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Children Learning Reading is an amazing program that teaches children to read from an early age. Jim Yang designed this program to create a strong foundation in kids. The pdf, audio, and video lessons are available for download from their official website.

The program uses some remarkable phonics and phonemic awareness skills to help children. Check out our full review below for details on everything we liked and didn’t like about it.

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Offer – Children Learning Reading Review


It works.
Engaging & age-appropriate: The program features playful activities, songs, and interactive elements designed to capture and hold young children’s attention
Easy-to-follow steps.
Builds phonemic awareness: Children develop the essential ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in words.
Systematic phonics instruction: The program provides a clear roadmap for children to learn letter-sound correspondences and decoding skills.
Progress tracking features: Parents can easily monitor their child’s progress and identify areas where they might need additional support.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Potential Cost: The program requires an investment.
Requires Parental Involvement: For optimal results, parents should be actively engaged in supporting their child’s learning journey.
May not suit all learning styles: While effective for many, some children may benefit from a more multi-sensory or individualized approach.
Limited independent reading practice: The program may need to be supplemented with opportunities for children to read books independently.


There is no denying that parenthood has become the most fulfilling job in this fast-changing world. Each milestone of your children’s development is challenging and demanding.

Raising a child from infancy to adulthood is lengthy and requires much time and effort. In the early stages, parents must teach their children basic skills such as potty training and how to speak and read.

As the kid grows older, parents continue to provide guidance and support.

Every parent knows that the key to success is starting young. After their first word, the next step is to teach them how to read.

According to research, the first five years of your child’s development are crucial. They leave a lifetime effect on your child’s identity.

According to medical science, 90% of your kid’s brain develops when he reaches 3. So, early experiences play a significant role in determining your children’s behavior and attitudes.

By this time, your kid has developed a general sense and is capable of learning new skills.

So this is the golden period when you can encourage your child to learn how to read?

Teaching him reading before school will not improve his learning abilities but also enhance his self-confidence.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Margaret Fuller

It is essential to develop the skill of reading in your kid early. You can acquire complete training and assistance to do this.

Are you a parent who wants his child to develop his literacy skills before schooling?

Do you want your toddler to start reading at home?

The best reading program to achieve the above goals is Children Learning Reading.

This program is highly effective and has been proven to work. It’s easy to implement in your home, and both infants and toddlers will enjoy participating.

This program will help you to unlock your little one’s potential abilities in a fun and engaging way. To get an insight into this program, let’s dig into its bold features and benefits.

Percentage of Children ages 3-5 Read to by Region
Grouped bar chart depicting the percentage of children ages 3-5 who were read to three or more times in the last week by a family member, categorized by region over the years from 1993 to 2019.

What Is Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading
Kid Reading a Book

Before diving deep into the Children Learning Reading Review, let’s understand what it is. It is a unique, extensive digital program. It is designed to teach your children how to read in the home environment before their schooling.

It is a complete training program that lays the foundations of reading for children at an early stage of 2 or 3 years.

The program provides step-by-step systematic training to parents. This will be on how they can teach their young children and toddlers to read.

This program intends to give parents and their youngsters complete phonemic and phonic awareness instructions.

Phonemic awareness is different from phonics. Phonemic awareness is learning to hear, identify, and manipulate different sounds in our everyday words.

Before reading the text, children should understand the sounds of the smallest part of regularly spoken words.

Numerous studies have shown that phonemic awareness effectively teaches your child how to decode printed or written words. Further, it helps to manipulate the individual letter sounds and their formation.

A study published by the National Reading Panel highlights the critical importance of phonemic awareness in early reading success.

The National Reading Panel suggests phonics and phonemic awareness are far better approaches than other language programs. They are more effective and efficient reading methods than conventional methods of memorization.

Some researchers believe the lack of phonic and phonemic awareness will make reading difficult for kids. Ultimately, it may produce poor readers.

Phonics and phonemics will help your children identify the individual alphabets and their sounds. This enables them to read new and complex words.

This tested formula will help children to learn how to read and pronounce advanced and complicated text. It will not only enhance your children’s reading comprehension but also improve their spelling abilities.

