French Boy Names – 790+ Popular French Male Names

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French Boy Names are usually divided into new first names, less-known names, and old-fashioned French boy names. The new names are sometimes taken from German, Latin, or Greek.

The old-fashioned names are the ones that haven’t been used for a few decades now. They can be resurrected if necessary.

The popularity of boy names is usually the deciding factor in naming children.

Parents want their children to fit into the world and be popular. This also increases the chances of their children being successful and happy. And that’s why French boy names are gaining popularity every day.

Most French boy names are religious. This is because most of them come from the Bible or its characters.

However, secular French boy names also describe nature and animals like the sun.

These names were popular in medieval times because people who had them believed they would inherit their traits, characteristics, and virtues.

The popularity of French male names also depends on the country they are being used in. Some names are really popular in some countries but not so much in others.

One common thing everywhere is that people want to give their children a unique name that no one else would have, whether it’s because of its meaning or spelling.

The list below contains the most popular French male names. If you know any other unusual French boy name, you can share it using the comment form at the end of this page.

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French Boy Names

790+ French First Boy Names – Male Names and Meanings

French Male Names Starting with A

AbdouGreat Ability To Focus On Each WorkAfrican, Arabic, FrenchIslam
AbelVanity Or Breath Or TansitoryFrench, Hebrew, PortugueseChristianity
AbelinoPet Form Of AvilaFrench, German, SpanishChristianity
AbiPriestFrench, Hebrew, TurkishJudaism
AchilleOld Greek – Pain, LiplessFrench, Italian, LatinChristianity
AchrafMost Honorable OneAustralian, English, FrenchChristianity
AdamMan, EarthCzech, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Israeli, Jewish, Malay, Slovak, Swedish
AdamiMy Man, Red, Earthy, HumanAustralian, Biblical, FrenchChristianity
AdamoSon Of Red Earth, First Man To Come To LifeAustralian, Biblical, French, SpanishChristianity
AdamsonSon Of Adam, A Derivative From AdamAustralian, Biblical, FrenchChristianity
AddeNoble, Kind, Wise, PoliteAustralian, English, FrenchChristianity
AddiNoble, NobilityAustralian, English, FrenchChristianity
AdriannaFrom HaridaFrench, Latin
AgathonGoodEnglish, French, GreekChristianity
AichaLifeArabic, French
AlardGerman – Noble StrengthDutch, French, GermanChristianity
AlfricElf KingAnglo Saxon, French, ItalianChristianity
AlfridWise Counselor, Old English : Elf CounselEnglish, French, ItalianChristianity
AlgerOld English: Elf Spear, French: MoustachioedEnglish, FrenchChristianity
AlisenOf the nobilityFrench
AlmaSoulArgentina, Danish, French, Latin, Spanish
AlmundNoble Protection, Defender Of The TempleAnglo Saxon, French, GermanChristianity
AlnothNoble, Bold, DaringEnglish, French, GermanChristianity
AloisGerman – Famous WarriorFrench, GermanChristianity
AloisioGerman – Fame, Loud, Fighter, WarriorFrench, German, GreekChristianity
AloysA Famous Warrior, A Quick Thinker And A Very Warm Hearted IndividualFrench
AloysisusGerman – Fame And War French – Famous WarriorFrench, German, LatinChristianity
AloysiusA Strong And Famous Warrior With A Conservative And Reliable BeingsFrench, Latin
AlpineLatin – White, Blond, Fair OneFrench, Latin, SpanishChristianity
AluinEnglish: Noble, Wise FriendEnglish, FrenchChristianity
AlviaNoble War, Their Sensitive, Friendly, Creative And Intuitive Nature Attracts PeopleFrench
AmelotArthur’s CastleFrench
AndraeA Mighty, Manly And Hard Working DefenderFrench
AnnaName Of A King, Food, Grain, Earth And Water, GodBelgian, Chamorro, Cyprus, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Frisian, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Latvian, Sicilian, Slavic, Slovak, Spanish, Swiss, UkrainianHindu
AntoineLatin – Priceless, InestimableDutch, French, LatinChristianity
ApostolA Pious And Serious ManFrench
AramisName Of One Of The Three MusketeersFrenchChristianity
ArchardPowerfulEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ArcherAn English Bowman Usually A SurnameFrench, Teutonic
ArcherdPowerfulEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ArmandArmy Person, Soldier Who Is Very Brave And PowerfulFrench
ArtagnanName Of One Of The Three Musketeers, It Means LeaderEnglish, FrenchChristianity
AstinA Strong Leader Who Is TrustworthyFrench
AuberiRule Of An Elf, Powerful And Kind HeartedFrench, German
AubertinFrench Name Derived From AubertFrench
AuberyA Blond RulerFrench
AubrayRuler Of The AlvesFrench
AubreyA Blond And A Elf RulerFrench
AudraNobility And Strength In A PersonFrench
AudricGermanic – Old And Powerful RulerFrench, GermanChristianity
AugerName Derived From The French Personal AlgerFrench
AurelianusA Golden And Gilded Person, Shiny HairedFrench
AustinOne Who Has A Magic Dignity, Great PersonFrench, Latin
AventOne Who Is Born During AdventFrench
AvereThey Are The Best Counsell And A Wise JudgeFrench
AvignonName Of A Place, The One Who Who Came From FranceFrench
AwtryA Man Of Noble StrengthFrench
AyerThe One Who Is The HeirFrench
AyersCommunity NameFrench

