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Write for Us | Guest Post

Would you like to write for us?

Send an email with your proposal to It is highly recommended to read the Eligibility Criteria before sending an email.

Write for Us Parenting Mom Baby Guest Post

Thank you for indicating interest to work with us. We are constantly seeking avenues to satisfy our readers and fan base. We are always looking for ways to add to our family. We’d love to have you come on board.

Have you got tips to offer on parenting topics?

Do you have ideas about parenting? Would you like to share your thoughts with us? We would love to publish them! Although parenting may be quite burdensome, it can be very fulfilling. We welcome collaborators and freelance writers to pitch their ideas and submit guest posts. You can help debunk the myths about parenting.

We cover a variety of topics geared towards parenting from pregnancy to carrying for babies and toddlers. How about dealing with your extended family for the rookie mom? Or tips on how to look good for and to focus on her family those imperfectly perfect mamas? The stay at home mom may easily get carried away with focusing on her family and may lose her sense of fashion. The working mom has to be able to balance her career and manage the home front. Being a mom never truly stops. It’s a life long journey. Becoming a mom typically comes with a lot of lifestyle changes. How do you think moms should handle this? What lifestyle can moms adopt?

Single moms often face the fear that they’ll never be enough for their child/children. They find themselves asking questions like, will I earn enough to be able to support us? Can I handle this responsibility? How do I approach the issue of shared custody in a case of divorce or separation? How do I thrive and survive with my child in a world without my partner?

Parents play an essential part in children education. From the time children are little, parents consciously and unconsciously impart some form of knowledge on them. Children, even of the same parents, may often require different teaching skills. How do parents’ versatility and perception result in an enhancement of children’s abilities? Is there a perfect time for children’s learning capability to be optimal? What determines the decision to homeschool a child? Where do the skills taught in school, and what’s learnt at home, converge? Accidents are pretty common in the house. How do you think parents can prevent them?

As time passes, parenting becomes somewhat more comfortable. Children attain some level of self-sufficiency. With babies growing toddlers, into adolescents, then teens and eventually to adults, it is a commonplace for there to be a level of independence. At some point, parents often feel like their children are growing apart from them. This may be a source of heartaches, worry and in other cases, pride on the part of the parents. It may be difficult to retain some semblance of friendship with children, now teens or adults. What tips can you give for parenting grown-up children? How can parents guide their children towards financial freedom?

Guest posting is always appreciated. This is an opportunity to get in front of an audience of over 20 thousand. Please share your take with us on topics that fall under these categories

How to get your post on our website

If you have experience in the above-listed categories, you are welcome to share your thoughts with us and get an opportunity to get your articles published. We also welcome Freelance Writers Who have had experience in the subject area and are willing to contribute vital information to trending topics on parenting.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Posts must be original
  • 800+ words
  • No grammatical mistakes
  • Can include 3-4 images
  • Do include headline, image credit and link to resources
  • May include 1 Do-follow link to your website/work
  • Posts about 2000 words can have 2 Do-follow links
  • Posts must be original

All posts must be original and must not have been published elsewhere. If you have a story to share that isn’t yours or has been posted elsewhere, please acknowledge the author.

  • 800+ words

All posts must be a minimum of 800 words. Anything less than that will be rejected. This is so that that ties in with other published content on the site. However, posts with fillers and fluff added to meet the word limit will be equally rejected.

  • No grammatical mistakes

We know that you are in a hurry to submit your articles but please take a breath and have a second look at your work. All articles will be edited to fit the style and tone of the website. However, articles that require a lot of editing or have a lot of grammatical errors will be rejected. Please only submit articles free of grammar errors to hasten the publishing time.

  • Can include 3-4 images

You can include 3 to 4 images to further buttress your point. A minimum of 3 pictures will be accepted. These images must be personal pictures or copyright free. They should also be clear, high-resolution pictures and fit the standard of the site.

  • Do include headline, image credit and link to resources

We pride ourselves in the readability of articles on our site and will like you to keep up with that tradition. To improve readability, include a headline and write short sentences and paragraphs. Also, you can include links to high authority websites to back up your claims. Our readers trust us, and we try to give out only factual information.

  • May include 1 Do-follow link to your website/work

If you have a website, this is an excellent opportunity for you to reach more readers. You can add a link to your website on related parenting topics. The topic must not be advertorial or commercial.

  • Posts about 2000 words can have 2 Do-follow links

For articles above 2000 words, you can include 2 do-follow links.

