The story of Bob and his search for the best baby rocker in internet

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Bob was going to be a first-time father in 2016 and as usual was quite excited about the event. He and his wife Amy had spent some amazing time together, although riddled with perplexity and complexity. What was baffling to them was the baby rocker part. As first- timer parents, they spent their entire time and efforts to shop for their forthcoming baby, which included dresses, toys, pads and other baby care products but little they know about baby rockers. As a result, Bob and Amy ended up buying a baby rocker from a local store from Portland city.

The baby rocker cost Bob $59.49 and after 3 weeks, it broke apart when one of Bob’s door accidentally bumped with the rocker. Bob again bought a new one which cost him $99.99 and but that too fell apart when his kid was rocking with it. Luckily, nothing happened to the kid. Bob had to buy another one at the same price i.e. $99.99

By 2019, Bob and Amy were expecting their second child and again went for a shopping spree. They decided to buy another baby rocker and ended up buying one at $129.99, only to find that it has defective accessories and wheels. Bob and Amy spent another $179.99 for a semi-automatic baby rocker from Amazon. This was the first time; Bob bought a rocker from Amazon. A few days later, one of the frames broke down that made the whole rocker useless. This is the end of the story of Bob and his search for baby rockers.

Moral of story: Bob and Amy never really studied the market before buying their baby rockers and they had spent over $500 yet with no satisfaction. Furthermore, while buying the baby rockers, they neither checked the quality of the rockers nor the customer reviews.

How Bob remained unsatisfied despite spending over $500 on baby rockers?

Most of first timer parents remain excited and such excitement causes hindrance when you are on a shopping spree for your baby(ies). Two mistakes that Bob made were not studying the market and never checked with the quality and reviews. However, from another perspective, there is more to the story and disappointment.

Bob baby rocker

The market is flooded with baby rocker products and each of them claims to be the best in the market. Obviously, that is not the case. Not all of them can be best and Bob faced a catch-22 situation while buying the best baby rocker for his kid. As the market is flooded with self-claimed best baby rockers, the chances are high that you may miss the best one out of them.

In a globalized market, every other nation or baby rocker manufacturers try to enter the US market and out of them, some consists of very poor quality. Although they have their “country of origin” labels but numerous products, made by poorly organized manufacturers, do show defective and feeble nature.

As the market remains flooded with all kinds of baby rocker products (both best and poor quality), it is advisable to study the market and then opt for payment. Studying or reading customer reviews is very crucial to the game as poor quality baby rockers will easily breakdown with a mild knock or may show defective accessories and wheel systems.

It has been observed that, many manufacturers try to avoid giving free accessories to make hefty profits but when someone is paying for them, they must study and compare the baby rocker products with other manufacturers. Each accessory of baby rocker is important whereas accessories may differ in case of automatic baby rockers.

How to find the customer reviews of the automatic baby rockers in Amazon?

Many people, while buying the best automatic baby rockers from the internet, skip checking the customer reviews part. In Amazon, first time buyers cannot check the customer reviews unless they scroll down to the bottom of the page. As nobody likes to scroll much, the reviews remain unseen by the first-time buyers of baby rockers.

When you are buying the best of the product in baby rocker segment, kindly allow yourself some time to scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the customer reviews.

How to compare two best baby rocker products?

This is another tricky part. While you may be just using Amazon to look for a particular automatic baby rocker, it is also advisable to check the same product from other ecommerce portals available in your locality.

This can be done by copying the make and model of the selected automatic baby rocker from Amazon and paste the same to Google search and hit enter. This will provide a comparison of the selected product from various other portals. Some may have different customer reviews and pricing package.

These two measures will not only help save money but will provide you with delight and right product, free of defects and poor quality.


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