French Male Names Starting with B

BailOne Who Has Lived By The Outer Wall Of A CastleFrench
BainesThe Son Of EinwsFrench, Welsh
BaltasarProtected By GodFrench, Portuguese, Spanish
BaltazarProtected By GodFrench
BalthazarProtected By GodFrench, GreekGreek
BalzacIt Is The Name Of A French WriterFrench
BannerFlagFrench, United StatesChristianity
BaptisteBaptizerFrench, PortugueseChristianity
BarbarosBravo, FierceFrenchChristianity
BardPoet, Minstrel, A Singer-Poet, One Who Sings BalladsFrench, United StatesChristianity
BardenLives Near The Boar’s Den, Boar’s DenFrench, United StatesChristianity
BardeneFrom The Boar ValleyFrench, United StatesChristianity
BardolphAxe-WolfFrench, United StatesChristianity
BardonMinstrel, Singer-Poet, Barley ValleyFrench, United StatesChristianity
BardotFrench SurnameFrenchChristianity
BarhloewLives On The Bare HillFrenchChristianity
BarnabeSon Of ProphecyFrench, HebrewChristianity
BarnettLeader, From The Land That Was Burned, Noble ManFrench, United StatesChristianity
BarnumFrom The Nobleman’s HomeFrench, United StatesChristianity
BarrakFlash Of LightningFrenchChristianity
BarreGateway, French – PoleFrench
BarrickGrain Farm, A Barley FarmFrench, United StatesChristianity
BarrieLives At The Barrier, Fair-Haired, From The Land That Was Burned, Sharp, Pointed, Bear-StrengthFrench, United StatesChristianity
BarrymorePointed ObjectFrenchChristianity
BarthelemyFarmer’s SonFrench, HebrewChristianity
BarthramIllustrious, Glorious RavenFrench, United StatesChristianity
BartleahFrom Bart’s MeadowFrench, United StatesChristianity
BartlomiejSon Of Talmai, Farmer’s SonFrenchChristianity
BartolomePloughman, Farmer’s SonFrenchChristianity
BartramGlorious Raven, Bright RavenFrench, United StatesChristianity
BarwolfAx WolfFrench, United StatesChristianity
BasseWild BoarFrenchChristianity
BastienRespected, Well-RegardedFrench, SpanishChristianity
BaudelaireA Short SwordFrenchChristianity
BaudetThe Joyful OneFrenchChristianity
BaudryOne Who Is Bold And PowerfulFrenchChristianity
BayardWith Red-Brown HairFrenchChristianity
BearCourageous, Brave, DaringFrenchChristianity
BeatusBlessed, HappyFrenchChristianity
BeauBeautiful, HandsomeFrenchChristianity
BeaudeanA Shelter, Protection, CoverFrenchChristianity
BeaudouinA Brave FriendFrenchChristianity
BeaumontBeautiful MountainFrenchChristianity
BeauregardBeautiful, HandsomeFrenchChristianity
BeawA Beautiful OneFrenchChristianity
BeceereLives By The Beech TreeFrench, United StatesChristianity
BedePrayer, Name Of A HistorianFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeecherLives By The Beech Tree, Place NameFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeldanLives In The Beautiful GlenFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeldaneLives In The Beautiful ValleyFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeldenFrom The Fair ValleyFrenchChristianity
BelialWicked, WorthlessFrenchChristianity
BellamyGood FriendFrenchChristianity
BellinorBeautiful And Dark PersonFrenchChristianity
BelmontFrom A Beautiful HillFrenchChristianity
BelotA Name Of A Card GameFrenchChristianity
BemanFrench – Lovely HillFrench
BemelleStrong As A BearFrench, United StatesChristianity
BenaiahSon Of The LordFrenchChristianity
BenardFrom BernardFrenchChristianity
BenedictusBlessed, Happy, Enjoying Happiness, Specifically : Enjoying The Bliss Of HeavenFrenchChristianity
BeniPlait Of Hair, BlessedFrench, PortugueseChristianity
BenjieDiminutive Of Benjamin, Right-Hand Son, Son Of The Right HandFrenchChristianity
BenjimanSon Of The Right HandFrench, United StatesChristianity
BennBorn Of The Right Hand, Abbreviation Of Benjamin And Benedict, SonFrench, United StatesChristianity
BenoitForm Of BenedictFrenchChristianity
BensenBen’s Son, Surname, Be DiligentFrenchChristianity
BeomannBeekeeperFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeoreBirch TreeFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeretunFrom The Barley FarmFrench, United StatesChristianity
BerfordFrom The Barley FordFrench, United StatesChristianity
BergeTo HelpFrenchChristianity
BerkeleyFrom The Birch Tree Meadow, Place Name, Where Birches GrowFrench, United StatesChristianity
BerkleyFrom The Birch Tree Meadow, Place Name, Where Birches GrowFrench, United StatesChristianity
BerleA Water ParsnipFrenchChristianity
BernadStrong And Brave As A BearFrenchChristianity
BernalStrong BearFrench, SpanishChristianity
BernardBold As A BearFrenchChristianity
BernardinoBrave, Brave As A BearFrench, SpanishChristianity
BerndBrave Like A BearFrenchChristianity
BernhardusBrave Like A BearFrenchChristianity
BernonBrave As A BearFrenchChristianity
BerntHill, Mount, Brave Like A BearFrenchChristianity
BernyDerived From BernardFrenchChristianity
BertonFrom The Fortified Town, Place Name, Bright Settlement, Glorious Ruler, Bright RavenFrench, United StatesChristianity
BerwykFrom The Barley GrangeFrench, United StatesChristianity
BevenYouthful, Son Of EvanFrenchChristianity
BevonEvan’s SonFrenchChristianity
BilleWill, Desire, Helmet, ProtectionFrenchChristianity
BirdeBirdFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirenFrom The Place Of ShedsFrenchChristianity
BirkettLives At The Birch HeadlandFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirkeyFrom The Birch Tree IslandFrench, United StatesChristianity
BironSurname Used As A Given Name, Place Name, Barn For CowsFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirtelFrom The Bird HillFrench, United StatesChristianity
BiuonOne Who Has Good Fortune And Good HeartFrenchChristianity
BlaedWealthy GloryFrenchChristianity
BlakeyDark Complexioned, BlondFrench, United StatesChristianity
BlanchardWhite Or FairFrenchChristianity
BlancoBlond, Fair, WhiteFrench, SpanishChristianity
BlanfordFrom The Gray Ford, Gray Man’s FordFrench, United StatesChristianity
BlayneSlender, ThinFrench, United StatesChristianity
BleuThe Color BlueFrenchChristianity
BogartOne Who Is A Strong BowmanFrenchChristianity
BonA Good Person, One Who Acts In A Good MannerFrenchChristianity
BonamyShe Who Is Good FirendFrenchChristianity
BooneA Good Person Who Is BlessedFrench, Old FrenchChristianity
BoyceOne Who Lives Next To The WoodsFrench
BrayBorder, Or HillsideFrenchChristianity
BriekThe Elf RulerFrenchChristianity
BrissenA Clumsy Person Who Breaks ThingsFrenchChristianity
BrownBrown, Colour Name, Russet-ComplectedFrench
BrunelA Small Brown PersonFrenchChristianity
BrycenA Speckled Man’s SonFrenchChristianity
BucgeOne With A Large MouthFrenchChristianity
BuironOne Who Comes From The CottageFrenchChristianity
BunyanA Swelling ManFrenchChristianity
BurdettOne Who Is Like A Little BirdFrenchChristianity
BurdoPilgrim, Carrying A Pilgrim’s StaffFrench, NormanChristianity
BurgundyA Name Of The Region In France. Also, A Specific Shade Of PurpleFrenchChristianity
BurkeHe Came From The FortressFrenchChristianity
BurketOne Who Is From The Birch StrongholdFrenchChristianity
BurkettOne Who Is From The Little StrongholdFrenchChristianity
ByranHe Comes From The CottageFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with C

