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Maternity Dresses | Top 30 Picks + Buyer's Guide

Posted by Amy T. on

Maternity is a unique experience in life that is filled with many emotions like joy, fear, anticipation, and anxiety.

Until recently pregnant women had to make do with matronly, polyester-blend clothes; now, upscale designers have come on board, creating chic collections using cashmere and leather.

Finally, maternity fashion may seem a contradiction in terms, but it’s come a long way, baby.

From a dowdy past populated by polka dots and polyester blends rise delightful, sophisticated choices, with hardly a panel insight.

White Pregnancy Dress

Cut closer to the body in better quality fabrics, the best maternity clothes pay homage to the cosmopolitan wardrobe’s women had before they were pregnant and the tummies they have now: matte jersey wrap dresses, stretch denim flares, cotton capris, classic cashmere twinsets, floral wrap gowns, preggo leggings, halter tops. That’s right, halter tops.

Congratulations to all expectant mothers reading this article, the joy of motherhood are really interesting.

However, getting the right maternity fashion is never easy. Some of the common questions asked may include: what to look for, how to start, what is the right size and the amount of money to be spent.

Why do you need maternity clothes?

"My body is the site of a miracle now." - Kerry Washington

We’re talking style, ladies, a concept as foreign to maternity clothes as decoupage to a nuclear scientist.

“A few years ago, it seemed there was a real disconnect between the clothing for pregnant women and the clothing women wanted to wear”, says a New York designer.

Today, designers are bridging that gap by creating an eponymous line of fashion-forward maternity wear now favored by celebrity moms from Hollywood to the Hamptons.

Husband holding baby bump

Everyone wants to look good, and on top of that, many women have to look good: They’re lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, TV anchors among other professions.

Here's the list of the best maternity dresses for your growing bumps:

Top 30 Maternity Dresses

Floral Cocktail Party Maternity Dress

Cocktail party dress for nursing

It's ready to go outfit for any party, evening date or any other special occasion.

3 shades available –

  • Navy blue, burgundy, pink

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Long sleeve loose maxi dress with pockets

Long and loose child bearing dress

  • A diving option as a temple dress
  • Floor-length
  • Brand - Viishow
21 shades available – 
  • Solids: Royal blue, white, acid blue, navy blue, army green, black, dark green, grey, purple grey
  • Floral: Black, light blue, navy blue, white, wine red, yellow, orange, leopard, and black and white

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Wrapped Ruched Maternity Dress

Wrapped Ruched Maternity Gown

  • Keeps you warm
  • Ideal for baby shower
  • Floor-length
  • Brand - Mother Bee Maternity

33 shades available –

  • Solids: Eggplant, fuschia, green topaz, ivory, olive, magenta, mint, navy, papaya, peach, teal, teal-aqua, wine, black, cobalt, purple, mauve, red, sage
  • Floral: Black, blush mauve, navy, off-white, peach, royal blue, sage, ivory, olive, yellow, black

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Floral Fitted Maternity Dress

Fitted floral dress for expectant woman

A beautiful floral dress is a symbol of happiness and abundance.

  • Knee-length
  • Ideal for date
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Brand - Amy&Rose

5 shades available –

Peach, maroon, white, blue, navy

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Off Shoulder Ruffles Maternity Bodycon Mini Dress

Off shoulder bodycon pregnancy dress

  • Elegant ruffle layer
  • An unparallel alternative for evening parties.
  • Above knee-length
  • Brand – Sidefeel

8 shades available –

  • Blue, black, green, pink, navy, purple, red, white

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Halter Maternity Dress | Solid Colors

Halter maternity gown

Halter dress for mother-to-be keeps the structures around curves and keeps you in all the right places.

