French Names for Girls – Popular French Female Names

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Do you want to give your daughter a truly unique name? If so, then consider French names for girls.

A rich and diverse culture has given the world hundreds of wonderful names that are both beautiful and refreshingly different from what most people think of as traditional American or English girls’ names.

The origins of many French female names come from old Celtic words meaning “bright one,” which is fitting because they can certainly stand out in a crowd with their unusual spellings and exotic sound.

There are also plenty of Latin-based alternatives like Amélie, Emilie, Edwige, Elodie, and Élise if those seem more familiar.

French Female Names

French names are a reflection of French culture. The origin of most common French names is Latin, and many have their roots in the Roman Empire which once ruled Gaul. Names were often given to children as a means of commemorating loved ones or reflecting important life events such as christening date, death day, birth date, etc.

What are some of the best aspects of France? With fashion, cuisine, fine art, and more, the modern country has set the bar high.

Dans une grande âme tout est grand.

Blaise Pascal

Some may believe that there is a higher chance of the child being born with ‘good looks’ if they have a French name.

Others choose to give their children French names because they can’t decide on an American name and find themselves liking the sound of one in France.

There are many reasons why parents opt for giving their daughter a French name, but whatever the reason may be, all these female names will make your little girl seem like she has come from Paris.

Here’s the list of French Names for Girls. These include some popular and some common French female names. Also, check out our list of 35000+ baby names and strong boy names.

French Girls (Female) First Names and Meanings

French Names Female

French Female Names Starting with A

AaidaThe one who is helpfulArabic, FrenchChristianity
AamberA Precious Jewel or gemstone, warm honey colorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
AbeliaSomeone who looks for over a flockEnglish, French, LatinChristianity
AbellaBreath that is source of lifeFrench, HebrewChristianity
AbrielleA woman of God, or a woman from GodFrench, HebrewChristianity, Judaism
AcadiaThe land that have plenty, the land of plentyFrenchChristianity
AcelinA noble girl or a girl who born in high status homeFrenchChristianity
AcelineA woman who is nobleFrenchChristianity
AcelynnA girl who is born in noble homeFrenchChristianity
AdalaideThe nobility or the sort of noble personFrench, German
AdaleideSomeone’s nobility, noble personFrench
AdaleneAn aristocrat or noble personFrench
AdaliciaOne who is of noble nature, nobilityFrench, German
AdalineA noble or kind-hearted personFrench, United States
AddilynnNoble or NobilityFrenchChristianity
AdelaA short form of adelaideCzech, French, German, Slovak
AdelaidaNoble kind, adornedFrench, Portuguese
AdelaideA noble hood, or a noble personFrench, German
AdeleA short form of adelaideFrench, German, Israeli, Italian
AdelinaA form of AdelineFrench, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
AdelineNoble or nobilityFrench, German, LebaneseChristianity
AdelleA form of Adelaide, AdelineFrench, German
AdreannaThe favour or gracefulness of seaFrench
AdriannaFrom haridaFrench, Latin
AdyelyaOf the nobilityBulgarian, FrenchChristianity
AeliciaAn oath of GodFrench
AemelaAn admiring person, workaholicFrench
AemeleA hard-working and persistent personFrench
AerisAn earth full of flowersFrench
AgatheA kind natured womanBelgian, French, GermanChristianity, Greek
AlianoraPity, Variant of Eleonora, From the Old French form of the Occitan name AlienorFrench
AliceTruth, gracious, realityEnglish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Medieval English, Portuguese, Swedish
AliciaOf Noble BirthFrench, German, Malay, Spanish, Swedish
AlisonOf Noble BirthFrench, German, Norman
AlixOf dignified kindChinese, French, German
AlixeDefending menFrenchChristianity
AlleseSmart and no-nonsense, one who gets the job doneFrench
AllisonOf Noble BirthFrench, German, Teutonic
AllixDefender of Mankind, Female Version of AlexanderFrench, Greek
AlouetteDerived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individualsFrench
AloysiaName of an Italian saint, a strong willed person renowned in battlefieldFrench, German
Alvia“Noble war”, their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts peopleFrench
AlyciaA affectionate noble individual full of nobility and responsible natureFrench
AlydiaA little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in natureFrench
AlyssaMother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanityFrench, German
AmalieHard working, industrious, laborious and curious individualFrench, Hebrew
AmandineThe one who must be loved, is active and brightFrench
AmbreThe one who is a jewel-quality resin with a warm honey shade and is foreverFrench
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileAustralian, British, Cornish, Danish, Dominican Republic, French, Georgian, German, Irish, Jamaican, Kenyan, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish, United States, WelshIslam
AmelieA mighty hard working defenderFrench, German, United StatesChristianity
AmelotArthur’s CastleFrench
AmieBeautiful and lovableFrench
AmyBeloved and nurturing oneChamorro, French, German
AnaisThe one who is highly gracious, merciful and friendlyFrench, Hebrew
AncelinFrench – HandmaidenFrench
AngelineThey are the messengers as well as the angels of God sent from heavenFlemish, French
AnnebellEasy to Love, A combination of Anna and BellaFrench
AnnebelleEasy to Love, A combination of Anna and BellaFrench
AnnelyseThe one who is devoted to God and are graceful beingsFrench
AnnetteThe graceful beingsFrench
AnnieVariation of Hannah, a beautiful prayer, GraceChamorro, French, GreekChristianity
AnoukGod is gracious, merciful one and he has answered the prayersFrench
AntoinetteQueen of France, beautiful flowerFrench, United StatesChristianity
ApollineA gift sent by ApolloFrench
ArielleLioness of GodFrench
AscelinaNoble, one who is a little individualFrench
AssiaOne who looks and comforts othersArabic, French
AuberiRule of an Elf, powerful and kind heartedFrench, German
AubreeAn elf rulerFrench
AubriA girl who is ruler of elvesFrench
AudetteSothern frenchname for a birdFrench
AudreeA divine stregthFrench
AunnaThey are gracious and wonderful human beingsFrench
AuroreGolden, they are Godess of dawn, livelyFrench, Latin
AuroretteA variation of the name Aurora, dawnFrench
AvaA bird, a living organism of the ecosystemAustralian, Canadian, Chamorro, French, Georgian, German, Hawaiian, Iranian, Irish, Kenyan, Medieval English, Scottish, United States, Welsh
AvariOld French – Inspired Advice, Old Peace, Of The Heavens, From The SkyFrench
AvelaineA friend of the environment, nutFrench
AvelinaGermanic – Little Bird, Strength, DesiredFrench
AvelineOne who has waited for a child, hazelnutFrench
AverylMonth Name, Opening Buds of Spring, Born in AprilFrench
AviceThe one who is refuge in a battle, belovedFrench
AvignonName of a place, the one who who came from FranceFrench
AvrielTo Open, Month Name, Opening Buds of Spring, Born in AprilFrench
AvrillTo Open, Month Name, Opening Buds of Spring, Born in AprilFrench
AvrylTo Open, Month Name, Opening Buds of Spring, Born in AprilFrench
AvyceOne who is refuge in a war, warlikeFrench
AyaDesign, colorful or beautifulFrench, German, Japanese, Old German, SpanishChristianity
AyleeA hazelnut tree, a birdFrench