CabOne Who Makes RopesFrenchChristianity
CabailA Man Who Makes RopesFrenchChristianity
CabotOne Who Loves To SailFrenchChristianity
CabottA Man Who Is A SailorFrenchChristianity
CandidoHe Glows WhiteFrenchChristianity
CannanHe Is An Official Of The ChurchFrenchChristianity
CannonA Man Who Is A Churches OfficialFrenchChristianity
CanonAn Administrator Of The ChurchFrenchChristianity
CarelHe Who Is Very StrongFrenchChristianity
CarolosHe Is Powerful, Strong OneFrench, GreekChristianity, Greek
CarolusA Strong ChampionFrenchChristianity
CarvelOne Who Lives In The SwampFrenchChristianity
CarvellOne Who Is From The SwampFrenchChristianity
CarvilleOne Who Comes From The Swampy DwellingFrenchChristianity
CecileHe Who Is BlindFrench, LatinChristianity
CelesteA Heavenly BodyFrench, LatinChristianity
CelestinaA Heavenly Or A Celestial IndividualFrench, Italian, SpanishChristianity
CelestineBased On Caelestis, A Heavenly PersonFrenchChristianity
CerneThe Dark Complexion OneFrenchChristianity
CezanneName Of An Artist Seeking FreedomFrenchChristianity
ChanceThe One Who Has Good FortuneEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ChancellerThe One Having Good LuckEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ChancellorA Gamble, FortunateEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ChandellA CandleFrenchChristianity
ChandelleEverlasting CandleFrenchChristianity
ChandlerA Candle-Maker And SellerFrenchChristianity
ChandleyA Candle SellerFrenchChristianity
ChaneThe Oe Having A Strong Oak-HeartFrench, SwahiliChristianity
ChaneyAn Oak PlantFrenchChristianity
ChauncyBased On A Name Of A Place In France, FortuneFrenchChristianity
ChayceA HuntsmanFrenchChristianity
CheneyGrowing From The Oak GroveFrenchChristianity
ChesareFrench Variation Of CeaserFrench, LatinChristianity
ChevalierOne Who Rides A HorseFrenchChristianity
ChevelierMan Riding A HorseFrenchChristianity
ChevisA Thick Bodied FishFrenchChristianity
ChevyA HorsemanFrenchChristianity
CheyneThe Hard, Oak Hearted OneFrenchChristianity
ChristoforOne Who Has Christ WithinFrenchChristianity
ChristopheBearing Christ, The Son Of GodFrenchChristianity, Greek
ChuckieA Free ManFrench, GermanChristianity
CirrocTop Of The Summit, Peak Of The Mountain Or HillFrenchChristianity
ClairOne Who Is Clear, Bright, Shiny, One Who Is FamousFrenchChristianity
ClaudinName Of A French King’s Son, ClaudasFrenchChristianity
ClovisDerived From The Name Of A French KingFrenchChristianity
CloydOne Who Works With Hammers And NailsFrenchChristianity
CoeurThe Most Vital Organ Of The Human Body, The HeartFrenchChristianity
ColynThe Triumph Of The PeopleFrenchChristianity
ConuogeOne Who Is An United ManFrenchChristianity
CorbyA Young, New Born Crow, That Is A Few Weeks OldFrenchChristianity
CorbynOne Whose Hair Is As Black As The Bird Raven’s ColourFrenchChristianity
CorentinA Hurricane, A Violent Storm Or TornadoFrenchChristianity
CornettHorn Or Horn Blower, Refers To The One Who Blows HornsFrenchChristianity
CorvinOne Whose Hair Is Like A Raven’sFrenchChristianity
CotyHelpful, Shield, Protective IndividualFrench
CourtenayShort NosedFrench
CourteneyShort Nosed, Domain Of CurtuisFrench
CoyneHumble, Down To Earth, ReticentFrench
CreasyGraceful, Pleasant, KindEnglish, French
CrescensTo Get Bigger, Develop, SproutBiblical, French
CrescentThe Phase Of The MoonBiblical, French
CristobalSomeone Who Holds Christ In Their HeartBiblical, FrenchChristianity
CussHarsh TermFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with D

D’AubignéFrom Albinus’ PlaceFrench, NormanChristianity
DamianaThe One Who TamesFrench, GreekChristianity, Greek
DanrelleNew And FreshFrenchChristianity
DantinName Of A Place, HabitationalFrenchChristianity
DantonLove From GodFrenchChristianity
DarelOne From The Airelle, LovelyFrenchChristianity
DarellWord For Huckleberry, BelovedFrenchChristianity
DarielWide OpenFrenchChristianity
DarlBeloved PersonFrenchChristianity
DarralOpen OneFrenchChristianity
DarrellA Good And Steady WorkerFrench, Old FrenchChristianity
DarrenStrong As An Oak TreeFrenchChristianity
DarryllOpen MindedFrenchChristianity
DartagnanA Created NameFrenchChristianity
DarvellTown Where Eagles LiveFrenchChristianity
DarylOne Which Is OpenEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DashOne From ChielFrenchChristianity
DavignonDearly Loved PersonFrenchChristianity
DawidGreatest King Of Israel, BelovedEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DaxName Of A Town In France, WaterEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DegareA Lost One, StrayFrenchChristianity
DejahA Fun Loving Person, Pleasant OneFrenchChristianity
DelThe One Who Is Of The ValleyEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DelaineA Growing Individual, Alder TreeFrenchChristianity
DelanceyA Creative And Unique IndividualFrenchChristianity
DelancyOne Who Grows Out Of Elder GroveFrenchChristianity
DelaneA Tall And Handsome Being, Elder TreeFrenchChristianity
DelaynieA Dark Challenger From The WoodsFrenchChristianity
DelmasPerson Who Lives In IsolationFrenchChristianity
DelmerOne Who Resides Near A SeaFrench, LatinChristianity
DelroyOne Who Is Born Of The KingFrenchChristianity
DemontOne Who Is Filled With Desires, MountainFrenchChristianity
DenardShort Form Of Bernard, Creative BeingFrenchChristianity
DennesOne Who Is Nourishing IndividualFrench, GreekChristianity
DennetA Loving An Famous SaintFrenchChristianity
DenverName Of A State In ColoradoEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DeonteA Traveller Who Has A Outstanding PersonalityAfrican, FrenchChristianity
DeorGolden OneFrenchChristianity
DiandreA Blend Of Dion And Andre, Heavenly FlowerFrenchChristianity
DidierOne Who Has A Desire Or LongingFrenchChristianity
DietboldBold And Brave OneFrenchChristianity
DilanOne Who Is Near The Sea, HealthyFrench, WelshChristianity
DiorGolden, One Who Has A Open HeartFrenchChristianity
DmonteSomeone Who Is Expressive, Determined, Diplomatic And Of Refined NatureFrenchChristianity
DoSomeone Who Is Independent, Confident And Has Qualities Like A LeaderFrench, United StatesChristianity
DomeniqueSomeone Who Is Unique And SpecialFrenchChristianity
DonatienPresent, A Beautiful GiftFrenchChristianity
DougerA Capable And Mature PersonFrenchChristianity
DougrayA Well Behaved PersonFrenchChristianity
DozierA Willow Tree, One Who Lives In A Plantation, Basket MakerFrenchChristianity
DrazikA Serious And Level Headed PersonFrenchChristianity
DruWarrior, Wise, Someone Who Is Loved By AllFrenchChristianity, Greek
DuralabhAn Enduring And Compasionate PersonFrench, LatinChristianity
DuranA Firm And Enduring Human BeingFrench, Italian, LatinChristianity
DuranjayaThey Are Enduring And LonglastingFrenchChristianity
DureauStrong, Determined And StubbornFrenchChristianity
DuvalWho Comes From The ValleyFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with E

