Mobile phone covers: Fashionable, functional, or both?

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You’ll see them in all cell phone suppliers, agents, repair shops, customer service offices. You’ll see them in flea markets by the thousands and at street vendors by the hundreds.

What are we talking about Mobile phone covers?

For many people, a cell phone cover is a functional accessory for their contract phones, so that they can rest assured their phones won’t get damaged or that they are properly covered under the conditions of their phone insurance if they do suffer accidental damage.


For the majority of phone users, their covers make a fashion statement or say something about their personality. Let’s take a closer look:

Functional phone covers

When a new model of smartphone is released to a very receptive market, the very next thing to be purchased after the handset is the appropriate cover. Mobile phone vendors would do well to stock the covers of anticipated phones in advance of the handsets becoming available in order to meet the demand. Users buy the covers because they don’t want their brand-new phones to get scratched or damaged and because in some instances, phone insurance cover is affected by the presence of a handset cover for protection.

Phone cover

Modern-day smartphone covers come in all shapes and sizes, and because most of the top-of-the-range smartphones have large screens, the covers are simply made up of a backing that snaps on around the edge of the phone. Many iPhone covers come with a flap or front cover that is folded over when the user accesses the screen, but for smartphone users who enjoy the streamlined simplicity of the Snap-on cover, the protective front flap can be cumbersome.

Fashionable phone covers

When talking about user preferences, this blurs the line a little between cell phone covers being practical (to prevent damage) and covers being fashionable. Smartphone users like to customize the look of their phone to reflect their personality, and manufacturers have capitalized on this personalization – providing an infinite number of smart, sassy, and sensational covers to the market.

Star Wars fan? We’re more than 100% sure that there’s a Storm Trooper or Darth Vader-themed cover out there for your iPhone. If you like them cute and fluffy, iPhone X covers do come in a range of plush options that resemble small teddy bears, pandas, or Disney characters, with a cute opening for the phone camera lens to poke through.

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Fashionable covers mean variety, so smartphone users will likely generate a collection of covers to pick and choose from, depending on their mood and the flavor of the week. A diamante phone cover for a night out on the town; a plush cover for a lazy Sunday on the couch; and a plastic Snap-on cover for a more formal work environment.

What do you think about cell phone covers – functional or fashionable? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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