French Female Names Starting with B

BabetteOne who takes God as OathFrench
BaileighAn administrator manager, a GoddessFrench
BailieghAn officer of justice and administrationFrench
BarbettaA variation of the name BabetteFrench, GermanChristianity
BarbieDerived From Barbara, traveler from a foreign landFrench, United StatesChristianity
BasilieFemale Version of Basil, Royal, Kingly, Regal, Derived from the Same Greek Word as the Plant Name BasilFrenchChristianity
BayleighBerry woodFrenchChristianity
BaylieghAn officer of justiceFrenchChristianity
BaylyeA law enforcerFrenchChristianity
BeatriceBringer Of JoyFrench, ItalianChristianity
BeatriseTraveler, BlessedFrenchChristianity
BeawaShe who has beautyFrenchChristianity
BeccalynnAn intellectual, blessed individualFrenchChristianity
BegoniaA flowering plant, named after Michel Bgon, French governor and a patron of botanyFrenchChristianity
BelenBethlehem, An ArrowFrench, Spanish, United StatesChristianity, Greek
BeleviaA beautiful ladyFrenchChristianity
BelinaSt Belina from the 12th century was a French peasant, one who protectsFrenchChristianity
BellBeautiful, Fine looking, gorgeousFrenchChristianity
BellaBeautiful, handsome, attractiveFrench, Italian, LatinChristianity
BeloraTo be beautiful nowFrenchChristianity
BelotA name of a card gameFrenchChristianity
BeniciaBlessed OneFrench, SpanishChristianity
BenoiteBlessedFrench, SpanishChristianity
BenteBlessed, Form of BenedictFrenchChristianity
BereniceVictoriousEnglish, French, ItalianChristianity, Greek
BernBraveFrench, GermanChristianity
BernadetteBrave As A BearFrench, GermanChristianity
BerneBold As A BearFrenchChristianity
BernieDerived From BernardFrench, GermanChristianity
BertaFamous, Noble, Splendid, Shining Pledge, Bright Ruler, Glorious, Bright or GloriousFrench, German, Spanish, United StatesChristianity
BertildaShining Battle-maid, Woman WarriorFrench, United StatesChristianity
BertradeBright CounselorFrench, United StatesChristianity
BessyGod is My Oath, Diminutive of Elizabeth, House, God’s PromiseFrench, United StatesChristianity
BessyeHouse, God’s Promise, God is My OathFrenchChristianity
BetheaMaid-servant of JehovahFrenchChristianity
BetriceA woman who brings happiness wherever she goesFrenchChristianity
BetteConsecrated To GodEnglish, French, German, United StatesChristianity
BettyeGod’s Oath, Form of ElizabethFrench, United StatesChristianity
BevBeaver-streamFrench, United StatesChristianity
BeyonceBeyond OthersFrench, United StatesChristianity
BianaFair SkinnedFrench, United StatesChristianity
BibelOne who made a promise to GodFrenchChristianity
BibeleShe gave her promise to the GodFrenchChristianity
BibianeLively, energetic, ActiveFrench, SpanishChristianity
BiennaGoodFrench, United StatesChristianity
BillaFrench – Beautiful, Germanic – Will, DesireFrench, Germanic
BillyeResolute ProtectorFrench, United StatesChristianity
BindiSmall Round to Wear on ForeheadFrenchChristianity
BinnurA Thousand LightsFrenchChristianity
BirdenaBird likeFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirdieLittle Bird, Unusual Nature, BrightFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirdineLittle BirdFrench, United StatesChristianity
BirgitaTo Help, The Exalted OneFrenchChristianity
BlancA white womanFrenchChristianity
BlanchFair, White, PaleFrench, United StatesChristianity
BlathnaidFlower, BlossomFrenchChristianity
BlissanyFull of Grace and JoyFrench, United StatesChristianity
BlisseDelight, Joy, Intense HappinessFrench, United StatesChristianity
BlyTo Be A Tall ChildFrench, United StatesChristianity
BobbyShort For RobertFrench, United StatesChristianity
BobbyeBright FameFrench, United StatesChristianity
BobetteA little one who is bright and famousFrenchChristianity
BobinetteA little woman who is a very bright flameFrenchChristianity
BohemeSomeone of bohemian natureFrenchChristianity
BrendanaA prince, the heir of the kingFrenchChristianity
BridgetteShe is on her way upwardsFrenchChristianity
BrieA place name where they produce cheese in FranceFrenchChristianity
BrieanaA woman from the French chese producing regionFrenchChristianity
BrieannaA place name. A woman from BrieFrenchChristianity
BrielaGod is my strengthFrenchChristianity
BriellaGod is my strengthFrenchChristianity
BrielleHunting groundsFrenchChristianity
BrierleyAn ashy womanFrenchChristianity
BrierlyA woman of ashesFrenchChristianity
BrilleMy strenght is my GodFrenchChristianity
BruceyOne who comes from the brushwood thicketFrenchChristianity
BurdetteA girl who is like a little birdFrenchChristianity
BurniceA woman who brings victoryFrenchChristianity
ByancaA white, shinning womanFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with C

CachetA desirable and prestigious womanFrenchChristianity
CadenceA rhytmic woman, one with the beatEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CailaA lady from the forestFrenchChristianity
CalanthaOne who is like a beautiful flowerFrenchChristianity, Greek
CalantheTo have the beauty of the flowerFrenchChristianity
CalanthiaShe is pretty like a flowerFrenchChristianity
CaleighA slender girl from the forestFrenchChristianity
CallalilyOne like the lily flowerFrenchChristianity
CamileA free-born womanFrench, SpanishChristianity
CamilleShe is a virgin of pure characterEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CandideWhite glowing, sweet thingFrenchChristianity
CandieBright glowing thingFrenchChristianity
CandrilaShe is one from the ashesFrenchChristianity
CantarellaA name of the deadly posionFrenchChristianity
CapucineA woman who wears a hoodFrenchChristianity
CareenShe is a free womanEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CaressA very tender touch, to caress someoneFrenchChristianity
CaressaShe is of a gentle touchFrenchChristianity
CaresseAn endearing touchFrenchChristianity
CarineA pure and beloved womanFrenchChristianity
CarinetShe is a dear womanFrenchChristianity
CaroleA strong femaleFrenchChristianity
CaroleeShe has a strenght of a full-grown manFrenchChristianity
CarolenaShe is a free personFrenchChristianity
CarolienOne who is like a song of happinessFrenchChristianity
CarolinA happiness that the song bringsFrenchChristianity
CarolinneA woman who is like a happy songFrench, ItalianChristianity
CatleuA girl who is chaste and pureFrenchChristianity
CatrinelShe is the one who is pure and genuineFrenchChristianity
CayenneA woman who is like a hot spiceFrenchChristianity
CedulieThey are filled with surprises, sensitive and affectionateFrenchChristianity
CelestinaA heavenly or a celestial individualFrench, Italian, SpanishChristianity
CelestineBased on Caelestis, a heavenly personFrenchChristianity
CeliaThe one from the heavenFrench, Latin, Shakespearean, SpanishChristianity
CelinaDerived from Caelum, heavenlyFrench, LatinChristianity
CelineA hammer, they are heavenlyFrench, LatinChristianity
CeriseCherry red colorFrenchChristianity
CezanneName of an artist seeking freedomFrenchChristianity
ChambrayThe lightest fabricFrenchChristianity
ChandellA candleFrenchChristianity
ChandelleEverlasting candleFrenchChristianity
ChandlerA candle-maker and sellerFrenchChristianity
ChanelPipeline or a ductFrench, Old FrenchChristianity
ChanelleThe pipeline, old wineFrenchChristianity
ChantaeA sweet amd memorable songFrenchChristianity
ChantalA building stoneFrenchChristianity
ChantalleDerived from Cantal, a small stoneFrenchChristianity
ChantayA melodious songFrenchChristianity
ChanteA singerFrenchChristianity
ChantelTo sing wellFrenchChristianity
ChantelleA large rockFrenchChristianity
ChantillyA name for lace, whipped creamFrenchChristianity
ChantonSinging togetherFrenchChristianity
ChardaeA strong, free, majestic individualFrenchChristianity
ChardonnayTasty Grapefruit, wineFrenchChristianity
ChareeA darlingFrenchChristianity
CharilA bright, lovely individualFrenchChristianity
CharilynA dear and lively womanFrenchChristianity
CharleeFree personFrenchChristianity
CharletteFree individualFrenchChristianity
CharlotteFeminine form of Charles, freemanAustralian, British, Canadian, French, Georgian, Kenyan, Old German, ScottishChristianity
CharlynneFree manFrench, GermanChristianity
CharmainA charming nameEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ChauntelA singerFrenchChristianity
ChayceA huntsmanFrenchChristianity
ChelleOne who is like the GodFrench, Old EnglishChristianity
ChenelleA channelFrenchChristianity
CheneyGrowing from the Oak groveFrenchChristianity
CherA darling kidFrenchChristianity
ChereDear one, a Cherry fruitFrenchChristianity
ChereeDarling like a GoddessFrenchChristianity
ChereenaA confident and analytical personFrench, HebrewChristianity
CherelleAn energetic personFrenchChristianity
CheriCherry, a fruitFrenchChristianity
CherieA darling personEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CherilynnA rhyming darlingFrenchChristianity
CherineDearest oneFrenchChristianity
CherlyA darling friendEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CherreeGreat power and wealthFrenchChristianity
CherrellA beloved personFrenchChristianity
CherrelleA dear and beloved oneFrenchChristianity
CherrillA green gemstone, CherryFrenchChristianity
CherryName derived from a fruitEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CherrylynA dear personFrenchChristianity
ChesneyGrove of OakEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ChevisA thick bodied FishFrenchChristianity
ChimereA dreamy individualFrenchChristianity
ChlarindaBright, clear, dazzling, intenseFrench, SpanishChristianity
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootAustralian, British, Canadian, Cyprus, French, Greek, Hawaiian, Irish, SpanishChristianity, Greek
ChrieA familiar form of Cher, addressing someone with loveFrenchChristianity
ChrineFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodFrenchChristianity
ChristabellaA Christ followerFrenchChristianity
ChristabelleA religious follower of Jesus ChristFrenchChristianity
CielSky, a part of the earth’s atmosphereFrenchChristianity
CielleSky, a part of the atmosphere, derived from the French word CielFrenchChristianity
CindellA Greek variation of the name Cindy, or CynthiaFrench, LatinChristianity
CinderellaThe female lead of a fairytale, belonging to the ashesFrenchChristianity
CisseA name derived from the place called Cisse in VienneFrenchChristianity
CitrineType of quartz, a mineral found in metamorphic and igneous rocksFrenchChristianity
CladineBranched, something that is classified into many sub-divisionsFrenchChristianity
ClairaBright and clear, attractive, appealingFrenchChristianity
ClaraOne who is distinguished, clear and brightDanish, French, German, Latin, Portuguese, SpanishChristianity
ClaretteClear, easy to interpret, unclouded, brightFrenchChristianity
ClaudeanSomething that glows or shinesFrenchChristianity
ClaudelleDerived from a saint’s name, ‘Claudius’, who lived in the 7th centuryFrenchChristianity
ClaudetteThe feminine form of a 7th century saint’s nameFrench, GermanChristianity
ClaudieA female form of a 7th century saint, ClaudiusFrenchChristianity
ClaudineOne who is a descendent of Gods, hails from GodsFrench, GermanChristianity
ClelyA french version of Clelia, a Roman herioneFrenchChristianity
ClemanceMercy, showing forgiveness, pity, graceFrenchChristianity
ClemenceMerciful, lenient, gentle, soft-heartedFrenchChristianity
ClementineMild, merciful, forgiving, tenderFrench, LatinChristianity
CleremundaA clear and birght protector of menFrenchChristianity
ClodiaOne who cannot walk, lame or crippledFrenchChristianity
ClothildeDerived from the name of a saint, who converted her husband king to ChristianityityFrenchChristianity
ClotilleOne who is well known and famous for her battle and war skillsFrenchChristianity
CoeleeA valley or a draining zoneFrenchChristianity
CoeurThe most vital organ of the human body, the heartFrenchChristianity
ColetteOne who is victorious and an achiever in all fieldsFrench, GreekChristianity
ColignyOne who hails from Cologne, the fourth largest city of GermanyFrenchChristianity
ColineThe triumph of the peopleFrenchChristianity
CollettaOne who is victorious, winner and achieverFrenchChristianity
ColombeDove, a small stout bird that resembles pigeonFrenchChristianity
ComfortStrength, powerful and tough, having high durability and solidityFrenchChristianity
ConstanceSteadfast and firm of purpose, dependable and dedicatedFrench, LatinChristianity
CoralieA jewel that is made from coral plants, obtained from oceansEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CorentineA violent storm, hurricane or tornadoFrenchChristianity
CorettaAn unmarried, young woman, a maidenEnglish, FrenchChristianity
CorinneAn attractive, young, unmarried womanFrenchChristianity
CortnieOne who works and lives at courtFrenchChristianity
CosettaA Little thingFrench, ItalianChristianity
CosetteSomething that is small, tiny and littleFrenchChristianity
CotyHelpful, Shield, Protective individualFrench
CourtenayShort nosedFrench
CreasyGraceful, Pleasant, KindEnglish, French
CrescenceGrowing, Increasing, DevelopingBiblical, French
CrescenciaTo growBiblical, French, Spanish
CrescentThe phase of the moonBiblical, French
CressenceOne who is increasing and evergrowingFrenchChristianity
CretePeak of a hillFrench
CyndeeA bright childEnglish, FrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with D