Children Learning Reading program utilizes the incredible strategies of phonics and phonemic awareness. This will aid your child in learning to read and make him a successful fluent reader.

This constructive program is developed specifically for 2 to 6 years old.

This is a valuable learning guide. It has many simple and easy-to-follow steps, audio, videos, worksheets, and more! Your kid will enjoy his whole learning and reading duration.

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Children Learning Reading Program Format

It is an online program comprised of 12 weeks elaborated course that aims at helping your child learn to read.

The program is available in PDF format and divided into two well-structured stages. Both stages consist of 50 coherent lessons. The detailed features of each stage are described below.

The program is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique learning styles and developmental stages of young children. It’s segmented into two comprehensive stages, each meticulously designed to build upon the other and foster a strong foundation in reading proficiency.

Stage 1

Stage 1 comprises 28 lessons and is quite simple and basic. It includes letter recognition and phenomes (the sounds of individual alphabets).

It includes understanding the connection between the letters and their sound.

It also contains notes about struggling readers, short and smooth blending words, the choppy blending of words, and small sentences.

Various stories, fun rhymes, and engaging activities are incorporated to practice each concept.

Initially, stage1 starts with introducing basic and straightforward words. Then these words become more complex and advanced as the lessons progress.

All the activities and stories become more advanced and complex in an intuitive manner. It is done so that your little one will get enough time to fully grasp the whole concept before heading towards the new one.

At the end of stage 1,

Your child can identify and read simple words, small sentences, and short text passages.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consists of 22 comprehensive lessons and is at the advanced level. This stage is based entirely on the skills your young one has developed from stage1.

Mainly, it focuses on letter combination and blending of letters to make new words.

It also contains advanced-level rhymes and an introduction to new and big letters. Also, it includes a few more complex words, vocabulary growth, sentences, and passages.

After completing stage 2,

Your kid could read more complicated words, sentences, and advanced texts fluently and efficiently.

This stage applies the concepts and skills your kid has already gained from stage 1. It utilizes the understanding of how combining two different letters makes a new single sound. For instance, ‘ch’ in a catch, ‘sh’ in fish, and ‘ck’ in the lock.

All the stories, activities, and rhymes in this stage are more complex and advanced than in stage 1. Again, all lessons and content are arranged and designed in an intuitive style. So, your child can complete each concept successfully in one go.

Overall, the whole program intends to develop a strong foundation and fundamentals of reading before your little one turns 3.

It starts from learning all alphabet and covers the correct pronunciation of letters, words, sentences, and rhymes. The pdf files of the Reading program are highly accessible and downloadable.

You can download the whole reading package on your mobile, laptop, tabs, iPad, iPhone, and any other device. So, you can continue the reading process anytime, anywhere you want, without any hassle.

What are the included Bonuses?

In addition to the two stages of phonics foundation and advanced phonics, the reading program presents a wide range of bonuses. It offers compelling story lessons, MP3 audio, and kindergarten rhymes.

The premium package of Children Learning Reading also contains video lessons on reading.

Children Learning Reading Review - Bonus

The lifetime upgrading of both packages is another incentive for the program. The whole Children Learning Reading program is available on the official website in a digital PDF format. You can get it using the below link.

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About the Author – Jim Yang

Jim Yang, a veteran reading teacher, and father of 4 exceptional children developed this reading program. Initially, he created this program for his children to help them learn to read before they turn three.

Jim is a well-known reading teacher. He understands the significance of phonics and phenomes concepts. He proposes that they act as the building blocks of reading and learning new and advanced words.

Jim knows the importance of teaching children to read at an early age.

After seeing the success of the Children Learning Reading program with his children, he decided to help other parents who want to give their young children the same opportunity.

He offers resources and advice to help parents teach their children to read at age 2.

The high ranking of this premium program on the web witnesses its success and popularity among thousands of other parents.

Jim Yang understands the fact that toddlers and young children have a short attention span of 10-15 minutes. So, he designed and arranged the program on short lessons to give quick and productive results to small children.

