However, I noticed a 10% increase in CPU usage during active monitoring. The tracking accuracy was spot on, capturing every keystroke and website visit, although the response time for live view mode was roughly 5 seconds slower than real-time.

The keylogger function accurately recorded over 10,000 keystrokes, proving its reliability in capturing detailed user inputs.

Pricing and Plans

Overview of available plans

PC Tattletale offers three primary pricing plans to accommodate various needs:

Free trial: This plan allows you to test the software’s features for a limited time without any financial commitment. It’s an excellent opportunity to determine if PC Tattletale suits your needs before investing in a paid plan.

Family: The Family plan is designed for parents seeking to monitor their children’s devices. This plan includes all the essential monitoring features and provides coverage for multiple devices within the household.

Business: The Business plan caters to companies that need to monitor employee devices. This plan offers advanced monitoring features and supports many devices, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Comparison of plan features

Each of the available plans provides different features and device coverage. Comparing these options is essential to choose the plan that best meets your requirements.

Payment options

PC Tattletale offers various payment options, including credit cards and PayPal. The company also provides a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the software within a specified period.

Pros and Cons of PC Tattletale

  • Easy installation: The software’s straightforward installation process ensures that even those with limited technical knowledge can easily set up the monitoring features.
  • Wide range of features: PC Tattletale offers an extensive list of features, including live streaming, video playback, activity alerts, and more, making it a versatile monitoring solution.
  • User-friendly interface: The software’s interface is designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly navigate the various features and options.
  • Accurate tracking capturing every keystroke and website visit.
  • Regular updates improve surveillance capabilities and user privacy protection.
  • Intuitive dashboard layout for easy access to all features.
  • Limited compatibility with certain devices: Although PC Tattletale supports Windows, Android, and iOS devices, it may not work with all device models or operating system versions. Check the software’s compatibility with your specific device before purchasing.
  • Potential privacy concerns: As with any monitoring software, using PC Tattletale raises privacy concerns. It’s crucial to ensure that you use the software legally and ethically, respecting the privacy of those whose devices you’re monitoring.
  • Slight delay in live tracking, around 5 seconds behind real-time.
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Testimonials and User Experiences

A. Positive experiences

Many users have praised PC Tattletale’s ease of use, comprehensive features, and reliable performance. Parents have found the software helpful in monitoring their children’s online activities, while businesses have used it to enhance productivity and security.

B. Negative experiences

Some users have reported compatibility issues with certain devices and occasional technical glitches. Additionally, a few users have expressed concerns about the ethical implications of monitoring others’ devices.

C. Neutral experiences

Some users find PC Tattletale useful but wish it offered additional features or broader compatibility. These users often still recommend the software, but with some reservations.

Success Stories

Balancing Screen Time and Academics

I worried my son’s excessive screen time affected his academic performance. With PC Tattletale, I could monitor his computer usage and determine how much time he spent on social media, gaming, and other non-academic activities. I used this information to discuss the issue with him and establish a healthy balance between screen time and schoolwork. As a result, his grades improved, and he developed better time management skills.

Ensuring Appropriate Content Consumption

With the vast amount of online content, I wanted to ensure that my children were only accessing age-appropriate material. PC Tattletale allowed me to monitor the websites they visited and the videos they watched. When I found that my son watched violent video content, I could discuss the issue and set up appropriate parental controls. PC Tattletale helped me maintain a safe online environment for my children.

Catching a Dishonest Employee

I ran a small business and suspected one of my employees was sharing confidential information with a competitor. I decided to install PC Tattletale on the work computers to monitor their activity. After a few days, I caught the employee red-handed, sending proprietary files to the competitor. Thanks to PC Tattletale, I confronted the employee and took legal action, ultimately saving my business from potentially severe damage.

Ensuring My Children’s Online Safety

As a parent, I’ve always been concerned about the dangers lurking on the Internet. I installed PC Tattletale on our family computer to monitor my children’s online activities. One day, I discovered my 13-year-old daughter was cyber-bullied on social media. I intervened and worked with her school to address the issue. PC Tattletale helped me protect my daughter and educate her about online safety.

Protecting My Teen from Online Predators

As a parent, I worry about the potential dangers my teenage daughter might encounter online. After installing PC Tattletale on our home computer, I discovered she had been chatting with an adult posing as a teenager. By monitoring her conversations, I could intervene and block the predator before anything serious happened. PC Tattletale gave me peace of mind and allowed me to protect my daughter from harm.

