5 Best Baby Monitor Cameras of 2020

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God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers’ but mothers could not be everywhere and so they made a baby monitor! As parents of a little one, it obviously will be your wish to always keep a close eye on your baby. At work, out for a grocery spree, or even just in another room working from home; you would want to always keep a close eye at the movements of your baby to make sure they are safe and secure.

While some off-time away from the baby might also be very relaxing, it still doesn’t change the fact that you always want to be sure of their well-being. And hence, that is where a baby monitor comes into the picture.

Choosing a baby monitor

Before we get to the best of the lot, let us quickly talk about some essential features to look for while choosing a baby monitor. You might not find all of these features in one particular monitor, however, try and pick one that has most of these all-

  • Two-way audio
  • A secure connection option
  • High-resolution camera
  • High-resolution monitor screen (for handheld models)
  • Option to connect to additional cameras 
  • Night vision
  • Camera pan and tilt abilities
  • Alerts and notifications for when baby movements and noises
  • Easy installation options
  • Temperature display
  • Pre-installed lullabies or white noises, if desired
  • Sleeping insights like that of a smartphone or vital-measuring baby monitor
Baby Cradle night view by baby monitor

Moving on, to make the decision easier, here are the best baby monitors to buy from in 2020

  1. Nanit Plus Camera Smart Baby Monitor: Priced at $300Nanit plus camera is a power-packed baby monitor that has almost everything you would look for in a baby monitor. It has a two-way audio system, smart sensors, and also a night light with gradual dimming to not startle your baby. The camera of this baby monitor is a 960-pixel HD camera, also equipped with night vision. The camera can either be mounted on a wall or it can be placed on a floor stand which enhances its versatility and flexibility.

    Thi camera can also be used to track your baby’s essential insights (included for free for the first year) like their sleep patterns or the number of hours slept. You can further monitor the baby by enabling access to your smartphone. Even if you are on another app, you will get notifications about your baby’s movements on the phone. This access can also be granted to other family members or your baby’s nanny!
  2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens: Priced at $165.99The Infant Optics DXR-8 Model is another top-rated baby monitor one can pick from on the market. At its finest of design and features, this device is an ultimate baby monitor that can be trusted for both, accuracy and efficiency. The DXR-8 offers the comfort of monitoring your baby without having to walk up to the crib with its wide-angle lens and the option to focus in and out.

    The Infant Optics DXR-8 is also one of the first baby monitors that let you customize the dynamics of the lens. However, you will need to buy the adjustable lens individually, which will enable the option of switching the focus without having to change the direction of the camera’s tilt.  
  1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor: Priced at $85At only $85, this is one of the most economical yet high equipped cameras on the market today. This camera is an easy-to-install camera that comes with an easy-to-use remote monitor that has a range of 900 feet! It also has a night function, offers white noise for a calm good night’s sleep, and even some pre-installed lullaby songs.

    The other features included are the two-way audio, two-level digital zoom, temperature display, camera tilt and pan, alarm, and even a timer function! So much at just $85, no wonder parents cannot stop raving about this one!
  2. Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor: Priced at $299.99For parents who need the convenience of both, a handheld and a smartphone monitor, the Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor is your pick! When you are at home, you can use the traditional-built parent monitor unit. When you are not, you also have the option to watch over your baby through a digitally encrypted video signal on your smartphone.

    Besides, the Motorola Halo+ also features a Hubble Baby Smart Sleep Assistant which offers new, confused parents to educate themselves with sleep and parenting tips, baby facts around sleep data, and milestone tracking. It can also be attached directly to a crib, without an additional mount or stand.
  3. SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor Dual SystemOffering a 4GHz frequency band and a 3.2-inch wireless screen that delivers digital video, the SereneLife baby monitor system makes your baby monitoring endeavors so much simpler. This baby monitor can also be taken anywhere with you, as long as the trave range is less than 850 ft from your baby’s nursery. This feature is facilitated with the monitor’s battery-powered that enables convenient wireless usage.

    Besides its also has a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in thermometer that can measure the room temperature to warn you when the temperature goes beyond what is typically recommended for a baby.

Final Words

Taking care of your baby and investing in their needs, in order to offer the maximum security and safety is the ultimate fruits of Parenthood Bliss. Found this list helpful and looking for more insightful, informative, similar pieces to help you make the best choices? Visit Parenthoodbliss today!

FAQs – Best Baby Monitors of 2020

What is a smartphone baby monitor?

A smartphone baby monitor sends video and audio footage to your phone through an app, regardless of how far you are from your baby. This type of baby monitors is ideal for parents who spend most of their day at work while the nanny takes care of the baby.

What is a Handheld baby monitor?

A Handheld baby monitor is your basic, traditional baby monitor. For the installation of a handheld monitor, you will need to first position the camera of the monitor close to your baby’s crib. You can then take the monitoring screen with you wherever you go around the house to keep a check on the baby.

Can baby monitors measure baby vitals?

While not all baby monitors can, some high-end baby monitors sure can measure your little one’s vitals. Such monitors can typically track breathing, hart rate, and oxygen levels. The reports of the tracking are sent to your phone via the baby monitor app.

For Educational Purpose Only! For medical advice, consult your physician.

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