No lesson of both stages takes more than 10-15 minutes, and some sessions are as short as 2 to 3 minutes. So you only have to take 15 minutes daily from your work and routine for kids to read.

However, the total time of learning depends on your kid. If he is a slow learner, then it may take longer for him to read fluently.

I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.

Roald Dahl

Tips Used in the Program

Following are the tips and tricks that will help your children learn to read effectively.

  • Associate the sounds with letters of the alphabet

The first tip is to connect individual alphabets with their sounds, and while saying out the sound child can trace the alphabet.

For example, if he is tracing the letter A, tell him the sound of the letter A is ahh. In this way, he will learn both letter recognition and its sound simultaneously. This useful tip utilizes the concept of phonics and phonemic awareness.

  • Set a pattern of text reading

If you are teaching your child how to read a text or page for the first time, then tell him to read the page from left to right or start from the top and end at the bottom. It will help him understand the pattern of reading.

Teach your little one the consonants and their blending. The consonants at the end of some words make rhyming sounds. For example, “at” makes the same sound in the words’ fat’ and ‘cat’.

So this will help them to learn the letters and words with similar sounds, and they can quickly say the sound of similar-sounding words.

  • Make reading a fun-filled experience

It is the most important tip while teaching reading to your children. Do not pressurize or force them to read. Try to create a friendly environment for his reading and make his reading an enjoyable experience for him. It will develop his interest and love for reading and show a positive attitude.

  • Read your children’s favorite stories

To develop the love for reading in your kid, you must read his favorite stories to him and use those words that he likes the most!

Ask about his favorite character in the story, the best part of the story, and ask him to share his ideas. It will enhance his interest in reading and improve his communication skills too.

All these above tips will help your child to improve his learning abilities and make his journey of learning reading smooth and organized.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

Frederick Douglass

Who can benefit from the program?

Children learning reading initiative is designed specifically for the children of the 2- 6 age group. The program is efficient for even toddlers of 2 years. But your child should have developed proper speech.

It should be bear in mind that this program is not for kids who cannot speak.

So before using this program, you should first make sure that your kid can speak properly. It is a complete learning reading program for toddlers, young children, preschoolers, primary or pre-nursery, kindergarteners, and 1st graders.

The program is not just playing a video on DVD or computer and watching it with your youngsters. It acquires the parent’s involvement and interaction with their children. You only have to take 15 minutes daily from your work routine to help your kid become a fluent reader within a short period.

Jim Yang prefers this program for children between the ages of 4-5 as these children have more attention spans and are faster in cashing on their learning abilities, and are enthusiastic about learning new things and words.

The children of this page are just like a blank page where they have not picked up any bad habits or wrong pronunciation of words, so this is the best time to teach your youngsters phonemic awareness.

The Reading program is useful for first and second graders as well. If your child is in grade 1 or 2 and is lagging due to weak reading abilities, then you can use this incredible reading program.

It will not only help him improve his reading and comprehensive capabilities but also boost his communication skills to interact with others.

Percentage of Children ages 3-5 Read to by Mother's Education Level
Visualization depicting the percentage of children ages 3-5 who were read to three or more times in the last week by a family member, categorized by the mother’s highest level of education over the years from 1993 to 2019.

An Overview of the Included Topics

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.

Kate DiCamillo

After going through the details, let’s take a review of topics that this program offers,

  • Build the fundamentals of reading and learning
  • Includes synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness, the connection between alphabets and their sounds, and how children can relate the sounds of individual letters with everyday spoken words
  • Focuses on comprehension abilities and enhances their reading fluency
  • Make children reading and learning process swift, simple, smooth, and shorter.
  • Utilizes the strategies of blending and letter combination
  • Introduction to simple and complex advanced words
  • Incorporates fun and enjoyable activities to learn and practice
  • Short and fascinating stories and nursery rhymes

Pricing Plans – How much will it cost?

Children learning reading program is available in two accessible versions

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan

Start your trial through the below button and send your order receipt to [email protected] to receive bonuses worth $100+ as a thank you from AmyandRose. You can keep these 4 bonuses even if you cancel the trial.

