Why You Should Try Cooking with Flowers

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The enjoyment of food comes in many forms. Preparing a delicious and mouth-watering meal is rewarding, but making it look amazing makes the experience ten times better. The visual part of the meal experience can get overlooked when making something at home since you may rush to eat it or cook something quickly after a long day.

Cooking with flowers adds fun, color, and elegance to any meal and will ‘wow’ you and your guests.

Suggestions Before Cooking

Suggestions Before Cooking with Flowers

As you start a new adventure with cooking and including flowers, you should remember a few things beforehand. Here are some tips before you dive into your floral creations.

  • Pick your flowers right before cooking.
  • If you buy flowers, cover them in a damp cloth and refrigerate them in an airtight container.
  • Use cold water to wash your flowers delicately
  • Add flowers when the meal is cooked and plated

Edible Flowers Enhance Flavor

If you want to up the appearance of your dinner party plates, adding edible flowers is a great way. Certain flowers can intensify flavors as you eat them. You will need to know what kinds of flowers go best with the dishes you make. An example is orange citrus marigolds leaving a remnant of tangerine, or orange soda could be great to add to a light, fruity dessert. Other options you can consider are:

  • Yellow nasturtium. This flower is both vibrant and has a spicy and sweet taste. The taste is distinctive, with notes of pepper and almond nectar.
  • Blue bachelor buttons. These are flowers that give notes of raw green beans.
  • Red velvet Egyptian star flower. It will add heat to your dish and give a grassy or honey flavor.

A wide range of flowers can be paired with dishes to increase the flavor experience.

Added Health Benefits

Although not all flowers are edible, the ones that can be enjoyed while benefiting your health. Certain types of flowers not only enhance the mealtime experience but also help your body. These are some flowers to consider cooking with, depending on your concerns.

German Chamomile

This flower helps relieve gastrointestinal spasms, soothes digestion, and can aid in sleep. It will also calm your mind if you tend to overthink. It has floral and crisp apple notes but can become bitter with tea. Many people incorporate it in healthy snacks like baked goods or energy bars.


Lavender gives off herbal, minty, and earthy notes while helping with stress and anxiety. Surprisingly it can even help heal burns and cuts and induce sleep. Lavender is best with tea before bed or made into a spice mix, ice cream, or granola.


Hibiscus is high in soluble fiber, which supports healthy intestinal flora and reduces cholesterol. It also is high in vitamin C. It is a tropical flower that is sour and astringent. It is best when used in jellies, jams, and with sweet fruits or brewed into an iced tea.


Dandelion plant

The flower in your backyard does more than add a pop of color to your lawn. It helps with digestion and relieves conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is slightly sweet, but the leaves are bitter. It can be infused with raw honey or added to a salad. 

Provide Texture and Crunch

A part of eating is eating with your ears. Sound is a forgotten sense when you eat a meal. The crispy, crunchy foods create a sense of satisfaction when biting and chewing. How food sounds can change your experience with the dish you’re eating. This goes for music and other noises going on in the area too.

Humans are wired to hear foods and drinks and can distinguish between cold and hot water sounds. Foods that are crunchy, creamy, cool, or spicy create textual contrasts and can excite your mouth when anticipating the food you’re about to eat.

Flowers Evoke Emotions

You pick up flowers when you want to express love or congratulate someone. There is something about flowers that show celebration, sympathy, and overall care. Edible flowers allow you to get creative and show off your artistic side. They are pleasing to humans and come in various colors and flavors to incorporate into many meals. Flowers aren’t something people typically think of including with cooking, but they allow you to tap into your creative side. 

They are also great for including drinks like cocktails and teas. Serving beverages with flowers can be the first step to getting out of your comfort zone to experiment with them. Throwing a couple of rose petals into a cocktail can add aroma and a gorgeous display.

Try Experimenting with Flowers

Get creative and try using flowers in your next meal. You can enhance the eating experience for everyone at your dinner or do it for your enjoyment.


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