  • Knee-length
  • Sleeveless
  • Brand - Amy&Rose

4 shades available 

  • Beige, black, blue, hot pink


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V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Plus Size Evening Party Maxi Dress

Plus size anticipating woman dress

  • Elegant v-neckline
  • Fits perfectly
  • Ideal for parties.
  • Floor-length
  • Brand: Poseshe

13 shades available –

  • Solids: Black, red, white, blue, coffee, dark blue, grey, wine red, purple
  • Floral: Black, navy blue, light blue, white 

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Ruffle Long Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Long ruffle future mother outfit

  • 2 forms available – floor-length and knee-length maternity midi dress
  • Can be worn as off shoulder as well as v-neck
  • Stretchy
  • Ideal for outdoor shoots
  • Brand – Dance Fairy

16 shades available –

  • Black, coral pink, light blue, mauve, mint, teal, teal denim, wine red, yellow, royal blue.
  • Midi dress shades – Royal blue, white, wine red, black, blue, pink

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Floral Sleeveless Maternity Maxi Splicing Dress

Sleeveless Splicing dress

For a great spring dress that is perfect for a special occasion and keeps you cool and beautiful.
  • Floor-length
  • V-neck
  • Sleeveless
  • Brand - Amy&Rose

16 shades available 

  • Black, blue, navy blue, pink, yellow, green, aqua, peach, white, white red, black pink, white teal, yellow peach, black teal


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Long Sleeve Fitted Maternity Gown

Fitted Maternity Gown

  • Beautiful low back design
  • Classic fit and extended length skirt
  • Best for a pregnancy photoshoot
  • Brand – Saslax
30 shades available –
    • Solids:
      Pink, red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, purple, royal blue, burgundy, magenta, black
      V-neck – Yellow, light blue, white, pink
    • Floral:
      Scoopneck- taupe plum, grey pastel, navy blue
      Unline - Taupe plum, grey pastel, mint peach, navy blue
      Off-shoulder - Grey pastel, mint peach, taupe plum

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    Off Shoulder Half Circle Gown

    Off shoulder half circle expectant woman gown

    Whether to complement the wedding dress or to match the theme of marriage together, you can rest assured that looks beautiful and amazing in this off-shoulder dress for mom-to-be.

    • Double layer top
    • Long sleeve
    • Unmatched pick for baby shower
    • Brand – Saslax

    13 shades available –

    • Blue, green, light blue, pink, red, yellow, burgundy, off-white, khaki, purple, blue, pea green, light green 

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    Long maternity dress for baby shower

    Baby shower dress

    Its mermaid design makes it unique and exquisite for any special occasion.

    • Floor-length
    • Brand - Amy&Rose
    • A sensational option as a baby shower dress

    4 shades available 

    • Pink, lavender, light blue, white, red

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    Short-Sleeve Maternity Dress

    Short sleeve mom-to-be dress

    If you are going to be a bridesmaid for a wedding in the spring or summer, you need a dress that is comfortable and keeps you cool amid the preparation and execution!

    • Comfortable sleeve length
    • Good choice for baby shower and photoshoot
    • Brand – Mother Bee Maternity

    34 shades available –

    • Solids: Black, dusty lavender, dusty pink, fuchsia, green topaz, ivory, cobalt, mocha, olive, magenta, papaya, peach, jade, eggplant, indigo, royal blue, teal aqua, burgundy, navy, red, teal denim
    • Floral: Black, burgundy, mauve, mustard, navy, off-white, red, almond peach 

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    V-neck off shoulder midi dress

    V neck off shoulder mother-to-be dress

    • It’s saucy! Stellar for parties.
    • Below-knee length
    • Brand – AlvaQ

    6 shades available –

    • Black, burgundy, dark blue, peach, red, white

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    Ruched Maternity Dress: Emily

    Ruched pregnancy midi dress

    Its bodycon design helps you to present your baby bump elegantly.

    • Knee-length dress
    • Short sleeve
    • Perfect for hanging out with friends
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    6 shades available 

    • Black, dark green, navy, marron, green, pink

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    Fitted Midi Dress with Mermaid Flare

    Floral maternity dress with mermaid flare

    • Soft fabric
    • Knee-length
    • Magnificient pick for beach
    • Brand – My Bump

    Shades available –

    • Aqua, black, black pink, black mauve, black-red, blue-grey, blush, burgundy, grey, ivory, ivory red, lavender, lilac, mauve, mint, mustard, mustard red, navy, navy fuchsia, red, white, peach, pink-red, teal, white, white black, olive, black peach 

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    Knee Length Midi Maternity Dress with Front Pleat

    Front pleat midi pregnant woman dress

    If the plan is to look as gorgeous and very beautiful, the Midi Pregnancy dress would be perfect!

