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Launched in 2011, Amy&Rose is a men’s and women’s bag and fashion accessory brand based in United States. We precisely craft each of our collection with focus on creating beautiful pieces for the modern people of today.

Our Bags

We have fashioned bags for every single occasion!
Regardless if you are attending a wedding, an evening event, hurrying to hospital for your delivery, relaxing at a beach of just chilling with your peeps, we’ve got you covered.
All of our bags are designed with astonishing amount of precision to detail and highest quality material including genuine leather, waterproof PU leather, canvas, polyester lining, high density cotton, heavy metal clips & buckles for daily rough use.

Our Mission

Amy&Rose’s iconic designs combined with your outfit add a sense of elegance to your overall personality. Our mission is to grow into a global brand to further advance our efforts throughout America & the rest of the world.

We look forward to serving you towards your fashion goals.
Sincerely, Director & Co-Founder
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