DaejaAlready, strong personFrench, SpanishChristianity
DaijaAlready in makingFrench, SpanishChristianity
DaijahThe one in progress, rememberFrenchChristianity
DamhnaitOne who cannot be tamedFrenchChristianity
DanielleA Biblical nameFrench, HebrewChristianity
DaniqueGod JudgesFrenchChristianity
DarcelleDark, determinedFrenchChristianity
DarceyGirl from ArchyFrenchChristianity
DarciaThe dark oneFrenchChristianity
DarcieDark oneFrenchChristianity
DarcusStrong , dark oneFrenchChristianity
DarcyDark hairedFrenchChristianity
DarelOne from the Airelle, LovelyFrenchChristianity
DarellWord for huckleberry, belovedFrenchChristianity
DarielaThe near and dear oneFrenchChristianity
DariellOpen oneFrenchChristianity
DarlaVery dear oneAnglo Saxon, FrenchChristianity
DarleaneLovely personFrenchChristianity
DarleenOne who has charming personalityFrenchChristianity
DarleenaOne who is brilliantFrenchChristianity
DarlenaLovely individualFrenchChristianity
DarleneA child loved by allAnglo Saxon, FrenchChristianity
DarlettaA beloved childFrenchChristianity
DarlinaA sweet, innocent childFrenchChristianity
DarlineDarling childFrenchChristianity
DarrelleA darling personFrenchChristianity
DavignonDearly loved personFrenchChristianity
DeanneThey are swift and beautifulFrenchChristianity
DejahA fun loving person, pleasant oneFrenchChristianity
DelacroixWho lives near the crossFrenchChristianity
DelanaOne from humid placeFrench, GermanChristianity
DelaynieA dark challenger from the woodsFrenchChristianity
DelphinePlace where oracle of Apollo appeared, DolphinFrench, GreekChristianity
DeneseA follower of God, an amazing beingFrenchChristianity
DeniOne who born of two places, energeticFrenchChristianity
DeniseA devoted person, God of fertilityFrenchChristianity
DenishaA stable and fun loving personFrenchChristianity
DenisseOne who is intelligent, a creative and excellent beingFrenchChristianity
DenizeA devoted being, who can make significant changeFrenchChristianity
DenniseA follower, graceful beingFrenchChristianity
DenyceA wise and majestic followerFrenchChristianity
DeorGolden oneFrenchChristianity
DesireeDesired or WishedFrenchChristianity
DiahannDiana, a divine womanFrenchChristianity
DiamantaOne who shines and is strong as DiamondFrenchChristianity, Greek
DiandraGoddess of hunting and childbirthFrenchChristianity, Greek
DianeOne who is depicted as a huntress, divineFrench, United StatesChristianity
DiannA burning candle, Lord of wineFrench, IndonesianChristianity
DiannaGoddess of swiftness and beautyFrenchChristianity
DidinaOne who is desire and loved by allFrenchChristianity
DionysusOne who is golden in colorFrenchChristianity
DiorGolden, one who has a open heartFrenchChristianity
DixieThe French word for ten, southern stateAnglo Saxon, English, FrenchChristianity
DoSomeone who is independent, confident and has qualities like a leaderFrench, United StatesChristianity
DomeniqueUnique and specialFrenchChristianity
DominiqueA special person who belongs to the GodEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DoraineSomeone who is loved by allFrenchChristianity
DoreA blondeFrenchChristianity
DoreenA beautiful yet moody personFrench, IrishChristianity
DoreneStady worker, blonde personFrench, GaelicChristianity
DorianeA young, bright and worthy individualFrenchChristianity
DorineA determined individual who shows compassion towards allEnglish, FrenchChristianity
DoryA beautiful, blonde and gracious ladyFrenchChristianity
DottySomeone who has a gentle and sweet personalityFrenchChristianity
DrienneOne who is from Hadria, intellectualFrenchChristianity
DyanaThey are the one who are divine and majesticFrenchChristianity
DyannRoman divinity, divine beingFrenchChristianity
DyannaDivine beauty known for swiftnessFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with E