EdA Prosperous Or Wealthy Guard And Provides ProtectionFrenchChristianity
EddieOne Who Is Rich In Friendship, Wealthy ProtectorFrenchChristianity
EduardGuardian Of Richess, One Who SpendsFrenchChristianity
EduuardProsperous Guardian, A Perfect CompannionFrenchChristianity
ElDerived From EleanorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ElldrichAn Aged And Wise Ruler, SageFrench, TeutonicChristianity
EloiThe One Who Has A Restless And Brave SpiritFrench, SpanishChristianity
EloisA Brave And Famous WarriorFrenchChristianity
EloyA Chosen One Who Is A French SaintFrenchChristianity
EmanualLord Almighty Be With UsBiblical, FrenchChristianity
EmanuelGod Is With UsBiblical, FrenchChristianity
EmerilA Powerful Leader Is Often Denoted By This NameFrenchChristianity
EmileExcellenceFrench, United StatesChristianity
EmpsA CommanderFrench, GermanChristianity
ErekAlways MightyFrenchChristianity
ErembourcA French Mythological Character Who Rides ShadowsFrenchChristianity
EsmayEsteemed Or To LoveFrenchChristianity
EsperanceHopeFrench, SpanishChristianity
EsperaunceTo Dream Or To HopeFrenchChristianity
EstienneStar Or CrownedFrenchChristianity
EthanStrong Or Gift Of The IslandAustralian, Biblical, British, Chamorro, French, Hawaiian, HebrewChristianity
EtritA Bright Sparkling Radiant StarFrenchChristianity
EudesThe Name Of A French SaintFrenchChristianity
EugenieNovility Or High Born IndividualFrench, GreekChristianity, Greek

French Male Names Starting with F

FaberAn Occupational Name, For Someone Who Is A SmithFrenchChristianity
FabienHe Who Grows Beans For A LivingFrenchChristianity
FabionA Bean Growing BoyFrenchChristianity
FabriceA Crafty Man Who Works With His HandsFrenchChristianity
FabyenA Man Who Is A Bean FarmerFrenchChristianity
FaronOne Who Is Like A FerretFrenchChristianity
FerdinandA Daring And Brave JourneyEnglish, FrenchChristianity
FerrandA Man Of Grey HairFrenchChristianity
FideleA Faithful PersonFrenchChristianity
FleurFlowerFrench, IrishChristianity
FlorentIn A Flower FormFrenchChristianity
FontaineA Fountain Or JetspringFrenchChristianity
ForesterA Forest Or Woodland-RangerFrenchChristianity
FrancoisIt Refers To Someone With French DescentFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with G

GabrielGod Is My StrengthFrench, Hebrew, Italian, Medieval English, Nigerian, Romanian, SwissChristianity
GabriellHeroine Of GodFrenchChristianity
GaisThe One Who Is Pleased And CheerfulFrenchChristianity
GalantA Dashing, Cheerful And Courageous PersonFrenchChristianity
GalfridThe Concord Of GodFrench, LatinChristianity
GarenGuardian, Guards, Son Of Gary, A SpearmanFrench
GarionA Form Or Similar To GarryFrenchChristianity
GarllanRefers To Filled With Flowers And FlorasFrenchChristianity
GarnellThe One Who Keeps A Part Of His Surname As His NameFrenchChristianity
GarrinGuards, guardianFrenchChristianity
GaspardFrench From Of Jasper (Rich In Wealth)FrenchChristianity
GastonRefers To A Visitor Or OutsiderFrenchChristianity
GaultierFrench – Ruler Of The Army, People Of Power, Army Of Power, Strong Ruler, A Derivative Name Is GaultFrench
GauthierHead Of The Armed ForcesFrenchChristianity
GaylordThe Person Who Is Much Concerned With His Dress And AppearanceFrenchChristianity
GenillesOne Who Is Having Moral And Well Mannered BehavioursFrenchChristianity
GeoffroyRefers To Rest And Peace That Were Provided By GodFrenchChristianity
GeorgetteThe Person Who Works With Soil, Seeds And PlantsFrenchChristianity
GeraudForm Of Gerard (Spear Brave And Strong)FrenchChristianity
GerrardOne Who Is Mighty With A SpearFrenchChristianity
GervaisThe Supremacy Of The SpearFrenchChristianity
GervaisePerson Who Is Working For SpearFrenchChristianity
GerwazyTeutonic – Warrior, Old French – SpearFrench
GhislainOne Who Is A Hostage, A Pledged OneFrenchChristianity
GibbonFriend With A GiftFrenchChristianity
GilberdBright Pledge, Shining PledgeFrenchChristianity
GilbertBright Pledge, Shining PledgeFrenchChristianity
GillJoy, GladnessFrenchChristianity
GilleYouthful, YoungFrenchChristianity
GillespieThe Bishop’s ServantFrenchChristianity
GillisVow, HostageFrenchChristianity
GodelotSomeone Who Loves To Be In Peace, A Peace Of GodFrench
GrandinA diminutive of GrandFrenchHindu
GuillaumeA Fearless Defender Who Can Do Anything To Protect His BelovedFrenchHindu
GuillelmusA Fearless Defender Who Can Do Anything To Protect His BelovedFrenchHindu
GuillemA Fearless Defender Who Can Do Anything To Protect His BelovedFrenchShinto
GustavThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, GermanChristianity
GustaveThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, GermanChristianity
GustavoThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, German, SpanishChristianity
GustavusThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, GermanChristianity
GustawThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, GermanChristianity
GusztavThe Royal Staff Or The Servants Of KingFrench, GermanChristianity
GuthlacGuthlic Was The Name Of An Ancient Saint Of ChristianitysEnglish, FrenchChristianity
GuzmanGuz Means God And Man Means A Person O Man, Guzman Means The Man Of GodFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with H