    • Sleeveless dress
    • Above-knee length
    • Good fitting and quality
    • Pull-on closure
    • No pockets
    • Brand – LaClef

    20 Shades available –

    • Black, black glitter, burgundy, burgundy glitter, charcoal, dark rose, green, green glitter, mauve, navy, royal blue, turquoise, black/white plaid, grey, pink blush
    • ¾ sleeve – black, burgundy, dark rose, navy, charcoal

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    Striped Short Sleeve Maternity Dress

    Short sleeve dress with stripes for maternity

     This will adore your beautiful curves.

    • Knee-length
    • Short sleeve dress
    • Ideal for meetings
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    4 shades available 

    • Black, white broad, peach, white


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    V Neck Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses

    V neck prints long preggo gown

    There’s nothing like a V Neck Floral dress with its flirtatiously sexy look but in a very sophisticated and elegant way.

    • Sexy deep V neck
    • Ideal for Prom
    • Full length
    • Comfortable and vibrant
    • Brand – SheKiss

    17 Shades available –

    • Black, black gold, blue, white, golden, multi, black green, pink, green, pink blue, white red

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    3 in 1 Labor Delivery Nursing Gown

    3 in 1 Labor Nursing Gown

    • Bes for labor and daily wear
    • Soft and comfortable fabric suitable for nursing
    • Above-knee length
    • Brand – Ekouaer

    11 Shades available –

    • Black, grey, navy, wine red, dark grey, blue, navy blue, light grey

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    Breastfeeding Pregnancy Nursing Dress

    Breastfeeding nursing dress

    Astonishing dress with easy access for breastfeeding.

    • Knee-length
    • Short sleeve
    • Ideal for daily wear
    • Nursing midi dress
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    4 shades available 

    • Dark, blue sleeve, black sleeve, maroon sleeve

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    Crewneck Crochet Lace Inset Ruched Dress

    Crewneck crochet lace pregnancy clothes

    The crewneck crochet lace design is classic and timeless, and can be used in all formal events differently, not just for weddings!

    • Short sleeve
    • Below-knee length
    • Second to none for parties and weddings
    • Brand – PattyBoutik

    4 Shades available –

    • Black, navy blue, dark green, deep red

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    Summer Stripe Bodycon Long Maxi Sundresses

    Stripe sundress for woman with child

    • Breathable fabric
    • Beautiful stripe design
    • Floor-length
    • Brand – SheKiss

    11 Shades available –

    • Green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, grey, pink-red, rose, and other floral designs

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     Bodycon Maternity Dresses

    Bodycon nursing dress

    The amalgam of knee-length, solid color and fitted style of this maxi dress makes it unique.

    • Knee-length
    • Short sleeve
    • Perfect for beach
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    4 shades available 

    • Mustard, black, royal blue, baby pink, sky blue, brown

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    Faux Wrap Nursing Friendly Lace outfit for a mother-to-be

    Nursing lace for woman with a baby on the way

    Cute and comfortable dress with stretchy fabric.

    • Knee-length
    • Half sleeve
    • Brand - Hello MIZ

    7 shades available –

    • Aqua, blush, burgundy, ivory, navy, denim blue, pink

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    Maternity Nursing Slip Dress

    Nursing Slip dress

    Easy nursing access makes it an excellent choice for special occasions during and after pregnancy.

    • Below knee-length
    • Pull-on closure
    • Sleeveless
    • Brand - Ripe

    2 shades available 

    • Rose, royal blue

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    Elegant cold shoulder fitted maternity dress

    Cold shoulder maternity gown

    Simple, elegant, and comfortable, complementing through all stages of pregnancy.

    • Knee-length
    • Cold shoulder maternity dress
    • Lifelike floral prints
    • Ideal for daily wear
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    4 shades available 

    • Black, blue, pink, white

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    Maternity Front Tie Dress

    Nursing front tie dress

    A beautiful amalgam of soft knit top meets and a luxurious skirt bottom.

    • Knee-length
    • Short sleeve
    • Office friendly
    • Brand - Maternal America

    2 shades available 

    • Cream/apricot tapestry, navy/tie-dye rose

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    Women's Maternity Cashmere Dress

    Cashmere child bearing woman dress

    This premium dress is a buttery soft, lightweight and made from 100 percent cashmere.