EdelieHaving high priciples and qualitiesFrenchChristianity
EdoniaOf high standards, Wealthy rulerFrenchChristianity
EglantineWild rose,Botanical nameFrenchChristianity
EglentinaWild rose, Botanical name of flowerFrenchChristianity
EilleenBright and shining lightFrenchChristianity
EivetA large creek or a riverFrenchChristianity
EkisaOne who is consecrated to GodFrench, SpanishChristianity
ElDerived from EleanorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ElainaThe bright and shining lightFrench, GreekChristianity
ElaynaOne who is the shining bright lightFrenchChristianity
ElayneThe ray of light entering heartFrenchChristianity
EleanoraLight which is shining and brightFrench, Greek, Italian, SpanishChristianity
ElenaGreek name Helen, bright oneBulgarian, Croatian, Cyprus, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Slavic, SpanishChristianity, Greek
EleonoreA shining bright ray of lightFrench, GermanChristianity
EliciaOne who speak and narrate ideas very wellFrenchChristianity
ElilenA hazelnut, they are compassionateEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ElinorOne who is filled with sense and sensibilityFrench, United StatesChristianity
ElisaOne who is consecrated to godFrench, German, Italian, Spanish, United StatesChristianity
ElisabelleOne who takes God as Oath, helpfulFrenchChristianity
EliseThey take God as their oathFrench, German, GreekChristianity
ElisiaA friendly, loving and stable personFrenchChristianity
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy, one who enjoys lifeAustralian, Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, Scottish, Swedish, WelshChristianity
EllinorOne who is filled with bright daylightFrenchChristianity
ElloisOne who is famous in warFrench, TeutonicChristianity
ElloiseOne who is famous in a warFrenchChristianity
ElodieOne who is filled with riches and fortuneFrenchChristianity
EloisaAnother form of Louise, healthy and wide individualFrench, Italian, SpanishChristianity
EloiseA healthy and wide individualFrench, GermanChristianity
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction, truthFrench, German, Spanish, Teutonic, United StatesChristianity
ElvireSomeone who is white or fairFrenchChristianity
ElynForeign or sun raysFrench, GreekChristianity
ElyseSomeone who is pledged to godFrench, German, LatinChristianity
Em?keSomeone who is hardworkingFrench, LatinChristianity
EmanuelaGod be with usFrench, HebrewChristianity
EmeleSomeone who is industrious or can be admiredFrenchChristianity
EmeraudeFrench word for emeraldFrench, Gothic, SpanishChristianity
EmillyDilligent and hard workingEnglish, FrenchChristianity
EmilyAa name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious personChamorro, French, German, Irish, Italian, Roman, Scottish, Teutonic, United States, WelshChristianity
EmmaUniversal wholeArgentina, Canadian, Chamorro, Danish, Dominican Republic, Estonian, Finnish, French, Frisian, Georgian, German, Hawaiian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latin, Medieval English, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, United StatesChristianity
EmmaleahA powerful and strengthful personFrench, GermanChristianity
EmmalineHardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or completeFrench, GermanChristianity
EmmanuelleGod is with usFrenchChristianity
EmmlynSomeone who works really hardFrenchChristianity
EmmyA laborious, hard working and industrious personEnglish, FrenchChristianity
EngeleisiaKind like an angelFrenchChristianity
EnjoliExtremely prettyFrenchChristianity
EnoraHonourBretons, FrenchChristianity
ErembourcA French mythological character who rides shadowsFrenchChristianity
ErmineWeasel or Armenian mouseFrench, LatinChristianity
ErmyneWeasel or an Armenian mouseFrenchChristianity
EssieStarFrench, LatinChristianity
EstelStars in the sky which are brightFrenchChristianity
EstellBright sparkling starsFrenchChristianity
EstelleIlluminating bright sparkling stars in the skyFrench, SpanishChristianity
EttyStarFrench, PersianChristianity
EulalieSweet spokenFrench, United StatesChristianity
EuphrasieGood cheerFrenchChristianity
EvaLife or living oneArmenian, French, Frisian, German, Hebrew, Icelandic, Macedonian, Portuguese, Russian, Slavic, SpanishChristianity
EvaleenA form of lifeEnglish, FrenchChristianity
EvangelicaGospel or good news or tidingsFrench, GreekChristianity
EveleenLife or living or lively or hazelnutFrench, LatinChristianity
EvetteA little living oneFrenchChristianity
EvianA French word for a SpaFrenchChristianity
EzmeShe who is lovedFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with F

FabianneA woman who grows beansFrenchChristianity
FabienneA lady of the bean farmFrench, GermanChristianity
FaeA confident woman who believes in herselfEnglish, FrenchChristianity
FanchonOne with freedomFrenchChristianity
FancyA free womanFrenchChristianity
FanniaDiminutive of francesFrenchChristianity
FantinaOne who acts like a childFrenchChristianity
FatoumataA woman who abstainsArabic, FrenchIslam
FaunaA fawn, a young deerEnglish, FrenchChristianity
FauniaA fawn-like womanFrenchChristianity
FauveOne wild like a wild landsFrenchChristianity
FayetteA pettite, little fairy womanFrenchChristianity
FelicityA woman with good luck and fortuneEnglish, French, United StatesChristianity
FemmaShe is the peaceFrenchChristianity
FerdinandaA woman on a brave journeyEnglish, FrenchChristianity
FernandeAn adventurous travelerFrenchChristianity
FifiOne who will add. Fifi is short for JosephineFrench, SpanishChristianity
FiliciaGood fortune and happinessFrenchChristianity
FirozaTurquoise, a semi-precious stoneFrenchChristianity, Islam
FirozeAn undefeatable personFrenchChristianity
FitzadamThe son of AdamFrenchChristianity
FizanA flurry of wind or breeze, Can also mean eminence and popularityFrenchChristianity
FlannRepresents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of redFrenchChristianity
FleridaA cheerful and high-spirited womanFrenchChristianity
FlorettaMade of ‘Flora’, it represents a flowerFrench, LatinChristianity
FloriTo flower or to blossomFrenchChristianity
FloriaFloweringFrench, LatinChristianity
FlorianaBlossomingFrench, SpanishChristianity
FlorianeThe stage of bloomingFrench, LatinChristianity
FlorianoTo flower or blossomFrench, ItalianChristianity
FloridaA bloom or a flower, flowering EasterFrench, SpanishChristianity
FlurA flower or a bloomFrenchChristianity
FountainLiterally translates to a fountain or springFrenchChristianity
FrancineFrom FranceFrench, LatinChristianity
FrancoiseA woman who has French rootsFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with G

GabbieA nice girl of GodFrenchChristianity
GabieA woman of GodFrenchChristianity
GabrielGod is my strengthFrench, Hebrew, Italian, Medieval English, Nigerian, Romanian, SwissChristianity
GabriellHeroine of GodFrenchChristianity
GabrielleGod is my strengthFrench, Jamaican, JewishChristianity
GabrijelaWoman of GodCroatian, FrenchChristianity
GabyFrom the name gabrielleFrenchChristianity
GaelleAnother name for Celtic peopleFrench, GermanChristianity
GaiRefers to merry or easy goingFrenchChristianity
GallaOne coming from GaulFrenchChristianity
GaranceAngrier or iraterFrenchChristianity
GarcelleResembles a small spear or tiny spearFrenchChristianity
GarlanGarland of flowersFrenchChristianity
GarlenRefers to bunch of flowersFrenchChristianity
GeanaGod is most merciful and kindfulFrenchChristianity
GemmaJewel, Precious Stone, GemFrench, Italian, Latin
GencelinaA queen from the heavenFrenchChristianity
GenetteThe God is kindfulFrenchChristianity
GenevieWoman of the society or communityFrench, GermanChristianity
GenevieveTirbe womanEnglish, French, German, KenyanChristianity
GeneviveThe population of female sexFrenchChristianity
GenevraThe person who is fair minded and charmingFrench, ItalianChristianity
GenievreInfammation of the snowy wavesFrenchChristianity
GennThe one who is spiritually open mindedFrenchChristianity
GennyThe one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fairFrench, WelshChristianity
GennyeThe virgin girl, pureFrench, WelshChristianity
GeoreteA farmer who tills the soilFrenchChristianity
GeorgetteThe person who works with soil, seeds and plantsFrenchChristianity
GeorgineA planter who works in a farmFrench, LatinChristianity
GermainA male person who is a fellow memberFrenchChristianity
GermaineRefers to a young branch new growthFrenchChristianity
GermanaSomeone who comes from the country GermanyFrench, PortugueseChristianity
GersendeThe path or the right wayFrenchChristianity
GervaisePerson who is working for spearFrenchChristianity
GilbertaHostageEnglish, French, German, PortugueseChristianity
GilberteBright PledgeFrenchChristianity
GiselePladge or HostageFrench, GermanicChristianity
GisellePledge or HostageFrench, GermanChristianity
GiuliaYouthfulFrench, Italian, SicilianChristianity
GivernyGiverny is a French name after the French Town Named GivernyFrenchChristianity
GladyceSwordFrench, LatinChristianity
GladysSwordFrench, LatinJudaism
GrainneThey have the ability to make the life stable, to handle people and to get the solutions of difficulties of lifeFrenchHindu
GralandThe one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphereFrenchHindu
GuinivereA girl with great beauty and white colorArthurian Romance, FrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with H

HannaGod’s given gift to me (a child)French, Hebrew, Hungarian, PolishChristianity
HarriettGermanic – House owner, Lord of the manor, One rules her household, One rules the homeFrench, German
HejsaA Danish surnameFrench
HelainShining light, glowing, brightFrenchChristianity
HelenorIllumination, lightFrenchChristianity
HeloísaA warrior, woman with a warrior spiritFrench, Old GermanChristianity
HeloiseFamous warriorFrenchChristianity
HelysouneAn Old French form of the Germanic name AlahsindFrenchChristianity
HennieKeeper of the hearth,FrenchChristianity
HenriettaEnglish version of the French Henriette, HenriEnglish, French, GermanChristianity
HerominKeeper of the fireplaceFrenchSikh
HollyPlant With Red BerriesEnglish, FrenchChristianity
HughetteBright in mind and spiritFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with I