Children Learning Reading Bonuses
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Let’s check out the bold features of each plan it offers.

Standard plan

It is a complete package of reading courses containing everything you want for your child, teaching him how to read. This basic plan costs $69 only. The following are features offered by the standard package.

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2

Bonuses it offers

  • Stage 1 short lesson stories
  • Stage 2 advanced lesson stories
  • Mp3 audio clips with letter and alphabets sounds
  • Common sight words
  • Best children’s nursery rhymes
  • Program upgrades

Premium plan

This plan comes with four additional lessons, and the total cost is $89. The premium package contains all the features of the standard package and some additional training material as well. This plan offers:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 1 lesson stories
  • Stage 2 lesson stories
  • Complete alphabets and Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • Common sight words
  • Children’s ideal nursery rhymes
  • Lifetime Program updating

Bonuses it offers

  • Pre-set Lesson Printouts for stage 1
  • Printout sets for stage 2 lessons
  • Advanced rhymes for stage2
  • Workshops and one-on-one training sessions for 12 weeks

Moreover, both plans are available in PDF versions, videos, audio, and consultations.

Refund policy

Jim has full confidence and trust in the potential of his Children Learning Reading program. He believes that his Reading program will produce 100% brilliant results after its use. You will notice the visible improvement in your child’s reading abilities.

Children Learning Reading Money Back Guarantee
Moneyback Guarantee

However, if you do not get the desirable results after using this learning program for two months, you can ask for a refund.

Your full payment will be sent back to you according to the reimbursement policy if you are not satisfied with the progress of your kid. Jim Yang offers a 100% money-back guarantee on his reading program within 60 days of your purchase.


  • It is a complete comprehensive e-book that highlights the importance and advantages of early reading and how you can help your child to become a fluent reader.
  • It develops synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness and enables him to recognize and differentiate the letter sounds in regular spoken words
  • All the stages of children learning reading consist of easy-to-follow steps and step-by-step training methods
  • All the lessons are short that can completely accommodate the short attention span of your little ones and the workaholic and hectic routines of busy parents
  • It will help to interpret the letter sounds and to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of the individual alphabet
  • Each lesson is productive and extremely effective. You will notice the remarkable progress in your children’s reading and vocabulary growth
  • The program utilizes user-friendly reading strategies and approaches for both kids and parents
  • Offers free additional lessons and bonuses if you buy any of the standard or premium packages
  • The program is highly accessible and pocket-friendly. You can download the Children Learning Reading PDF format on your computer or your mobile. You can also use the pre-sets of printout lessons available for each stage
  • The program contains a variety of training material including lesson videos, MP3 audio clips, workshops, colorful pictures, images, digraphs, fun stories, rhymes, and one-to-one counseling sessions
  • Each lesson is less time-consuming, precise, engaging, and entertaining
  • The program offers a 100% payment-back guarantee within 60 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the results
  • The product is highly affordable and cost-effective as compared to the other language programs
  • It offers a trial package of 14 days for $9
  • It’s a digital product, there is no physical product that saves the shipments charges
  • The program has highlighted the significance of reading that reading at an early age will not only contribute to your little one’s academic achievements but also boost their sense of creativity and imagination.


Apart from the numerous benefits of the Children Learning Reading solution, it has a few drawbacks that are given below.

  • The program acquires the parent’s involvement and their dedicated efforts. You have to spend time with your child daily to help him learn to read effectively and efficiently, but it may become crucial for busy and professional parents to establish a consistent routine outside their busy schedules.
  • The program is only available in digital format which can be a drawback as this requires a constant smooth internet connection to go through each stage and lesson.
  • The results of the Reading program may vary from child to child. Since each child is different and has a different level of understanding, so it might take longer for your child to develop the finest reading skills. If you have high expectations with this program that your kid would achieve everything that you want within an expected time frame, then this program may be an imperfect choice for you from a few aspects.

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.

Victor Hugo
Children Learning Reading Review Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons
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Reviews from Parents

I am a mother of two and I found this program to be very helpful in teaching my kids how to read. It is effective, engaging, and fun.

