Tulle Maternity Dress: Long Tulle Skirt and Top For Photoshoot


A beautiful tulle maternity dress made from gorgeous tulle material and adorned with a delicate embroidered design. The Tulle gown would look amazing at an upcoming pregnancy photoshoot. Wear it to your next baby shower or wedding reception, and make sure that everyone will be talking about how stunning you looked! Available in 3 sizes, this elegant gown will complement your dressing style.

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Tulle Maternity Dress – Skirt and Top Description

Tulle maternity dresses are sheer type dresses that are semi-transparent, and the bulge of the belly and other parts of the female body can be seen through these. This soft fabric provides comfort, along with the modern concept of sheer dressing.


M160 cm90-100 cm
L160 cm96-106 cm
XL160 cm102-112 cm


  • Tulle and lace fabric
  • Spandex
  • Solid pattern
  • Ball Gown silhouette
  • Ankle-Length

Note: The skirt is translucent and you can wear something inside. Not available in stores. Buy Now!

The word Tulle comes from the City Tulle in France, where it was first made. It is a mesh net fabric that is made from a variety of soft materials. Natural and synthetic materials like rayon, silk, and cotton are used for making these.

This net type fabric started to come into use when the royal dresses began to be made from this type of material. These are generally used for bridal gowns, lingerie, bras, sleeping dresses, etc.

What are Tulle Maternity Dresses?

These are single-layered or multi-layered maternity dresses made from tulle fabric in various designs.

Long Pink Tulle Maternity Gown for photoshoots

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Generally, this type of material is used for wedding dresses that have multiple layers. Still, the maternity tulle dresses are the ones that may be single-layered and give sheer looks and also maybe multi-layered with opaque layers beneath to provide better looks to the apparel.

These are fancy maternity dresses and may be used for weddings or photoshoots by pregnant women.

These are perfect evening dresses for parties.

How are they different from other maternity dresses?

These mostly come in floor-length gown styles and knee-long dresses. Single-layer gives the semi-transparent dress, and if multiple layers are arranged, beautiful dresses are formed.

These maternity dresses are soft and comfortable due to the tulle fabric made from silk, rayon, and cotton-like fiber.

How, Where, and Who can wear these Tulle Maternity Gowns?

How to wear them?

These maternity dresses are not easy to carry. If they are made to be semi-transparent, then you have to be very sure about your body language. Although these fit perfectly still, you need to be very conscious if you are wearing them on business days and at parties.

Even if you stay at home after wearing it as your evening gown, you have to look good otherwise it is a bad idea.

Be sure about the style of the dress. The style that suits you can be bought in the tulle fabric maternity version.

Be sure to wear it to the place that allows such dressings.

Multi-layered tulle dresses are the best. These provide maximum comfort along with a beautiful look. So these can be worn according to your body prospects.

The selection of the dress must be according to the skin tone, body texture, belly bulge, height, and other things.

On what occasions can they be worn?

These are mostly used as party/wedding dresses along with other dressing accessories. The women who need to attend weddings can wear these.

Wedding dress tulle fabric

These are used excessively for maternity photos and photoshoots with photo props.

These can be worn at royal theme parties.

These are available in many designs like maxis, skirts, and others.

These are not the dresses that you wear to your workplace, and no one does sarcasm or asks you about them.

These are perfect baby shower dresses.

Workplace tulle maternity dresses need to be less casual.

Multi-layered simple tulle maternity dresses can be used with coats and other formal clothing, but this depends on how creative you can be with your dressing.

Who can wear them?

Every pregnant woman can wear these.

Tulle maternity gowns have multiple layers of tulle fabric that provide solace, and the dress fits perfectly. These maternity gowns pretty much cover most of the body, and hence you can be more comfortable wearing them.

Other than the gowns and maxi-type styles, modern maternity fashion is also there in the market. In homes, if you live alone and like to be more comfortable, then these suits which may be semi-transparent or not can be a good option.

Accessories that go with these types of maternity dresses:

These dresses are considered modern and stylish. The styles of these maternity dresses determine the accessories that can be worn with them.

If you are wearing a tulle skirt, then a sexy jacket with cat eyeglasses and some bracelets will give you a gorgeous look with high heel shoes. You can wear a beautiful locket and high heels along with some long earrings with a tulle wrap dress.

Similarly, if you are wearing a tulle maternity maxi or mermaid gown, then the accessories will be entirely different. You have to go with a more sober approach while wearing these.

Every dress demands different accessories, but generally, you can wear most of them with these dresses.

How much do they cost?

You can get these in the $$ to $$$ range quickly. The price depends upon many factors like the design, brand, quality, etc. So, you can gift these without putting a lot of pressure on your gift card balance. Check our collection.

Things to consider before buying these:

Apart from the body needs you need to look up some things like:

  • Fabric quality.
  • Fitting.
  • Size selection must be precise, according to the sizing guide.
  • The dress must be useful for many occasions.
  • Formality.
  • Quality and stitching.
  • Shipping time.

Can these be worn after maternity?

As these are mostly loose-fitting dresses so these may be worn for some time after maternity, but afterward, you have to either redo the fitting, or you have to leave them.

These dresses are not for everyday use, so mostly you have to lock them somewhere instead of wearing them unless these are some skirts or lower body garments that you can use afterward. Read about western pregnancy attires.

At what stage of pregnancy do they suit you the most?

These dresses suit you in every stage of the pregnancy as these are mostly made for special events and are party dresses.

Tulle Maternity Gowns look good in every stage of maternity. Short dresses and others may be good-looking in the early stages of pregnancy. Sequin and tulle maternity dresses make a perfect combo for parties.

Tulle gowns are not suitable as delivery robes.

What colors are they mostly available in?

The tulle fabric can be colored; however, you want. These dresses come in a variety of colors. Lace pregnancy dresses in tulle fabric in light colors are often seen in the markets.

Mostly these come in single color throughout the dress with some mixture of the shades of the same color. Off white, blush pink, baby pink, light blue, and other such colors are used mostly. Dark-colored tulle maternity dresses like navy blue are also available if you want.

They are suitable for which season?

These are mostly suitable for the summer and the season when the temperature is not cold. These are made from light and thin fabric and are comfortable for the summer.

If winter versions are needed, then there are a lot of layers and other accessories necessary for keeping the body warm.


  • Perfect for weddings.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Make you look fabulous.
  • Highlight the femininity with a sober touch.
  • Maternity gowns hide your bump.
  • Many accessories can go with these.
  • Perfect gowns for photography.


  • Not for everyday use.
  • Less formal.
  • Workplace usage is limited.
  • Difficult to carry.

Very Limited Available. Buy Now!

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Tulle Maternity Dress
Tulle Maternity Dress: Long Tulle Skirt and Top For Photoshoot