IlaFrom the islandFrenchChristianity
InayaConcern, CareArabic, French, PakistanIslam
InesOne who is gentle and pureArgentina, French, Portuguese, Spanish
IosefinaMay Jehovah addBulgarian, FrenchChristianity
IrisRainbow which originated from a flower’s name in GreekFrench, Greek, Portuguese, SpanishChristianity, Greek
IsabeauPledged to GodFrenchChristianity
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathArgentina, British, Cornish, Dominican Republic, French, Georgian, German, Greenlandic, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Spanish, United StatesJudaism
IsabelleMy God is an oath, My God is abundanceDanish, French, German, JewishChristianity
IvetArcherBulgarian, FrenchChristianity
IvoneYewFrench, PortugueseChristianity
IvyBotanical name’ or ‘Name of a flower’ and also the name of a place in FranceEnglish, FrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with J

JacalynShe who is a supplanterFrenchChristianity
JacelynOne who will be protected by GodFrenchChristianity
JacelynnYahweh may portect herFrenchChristianity
JacinthaShe who smells like a hyacinth flowerFrench, SpanishChristianity
JacintheA woman who smells lowely, like a hyacinth flowerFrench, SpanishChristianity
JackelynShe who believes God is her protectorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
JackquelinMay God protect herFrenchSikh
JaclinGod may guard herFrenchHindu
JacqueleenShe may be guarded by GodFrenchJudaism
JacquelinGod is protecting herFrenchChristianity
JacquelineGod covers and protectsFrenchChristianity
JacquelynHebrew – Supplanter, May god ProtectFrench, Hebrew
JacquelyneGod takes care and protectsFrenchChristianity
JacquelynnShe who is cared and protected by GodFrenchChristianity
JacquettaA little one who God may protectFrenchChristianity
JacquetteA little girl who might be under gods protectionFrenchChristianity
JacquiA girl who is a supplanterFrenchHindu
JacquieA woman who supplantsFrenchHindu
JacquilynShe who takes the place of anotherFrenchHindu
JacqulineA girl who takes other’s placeFrenchHindu
JacqulynA young woman who takes the place of anotherFrenchHindu
JadeHebrew – Thankful, Jade is Green GemstoneFrench, Hebrew, Spanish
JaklenaTo seaize by the heelFrenchChristianity
JaklynShe seazed Him by the heeFrenchChristianity
JanaeGod is GraciousFrench
JaneGod is GraciousFrench, Thai
JanetGod is GraciousFrench
JannineGod is GraciousFrench
JaquitaA supplanterFrenchChristianity
JaslynA plant name, JasminFrenchHindu
JasminA name of the flowerFrench, German, PersianChristianity
JasmynA name of the flowerFrenchChristianity
JeanettaGod is full of mercy and graceFrenchChristianity
JeanneGod Is GraciousFrench
JehaneGod is merciful foreverFrenchHindu
JehanneGod has shown his tender mercy upon meFrenchHindu
JenavaOf the woman raceFrenchSikh
JenesseA gentle or a soft ladyFrenchChristianity
JeslynBlessed with wealth and beautyFrenchHindu
JessicaamyA beloved person beholden by GodFrenchChristianity
JoannaHebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful, God has shown mercyFrench, Hebrew, RomanianJudaism
JocelynSomeone who is a member of a Gauts TribeFrench, GermanicChristianity
JodelleThe lord is gracious, God, salvation, means last name, reliable, honestFrench, United StatesChristianity
JoelenePretty, beautyFrench, HebrewJudaism
JohanneGod has favoured, he is merciful benovlent, kind and graciousFrenchChristianity
JoiePretty, gorgeous and rejoicingFrenchChristianity
JolenaWell establishedFrench, United StatesHindu
JoliCountly and cheerfulEnglish, French, GermanChristianity
JoliettePrettyFrench, Gothic
JonathaGift of the lordFrenchChristianity
JonettaRejoicing and to enjoyFrenchChristianity
JonnelleTo rejoice or rejoicingAustralian, FrenchChristianity
JoselyneCheerful, Little Goths, LordFrench
JosephineMay God giveFrench, German, HebrewChristianity
JoyannaRejoicing and to enjoyFrenchHindu
JoycelinCheerful, Little Goths, LordFrench
JoyelleTo rejoice or rejoicingAustralian, FrenchChristianity
JuleJewelFrench, GermanHindu
JuleeJove`s Child or feminine of JulianFrench, LatinHindu
JulesYouthfulFrench, LatinHindu
JuleyYouthfulAustralian, FrenchHindu
JuliaYouthful, DownyFrench, Frisian, German, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Roman, Spanish
JulietteYoung, DownyFrench, German, United StatesJudaism
JusteeneRighteous, UprightFrenchBuddhism

French Female Names Starting with K

KamilleKamille is Born Free, a Noble OneFrenchHindu
KaralinaFull-grown, FreeFrenchChristianity
KariBlack hairedFrench, Gaelic, German, IcelandicChristianity
KarolinaTiny and FeminineCzech, French, GermanChristianity
KathleenPure, FlawlessEnglish, FrenchChristianity
KathrynSimple and TrueFrench, GreekChristianity
KatrianePlain, ClearFrenchHindu
KestynBird Pray, RattleFrenchJudaism
KikiDouble happinessFrench, Japanese, SpanishChristianity
KikkyA new beginning or a new lifeFrenchJudaism
KortneyShort nose, Domain of Curtius, domain of the short oneFrench
KotaraOn the Banks of the RiverFrenchJudaism
KourtneeDomain of the one who is ShortFrenchJudaism
KourtneyFrom Courtenay, a Town in North FranceFrenchJudaism
KourtnieGirl from the Town Courtenay in FranceFrenchJudaism
KurtneyFrom French Town CourtenayFrenchJudaism
KyrielleA PoetessFrenchJudaism

French Female Names Starting with L

LacaLaca is a name that derives from a Town in NormandyFrenchJudaism
LaceLace comes from a French Nobelman’s surnameFrenchJudaism
LaceeThe name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in NormandyFrenchJudaism
LaceneLacene was a French Noble Surname, after the Town in NormandyFrenchJudaism
LaceyThe name derives from French Normandian TownFrench, NormanJudaism
LaciaTender like a LaceFrenchJudaism
LacieShe is like a LaceFrenchJudaism
LacieeLaciee a Girl as bautiful as LaceFrenchJudaism
LacinaLacina comes from French Noble Family nameFrenchJudaism
LacineLacine name derives from a Famous French Noble family who came to England after the Normandic invasionFrenchJudaism
LacyLacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman ConquestFrenchJudaism
LacyannThe name of the Trench NoblemanFrenchJudaism
LacyePlace name, derives from France, NormandyFrenchJudaism
LafaShe who is Destined for Gratness, FaithFrenchJudaism
LaraineA place name from the town Lorraine in FranceFrenchJudaism
LariqueCrystals or Cut Glass of art nouveu styleFrenchJudaism
LarraineA place name from the French region LotharFrenchJudaism
LatoshaOne who is born on the day of ChristmasFrenchJudaism
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsDanish, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Sicilian, Spanish, Swedish, SwissJudaism
LavernA land of trees, WoodlandFrenchJudaism
LavernaSomeone who is borned in the spring seasonFrenchJudaism
LavyrleSomeone who came into the world in the springFrenchJudaism
LayceResembling the lace materialFrenchJudaism
LayciSomething that is lace-likeFrenchJudaism
LaycieDerived the french surname “Lacey”FrenchJudaism
LeaPerson who brings good newsFrench, German, Greek, United StatesJudaism
LealFaithful, loyal personFrenchJudaism
LealaDescribes someone who is faithful, loyalFrenchJudaism
LecieFrom French nobleman surname LaceyEnglish, FrenchJudaism
LefaeA faithful person, one who is trueFrenchJudaism
LegardaThe one who is guided or guardedFrenchJudaism
LenaA torchBretons, English, French, German, Lebanese, Polish, SwissJudaism
LeolaLionesseFrench, LatinJudaism
LeonaBrave LionessFrench, LatinJudaism
LeondraFeminine name Leon, LionessFrenchJudaism
LeonelaYoung lioness, French nameFrenchJudaism
LeonidemThe one who has the qualities of a LionFrenchJudaism
LeonieShe who is like a LionessDutch, French, GermanJudaism
LeuuineThe dearest or beloved friendFrenchJudaism
LilaShe who belongs to the peopleArabic, French, Latin, PolishJudaism
LilianeSymbol of innocence and beautyFrenchJudaism
LilouOccitan pet form of French LilianeFrenchJudaism
LilyFlower lilyFrench, LatinJudaism
LinaPerson who is tender and delicateArabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, SwissJudaism
LineA brave woman warriorDanish, French, GermanJudaism
LisaOne who is devoted to GodFrench, German, Greek, HebrewJudaism
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaFrench, German, ScandinavianJudaism
LisetteThe one who is pledged to GodFrench, German, GreekJudaism
LisonGod is perfectionFrenchJudaism
LivienneA woman of envious personalityFrench, LatinJudaism
LivierA jealous and envious womanFrench, LatinJudaism
LizeLives her life by the Oath made to GodFrench, HebrewJudaism
LizethShe is devoted to honor an Oath made to the GodFrench, HebrewJudaism
LizetteHer life is her Oath to GodFrench, HebrewJudaism
LoisOne who is holyFrench, GermanGreek, Judaism
LolaSpanish name describing strong womanFrench, SpanishJudaism
LorainaA place name. A woman who comes from a French province LorraineFrenchJudaism
LoraineWoman from LorraineFrench, GermanJudaism
LorayneA name of the province in FranceFrenchJudaism
LoriaA glorious womanFrench, LatinJudaism
LorrainePlace name, she who is from town LorraineFrench, GermanJudaism
LorrelleForm of name Laura, laurel treeFrenchJudaism
LottyTiny, feminine GirlFrenchJudaism
LouiseName describing renowed fighterFrench, GermanicJudaism
LouisianaFrench place nameFrench, GermanJudaism
LouvainPlace name, town in BelgiumFrenchJudaism
LovetaA woman who is like a young wolfFrenchJudaism
LovettaResembling a young wolfFrenchJudaism
LovetteShe is like a wolf cubFrenchJudaism
LucieGraceful lightFrench, LatinJudaism
LucileIluminous, lightFrench, LatinJudaism
LucilleShining brigh lightFrench, Latin, PortugueseJudaism
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesFrench, German, Italian, Roman, Roman Mythology, Spanish, United StatesJudaism
LunetA little, small MoonFrenchJudaism
LydieA Maiden from Lydia, GreeceFrench, RussianJudaism
LynetteA beautiful birdEnglish, FrenchJudaism
LynnetteLittle lion womanFrenchJudaism
LyonelleShe is strong and powerfull as a lionessFrench, LatinJudaism