HarbinCelebrated Soldier, Glorious WarriorFrenchChristianity
HarcourtFrom The Fortified Farm, One Of The King’s Party (Shakespearean)FrenchChristianity
HarlandMeadow Of The HaresFrenchChristianity
HarlequinMute Pantomime ClownFrenchSikh
HarveyWarrior, SoldierFrenchChristianity
HenriRuler Of An EnclosureFrenchChristianity
HeresaCatch Or Take Something, To HarvestFrenchChristianity
HmidouA French Male Name Of Lost MeaningFrenchHindu
HollyPlant With Red BerriesEnglish, FrenchChristianity
HugoIntelligenceEnglish, French, Spanish, Swedish, TeutonicChristianity
HuguesGermanic – Heart, Mind, SpiritFrench, Germanic, Spanish

French Male Names Starting with I

IanGod is Merciful, GraciousIndian, FrenchChristianity
IbanGod id GraciousArabic, French
IbrahimName of Prophet in QuranArabic, French
IdirNobleArabic, French
ImadSupportArabic, French
IraWindArabic, Indian, French
IvanGift of GodArabic, Indian, FrenchChristianity
IwinSilentArabic, Indian, French

French Male Names Starting with J

JacinthOne Who Grows Hyacinth FlowersFrenchChristianity
JacqueHe Might Be Under God’s ProtectionFrenchChristianity
JadeHebrew – Thankful, Jade Is Green Gemstone, A Pet Form Of Name JadonFrench, Hebrew, Spanish
JanvierOne Who Is Born In JanuaryFrenchChristianity
Jean-baptisteJohn The BaptistFrenchChristianity
Jean-charlesGod Is Merciful, God Is GraciousFrenchChristianity
Jean-lucPerson Comes From Lucania Or God Is Full Of MercyFrench, HebrewChristianity
Jean-pierreGod Is Merciful, God Is GraciousFrenchChristianity
JeromeOld Greek – Sacred Name, One Who Bears A Holy NameFrench, GreekChristianity, Greek
JesperJasperstone A Nourishing, Warm And Protective StoneFrenchChristianity
JosephTo Add, To IncreaseCyprus, French, German, Hebrew, Israeli, JewishChristianity, Judaism
JosseLordFrench, NormanChristianity
JourdaineDown flowingFrenchHindu
JourdonDown flowingFrenchHindu
JovanMajesticFrench, MacedonianHindu
JuibertGod’s peaceFrenchJudaism
JulesYouthfulFrench, LatinHindu
JupiterLight, Diety, Father, The Name Was Borne In Roman Mythology By Jupiter, The Supreme GodFinnish, French, Indo European

French Male Names Starting with K

KaarloThe Strong OneFrenchChristianity
KalleStrong And ManlyFinnish, FrenchChristianity
KalmanStrong And MasculineFrenchJudaism
KarcsiStrong, Manly, MasculineFrenchChristianity
KarelStrong, Manly, MasculineFrench, SlavicChristianity
KariStrongFrench, Gaelic, German, IcelandicChristianity
KarlensStrong And MasculineFrenchChristianity
KarlisStrong And MasculineFrench, LatvianChristianity
KotaRiver BankFrench, JapaneseJudaism

French Male Names Starting with L

LacLac Comes From A Town Name In NormandyFrenchJudaism
LamarBelonging To The SeaFrenchJudaism
LamarrThe SeaFrenchJudaism
LancelinThe One Who Serves, ServantFrenchJudaism
LandaineA Long Hill Or A Ridge, Refers To LondonFrenchJudaism
LandisPeople From The Green PlainsFrenchJudaism
LandreyHe Who Is A Powerful RulerFrenchJudaism
LandyRuler With Great PowerFrenchJudaism
LanfrancA Speaker, Who Speaks WiselyFrenchJudaism
LangleyEnglishman, Man Who Comes From EnglandFrenchJudaism
LanierOccupational Name, Whool WorkerFrenchJudaism
LannieLegendary Lands, The Name Is An Abbrevation Of The French Hero RolandFrenchJudaism
LannyThe Lands That Are Legendary And FamousFrenchJudaism
LaronThe One Who Steals, A ThiefFrenchJudaism
LarueOne With A Flaming-Red HairFrenchJudaism
LasalleA Large Entrance Hall, A FoayerFrenchJudaism
LasonneA Place Name From La Sonne In FranceFrenchJudaism
LaurentFrom The Place With Laurel TreesFrench, LatinJudaism
LaurentinPlace Where Laurels GrowFrench, LatinJudaism
LaurtneHe Who Came From The Place With Laurel TreeesFrenchJudaism
LaverAn Action Of Cleaning, Washing SomethingFrenchJudaism
LavernA Land Of Trees, WoodlandFrenchJudaism
LeandreThe One Than Is Like A LionFrenchJudaism
LeavoldSongs Of The Vire ValleyFrenchJudaism
LebeauThe Hansome One, Beautiful BoyFrenchJudaism
LeeroyThe KingFrenchJudaism
LemarThe SeaFrenchJudaism
LemarrThe SeaFrenchJudaism
LenardHe Who Has The Blood Of The LionFrench, United StatesJudaism
LennardBold Like A LionFrenchJudaism
LeoLionCornish, Finnish, French, Latin, Scottish, WelshGreek, Judaism
LeonidemThe One Who Has The Qualities Of A LionFrenchJudaism
LeroiHe Who Is A Ruler Of People, A KingFrenchJudaism
LeronTo Go In Circle, To Go Around And AroundFrenchJudaism
LeroyA Royal, Morachial One Who Rules OthersFrenchJudaism
LestatEstate, StatusFrench
LeuitPlace HolderFrenchJudaism
LeverettLittle Young RabbitFrenchJudaism
LewesFamous Warrior, The One Who Has Fame In The BattleFrenchJudaism
LiamA Worrior Of Strong WillCanadian, Chamorro, Dominican Republic, French, Georgian, Hawaiian, Irish, Swedish, Swiss, United StatesJudaism
LionalLittle, Young LionFrenchJudaism
LionetYoung Or Small LionFrenchJudaism
LisleOne Who Is From The IslandFrenchJudaism
LoanA Light That Is GoosFrenchJudaism
LoicWarrior Of Great FameFrenchJudaism
LonellA Lion CubFrenchJudaism
LothairThe One Who Fights, Fame In BattleFrenchJudaism
LothaireFamous ArmyFrench, GothicChristianity
LouFamous Soldier, Good WarriorFrench, GermanJudaism
LouieKnight, WarriorFrenchJudaism
LouisGreat Knight, Brave WarriorFrench, German, SwissJudaism
LouvainPlace Name, Town In BelgiumFrenchJudaism
LovelOne Who Is Like A Young WolfFrenchJudaism
LovellA Wolf CubFrenchJudaism
LovettSomeone Who Has The Qualities Of A Young WolfFrenchJudaism
LucFrom Lucania, A Region In South ItalyBelgian, FrenchJudaism
LucasOne Who Gives LightAustralian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chamorro, Danish, Dominican Republic, English, French, Frisian, Latin, Norwegian, Swedish, United StatesGreek, Judaism
LuchoWarrior Of Great FameFrench, SpanishJudaism
LudovicFamous WarriorFrench, ItalianJudaism
LueisA Renowned FighterFrench, GermanJudaism
LunoOne Who Stares At The MoonFrenchJudaism
LusianLightBretons, FrenchChristianity
LyonellOne Who Is Compared To A LionFrench, LatinJudaism

