4 Tips on How to Prepare Newborn for Summer

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Will your family grow by another member before summer?

Summer newborns need slightly different things than winter babies. What are the things you should watch out for, and how can you prepare for summer, baby?

Our 4 tips will prepare you for summer with a newborn!

Summer Newborn Clothes

Newborn Clothes

You don’t have to worry about complicated layering and winter overalls. In the hot months, babies easily get sweaty.

Therefore, leave most of the skin of the newborn naked. In high temperatures, a short-sleeved bodysuit and, if necessary, a breathable cloth blanket are enough.

If you bring your baby home from the hospital and the temperature outside exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit, it is advisable to stay indoors or in the shade.

Do not go out in the summer in the first two weeks after birth with the newborn. You can go out with the baby if it’s not the tropics.

But watch out for unnecessary layers of clothing and subsequent overheating of the baby.

Skin Protection of Newborn

If your baby was born in one of the summer months, pay attention to sun safety for kids. The most important thing is to get good quality sunscreen for newborn summer essentials.

It is recommended to use sunscreens with a factor of 50 up to one year of age.

Even babies in strollers should have sunscreen on. The stroller canopy is not a skin protector against sunlight.

You may also feel that if the sun is hidden behind clouds, there is no need to use an SPF cream. However, the sun can harm the newborn even if it is cloudy.

Thus, SPF must be put on the summer newborn daily and repeatedly.

Protection Against Heat

A newborn does not have developed thermoregulation as adults do. So it is very important to protect the baby from overheating.

Try to stay mainly in the shade with the newborn. Between 11 am and 3 pm, rest and stay at home or in a cooler environment.

When preparing for a baby’s arrival, buy a summer-friendly stroller.

Choose one of the strollers with a ventilation system, get a special ventilation mattress, a suitable mat for the stroller, or summer covers for the crib and car seat.

However, try to take the baby out of the stroller as much as possible. Stay in the shade on a mat in summer and let the newborn air.

Summer Newborn Drinking Regime

The baby will absorb the necessary amount of fluids from your breast milk by six months if you fully breastfeed.

However, in hot weather or when diarrhea and frequent vomiting occur, it is recommended to replenish fluids with boiled baby water or baby tea. 

Start replenishing liquids regularly with the start of baby food. The main indicator of a proper drinking regime is urine (regular and bright), normal stools (without constipation), and a happy baby.

It is also important to keep liquids at the right temperature, easily accomplished with special thermoses or thermo-packs.

Recommended Newborn Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

What does a summer baby needs? We have a list of baby gear items that have proven successful for many summer moms.

  • Summer-friendly stroller with a deep seat – Ideally, look for one with a partially detachable canopy, so the stroller is airier.
  • Mosquito net and raincoat – The mosquito net protects the baby from bugs, and the raincoat can be used during summer storms.
  • Stroller umbrella – beware of the cloth nappy that some parents use to cover the pushchair. The nappy will prevent airflow, and the stroller will be hot, so use a stroller umbrella instead.
  • Light and airy stroller blanket or thin sleeping bag.
  • Clothes for the baby will come in a handy bodysuit, overalls, socks, summer hat, onesie, sweatshirt, and a light jacket in the summer.
  • A changing bag for the stroller – is an indispensable item to put spare clothes, diapers, wet wipes, bottles, and snacks for yourself, because, in the summer, you will be outdoors a lot.
  • Toys that you hang on the stroller so the baby can see them.
  • Bottles, pacifier, and sunscreen with SPF 50.

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