French Female Names Starting with M

MabelOld French – Lovely, To Love, My Beautiful OneFrench
MabellaOld French – Lovely, To Love, My Beautiful OneFrench
MabelleMy beautiful oneFrenchJudaism
MabilA lovely oneFrenchJudaism
MacellaShe who is warlikeFrenchJudaism
MachellWhich is like GodFrenchChristianity
MacynOld French – Mason, Stone worker, MakerFrench
MadaleneA woman from MagdalaFrench, ItalianJudaism
MadeleineHebrew – Of MagdalaFrench, HebrewJudaism
MadelineHebrew – Of Magdala, High TowerFrench, HebrewJudaism
MadieTower, one who lives in a towerFrenchJudaism
MadieuGod is mineFrenchJudaism
MadlinA tall towerFrenchJudaism
MaeA bitteness, bitter pearlFrench, Hebrew, PortugueseJudaism
MaebelOne who s lovely, easy to loveFrenchJudaism
MaeceaA weapon, French version of MacyFrenchJudaism
MaelieA princessFrenchJudaism
MaelynnGoddess of spring growthFrench
MaevaFrench name describing a girl who is intoxicatingFrenchJudaism
MagalieA woman who is like a pearlFrenchJudaism
MagnoliaFrom The Flower, Name of FlowerEnglish, French
MaineFrench word for mainlandFrenchJudaism
MajoriA girl pure and pretty as a pearlFrenchJudaism
MajorieShe is pretty like a pearlFrenchJudaism
MalarieThe unfortunate, unlucky oneFrenchJudaism
MalleryOld French – Unhappy, UnluckyEnglish, French
MalleyUnhappy, unlucky oneFrenchJudaism
MalloreyOld French – Unhappy, Unlucky, War CounselorFrench, German
MaloreeSomeone who desn’t have luckFrenchJudaism
MalorieOld French – Unhappy, Unlucky, War CounselorFrench
MamaineAn interesting person who is from the mainlandFrenchJudaism
ManetteShe who is bitter, ful of bitternessFrenchJudaism
MarcelaA woman sho is strong like a hammerFrench, LatinJudaism
MarcelineA young warriorFrenchJudaism
MarcelleA woman who is a warrior at heartFrench, RomanJudaism
MarchelineShe is a warriorFrenchJudaism
MarchesaA french title, a wife of MarcheseFrenchJudaism
MardiFrench – Born on Tuesday, Aramaic – LadyFrench
MardieShe who is born on TuesdayFrenchJudaism
MardyOne who is Tuesday-bornFrenchJudaism
MaresaA pregnant motherFrenchJudaism
MargauxPearlFrench, GreekGreek
MargerieDaisy FlowerFrenchJudaism
MargerySomeone who is Lovely as a pearlFrenchJudaism
MargetPearlFrench, GreekJudaism
MargotPearlFrench, GreekGreek
MargreteFrench name for daisyFrenchJudaism
MargueritePearlFrench, GreekGreek
MargurettaFrench name for a child of lightFrenchJudaism
MariaBitter or Wished-for childAramaic, Armenian, Belgian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Cyprus, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Sicilian, Slavic, Spanish, UkrainianChristianity
MariamWished for child, Sea of bitterness, To SwellArmenian, Egyptian, French, HebrewJudaism
MarianA sea of bitternessFrenchJudaism
MarianeFrench name wor a bitter personFrench, GermanJudaism
MarieHebrew – Wished for child, Sea of bitterness, To SwellBelgian, French, German, HebrewJudaism
MarienA graceful star of the seaFrench, HebrewJudaism
MarienaA girl from the seaFrenchJudaism
MariennaA bitter lovlinessFrench, LatinJudaism
MarietA mistress of the houseAramaic, FrenchJudaism
MarildaA famous battle maidenFrench, GermanJudaism
MarilouA rebellious battleDutch, FrenchJudaism
MariluA rebelliouss warriorDutch, FrenchJudaism
MarilyA famous rebellFrenchJudaism
MarineLatin – Of the Sea, an occupational name for a sailorFrench, Latin
MarionA sea of miseryFrenchJudaism
MarionaA dame from the sea of miseryFrenchJudaism
MarionnaA maiden of the sea of miseryFrenchJudaism
MaritessA sea of sadnessFrenchJudaism
MarjolaineMinty herbFrenchJudaism
MarquetteLand Owner, A French habitational nameFrench
MarvelA miracleFrenchJudaism
MarvelleA miraculous oneFrench, SpanishJudaism
MaryamOur ladyArabic, French, MalayGreek, Islam
MathildeGermanic – Mighty in battle, Mighty Battle MaidenFrench, German
MatieseMatthew, one who is the gift of GodFrenchJudaism
MatilynOne who is from MagdalaFrenchJudaism
MaurineA dark skinned one, moorishFrenchJudaism
MauveViolet-colored thingsFrenchJudaism
MaxiA woman who is considered the greatestCzech, French, GermanJudaism
MayaUncertain, Perhaps Mother or Great One, Illusion, Imaginative, MagicalFrench, Indian, Norwegian, Roman, SpanishGreek, Hindu
MaybelleA woman who is easy to loveFrench, LatinJudaism
MayceeShe was the God’s giftFrenchJudaism
MayewShe is the God’s giftFrenchJudaism
MaylisThe mother of liliesFrench
MazarineA French color name, a deep blue colorFrench
MazelinaThe battle mightyFrench
MechelleWho is like GodFrenchJudaism
MedeleineA woman from Magdala, or one from the high towerFrench, SwedishJudaism
MeleagrantThe supplied grant or help, or the grant that is suppliedFrenchJudaism
MeliagrantThe supply of help, a huge or great supplyFrenchJudaism
MelisandeGermanic – Hard Worker, Greek – Honey, Bee, Strong Work, Industrious, Highborn PowerFrench, German, GreekChristianity, Greek
MelusinaSomeone who is naturally having skin of a dusky or dark colorFrenchJudaism
MendieHebrew – Sea of Bitternes, Rebelliousness, Wished for child, To swellFrench, German, HebrewChristianity, Judaism
MerelOld French – Blackbird, Celtic – Sea-bright, Hebrew – Sea of BitternessDutch, French
MerilleA bright shiny sea, Sea that is brightFrenchJudaism
MerlA dark birdie, a black colored birdFrenchJudaism
MerleThe stronghold which is on the top of the peak of the seaFrench, GermanJudaism
MerriThe shining of the seaFrenchJudaism
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyoneAustralian, Chamorro, Croatian, Estonian, French, German, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, United States, WelshJudaism
Michellathe precious talent from the most high placeFrenchJudaism
Michonthe percious tallent for the most high GodFrenchJudaism
Miciahthe priceless gift from GodFrenchJudaism
MielleHoney, sweet as honey, sugaryFrenchJudaism
MiettaMinor and sugaryFrenchJudaism
MietteFrench – Small and SweetFrench, German
MignonDelicate, Graceful, French – DaintyDutch, French
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearFrench, Frisian, German, Hawaiian, Macedonian, Russian, Slavic, Spanish, SwissJudaism
MimiGermanic – Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection, Faithful GuardFrench, German
MinetteA faithful guard, the one who defendsFrench, GermanJudaism
MinjonetFrench – Resembling the small blue flower, Petite Blue FlowerFrench
MireilleGod Has Spoken, To admire, WonderfulFrench, HebrewChristianity, Judaism
MirelaAn admired person, most admirableFrenchJudaism
MirellaGod Has Spoken, To admire, WonderfulFrench, Hebrew, Italian, SpanishChristianity, Judaism
MiretteGod Has Spoken, To admire, WonderfulFrench, HebrewChristianity, Judaism
MiriaThe Holy virgin mother MaryFrenchJudaism
MishavonnaA Young archangel, a young messenger of GodFrenchJudaism
MistiqueSomeone full of mystery, a mystery personFrenchJudaism
ModesteMehula is referred to the Rain. It is derived from Sanskrit word “Meh”FrenchJudaism
MoiHaving skin rich in melanin pigmentsFrench
MonalisaArt, Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da VinciFrench, Italian
MonetA protector’s descendantFrenchJudaism
MortimerA still water, motion-less waterFrenchJudaism
MyrlBlackbird or Of the SeaFrench, WelshChristianity