Julia S.

I have been using this program to teach my kids how to read, and it has helped me a lot. It is well-designed and very helpful.

Samuel R.

I had tried many other programs before but nothing was as good as Children Learning Reading. It is the best reading program that offers results in just a few days!

Nicholas S.

I received the program as a gift from my sister, and I am very happy with it. It is a well-built reading program that has helped me teach my kids how to read.

James W.

I was amazed at the results of this program! My son began fluent reading within few days after using the program!

Samantha M.

I have been working in early childhood education for a while and I can honestly say that this is one of the best reading programs. It has simple, straightforward instructions.

Jennifer R.

It’s an highly effective method that does not require ample time from busy parents. My personal experience with the entire program has been amazing so far.

Chales H.

My son used to get frustrated when trying to read, but this program has made it fun for him. He loves the games and songs, and now he’s so proud when he can sound out new words!

Barbara J.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I was looking for a way to support my daughter’s reading skills at home. This program aligns with effective teaching methods and has helped her confidence blossom.

Andy E.

Our daughter has some auditory processing challenges, and we were worried about her reading development. This program’s focus on breaking words into sounds has been a game-changer for her.

Sam P.

Wrap Up

NameChildren Learning Reading
AuthorJim Yang
Rating Star5
Best forKids
BonusesPre-set Printouts for stage 1 lessons
Printout sets for stage 2 lessons
Advanced rhymes for stage 2
Workshops and one-on-one training sessions for 12 weeks
Pricing$69, $89
Moneyback Guarantee✔️
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We conclude here by saying that once your child starts speaking, you should focus on teaching him reading skills. There is no doubt that reading is an amazing tool that widens your horizon of cognitive and thinking abilities.

And this fact becomes more true for the younger ones, who are at an early stage of learning and experiencing the fruitful perks of reading.

To help your child in developing reading skills, you need to choose a program that can effectively utilize your investment of time, effort, and money.

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Since the program is a reliable and proven program that has helped up to 75,000 parents over the globe to develop their children reading abilities and bring about positive changes in their lives, so you can confidently use this program with your children.

Average reading scores of children in the top 10 countries
Bar chart depicting the average reading scores of children in the top 10 countries

Children Learning Reading program will not only build a strong foundation for alphabet sounds and their recognition, but it will also help your kid to develop the concept of phonics and phonemic awareness which are the fundamentals of learning how to read.

It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will take your child from the basics of reading and phonemic awareness to more advanced learning of words, spellings, sentences, pronunciation, and reading complicated texts in an orderly manner.

The Reading program covers every aspect of your children’s learning and reading development. It has broadly covered the social, cognitive, linguistic, and educational aspects of your little one’s development.

Moreover, this program has successfully ended the concept of memorizing the most commonly used words and traditional approaches of pressurizing your young one to learn to read.

Instead, it utilizes an interesting, child-friendly, user-oriented approach, so that reading becomes an enjoyable experience for your children.

Now, if you question us why should you prefer the Reading program to the thousands of other language and reading programs available on the web? Then we will simply answer this question by saying that this program stands out due to the following reasons:

  • 100% unconditional refund policy within 60 days of purchase
  • Low price trial periods
  • Affordable learning reading packages
  • Ease and efficiency of use
  • Short and engaging lessons
  • One-on-one counseling sessions
  • Positive reviews from 75000+ happy parents

Plus, additional bonuses on the purchase of either package of the Learning Reading program make it a perfect pick for you and your child to boost his reading fluency.

So if you can manage to spend 10-15 minutes daily with your child to make him learn how to read, then this program is made just for you!

Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.

Marilyn Jager Adams

Within a few days, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your kid’s reading, pronunciation, and reading comprehension abilities.

So don’t wait further and be the first to grab a copy of the program instantly and get ready to secure a successful and brilliant future for your small child from today!

I hope you like our CHILDREN LEARNING READING REVIEW. Please go through the below FAQs and I hope we’ve answered all of your questions.

Children Learning Reading Review Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is children learning reading program good?

