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Pinup girl clothing is emerging as a new fashion these days. The pin-ups are considered attractive people who dress like the models of the 1940-80s. It is the overall appearance of the male or female.

Artists like Burlesque and the Actors inspire this type of fashion.

Hair, makeup, shoes, and other accessories are worn, giving a specific look and the best part is you can do this even when you are pregnant.

Pinup clothes, accessories, and shoes are available online and can easily be bought. These dresses are for women who usually like to do pin-up dressing, so they don’t have to change their style for pregnancy.

When a pin-up girl dresses glamorously on normal days, she also has to maintain that during pregnancy. Otherwise, she looks pale and tired.

Pin Up Dress – What are they?

Pink Retro Pin Up Dress for Maternity
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Pinup dresses are of the style that is inspired by Hollywood celebs of the 40s and onwards and also from other artists like Burlesque ones.

The pictures on the posters had males or females in specific attractive dressings promoting pin-up dressing.

Still, many retro-inspired girls like to dress as pin-ups. It is considered a passion for dressing like this, and the people who like to do this for life.

It is a sexy retro look that highlights the body curves, and when you step out with such dressing and makeup, everyone looks and desires you.

It is a sassy outlook for people who consider themselves highly fashionable. Pinup fashion is also evolving with time.

Modern and primitive ones are different in many aspects from each other. Different parts of the world have different pin-up fashion trends.

Some people even like to do such a dressing for their weddings.

How are they different from other dresses?

There are a lot of modern and stylish dresses in other categories, but this category relies not only on a dress but on an overall appearance.

Hair color, hairstyle, accessories, dress, and shoes are all important for such fashion.

The pin-up dresses have many differences from others as they maintain a sassy look for the wearer.

Other types of dresses show or hide the body or make the body look sexy and charming differently.

These dresses are made to give a sexy look and show the body in an enhanced, attractive way to make the wearer look hot but not over as in sheer dresses.

You can get short sleeves, full sleeves, sleeveless, shoulderless, cut-shoulder skirts, and gowns in maternity versions.

These dresses are based on the fashions of the last century, so they maintain a classic look along with a modern touch.

How to wear them?

This is the most important part of this dress, it is not just the dress that is important, but the whole outlook is needed to be a pin-up.

You can always get tips for vintage maternity dresses from miss betty doll and other online sources.

There are a lot of pin-up dresses that you can wear, but the ultimate goal is to focus on the silhouette.

It would help if you highlighted your curves in the dresses, an hourglass shape is intended with these dresses, and the main emphasis is on the waist and the hips.

The circle skirts, swing dresses, tank tops, and others can be worn with maternity leggings and high adjustable belts to give the upper body and chest a good look.

The baby bump remains easy and not so tight, but the legs get shown with stylish shoes, so the style is still there.

The long dresseswrap dressesfloral printed shorts, etc., are worn with the normal accessories following the size guide.

You need to hide the bump as much as possible and emphasize the pregnant enlarged breasts for a better and hotter look.

The makeup and the hairstyle are important if you wear pin-up girl clothing. The hairstyle and makeup should be according to the dress and must not be general. Make it specific in some way.

On what occasions can they be worn?

Pinup dressing is not just a dressing. It is a passion that many people have. Some people like to dress like this for their whole life, and on every occasion, so much dressing is considered essential for them regardless of the occasion.

Some of these maternity dresses, like the hell bunny dress, can be worn on any occasion by slightly adjusting clothing accessories, shoes, and makeup.

Vintage fashion wear can also be used for baby showers, Valentine’s day, and other special days.

Wiggle dresses are good options for carrying the pin-up style and looking good at parties.

Shorts with a shiny look or pencil skirts with formal shirts can be worn for an office party with long boots and curly hair.

These dresses can be used for any party or any work-related thing. This is the beauty of the pin-up fashion that you can carry anywhere without being frowned upon.

Who can wear them?

Pregnant women who have spent most of their time in pin-up dresses are expected to wear the same type of dress and carry the same style regardless of the pregnancy.

It was not easy back in the time, but now in this modern time, you can do that easily. Pregnant women who like to dress pin-up can wear these dresses specifically made for maternity.

Accessories that go with these types of dresses

Black Polka Pin up Maternity dress
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Pinup dressing is special and selective regarding accessories.

Wide headbands, crochets, hair clips, rockabilly, polka, tattoo belts, skinny printed scarf, hair forks, clips, glasses of many styles, and shoes of various types can be used pretty well with these dresses.

Maximum dress accessories are easily available in stores like Moonboot studios and can be bought with gift certificates.

How much do they cost?

These dresses and the swag you have to keep with the dresses cost you more. The shoes, makeup, and other accessories cost you a lot of money along with the dress.

It can be said that pin-up dresses are costly as compared to other maternity clothes.

The range starts from $$ and goes on. You can buy retro wear from the le-bomb shop on eBay or from other stores like Destination store, pinup couture, or Heart of Haute store, which sells dresses in vintage collections.

You can also buy pin-up wear like the plus sizes of skirts in the trashy diva store. Some of these stores also have vintage-inspired baby clothes.

Other dresses can also be used for the pin-up style by using the correct makeup, hair accessories, and other clothing accessories and carrying them in a pin-up way.

Things to consider before buying these:

  • Preferences of the styles you like.
  • The fitting of the dress.
  • The length of the dress.
  • The accessories that can be used with these.
  • How much will it cost?
  • How will the look of your pregnant body be?
  • Will the dress be fine with comfortable shoes rather than fancy ones?

Can these be worn after maternity?

Pinup dressing is all about the silhouette. You need to look fit and sexy for this. So for wearing these after maternity, there is a big no!

The curves and the sexy outlook these maternity clothes will impart on you will not be the same after maternity. Body changes!

Some of these can fit perfectly fine after the pregnancy and can be used. If you have to take the baby someplace, diaper bags can be used with some retro clothing.

A wrap dress or other plus size dresses which are pregnancy friendly and come in retro clothing can be used.

At what stage of pregnancy do they suit you the most?

In the first trimester of the pregnancy, your body is still somewhat the same. This is the best time for pin-up dressings as you can highlight your waistline, back, and other body curves.

In the later trimesters, the bump grows, and the style becomes difficult to carry, but if you are determined enough, you can do it and still look beautiful.

Ticci rockabilly and Stella dresses can be used in these times. Other unique vintage dresses can also be used


  • Beautiful dressing.
  • Modern as well as classical.
  • It makes femininity visible in a good way.
  • Make you look tall and sexy, and the people can’t stop staring!
  • It can be used in daily life as well as for events.


  • This style is pretty expensive.
  • Many accessories are needed.
  • It will help if you put a lot of effort into it.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Difficult to carry.
  • Makeup and hairstyle take time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do you need Pin Up Dresses for a photoshoot?

    Pin-up fashion photography has been popular recently, and it is steadily rising.

    A retro look characterizes pin-up fashion photography. Pin-up dresses are a must and are the most popular clothing option for a photoshoot.

    They add that extra touch of elegance to the look while still maintaining the look of elegance.

  2. What colors are they mostly available in?

    These dresses are pretty special in terms of colors. These come in every color that makes you look stylish with an elegant but not over touch.

    You can buy pin-up dresses in every color, but most women like using extreme dark or light shades to mix with them.

  3. They are suitable for which season?

    Summer dresses and winter dresses are different in their making and styles. Also, the makeup and the accessories that go with these are separate.

    You can buy these in summer and winter collections. Vintage clothes are the best in this prospect.


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