French Female Names Starting with N

NadeleineA ray of HopeFrenchJudaism
NadelleSomething that arise a hope withinFrenchJudaism
NadelynA belief that something wanted can happenFrenchJudaism
NadeneThe complete confidence in a personFrenchJudaism
NadiThe one who is manifesting hopeFrenchJudaism
NadineA trustful relationshipFrench, German, RussianJudaism
NaevaThe person who was born during sunset or dawnFrenchJudaism
NaeviaThe person is full of life and spiritFrenchJudaism
NarrionOne who is a sea of sorrow, bitternessFrenchJudaism
NatachaThe day of birthFrenchJudaism
NatalieThe child born on Christmas dayCzech, FrenchJudaism
NataliiThe child born on the 25th day of last month of the yearFrenchJudaism
NathaleeThe same birthday of ChristFrenchJudaism
NathalieThe date of birth of ChristBelgian, FrenchJudaism
NatividadChristmas day childFrench, SpanishJudaism
NelleyThe person who knows about the realityFrench, GreekJudaism
NerillyLilies of the spirit of seasFrenchJudaism
NicholeVanquisher of the nationFrenchJudaism
NichollA triumphant personFrenchJudaism
NicolausThe triumphant winnerFrenchJudaism
NicolayThe people who always winFrenchJudaism
NicoleThe winning peopleBelgian, French, ItalianGreek, Judaism
NicolettaThe champions of the warriorsFrenchJudaism
NicoletteThe champ of the peopleFrenchJudaism
NicolleThe one who is fighting for the multitudeFrenchJudaism
NinaThe precious talent from the most high GodFrench, German, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, SpanishJudaism
NinetteThe valuable talent from GodFrench, SpanishJudaism
NineveThe God’s beloved angelFrenchJudaism
NiniMomentary and excellent industryFrenchJudaism
NinonThe one who has to be worshippedFrenchJudaism
NiquoleThe brightness of the lightFrenchJudaism
NirendranathOne of the provinces in FranceFrenchJudaism
NoeRelaxation or harmony or concordFrenchJudaism
NoelaHappy Christmas seasonFrenchJudaism
NoellaHappy or full of joy Christmas seasonFrenchJudaism
NoelleBirthday of Christ JesusEnglish, FrenchJudaism
NoemieAgreeableness or satisfactionFrenchJudaism
NoleenChrist was born on Christmas dayFrenchJudaism
NormandyOne of the provinces in FranceFrenchJudaism
NourThe person who has superfluous in whole thingsArabic, Egyptian, French

French Female Names Starting with O

OceaneCharm of the God. Someone with a high intellectual skillsFrenchJudaism
OceanneInfatuated personFrenchJudaism
OctaviaA gentle lady who help othersFrenchJudaism
OdetteA lion in a form of human. Someone who possess the furious powers of a lionFrench, GermanJudaism
OdilaThe right path that a person should follow. Also the name of Lord VishnuFrench, GermanJudaism
OdileSomeone who follows the right path according to the beliefs and humanityFrench, GermanJudaism
OleviaAn olive branch who represents peaceFrenchJudaism
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive treeArgentina, Australian, British, Canadian, Chamorro, Cornish, French, Georgian, Hawaiian, Kenyan, Latin, Medieval English, Norwegian, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, United States, WelshJudaism
OraliaPrecious, priceless, golden jewelFrenchJudaism
OralieThe light of the sunFrenchJudaism
OraneThe sun rising up every day, light or sunlitFrenchJudaism
OrengeThe fruit or the colorFrenchJudaism
OrleanBroken part of the fieldFrenchJudaism
OrvaAsset as a gold or valued as golden treasureFrenchJudaism
OrvaleeSomeone treasurable as goldFrenchJudaism
OttalineOne who can prosper in warfieldFrenchJudaism
OutaciteAnother name for a man-killerEnglish, FrenchJudaism
OzannaSomeone who shows authority and potentialFrenchJudaism

French Female Names Starting with P

PanchaA free and independent personFrenchJudaism
PansyA beautiful flower, the language of flowerFrenchJudaism
ParrishA habitational name, a guardian and loyal personFrenchJudaism
PatriceA noble patrician being, clear sightedFrenchJudaism
PatriciaNoble WomanBrazilian, French, PortugueseJudaism
PauieOne who is the little one and younger beingFrenchJudaism
PauleA humble natured personFrenchJudaism
PaulineA variant of Paulus, a younger beingFrench, GermanJudaism
PawlaA compassionate and complex individualFrench, LatinJudaism
PayneRustic villager, A variation of the name PayenEnglish, French
PerenelleFeminine form of name PetronilleEnglish, FrenchChristianity
PeridotBirthstone, Yellow Green Gem, Precious StoneEnglish, FrenchChristianity
PerleEnglish – Pearl, Precious, A Gem Of The SeaEnglish, French, YiddishChristianity, Judaism
PerrineOld Greek – Rock, Stone, A variant of PetraFrench, GreekChristianity, Greek
PetitName for a small personEnglish, FrenchJudaism
PetronilleOne who is like a rockFrench, GermanJudaism
PeysonLittle Rock, A feminine form of PeterFrenchChristianity
PhillipsA lover of horses, to love from the heartFrench, GreekJudaism
PhilomeneSomeone who is loved and nurturedFrenchJudaism
PierretteOne who is similar to a rock or stoneEnglish, FrenchJudaism
PlattOne who comes from the flat landsFrench
PleasanceOne who brings pleasureFrench
PrimeveirePrimroseEnglish, FrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with Q

QuelinaFrench name for girlsFrench
QuestaOne who seeksFrench, Latin
QuincyEstate of the fifth sonFrench, LatinChristianity

