15 Unique Gift Ideas for A Gender Reveal Party

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A couple who is expecting can decide to host a gender reveal party. This special moment will involve disclosing a baby’s gender in several ways. There can be cutting of a cake, popping a balloon, and other activities.

The guests are likely to be family members and close friends. This party is similar to a traditional baby shower; however, it is open to both women and men.

If you have been invited to a gender reveal party, it will be good to take a gift. The parents-to-be will appreciate a unique gift.

Party gift ideas

Here are some of the unique gender reveal gift ideas.

Baby Gift Hamper

Why not surprise the mom-to-be with a gift hamper full of pleasantries? You can never go wrong with a baby gift hamper; it will have a little of everything including newborn hats, crocheted booties, baby wipes, shampoo, oils, lotion, rash cream, nappies, toys, blankets, and muslins.

Also, consider a gift hamper for mom full of specialty teas, coffee, sweets, premium chocolate, biscuits, cakes, chutney, homemade truffle, ice cream, and other treats. Fancy food items that a person doesn’t ordinarily buy will make a nice hamper. You can also include groceries.

Spa Basket for Mom

Encourage the expectant mother to relax with a personalized spa basket made up of gourmet soaps, scented candles, bath salts, moisturizers, a meditation CD, and a body brush among other items.

If you are looking for something relaxing, this will be one of the best gift ideas. Alternatively, if you are aware of a favorite neighborhood spa she frequents regularly, you can obtain a certificate there.

Jewelry for Mom

Do you want a timeless piece that will remind the mom of the gender reveal experience? Find a nice necklace or ring that will complement her style. This will surely be appreciated.

A Hair Care Kit

A hair care kit will be a welcome gift for an expectant mother. It will be helpful when she will be dealing with postpartum hair struggles.

A T-Shirt for Dad

Let’s not forget that the dad will also be at the gender reveal party. He will just be as nervous and excited as mom. Therefore, some gift ideas for dad will come in handy.

Most guys love t-shirts, so you can bring one for dad. You can choose a funnier tee such as “The Man Behind the Bump,” or a simple one like “Dad-to-be.”

Gift Card for Dad

Mom will get most of the attention during the gender reveal party. Show the dad some love and attention with a gift card just for him.

Consider Dad’s Hobbies

Does the dad have some hobbies? If he loves painting, you can buy him some painting supplies. The baby won’t need it, but it will make dad happy.

A Toolbox for Dad

Dad probably might be having several toolboxes in the house. However, consider gifting him a different kind of toolbox; one that contains everything he needs to care for the baby such as baby soap, baby lotion, hand sanitizer, and baby hairbrushes.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Are you feeling extra generous towards a special couple in your life? Buy a pair of these for the parents-to-be. It will be valuable when the new parents need some silence for a minute.

After the baby is born, dad will appreciate this when he needs some time to watch the TV while the baby is crying out in the loft.

Snacks for Mom & Dad

As the auspicious day approaches, mom and dad are likely to lose sleep. They can even forget eating. By gifting them with plenty of healthy snacks you will ensure that they have the energy to tackle the challenges leading up to delivery.

A Stylish Water Bottle

Mom needs to be properly hydrated but it can be difficult to remember to do so. Encourage her to drink sufficient water by providing her with a stylish water bottle.

Get her a cute bottle and she will drink plenty of water because she will want to use her new bottle!

Heartbeat Monitor

If you are a serious friend who is ready to spend some cash, why not surprise the parents-to-be with a heartbeat monitor? A fetal heartbeat monitor will relieve some serious stress from the parents because they will constantly be able to monitor the welfare of their child.

This is a gift that will keep on giving. It is perfect for a baby boy or girl.

Newborn Diapers

Now here is one of those practical gift ideas. The new parents will never have enough diapers. Surprise the parents by providing diapers in larger sizes. They will likely receive plenty of size 1 diapers. Large diapers will be useful down the road.

Parenting Books

Caring for a new baby is not easy. The new parents will have a learning curve. Some parenting books for new parents will be useful.


Vitamins can be expensive. During pregnancy, both the mom and her developing baby need them. Find out if the mom has specific vitamins that have been prescribed by a doctor.

The Bottom-Line

Remember, you can give in stock and you can also give in kind. If advice is asked for, go ahead and provide it if you have something helpful to say. However, don’t provide advice if it hasn’t been requested for or if you don’t have something worthy to contribute.

A cash gift will also be appreciated. A gift in kind can be lending a helping hand to an overwhelmed mother-to-be by doing laundry, washing dishes, or mowing the lawn, among other tasks.


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