    Do you want your kids to be able to read and understand what they’re reading? If so, then we have the perfect solution for them.

    The program will help develop solid foundation skills from which all future learning is built to make it easier than ever before when those early education years come around again!

  2. What does a child learn from reading?

    A child who reads well will be better at understanding and remembering what they learn from those lessons than someone without that skill set, like math or science for example- but there’s more to learning than just skills acquisition.

    Kids also develop a deeper appreciation of themselves as learners by being able to understand things on their own terms.

    This brings us back around full circle because this self-awareness was one reason why schools began requiring children to start doing homework assignments early (and some still do).

  3. Who is Jim Yang?

    The man who understands the significance of comprehensive phonics and phenomes concepts that act as building blocks for reading has taught children how to read at an early age since he achieved successful results with his own kids.

  4. How much time will it take for my child to become a fluent reader using the program?

    Well, it depends entirely on your child and his learning abilities. If he is a quick learner, then he can be a fluent reader over less than 12 weeks. And if not, then it might take longer for him to improve his reading abilities.

    However, the time prescribed by Jim for most of the children is 12 weeks. With the consistent and short reading practice of 10-15 minutes for 12 weeks, you can produce successful readers and get massive fruitful results.

  5. Does my child need to have basic knowledge of the alphabet before starting the Children Learning Reading program?

    No, the only requirement to start this child reading program before is that your child should be able to speak. All the basics related to the alphabet and its sounds are incorporated into this reading program.

    The program consists of 2 comprehensive stages. Your kid will learn all the fundamentals of language, alphabet recognition, and their sounds in the first stage with many fun-engaging stories, rhymes, and activities.

  6. How can I get the program for my child?

    To get this wonderful prestigious program, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

    Go to Jim Yang’s official website, go to the product page, and click add to cart, from here, choose the package (standard or premium packages) that you want to purchase.

    The features of each foundation package will be displayed with it. Once you select your choice, you will be taken to secure payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

    After getting the payment, you will immediately receive the link to download the Reading program. Notably, the program is only available online in digital format.

    There are no physical products. So you don’t have to wait for the product to arrive at you in days or weeks. You can get it quickly right away on your computers, mobile, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other device.

  7. Is the Children Learning Reading program approved?

    Yes, the program is highly authentic and approved, as it is based on proven research strategies and techniques.

    Jim first applied this dynamic reading program to his kids. After getting successful results, he decided to help many other parents who wanted their children to become fluent readers.

    Moreover, this reading program has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from happy and satisfied parents.

    You can watch those video testimonials on Jim’s official website, posted by thousands of proud parents showing how this program has improved their children’s linguistic and reading skills within a short period.

  8. Is there any free trial option?

    No, the Reading program does not offer any free trial period. However, you can get enrolled in a risk-free trial of this program.

    After paying the payment charges for once, you can immediately get access to the whole reading program plus all the bonuses for 14 days. Now, you can get everything in the program for $9 only.

  9. Is it too much for my child?

    The children learning reading system allows a young children to learn at their own pace, helping them avoid frustration.

    It doesn’t have any age restriction and can be used by kids who lack reading skills, have dyslexia, or have other reading developmental disorders.

    The course consists of 10 lessons – it’s very easy to follow, even for parents with little computer experience.

    The program is based on the language approach and is meant for parents who wish to teach their children to read. It comes with a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee and is intended to improve your kid’s academic performance.

  10. What is the average age a child learns to read?

    The average age a child learns to read is five.

  11. How does the program teach children how to read?

    The program teaches children phonetic skills and phonic awareness, which are essential in learning how to pronounce letters. It also has instructions on teaching kids strategies for sounding out words and blending them together.

  12. How to help my child read?

    The best way to help your young one read is by reading aloud and talking about the pictures in books with them. There are many teaching methods outlined in the program which can help you further.

  13. What if my child doesn’t feel like he wants to learn how to read?

    Children have different learning styles, but it’s important for every child to know how. It will help them understand how words work and they can get better grades in school.

