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How to clean a leather purse?

Posted by Amy T. on

Leather can be a good fashion investment and consequently needs to be kept especially clean. Your leather purse should not be an exception. To make sure that your leather purse stays in mint condition, you need to clean it regularly.

Don’t worry, cleaning a leather purse isn’t as daunting a task as you think. It’s quite easy to do, and you can do it in the comfort of your home too.

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How to choose good leather products– tips by Baltic-Domini

Posted by Amy T. on

Products made from leather are natural, rich and elegant. There are many synthetic materials of similar appearance that you can find on the market today. And the low prices are hard to not see. There are also products that are only partly made of leather, but are however labeled as "genuine leather" or "real leather". These are ambiguous terms that marketers use to somewhat mislead consumers.

Choosing quality leather products

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Diaper bag with Animal Prints

Posted by Amy T. on

Animal prints have been gaining its popularity because of numerous reasons. They are considered luxurious in general and is thought or considered to be glamorous. Due to those reasons, they are a representation of a person’s social status and their riches.

The use of animal prints has been dated back in history, where royals and other people who are in the highest position in the society have been using rugs with animal prints. In the late 1960s, animal print became very famous in the United States for women at the time of the Bohemian movement.

Animal Nappy Bag

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Top 3 types of multifunctional bags

Posted by Amy T. on

Multifunctional bags are preferred over other fashion bags because they're rich in features and functionality. 

Canvas Bag

Canvas bags are the best period. They're light weight, easy to clean and wash, durable, and cheap.

Crossbody canvas bag

Women age 18-28 tend to go for crossbody canvas bags. These is because these bags make the person carrying it appear slim and their body looks bolder.

Also, their weight goes on to one of the shoulders which may sore. As a consequence, women older than 30 do not prefer carrying the weight on one shoulder.

Messenger canvas bag

These bags are really popular among all ages. They're also used for multiple purposes, such as a laptop bag, a doctor bag, a business bag and more. Their multifunctional capabilities are limitless.


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