    • 100% cashmere
    • Above knee-length
    • ¾ sleeve length
    • Brand - Maternal America

    1 shade available 

    • Heather grey

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    Floral Lace Maternity Dress with Ribbon Belt

    Wine red Lace pregnancy dress

    Turn your pregnancy term into a party with this floral lace overlay pregnancy dress.

    • Comes with a ribbon belt
    • Scoop neckline
    • Knee-length high waist dress
    • Brand - Amy&Rose

    4 shades available –

    • Wine red, pink, white, navy blue

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    Things to consider before buying pregnancy clothes

    Husband kissing pink maternity belly

    • The most important consideration here is the season; it allows you to get exactly what is needed for the weather.
    • One of the most important factors to consider is your body type and shape. This helps you get the perfect maternity dresses for summer that suits you.
    • The comfort offered is another factor that goes hand in hand with maternity summer dresses. It is therefore important to look out for elegant maternity wear with comfortable fabric and patterns; this can be achieved by playing a lot of attention to the details of the product.
      Further, the fabric needs to be comfortable as well as having well-defined breathing spaces; it should not restrict any movement at all.
    • One should never forget to wear accessories when expecting; they not only define your outfit but also add personality to it. The good things about sexy summer mother-to-be dresses are that no outfit planning is needed. Just make sure you add the right pair of shoes and accessories.
      Some of the accessories may include jewelry, shoes and maybe scarves. We will discuss the accessories section further below.
    • Ensure you show some skin; this is because a lot of attention is steered towards your belly. You can try something like strapless or backless maternity summer dresses.

    Choosing the best maternity dress

    Here, I present you with 3 Techniques that will help you choose the best maternity dresses mainly for special occasions.

    It cannot be avoided that just when you are significantly weighty being loaded with a child in the tummy, that is when you get an invitation for a family’s wedding, or perhaps a friend’s, or who knows it might even be yours!

    Floral party maternity gown

    But then whoever’s wedding day it may be, the most important thing is that you have something nice to wear. Look into the following factors that you should consider when trying out a wide assortment of stylish maternity dresses for special occasions:

    1. Identify your fears in having to wear maternity wedding dresses - Share these fears with the one who will make your maternity clothes so that she can offer solutions to hide your fears.
    2. Look into the possible options that will look good on you - Since you are not very sexy at this time what with your bulging belly in front of you, you can always ask your dressmaker to give you her top choices for pregnant women who are having the wedding themselves, or perhaps for pregnant ladies attending weddings and other special formal events.
    3. Consider the type of wedding you plan to have - Carefully study the kind of wedding you would like to have. Check out if you will be interested in taking on a Renaissance wedding as a theme. It will be perfect for a destination wedding planned to be an outdoor summer event. Last but not least, you can always seek advice from your chosen dressmaker or designer what needs to be highlighted for this sleek and comfy wedding white dress.

    Finding the most affordable maternity clothing

    If you feel that the expense for a new wardrobe is unreasonable, you're not alone. However, your expanding belly and changing body require a change of clothing. It’s true, maternity clothes can get very expensive, but read on for tips on saving a buck while shopping for your belly.

    Pregnant woman holding womb

    Getting the Look for Less

    While brands and stores that specialize in maternity clothing are becoming more popular and widely available, there still seems to be a need for affordable maternity clothes.

    These clothes aren’t going to be worn for a very long time but they need to be comfortable for the time that they are. Here are some tips for getting the looks you’ll love in maternity fashion for less:

    • Stores that don’t specialize in maternity wear: Stores that have a selection of low-priced clothes in larger sizes you can fit into.
    • Second-hand stores: These stores get donations. You can contact and see if they have any maternity wear available.
    • Pregnancy resource centers: These centers also get donations (usually gently used or brand-new items).
    • Formerly pregnant friends and family members: Most of them would be more than happy to share their gently used maternity clothes with you just as willingly as they’ll hand over old baby clothes.
    • Shopping sales: Only shop at maternity fashion stores when you feel like “splurging” on one of their sales items
    • Make your own: You know those adorable chatty maternity tees we all love so much with their catchy phrases? Why not create your own?
    • Just purchase some cheap t-shirts, iron-on and fabric markers and get creative!
    • For daily wear, save by choosing a tshirt dress along with maternity jeans or leggings.