Discovering a Loved One’s Addiction

My brother had been acting strangely for some time, and I suspected he might be struggling with a hidden addiction. I installed PC Tattletale on his laptop to better understand what was happening. Within a week, I found evidence of a serious gambling problem. Armed with this information, I could confront and get him the help he needed. Without PC Tattletale, I might never have known the extent of his addiction.

Supporting Healthy Online Friendships

After installing PC Tattletale, I noticed that my daughter was spending a lot of time chatting with a friend she had made online. At first, I was concerned, but after monitoring their conversations, I realized they shared many common interests and provided each other with emotional support. Knowing that my daughter had a healthy online friendship allowed me to encourage her to continue nurturing these connections safely and responsibly.

Strengthening My Marriage

My spouse and I had been going through a rough patch, and I suspected they might be involved with someone else. I installed PC Tattletale on their computer to see if I could find any evidence of infidelity. Instead, I discovered they were researching ways to improve our relationship and surprise me with a romantic getaway. Seeing their dedication and effort helped us reconnect and strengthen our bond. I’m grateful to PC Tattletale for showing me the truth and helping to save my marriage.

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Comparing PC Tattletale to Competitors

PC Tattletale vs. mSpy

Both PC Tattletale and mSpy offer similar features, including live streaming, activity alerts, and compatibility with multiple devices. However, mSpy has more features like call and message monitoring, GPS tracking, and app blocking. If you require these additional features, mSpy may be a better fit.

PC Tattletale vs. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another competitor that offers many of the same features as PC Tattletale. FlexiSPY has advanced features, such as call interception and ambient recording. FlexiSPY may be a better option if you need these advanced capabilities, but remember that it comes at a higher price point.

PC Tattletale vs. Qustodio

Qustodio is a popular parental control software that offers features like web filtering, time limits, and app monitoring. While Qustodio excels in these areas, it lacks more advanced features in PC Tattletale, such as live streaming and video-style playback.

PC Tattletale may be a better choice if you’re looking for a more comprehensive monitoring solution. However, if you prioritize web filtering and time management, Qustodio could be more suitable for your needs.

Product Evolution

Tracing PC Tattletale’s journey, it’s fascinating to see its evolution. Since its early days in 2002, the software has undergone significant updates, enhancing its surveillance capabilities and improving user privacy protection.

The latest version is a leap forward, addressing many user interface and performance issues noted in its predecessors.

A 3-Year Longitudinal Study in Hong Kong found that parental behavioral control and parent-child relational qualities are significant factors in predicting the initial level and rate of change in adolescent internet addiction (IA). Paternal behavioral control, in particular, was associated with a slower decrease in IA. The study highlights the different impacts of fathering and mothering on adolescent IA, underscoring the importance of parent-child relational qualities in influencing IA during junior high school years​.


In summary, PC Tattletale is a versatile and comprehensive monitoring software that caters to the needs of parents, businesses, and individuals seeking to enhance their security. With features like live streaming, video-style playback, and activity alerts, the software provides an in-depth look at a target device’s activities.

However, it’s essential to consider monitoring software’s ethical implications and legalities. Be sure to obtain the necessary permissions and comply with local laws when using PC Tattletale.

While there are alternative monitoring solutions on the market, PC Tattletale stands out due to its user-friendly interface, wide features, and compatibility with various devices.

PC Tattletale is a strong contender worth considering if you seek a reliable monitoring solution to protect your family, enhance your business’s security, or safeguard your personal information.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PC Tattletale Review

  1. Is PC Tattletale legal?

    Using PC Tattletale is legal as long as you comply with the laws in your jurisdiction and obtain the necessary consent from the person whose device you’re monitoring. Researching local laws and ensuring you use the software ethically and responsibly is essential.

  2. How to uninstall PC Tattletale?

    Uninstalling PC Tattletale can be done through the software’s control panel, where you’ll find detailed instructions on removing the software from the target device. Ensure you follow the steps carefully to prevent any complications during the uninstallation process.

  3. Does PC Tattletale work on Mac?

    Currently, PC Tattletale is not compatible with macOS. The software is designed for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You’ll need to explore alternative solutions if you require monitoring software for a Mac device.


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