French Male Names Starting with M

MaceeFrench Name Describing A WeaponFrenchJudaism
MaelleA Chief Or A PrinceFrenchJudaism
MaineFrench Word For MainlandFrenchJudaism
MainesOne From The New LandFrenchJudaism
MaisanOld French – Mason, StoneworkerEnglish, French
MaisunOld French – Mason, StoneworkerEnglish, French
MallonOne Who Is Very PleasantFrenchJudaism
MallorieOld French – Unhappy, UnluckyEnglish, French, German
MallotNoble And SimpleFrenchJudaism
MaloryOld French – Unhappy, UnluckyEnglish, French, German
ManselFrom The Manse, Habitational Name From France, Inhabitant Of Le MansFrench
MansellFrom The Manse, Habitational Name From France, Inhabitant Of Le MansFrench
MarcelSomeone Who Is Strong As A HammerFrench, LatinJudaism
MarcelinoA Boy WarriorFrenchJudaism
MarchelloHe Is Like A WarriorFrenchJudaism
MargoPearl, Nice Girl With Big Eyes, Diminutive Of MargaretFrench, German, Hungarian
MargorA French Name For PearlFrenchJudaism
MarlonA Small FalconFrenchJudaism
MarqueHe Who Is Like Mars The God Of The WarFrenchJudaism
MarquelA Warlike Person, One Who Is Like The MarsFrenchJudaism
MarquetteLand Owner, A French Habitational NameFrench
MarquisA Nobleman TitleFrenchJudaism
MarschallOne Who Takes Care Of The HorsesFrenchJudaism
MarshalA Steward, A Man Who Takes Care Of The HorsesEnglish, FrenchJudaism
MarshallSomeone Who Is A Horse Caretaker Or A StewardEnglish, FrenchJudaism
MarshelA Servant Who Takes Care Of The HorsesEnglish, FrenchJudaism
MaslynA Petitte, Little TwinFrenchJudaism
MasseyA Burden, Prophecy, A French Habitational Place NameBiblical, French
MassinHe Works With The StoneFrenchJudaism
MassonHe Is A StroneworkerFrenchJudaism
MasynSomeone Who Is Mason, A Stone WorkerFrenchJudaism
MatheuA Gift Of GodFrenchJudaism
MatieseMatthew, One Who Is The Gift Of GodFrenchJudaism
MatthieuFrench Name For Gift Of GodFrenchJudaism
MattieuFrench Name For Gift Of GodFrenchJudaism
MaugerA SpearFrenchJudaism
MauriceFrench Name Describing Something DarkFrenchJudaism
MaurinOne Who Has Dark HairFrenchJudaism
MayhewA Boy Who Was The Gif Of GodFrenchJudaism
MaysenA French Occupational Name, Stone WorkerFrench
MeledisantA Saint Who Serves Jesus, A Servant SaintFrenchJudaism
MercierMerchandise, A Merchant, A Trader Who Deals In TextileFrenchJudaism
MeryleOld French – Black Bird, Combination Of Mary And LouiseFrench
MichelMessenger Of GodBelgian, FrenchJudaism
MichonThe Percious Tallent For The Most High GodFrenchJudaism
MilotA Boastful Soldier, A Proud OneFrenchJudaism
MississippiA Great River, A Huge River, The Father Of WaterFrenchJudaism
MoiseSomeone Who Is Naturally Having Skin Of A Dusky Or Dark ColorEgyptian, FrenchJudaism
MontagueThe Pointed End Of The MountainFrenchJudaism
MontelLittle Mountain, Royal MountainFrench, Latin
MontgomerieGomeric’s Hill, Hill Of The Powerful One, From The Mount Of The Rich ManFrench
MontrealImperial Mountain, Royal Mountain, Hill, Little MountainFrench, Latin
MortFrom The Town Near The Moor, Dead SeaEnglish, French
MorteFrench Word For DeadFrench, Gothic
MortimerA Still Water, Motion-Less WaterFrenchJudaism
MortyFrom The Town Near The Moor, Dead SeaEnglish, French
MoryMory Is Derived From The French Word For Mulberry TreeCyprus, FrenchChristianity
MyrlBlackbird Or Of The SeaFrench, WelshChristianity

French Male Names Starting with N

NataleWho Was Born On Jesus Christ’s BirthdayFrench, ItalianJudaism
NathleyThe Birth-Day Of JesusFrenchJudaism
NavarreThe Land Of Plains, A Plain-LandFrenchJudaism
NelleeThe Ultimate Fact, ExtraordinaryFrenchJudaism
NicholThe One Who Holds The Winner Title On Behalf Of His PeopleFrenchJudaism
NilesThe One Who Is Very Much Attractive In TalkingFrenchGreek, Judaism
NirishA Warden Or CustodianFrenchJudaism
NirmaljeevLiving In The Town Which Is Situated In The Northern PartFrenchJudaism
NirmaljotTown That Is Situated In The North RangeFrenchJudaism
NirvikaraChild Was Delivered On Christmas PeriodFrenchJudaism
NoeRelaxation Or Harmony Or ConcordFrenchJudaism
NoelThe Festival Season Of The Year, ChristmasFrenchJudaism
NohlChristmas Eve, Celebration Of ChristmasFrenchJudaism
NorrisA Warden Or CustodianFrenchJudaism
NorvalLiving In The Town Which Is Situated In The Northern PartFrenchJudaism
NorvilleTown That Is Situated In The North RangeFrenchJudaism
NowelChild Was Delivered On Christmas PeriodFrenchJudaism