French Female Names Starting with R

RachelaEweFrench, Hebrew
RachelleA lambFrench, Hebrew
RainaPeaceful, Queen, Strong, ParadiseEnglish, FrenchChristianity
RaissaA thinker, she who thinksFrench
RanaeOne who is reborn or resurrectedFrench
RaphaelleShe who has been healedFrench, Hebrew
RaymondeA woman whose advices rotect peopleFrench
ReineShe who is the QueenFrench
ReinetteOne who is like a little queenFrench, Spanish
RemaA deeply loving and sensitive personFrench, Indian
RemieA woman who is an oarsmanFrench
RemySomeone who is an oarsman. A remedy, cureFrench
RenadaA reborn womanFrench
RenaeA woman who is born againFrench
RivaFrench – Shore, Bound, Riverbank, A short form of the name RebeccaEnglish, FrenchChristianity
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverFrenchChristianity
RobbynA flame that burns brightlyFrench
RochelShe is a rock-like womanFrench
RochelleA woman who is like a rockFrench
RochildaA beautiful stoneFrench
RoesiaA woman who is like a roseFrench
RomaanaA woman who is from a RomeFrench
RomaineA woman who is from RomeFrench
RomaneA name of the Roman womanFrench, Spanish
RomySomeone from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryFrench, German, Italian
RosaleeShe who lives in a rose gardenFrench
RosaleenShe is a garden full of rosesFrench
RosaliRoseFrench, LatinChristianity
RosalieRoseFrench, German, LatinChristianity
RosalindRoseFrench, Latin, SpanishChristianity
RosalynRoseFrench, Latin, SpanishChristianity
RosamondeRoseBelgian, FrenchChristianity
RoseA beautiful flowerEnglish, French, Kenyan, Nigerian
RoseletOne who reselmbles a roseFrench
RoselinA woman whose hair is as red as a roseFrench
RosellaShe who has all the beauty of a roseFrench
RoselleShe who posseses the roses beautyFrench
RoselynWoman with rose-red hairFrench
RoselyneA woman with cheeks and lips of a roseFrench
RosemondA pure rose of protectionFrench
RouxA colour red, a colour of bloodFrench
RoxaneShe who shines like a dawnFrench, PersianGreek
RoxannA brightness of the dawnFrench
RoxannaShe who glows like a dawnFrench
RoxanneA woman who shines like a dawnFrench
RozellaA rose from the rose gardenFrench
RubalineA gemstone of deep red colourFrench
RubieA woman who is like a rubyFrench
RubyA precious red jewelCornish, French
RustiSomeone with a red headFrench

French Female Names Starting with S

SachaThe defender an helper of menFrench
SalomeShe who gives peaceFrench, Hebrew
SaraPrincessCroatian, Egyptian, French, Frisian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Portuguese, Sicilian, SpanishIslam
SarahPrincessEgyptian, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Jewish, Norwegian
SashaA helper and defender of mankindFrench, Greek, Russian
SatineOne whois smooth and shinyFrench
SaverineShe who is sternFrench
SavonSoap makerFrench
SelenaMoon goddessFrench, Latin, Spanish
SeychelleThe beautiful shells of the seaFrench
ShannelOne who lives near a channelFrench
ShannelleOne who comes from the channelFrench
ShantalA woman made of stoneFrench
ShanteStony placeFrench
ShantelStony placeFrench
ShantellStony placeFrench
ShantelleA woman who is like a stoneFrench
ShantonA woman who singsFrench
SharalynA very dear womanFrench
SharitaA dear person who is beloved by allFrench
ShereeShe who is very dear, darlingFrench
ShereenaA dear womanFrench
SherelleA beloved womanFrench
SherilDarling womanFrench
SheritaOne who is the dearestFrench
SherreyA darling girlFrench
SherylDear oneFrench
ShondaA woman who is like a stoneFrench
ShontelleShe who builds with stonesFrench
SilvieFrom the forestFrench, LatinChristianity
SimoneOne who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in ItalyEnglish, French, ItalianChristianity
SimonneOne who listens wellFrenchChristianity
SinclaireA name of a prayer, one who praysFrenchChristianity
SindhiOne who is like a little cindersFrenchChristianity
SoazigOne who comes from FranceFrenchChristianity
SofiaA wise womanArgentina, Danish, Dominican Republic, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Romanian, Scandinavian, Slovak, Spanish, Swiss, UkrainianChristianity, Greek
SojournerOne who stays for a whileFrenchChristianity
SolangeShe who is a religious womanFrenchChristianity
SoleineA woman with solemnityFrenchChristianity
SoleneWith SolemnityFrenchChristianity
SolesteA woman who is heavenlyFrenchChristianity
SollemniaOne who is very religiousFrenchChristianity
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomAncient Greek, British, Canadian, Chamorro, Cornish, Dominican Republic, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Malay, Norwegian, United States, WelshChristianity, Greek
SophieShe is wise and cleverEnglish, French, Frisian, German, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, ScottishChristianity, Greek
SpencerDispenser of provisionsFrench, Old FrenchChristianity
StellaStar of the seaFrench, German, Latin, Medieval EnglishChristianity
SusetteOne who is like lily or a roseFrenchChristianity
SuzaneShe who is like a flower, a lily or a roseFrenchChristianity
SuzanneLily, a water plantFrench, HebrewChristianity
SuzetteOne who is like a little rose or a little lilyFrenchChristianity
SuzonneA lady who is like a roseFrenchChristianity
SydneaSomeone from a wide islandFrenchChristianity
SylvanaA lady of the woodsFrenchChristianity
SylvannaA damsel of the woodsFrenchChristianity
SylvieA lady of the forestFrenchChristianity
SylvinaA dame of the forestFrenchChristianity
SymoneShe who is listeningFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with T

TailerA form of taylorFrenchChristianity
TaiyaA gift from the riverFrenchChristianity
TalianaGoddess of beautyFrenchChristianity
TalyseShe who is a forest womanFrenchChristianity
TatienneFairy queenFrenchChristianity
TayelorAn occupational name for a tailorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TaylorTailor or To cutEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TaylyrA cutter, occupational name for a tailorEnglish, FrenchChristianity
TempesteOne who is turbulentEnglish, FrenchChristianity
ThereseHarvesterFrench, GermanChristianity
ThurrieuaShe who loves thunderFrenchChristianity
TierceThird or one who owned a third part, a falconFrenchChristianity
TildaThe strength or power in battleFrench, German, SpanishChristianity
ToulouseOne who belongs to the city TolosaFrenchChristianity
TraciaWho has come from the land of ThraciusFrenchChristianity
TraiceOne who is from thraciaFrenchChristianity
TraisThe numeric ThreeFrenchChristianity
TravisTo cross overFrenchChristianity
TrayceOne who is from the ThriciusFrenchChristianity
TreThe third-born childFrenchChristianity
TriamourOne who loves three timesFrenchChristianity
TrinetteA very little innocent childFrenchChristianity
TriniqueA pure or unique personFrenchChristianity
TroySon of a foot-soldierFrenchChristianity
TulipResembles as tulip floretFrenchChristianity

French Female Names Starting with U

UmaymaLittle MotherArabic, French
UriaLight of the LordFrench
UrsinaLittle Female BearFrench
UsoaDoveFrench, Spanish

French Female Names Starting with V

ValentinStrength or HealthFrench, Polish, RussianChristianity
ValerieA woman who is brave and valiantDominican Republic, FrenchChristianity
ValeryStrength or HealthFrench, Polish, RussianChristianity
VanityInflated in prideFrench, Gothic
VictoriaVictory, conquerFrench, German, Latin, Latin America, Roman, SpanishChristianity

French Female Names Starting with W

WafaFaithfulness, loyaltyArabic, French
WallaceA Welshman or A CeltEnglish, FrenchChristianity
WinnAlways have SuccessEnglish, French
WandaWandererAfrican, English, FrenchChristianity
WittaWiseEnglish, French

French Female Names Starting with X

XeniaWelcomingIndian, French
XiomaraGloriousFrench, Latin, Spanish

French Female Names Starting with Y

YasmineJasmine flowerFrench, PersianIslam
YolantheStrongFrench, Gothic, SpanishChristianity
YvetteA skilled archerArgentina, FrenchChristianity
YvonneArcher’s bowEnglish, French, SwissChristianity

French Female Names Starting with Z

ZaraPrincess or To BlossomArabic, French, HebrewChristianity, Islam
ZoeLifeCanadian, Dominican Republic, French, Frisian, German, Hungarian, Latin America, SpanishChristianity, Greek
ZolaEarth or Ball of EarthAfrican, French, LatinChristianity
ZuriGood or BeautifulAfrican, French


So what are you waiting for? If you want to give your daughter a beautiful name with French origins, look no further than this list. We’ve provided over a thousand options, each of which will make your little girl shine.

Moreover, we’ve given you the meaning of each name so that you can decide whether it fits your child’s and your family’s values. How many of these names do you like? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions about French Girl Names

  1. What are some pretty French girl names?

    Benicia, Chelle, Elsa, Jane, Kristeen, Madlin, Orane

  2. What is the most popular French girl name?

    Abella, Bella, Cadence, Dianna, Hanna, Karolina, Lois, Nicolle, Rose

  3. What are some beautiful French names?

    Amy, Cherie, Elena, Kathleen, Maycee, Nour, Sophie

  4. What name means love in French?

    Cherrelle, Darell, Didina

  5. What is the most common first name in France?

    Emma, Jean, Louise

  6. What are French names for beauty?

    Beawa, Belle, Calanthe, Dianna, Guinivere, Jeslyn, Joelene, Liliane, Roselle, Taliana

  7. What is a unique French girl name?

    Yvette, Ciel, Lacia, Melusina, Benicia


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