To indicate your interest in writing for us, fill the contact form with subject "Guest Posting" and we will contact you with further details. Alternatively, you can mail us at

Editorial guidelines

  • All guest posts must be original and personal experiences of the writer. Our readers are new moms with newborns trying to get used to their new roles in life. Organizing as a mom may be quite stressful and Chores, such as doing the dirty dishes, can seem to go on and on and can easily encroach on quality family time. This is so that Weekends and holidays can be spent bonding.
  • When you share posts you think will be useful to our readers, please acknowledge the source. We do not want to give credit to you for a job that isn’t yours.
  • We will like you to include links to statistics and studies. This is to give credibility to your work and our site.
  • To increase readability, please use subheadings. Also, make all sentences and paragraphs short. All sentences should not exceed two lines and paragraphs should not exceed 200 words. For emphasis, you can make strong points bold, italicized or underlined.
  • Be civil and compassionate to other readers. The site will be unpleasant for all readers when certain people are condescending or disrespectful. This also means being understanding and empathetic when other readers share their stories.
  • Stick to the topic being discussed and ensure your opinion is adding value to the discussion. Follow all conversations and input your opinions appropriately.
  • Be yourself. Our aim at Amyandrose is to help our readers with valuable information. We appeal to you to represent yourself as you are. We do not want to mislead our readers in any way. This means telling your story as factually as you can and using your headshot as your profile picture.
  • Try to have fun. Parenting is a tedious task, and we want our site to be a place of comfort to all parents. We, therefore, encourage all our readers and contributors to try to have fun as much as possible.
  • Libel and abusive content will not be tolerated. If you are found wanting, you will instantly be removed from the platform. This is to ensure the site stays true to its purpose and remains a source of comfort and solace. All comments that are racists, harmful, offensive, violent, sexist, vulgar and violent will be considered in contravention of the house rules.
  • All members are advised to desist from the following
  • Making misleading, defamatory or false comments.
  • Abusive, threatening or insulting comments
  • Comments that are deemed homophobic, offensive, discriminatory or racists to anyone, group ethnic group, race or religion.
  • Be civil in your engagements. Avoid all personal attacks, bullying, violence and any form of harassment. Also, avoid racial slurs, hate speech, obscenities, stereotyping and all sorts of insensitive and offensive language.
  • Do not post technical topics. Avoid all forms of research and technical post that is unrelated to parenting, childcare or fashion.
  • Do not promote or sell stuff on the site. The do-follow links should not be advertorial or commercial. All promotional contents will be instantly removed, and posters will be sanctioned.
  • Do not divulge personal information on the site. Keep all personal details private.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to write for your site?

    You need to have some level of personal experience in parenting. You also need to be upfront and honest and be willing to share your story and experience.
  2. How do I get my post to feature on your site?

    It’s simple. All you need to do is write an article related to parenting and stick to our editorial guidelines. Posts that are informative, respectful of groups and individuals, error-free and a minimum of 800 words will be published. Send an email or fill our form to indicate your interest in writing for us.
  3. Do I get credited when I write a guest post on your site?

    Of course. You will get credited for every article of yours that is published on our site. You will get a bio which will include essential information about you and your picture.
  4. How long does it take to publish my article on your website?

    It may take around two weeks to get your article published on Amyandrose. This is because the editorial team will have to edit your article to fit the tone and style of the site. If your article is near perfect and with little need for editing, it will get published much faster.
  5. Can my article be rejected?

    Yes, a poorly written article can be rejected. To prevent this from happening, stick to the editorial rules of Amyandrose. This includes writing original content that has not been published anywhere else, a post that is 800+ words, error-free and factual articles.
  6. Do I get a second chance if my article is rejected?

    Yes, you do. But you have to keep your profile protected by not been a repeat offender known for making comments that are considered offensive to a person or group of people or religion.
  7. Can I include personal experiences in my article?

    Yes, you can include personal experiences in your articles. All our contributing writers are encouraged to share their personal experiences as this will serve as a learning experience for other readers going through similar experiences. This will ultimately improve the quality of the site and make it a fulling experience for everyone.
  8. Do I get paid for my articles?

    No, you don’t get paid for your articles. You, however, get to jumpstart or sustain your blogging career. You will get your articles shared on all our social media platforms and grow a fan base. If you prove to be exceptional, you can get a large following which will prove to be more valuable in the long run than monetary rewards.
  9. Can I reply to comments on my article?

    Writers are encouraged to engage their readers and fans by answering questions posed in the comment section under their article. This will build trust between writers and readers, which will prove satisfying to both readers and writers.
  10. Can I send an already published article?

    We request you to submit your stories that are not published elsewhere.