Must-Have Trendy Fitted Dresses

Fitted Dress

Hunting for the right fitted dress for you? Whether you’re heading to a super formal affair, a night out on the town or you’re simply wanting to add a few stunning pieces to your collection for your next big event, a fitted dress is the way to go. Keep reading for a few shopping and … Read more

How to Buy More Sustainable Fashion Pieces?

How to Buy More Sustainable Fashion Pieces

Over the past decade, we have seen more of a focus on the sustainability and ethics of the fashion industry. Many people have chosen to take on board the impact on the environment and the mistreatment of workforces, to reduce waste and make the world a kinder and cleaner place. But when deciding to make … Read more

Hottest Present Ideas for Fashion Addicted this Holiday Season

Gift Ideas for Fashion Addicted

As the year nears its end, yuletide bells ring. A time of celebration and showing love to your dear ones through gift-sharing and recreational activities. It may not seem an up-hill challenge to get a gift for someone who is not choosy or have a high rated taste. But when it comes to your fashion-loving … Read more

How to pick the perfect party dress

Pick the perfect party dress

When it’s time to celebrate, every woman wants to look and feel her best. Finding the perfect party dress can be a fun experience, but it isn’t always easy. We are here to make your choice a little easier and help find the perfect dress that will look like it was made especially for you. … Read more

Mobile phone covers: Fashionable, functional, or both?

iPhone Covers

You’ll see them in all cell phone suppliers, agents, repair shops, customer service offices. You’ll see them in flea markets by the thousands and at street vendors by the hundreds. What are we talking about Mobile phone covers? For many people, a cell phone cover is a functional accessory for their contract phones, so that they can … Read more

Perfume Ingredients | How it’s made

Girl Fragrance Happy

Perfume Oil Profiles Clove: Worth its weight in gold? Spices were big business four hundred years ago. At one point during the 17th century, there was the scant change among the price of gold and the price of cloves. By turns, the Venetians, Portuguese and Dutch traveled to the Spice Islands where they made their fortunes trading … Read more

Choosing a Fragrance | Detailed Guide

Flower Scent

We are always here to help you and advise you on choosing a fragrance – but we have also compiled for basic information and some fun questionnaires that may also guide you along the way. Parfum, EDT, EDP what does it all mean? Fragrances comes in various strengths; – parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and … Read more

How to dress well on a budget? | Definite Guide

Dress well on a budget

Walking around the streets of a town or an estate during a weekday, you’ll probably come across individuals whose outfits sync smoothly; eventually putting on a complete matching and heart-satisfying outfit for the day. However, many people still believe that one needs a classy collection of expensive clothes to come up with a complete outfit. … Read more

November Beauty news you don´t want to miss

November Bliss

AmyandRose selects the “November berries” at the beauty department. MAKE UP November brings the glamour of the Happy Holidays festive collection from London. Not only is this collection trendy but simply amazing with its color shades and glittery. You can´t go wrong with it. Bobbi Brown introduces Caviar & Oyster and Choose Your Black collections. The Caviar & Oyster collection … Read more