  14. Do storybooks help with kids’ reading skills?

    Reading books is one of the best ways to teach your little one how to read. It’s not only fun, but it also improves their reading skills and grades in school.

  15. Should parents force their children to read books?

    If you want your child to love reading, then it’s important for them to read on their own. The best way is by making sure they have access and are surrounded by books so that they can pick one up at any time.

  16. What if my child doesn’t like being read aloud?

    A proven technique is to read aloud with your child. Reading together can make it more enjoyable for both of you and will help them learn about different word structures.

  17. How does the Reading program work?

    The program is a systematic training program that focuses on developing efficient reading abilities in toddlers or younger children.

    The program utilizes step-by-step lessons, simple, and effective strategies to build the foundations of reading and pronunciation. It consists of easy-to-follow, short, yet powerful, and engaging lessons.

    It works on building the concept of phonics and phonemic awareness in your children and then effectively applies this phonemic approach to daily spoken words.

    After completing this program, your little one will be able to recognize the sound of each phenome from the regularly used words and will pronounce it accurately.

  18. At what age can I use it for my child?

    Learn Reading program targets primarily young kids between the age group of 2 to 6 years. Ideally, you can use this program for your young child as soon as he can speak properly.

    Jim preferred this program for kids of 2+ age as it is the peak time of learning and experiencing new things.

    The children of this age group are more enthusiastic to observe and learn what is happening around them. Moreover, they have a fresh and natural memory, so within a short attention span, they will be able to learn how to read.

    The program is recommended for your 2-6 years toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, nursery, and elementary kids, and also for the students of first and second grade.

  19. How much time do I have to spend with my child using it to get the desirable results?

    We recommend that you spend at least 10-15 minutes daily with your kid while using this program.

    Since the younger children (age 2-6 years) have a short attention span, therefore this duration of 10-15 minutes will be enough for them to complete their one whole reading lesson.

    This reading practice of 15 minutes should be arranged daily, as the consistency of lessons will give you a remarkable result.

    If you conduct the reading lessons regularly for only 15 minutes, you will see a visible improvement in your child’s reading skills daily.

    Every day you will notice a progressive change in your little one, and this will motivate you both to learn more!

  20. What is the best age for a child to learn to read?

    Every child has a different reading level.

    The best age to start teaching your preschooler how to read depends on his or her individual reading ability and interest in learning new things. So, it’s essential you find out what interests them before deciding when is the right time for this first lesson!

  21. What are the 5 benefits of reading?

    A person can improve their vocabulary, and learn about culture and history in a new land or time period (the study of literature). And also, develop skills for writing by comprehending complex material through reading.

    Reading also has been linked to improved mental health. It results in fewer feelings when stressed out due to its calming effect on people who have trouble focusing attention at times because they are distracted easily.

  22. Is There A Deal, Coupon Code or Discount?

    A sale might be happening on the official website right now and you can save nearly 70%!

  23. What is an alternative reading program?

    You can also check the reading head start program. Do read the review on our blog.

  24. Is children learning reading worth it?

    Aside from the obvious fact that knowing how to read will open up a whole new world for your child, early reading achievement is a strong indicator of future success.
    Children who become fluent readers by the time they finish 3rd grade tend to do better academically. The ones between 3-6 years old learn best through phonics instruction.
    The Reading program will provide your young kid with early literacy skills throughout the pre-school years, including the ability to decode new words, build vocabulary, learn about sentence structure and improve reading.
    The sooner your child becomes proficient in reading, the sooner he develops the love of reading, which will continue throughout his school years and will pave the way for more academic success and more enjoyment of life.

  25. How do children learn to read?

    Children learn to read through the process of oral language and written language acquisition. They learn the language by listening and talking with adults and their peers.
    Kids are also exposed to print in their everyday activities. When a child starts to talk, she connects letters and sounds.
    When they hear a new word, they will often match the first letter to the first letter. This is known as whole-word matching. These early steps in reading are called emergent reading.
    As children’s knowledge of the alphabet and letter sounds grows, they begin to decode words. Decoding is the step where the child matches the letters in the printed word with the sounds the letters make.
    In the early years, they progress from whole-word matching to learning about the relationship between the letters in the printed word and their sounds.
    This is known as letter-sound correspondence knowledge.