French Male Names Starting with O

OatesThe Charming Love Or Charming FriendFrenchJudaism
OctaveGentleman, One Who Helps Or Aids Others, HumanitarianFrenchJudaism
OdilThe Man Who Is Always On The Right PathFrenchJudaism
OleverThe Olive Tree Of The Branch Of Olive Represent PeaceFrenchJudaism
OlivierOlive Tree CaretakerFrenchJudaism
OrdricAn Aged Or Wise RulerFrenchJudaism
OrleansMake Wrinkled Or CreasedFrenchJudaism
OrmondoThe Brightness Of The LightFrenchJudaism
OrrieAddressing From The AngleFrenchJudaism
OrryThe Cub Of The BearFrenchJudaism
OrvalA Town Of GoldFrenchJudaism
OrvaleA Own Full Of GoldFrenchJudaism
OrvelThe Golden Shining PersonFrenchJudaism
OrvilleThe Town Or City Which Is Filled By Golden TreasuriesFrenchJudaism
OtaveSomeone Who Is Born On The EighthFrenchJudaism
OthonA Fortunate As Well As Wealthy PersonalityFrench, GermanJudaism
OttewellThe Prosperous Son Of OtewelFrenchJudaism
OutaciteA Man-KillerEnglish, FrenchJudaism

French Male Names Starting with P

PaceOne Who Has A Peaceful NatureAnglo, FrenchJudaism
PackardFrench – From PicardyFrench
PadgettOne Who Attends A Noble Person’s HouseFrenchJudaism
PagetSomeone Who Is Like An Attendant, Is AppreciatedFrenchJudaism
PaladinA Heroic Champion, They Are Like KnightFrenchJudaism
ParisHandsome Prince From TroyFrench, GermanJudaism
ParkeOld French – Park Keeper, Of The ForestFrench
ParnellOne Who Is Appreciated And LovabeEnglish, FrenchJudaism
ParrishA Habitational Name, A Guardian And Loyal PersonFrenchJudaism
ParsifalPierce The ValleyFrench
PascaleOne Who Is Born On PassoverDutch, FrenchJudaism
PaschalOne Who Is Born On The Day Of EasterFrenchJudaism
PaschallOne Who Is Born On The Day Of EasterFrenchJudaism
PaskalOne Born During EasterFrench, MacedonianChristianity
PasqualeRelating To Easter, Born On Passover DayFrench, Italian, Latin
PatraicAristocrat, Name Given To A SaintFrench, IrishJudaism
PatriceA Noble Patrician Being, Clear SightedFrenchJudaism
PatricioName Given To A Patrician And A NoblemanFrench, SpanishJudaism
PatrikA Noble Patrician, Who Is SensitiveFrenchJudaism
PauleshEnergetic And HumbleFrenchJudaism
PauletteThe One With Idealistic Nature, Helping NatureFrench, IndianJudaism
PepinOne Who Is Awe Inspiring, To TrembleFrench, GermanJudaism
PercardIt Is A Historical Area Of FranceFrench, GermanJudaism
PercivalName Of A Knight, From The ValleyFrench, United StatesJudaism
PercivaleThe One Who Pierces The ValleyFrench, United StatesJudaism
PercyOne Who Pierces The ValleyFrench, United StatesJudaism
PerkinName Given To The Son Of PerkinFrenchJudaism
PerkinsOne Who Is The Son Of PerkinFrenchJudaism
PerkinsonThe Name Given To Son Of PerkinFrenchJudaism
PerkynName For Little Peter Or A Little StoneFrenchJudaism
PerrenOne Who Relies On The Personal ExperienceFrenchJudaism
PerrinOne Who Likes To Travel, A RockFrenchJudaism
PhilibertA Friend And A Passionate LoverFrenchJudaism
PhilipA Great Person Who Is The Lover Of HorsesFrench, Indo EuropeanGreek, Judaism
PhilipaA Horse’s Friend And A LoverFrenchJudaism
PhilippaA Lover And Friend Of HorsesFrenchGreek, Judaism
PhilippeOne Who Is The Lover And Friend Of HorsesBelgian, FrenchJudaism
PhillbertA Very Bright And Famous FriendFrenchJudaism
PhillipeOne Who Is Fond Of HorsesFrenchJudaism
PiercyTough As A SoldierFrenchJudaism
PierseOne Who Is Very Strong, A RockFrenchJudaism
PiersonAnother Form Of Peter, A Friendly And Compassionate PersonFrenchJudaism
PilotAn Excellent ManFrench
PlattOne Who Comes From The Flat LandsFrench
PorterOne Who Guards The GatesFrench, United States
PrewittThe Brave And Courageous Little OneFrench
PryorOne Who Is The Head Of The PrioryFrench
PurdyRecluse, A Nickname For Someone Who Made Frequent Use Of The OathFrench
PurvesOccupational Name For One Who Obtains Supplies For A Monastery Or Manor HaouseEnglish, French
PurvisOne Who Obtains Supplies For The Manor House Or The MonasteryEnglish, French
PurvissOne Who Provides Food For The Manastery Or The HouseEnglish, French

French Male Names Starting with Q

QuincyEstate Of The Fifth SonFrench, LatinChristianity

French Male Names Starting with R

RabbieA Bright FlameFrench, Scottish
RagenerWard Of The ForestFrench
RahoulA Wolf CounselFrench
RaimondOne Who Guards WiselyFrench
RaimundoA Smart GuideFrench
RangerGuardian Of The ForestFrench
RanierA Mighty Advice GiverFrench
RaoOne Who Is AuspiciousEnglish, French
RaphaelGod Is A HealerFrench, Hebrew
RaydellOne Who Behaves KinglyFrench
RaymundOne Who Is A Wise Protector Of MenFrench, German
RaynellOne Who Is A Strong CounselorFrench
ReimundoA Right Hand Of The Ruler, His AdvisorFrench
RemaA Deeply Loving And Sensitive PersonFrench, Indian
RemiPerson Who Is An Oarsman, A RowerFrench
RemySomeone Who Is An Oarsman. Can Also Mean A Remedy, CureFrench
RenaudOne Who Rules With AdviceFrench
RenaultA Very Wise Man Who Advices The RulerFrench
ReneA Reborn PersonFrench, Slovak
ReneeLatin – Born Again, Reborn, RebirthFrench, Latin
RenellA Boy Who Was Born AgainFrench
RenneOne Who Rises AgainFrench
RennieOne Who Will Rise AgainFrench
ReveA Man Who Is Like A DreamFrench
ReynardA Powerful CounselorFrench
ReynaudA Ruling CounselorFrench
RhoneHabitational Name For Someone From Rhonne In SavoyFrench
RicherA Man Of Great Power And WealthFrench
RimiggiuOarsmanFrench, SicilianChristianity
RiveraHabitational Name For Someone Who Lives Near The RiverFrenchChristianity
RocheOne Who Is Like A RockFrench
RochildisA Pretty RockFrench
RodelA Legendary, Acclaimed KingFrench
RodolphOne Who Is Known As A Famous WolfFrench
RoiHe Who Is A KingFrench
RomainA Roman ManFrench
RomySomeone From Rome, RosemaryFrench, German, Italian
RosaireA Rosary, A Garden Of RosesFrench
RossignolOne Who Is Like A NightingaleFrench
RouselLittle Red OneFrench, NormanChristianity
RousseauA Man Of Red HairFrench
RuffA French Red Haired ManFrench
RuffinA Man Of Red Hair And SkinFrench
RuleFamous WolfFrench
RustiA Variation Of Rusty, or Someone With a Red HeadFrench

