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Often, we assume identification tags should be used mainly by corporate workers in offices.

While this is true, it isn’t entirely correct because not only you as a corporate worker need an identification tag, your baby boy or girl who is in preschool might even need it more than you do.

You’ll wonder and ask why?

But before you do, I’ll love to ask you this question:

How many times as a preschooler have you lost items that were so dear to you? Items you would have loved to recover but didn’t.

Multiple times right?

Or it’s even so numerous that you can’t remember.

It’s important to label your child’s clothing, backpack, nap mat, shoes, etc., so that daycare providers, teachers, and other caregivers can easily find them.

Besides this, customizing a name tag for your child also helps improve their self-confidence. Many teachers at the beginning of the year have large classes and find it challenging to learn all the names of their students.

But with custom name tags, they can easily remember, and with the teacher being able to call out the kid’s name, they become more confident.

Customizing a name tag for your kids is very important. You can make a custom tag or DIY patch for them.

However, this might be quite stressful as you would most likely need more than one for cloth, backpack, etc. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about that; you can tell us what you need and leave it to the Pros.

The Identity Patch you need

Patchion LTD offers customised quality embroidered identification tags for parents of preschoolers with original labeling of their clothes and materials. Through the art craft of custom embroidery, they create identification stickers, custom embroidery patches for your kids.

The embroidered name tags are neat, with a clear pattern; no excessive thread. Above all, the embroidered name is legible, providing them a clear and standard means of identification. This can even prompt your child to spell their initials and know it by heart.

Beautiful and Child Friendly

In addition to its identification function, the patch has a simplified graphic motif that your child will choose; it might be a form of their favorite cartoon character, a sports patch with the logo of their favorite football club, or whatever they love dearly.

Vivid colors and pictures will be recognized by your baby instantly. This patch provides more than identification, it provides beauty and can function as a decoration. It might even prompt your child to look forward to putting on his school wear or carrying his backpack to school daily.

Its beauty is to be admired, you don’t need to hide them below. Your child will be proud to show it off, just iron it from outside, and you’re good to go.

You also don’t need to worry about strangers trying to form unnecessary familiarity with your child calling their names anyhow. As it’ll be their initials (and not their full names) that’ll be customized on the patch.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Patchion’s Embroidered patches are made with quality threads and materials that won’t lose their colors. They use the finest thread to sew on patches to ensure enough density such that you don’t see through the embroidery design to the embroidered cloth.

They create a quality custom logo using the right type of backing paper with adequate thickness.

The customized embroidered patches are designed for your style and taste. Patch sizes vary, depending on what you want.

Embroidered Name Tag

Thanks to the use of spinner thread and appropriate embroidery machine, they can customize badges patches with dimensions as small as 3 cm × 2 cm and achieve satisfactory results even for very small details, just like the badge in the above picture.

Easy to Use

They are very easy to use and can attach to almost all forms of fabric. They design both iron-on patches and sew on patch; some can also function as both.

Depending on which one you get, you can either iron them or sew them on your material. Iron the iron-on patch on your clothes, they have heat sealant backing glue on the back, which makes it easier to use. If you don’t sew them. You can also attach sew-on patches with adhesives.

This Custom embroidered name tag lasts long. They have rounded corners, which reduces the risk of falling off.

Widely Applicable

They can design various forms of embroidery designs and embroidery patches for you such as applique patches, motif applique, military patch, navy patch, band patch monogram patches, kid patches, China embroidery designs, biker patch, girl patch, letter patches, iron-on patches, motorcycle patches, etc.

This can be used to design your clothes, cloth bags, motorcycle, and any other materials you have, giving it a unique fashion style. It’ll make you look more attractive and fashionable.

For kids, you could use them to design their clothes, water bottles, etc. Let people know it belongs to them.

You can also use them as the perfect patches for a jacket.

A Personalized patch for you

Design your unique custom patch today. You may or may not include your name. It’s up to you.

Add a DIY monogram to your bags, clothing—cover worn out parts of your clothes smartly with these designed patches. Let your items look more charming, bringing out the uniqueness in your style.


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