  26. Why is reading important for children?

    There are many reasons why reading is important for children.
    In the classroom, children use reading for learning, for example: checking in their textbooks, reading the lesson material, and reading other materials like a dictionary, vocabulary book, and even the weekly reading homework their teacher gives them.
    To gain knowledge at home and on their own time. They can read a book at home and learn new things or read a newspaper and learn about current events.
    To develop their reading skills and fluency and to improve their writing.
    As they learn to read more, they learn how to express their feelings and thoughts in words and improve their reasoning and critical thinking skills.
    To educate themselves, which helps them be prepared for their future.
    To develop their language skills by increasing their vocabulary, improving their speaking skills, and teaching them about different sentence structures.

  27. What is the best reading program for elementary students?

    Many different reading programs are available for elementary students, and it cannot be easy to know which one is best.
    Some factors you may want to consider include your child’s age, the reading difficulty they come across, and your personal preferences.
    For me, the program is the one that understands the difficulties that children face and helps them overcome them.

  28. How much should I read to my 3-year-old?

    Newborns enjoy looking at any book with colorful pages. Toddlers are drawn to books with a lot of movement and sound effects.
    When your child is older, books with rhyming words and humor become fun to read. As your child grows even older, reading can become work when reading a text with over 100 words.
    It is here that a child learns about written words through instruction and practice. The more words your child is exposed to, the better he will be at reading.
    The more children are read to, the more books you will have for your child to read on his own.
    If a child is taught to read when he is three and a half years old, he will be able to read simple words and sentences on his fourth birthday.

  29. Can most 3 year olds read?

    When it comes to child development, every child is different. Some may start reading very young, while others may have more difficulty.
    If you’re concerned about your child’s reading development, it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist.

  30. Why is learning to read important?

    Learning to read is the basic foundation for all other kinds of learning.
    Instruction in reading should begin when a child is four years old, and he should be given plenty of practice reading nursery rhymes, simple stories, and other materials.
    As he grows older, his reading materials should grow more challenging. The rule is that you should always read material one grade level above the child’s age.
    If the child is in first grade, the material should be for second graders. For kindergarten, first grade stuff, and so on. One of the best methods for learning to read is to read aloud to your child.
    He will learn the proper way to pronounce words, how to enunciate, how to regulate his voice, how to follow along with a story, and how to follow the rules in general.
    The other way to read aloud is to read to your child. If you read to him, then he will be able to learn how to read by himself.
    This is very important because it will help him to be comfortable with reading, and it will make him feel confident as well.

  31. Should my 4 year old be reading?

    No definitive answer exists as to whether or not your 4 year old should be reading, as this depends on various factors.
    If your child is older, they may have more difficulty learning to read and may require different reading instruction than a younger child.
    Additionally, some children may learn better from printed words, while others may respond better to spoken words. Complex sentences may also be confusing for some.
    The most important factor is to use a language method that your child understands and is comfortable with. This may include teaching letter names or simply reading printed text aloud.
    Older children may also benefit from reading work designed for high school students.

  32. How can I improve my child’s reading skills?

    Reading is the process of decoding symbols to construct or derive meaning; it is a language-based communication skill. Reading is one of the cornerstone skills of the 21st century.
    The essential ability allows you to read street signs, menus, directions, and much more.
    Creating an environment where your child feels comfortable reading out loud is important to instill confidence in your child. It is important never to force your child to read out loud.
    Instead, this should be a conversation that is always fun. As a parent, you should celebrate their successes and be patient with them when they struggle.
    The key to helping your child improve is finding material at their reading level, which is the level where texts are neither too easy nor too difficult for them.
    The first stage of learning to read begins with developing oral language skills. It is important to read to your child daily, but ensure they are interested in the subject matter.

  33. What is Advanced Phonics Manual?

    It’s different from the usual phonics you may be familiar with because it is an intensive program with a group approach. It uses repetition to help students learn the sounds of each letter.

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