    Maternity Wear Must-Haves

    Sunset beach maternity midi dress

    • The tummy sash (this sash will make your pre-pregnancy jeans wearable longer, lend extra support while wearing maternity pants and help you make the transition back into your old jeans faster post baby)
    • A few good bras (nursing bra)
    • Maternity sweater
    • Tank tops (in assorted colors if you wish)
    • Oversized t-shirts
    • Sweat pants (they’re comfy and yes, there are cute ones)
    • Maternity Leggings
    • Tunics
    • A few accessories
    • Mix and match pieces

    Accessories to complete your pregnancy dress

    Jewelry that complements the elegance

    If you're going to any special occasion, add some sparkle to maternity dresses with white gold bangles and look simply stunning!

    Pregnancy Jewels and accessories

    Some jewelry for an important event like this is always appropriate, and when done in an elegant and subtle, creating an elegant look that never gets old!

    Further, you can use it as an independent piece or stacked with other bracelets most fashionable and be most beautiful pregnant! Some may prefer incorporated diamond bracelets to raise awareness of this luminous glow. Models with several polished diamonds conveniently located around the wrist to create a sleek and sexy.

    Another great idea to go with your maternity dresses is one of these beautiful necklaces links in the chain of white gold.

    Also, a necklace is a great accessory with a strapless dress or a dress with a stiff neckline. Consider that the chain-link necklace with a diamond pendant. With diamonds set in white gold pin based on absolutely beautiful curves especially when combined with a link bright, shiny white gold chain necklace.

    If you are not in pendants, necklaces look with diamonds set in the link. For a more sophisticated look, there are designs with diamonds set in a cascade arrangement with a large diamond as a signature piece. Suitable for any occasion, you can even use your wedding in the future!

    Shoes that complements your maternity clothing

    To complete the whole outfit, the right pair of shoes is a must-have.

    A pair of shoes that are simple, elegant and sophisticated is the one that will go well with maternity dresses.

    Must be comfortable as the bridesmaid too, which is supposed to be the running. A pair of strappy sandals gown is something you should have!

    High according to your already impressive maternity dresses, high heels sandals look beautiful on wrap maxi dress, pregnancy fitted dress and lace dresses.

    Moreover, comfort and soft leather sole are equally important to be smart because they reduce fatigue and stress on the feet. Models with buckle straps help provide a good fit, allowing each step to be comfortable.

    Maternity Photography

    A good maternity photoshoot can preserve these delightful memories of this special phase of your life.

    Besides, a maternity photo should be a memorable and artistic piece of art that can depict your joys and emotions. They should be able to express your inner feeling and the bottomless love of a mother.

    Maternity Photoshoot

    Before the Maternity Photo Shoot

    You need to do some preparations before starting the photoshoot. Go with the photographer with whom you feel comfortable. Best way to ensure this is to talk to the mothers who had got the maternity photoshoot done and their feedback about the photographer.

    During the Photo Shoot

    Talk to the photographer and convey your feeling and expectations. You must convey what kind of photographs you have in mind so that their creativity and imagination are ignited.

    Apart from this, it will also help to reflect your inner feelings on the film. Pregnancy is an important and unique phase in your life and you will cherish these photographs for a long time to come. Make sure you give your best shot and document this beautiful period of your life.

    Why you should go for a shoot?

    A good photographer will make you look beautiful and will be able to add the element of vulnerability and honesty along with a little sense of humor.

    Most of the women do not feel sexy when pregnant and getting herself photographed at this point in her life might be a little intimidating. But a good maternity photoshoot should be able to put aside all your inhibitions and make it a wonderful experience for a mom to be.

    We bet you never thought, getting pregnant can be so fashionable. For more, do check out the maternity dress collection. Include any suggestions in the comments below.

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    • I prefer wrap maxi dress over nursing tops as I feel that sometimes the baby is not comfortable in feeding.

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    • I shared this piece with my wife. She bought floral print maternity top for her baby shower. It was quite graceful and everyone loved it.

      Fred I. on

    • Love these dress designs. Maternity is a happy as well as difficult time in a woman’s life. Wearing what you love makes it cheerful.

      Jill G. on

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