French Male Names Starting with S

SachaThe Defender An Helper Of MenFrench
SacheverellA Place Name, Mostly Used As A SurnameFrench
SalingerA Saint LegerFrench
SarjantA Military AttendantFrench
SashaA Helper And Defender Of MankindFrench, Greek, Russian
SavonSoap MakerFrench
SavoyKingdom In FranceFrench
SearlusManlyCanadian, FrenchChristianity
SeignourLord Of The ManorCanadian, FrenchChristianity
SennetWise And Sagacious ManCanadian, FrenchChristianity
ShanteStony PlaceFrench
ShantelStony PlaceFrench
ShantellStony PlaceFrench
SherrillA Dear ManFrench
SherylDear OneFrench
SilvainHe Who Is From The ForestFrenchChristianity
SimoneOne Who Is HeardEnglish, French, ItalianChristianity
SinclairOne Who Works Very HardFrenchChristianity
SinclaireA Name Of A Prayer, One Who PraysFrenchChristianity
SomervileOne Who Is From The Summer EstateFrenchChristianity
SorrellA Man Of Reddish-Brown HairFrenchChristianity
SpencerDispenser Of ProvisionsFrench, Old FrenchChristianity
SpurgeonA Medical Plant, Used For HealingFrenchChristianity
StellaStar Of The SeaFrench, German, Latin, Medieval EnglishChristianity
SydneaSomeone From A Wide IslandFrenchChristianity
SylarOne Who Is A Hard-Working ManFrenchChristianity
SylvainHe Who Is A Man Of The ForestFrench, ItalianChristianity
SylvestreSomeone Of The ForestFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with T

TailleferOne Who Carves Or Cuts IronFrenchChristianity
TanguyA Warrior Of FireBretons, FrenchChristianity
TayelorAn Occupational Name For A TailorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TayleurFrench Variation Of The Name Taylor, A TailorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TaylorTailor Or To CutEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TaylyrA Cutter, Occupational Name For A TailorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TeddieA Fortunate ProtectorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TelesphoreA Man Who Brings FulfillmentFrenchChristianity
TerrylOne Who PullsFrenchChristianity
ThanchereA Desirable And People Pleasing PersonEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ThayerFrench Form Of Taylor, A TailorFrenchChristianity
ThebaultA Bold ManFrenchChristianity
ThereseHarvesterFrench, GermanChristianity
TherryRuler Of The PeopleFrenchChristianity
ThibaultFearless PeopleFrenchChristianity
ThierryRuler Of The PeopleFrenchChristianity
ThieryLeader Of MenFrenchChristianity
ThoreauFrench Literary NameFrenchChristianity
ToulouseOne Who Belongs To The City TolosaFrenchChristianity
ToussaintWho Was Born On The All Saints’ DayFrenchChristianity
TraeA Form Of TreyFrenchChristianity
TraisThe Numeric ThreeFrenchChristianity
TraverOne Who Is From The CrossingsFrenchChristianity
TraversThe Passing Trough SomethingFrenchChristianity
TravisTo Cross OverFrenchChristianity
TreThe Third-Born ChildFrenchChristianity
TrevaisTollgate Keeper An Occupational NameFrench
TreyThree, ThirdFrench, Indo EuropeanChristianity
TriageThe Picking Or Sorting Of Injured PeopleFrenchChristianity
TroneThe Machine That Is Used To WeighEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TrostaA Tumult Or An Outcry, KnightArthurian, Celtic, FrenchChristianity
TroySon Of A Foot-SoldierFrenchChristianity
TurquoiseDark Shady Stone Which Reflects In Blue ColorFrenchChristianity
TyceThe One Who Is Firm In Inner SelfFrenchChristianity
TyesonPassionate Or BlazingFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with U

UbaidFaithfulArabic, Indian, French
UsamaLionArabic, Indian, French
UtbahThersholdArabic, Indian, French

French Male Names Starting with V

VachelFrench – Calf, Small CowFrench
ValentinStrength Or HealthFrench, Polish, RussianChristianity
ValeryStrength Or HealthFrench, Polish, RussianChristianity
VardenA Green SlopeCanadian, FrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with W

WallaceA Welshman Or A CeltEnglish, FrenchChristianity
WarrenPark-KeeperEnglish, FrenchChristianity
WyattThe Little WarriorCanadian, French, KenyanChristianity

French Male Names Starting with X

XanderBrightArabic, Indian, French
XavierSpendidArabic, English, Indian, FrenchChristianity
XerxesKing of HeroesFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with Y

YvesYew WoodFrenchChristianity

French Male Names Starting with Z

ZuriGood Or BeautifulAfrican, French

This extensive list of over 790 French first boy names offers parents many meaningful and unique options. The names have deep historical roots and cultural significance, reflecting the rich tapestry of France’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

By selecting a French name for their child, parents can honor their ancestry and imbue their child’s identity with a touch of the romanticism, elegance, and sophistication that the French language is known for.

Whether opting for a traditional name steeped in history or a modern moniker inspired by popular culture, parents can be confident that their choice will provide their child with a strong foundation for their identity and personal story.

Frequently Asked Questions – French Boy Names

  1. What is a cute French boy name?

    Louis, Hugo, or Théo are cute French boy names.

  2. What are rare French names for boys?

    Names like Séverin, Alaric, or Emeric are considered rare French names for boys.

  3. What are boy French names?

    Popular French boy names include Henri, Pierre, Jacques, François, and Luc.

  4. What French boy names mean warrior?

    Guillaume, which translates to William in English, has roots meaning “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior.”

  5. What are rare French names?

    Rare French names can include both male and female names like Giselle, Odilon, or Véronique.

  6. What is the handsomest boy name?

    This is subjective, but names like Alexander, Henry, or Liam are often considered handsome.

  7. What is a really fancy French name?

    Maximilien, Frédéric, or Alexandre are considered fancy or elegant French names.

  8. What French male name means handsome?

    The name Beau directly translates to “handsome” in French.

  9. What French boy name means loyal?

    Though not directly translated to “loyal,” the name Félix carries connotations of good fortune and faithfulness, which might be associated with loyalty.

  10. What are some old French names?

    Old French names often harken back to medieval or earlier periods. Some examples for boys include Gaspard, Léonard, Charlemagne, and Étienne. For girls, names like Marguerite, Geneviève, Blanche, and Isabeau were popular in past centuries. These names are timeless and still used today, though some are considered more old-fashioned or traditional.


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