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Do you want to be your child’s best teacher or maybe you already are taking the lead in this, but all your chosen approaches are working against you? Worry no more. The Reading Head Start Program by Sarah Shepard is here for you.

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During the formative years, a child obtains important skills. These skills not only aid in a youngster’s growth but also assist him or her in making a smooth transition to school. Child psychologists have conducted numerous studies that show the importance of reading.

These abilities also aid in the development of language, which is the initial step toward learning other skills. All of these combined ensure success in professional and future life.

It’s a devastating experience for any parent to witness their kid perform poorly in school. It damages the child’s morale and self-esteem. Illiteracy has a detrimental influence on dropout rates and crime rates.

Reading Head Start Sarah Shepard

It’s critical to note that it is not the responsibility of the education system alone to teach children how to read.

A child’s development is shaped by the adults in their lives. As a parent, you have an important role to play not just with love and support but also as a guide who can identify any struggles or learning disabilities early on so they are corrected before it becomes too difficult for him/her to overcome these obstacles while still developing into confident readers.

Don’t let poor literacy skills be the reason your child hates school. You could be too busy, see no point in early reading skills development, or you’ve run out of techniques to help your child achieve better reading.

There are many programs dedicated to helping you instill early reading skills in your child’s mind.

However, picking the best one is a daunting task. You have to find the one that best addresses reading issues like slow reading, boredom, lack of attention, poor reading comprehension, and reading disabilities.

Reading Head Start is a certified reading program for kids that has been proven to work best in getting them to read.

Go the extra mile to invest in your child’s future using an intensive reading system that ensures you get your money’s worth. It uses unique methods of teaching that your child will enjoy.

Check out this quick summary review before you get started. No doubt, you’ll make the wisest decision after this.

A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin. – Amy Tan – Mom Quotes

What is Reading Head Start Program?

Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start is a program created by Sarah Shepard dedicated to teaching children to read well. This reading system uses unique approaches, yet still unknown to many.

The most impressive part of the program is that it recognizes your role as a parent in shaping your child’s future. Therefore, you get to be your child’s teacher.

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The Reading Head Start course is quite simple but intensive. It is a 40-week program and you only get to put in 15 minutes per night for three days a week.

So, if you’re too busy during the day, you still get the time to be with your child and keep up with his or her progress. But remember, it requires patience to start seeing results.

This is a program designed to accommodate every child even if they have zero reading experience or a lack of interest in reading. It promises to help your child, even if their teachers’ efforts to teach them reading have been futile. Reading Head Start is for you, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything possible. This system allows you to use one license for your entire family.

According to Sarah, this program works for any child at any age, whether or not they are naturally gifted. She confidently claims it’s 100% effective and will have your child understand letters and sounds even as early as one month.

It is an award-winning and certified program. It’s been refined by many parents, renowned educators, and famous scholars, and it keeps improving. The reading lessons use exciting and interactive delivery methods. So, you can be sure to see a significant difference in your child’s reading. It promises that once you begin teaching your child to read using this method, the results will surprisingly impress you.

The importance of your child starting reading at an early age can’t be overemphasized. It’s a basis for learning more things. The success of your child in school and future life depends heavily on these early years.

As a parent, finding effective methods to teach your child to read well can be a headache. You find yourself going for expensive tutoring, buying so many textbooks, and even constant encouragement. Eventually, all these may still fail to work and you get so devastated.

However, Sarah Shepard is saving you all the worry. She is taking a colossal risk by letting you know about her scientifically proven guaranteed method that the education system is hiding from you. She wants to help set your child on a path to success. Read about parenting wishes.

Sarah explains that Reading Head Start is a proven, effective method that has seen more than a million families immensely benefit from it. Many satisfied parents have complimented the program and recommend it to any parent who is worried about their child’s reading skills.

She has shared her new way of teaching with many parents and personal students. This yielded great outcomes for most of them, and her system gained popularity. She’s now sharing these valuable techniques, so your child gets the best head start at a relatively cheap cost. You can give the program to loved ones as a gift. You can do this by digitally sending a custom gift email or physically gifting membership certificates.

Unlike other educational programs, Reading Head Start requires you to sit beside your child working with them only 15 minutes per night 3 times a week. It’s that easy to use. If that’s too much, this program isn’t for you. If you’re determined to see your child reading clearly and confidently, this system is highly recommended. It is proven to be an effective way to get your child to grasp the reading concept.

Give the Reading Head Start a try. This may be a powerful reading tool like no other you’ve tried. You may end up with plenty of tools that will make it that much easier for your child to read. Don’t rely entirely on the education system to shape your child’s future. Do it differently than others and your child will love you for setting them on a path to success.

Reading Head Start is 100% legit and you can use this link to access the official website

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How Does The Program Help Your Child?

Sarah made Reading Head Start a fun and exciting reading program designed for kids. So, no doubt your child is going to love it. It will introduce your child to a different reading perspective that boosts his or her knowledge, understanding, and memory retention.

Reading Head Start Review

She guarantees your child will start reading enthusiastically and passionately and be a quick learner within a short time.

Her simple, effective method, she says, will see your child reading clearly and understanding every word better than children 2-4 years older than them.

Furthermore, with your help, your child will be reading books out loud confidently.

A parent claims she purchased the program for her 3-year-old daughter and a year later she was able to read between 2nd and 4th-grade levels.

After using the techniques in the program well, your child stands a better chance of fitting into school easily and will also help him or her to pass with flying colors in all study levels and ultimately succeed in career and future life. Your child’s confidence will grow from this.

Sarah claims this system is proven to curb difficulties associated with reading such as delayed learning disabilities.

It also helps in preventing and reversing dyslexia. A mother who was worried about her son’s delayed learning disability used the Reading Head Start program on Caleb, his 18 month old son. A month later, her child started to read amazingly well, even though she had lost hope in all children’s reading programs. With a video testimonial, she thanked Sarah.

As a parent, you too are promised to benefit by discovering new and exciting ways to help shape your child’s academic future and you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading. You’ll without a doubt have much fun with your child and this will be a perfect quality bonding time.

At the end of the program, this can motivate your child to be a passionate reader who doesn’t need to be forced to read. This early reading will help in cognitive and communication skills development.

Children learning reading at an early age is crucial since it is believed they absorb a lot of information when young. Ensure your child learns to read while their mind can still accommodate much.

Reading Head Start Review

Skills that can be developed from using this system include:

  • Phonemic skills -help kids perceiving different sounds in a word. They can then combine these sounds to create words. Your child should have a well-developed phonemic awareness by the time they enter grade school, otherwise, they risk facing reading difficulties past that level. This skill is the most important since all future reading skills rely on this.
  • Decoding skills -teach them how to sound out words. They are able to recognize words they’ve heard and also decode unfamiliar words through sounds manipulation.
  • Phonic skills – teach kids to relate letters or groups of letters and the sounds they make.
  • Sound-association skills like rhyming- help kids identify a group of words that are close to each other.
  • Vocabulary helps kids to know the meanings of words. Studies have shown that your child’s vocabulary at age 3 reflects third-grade reading skills.

All these are a basis for developing other reading skills like fluency and reading comprehension. It is very crucial that every reading program is focused on nurturing the above learning skills, unfortunately, that’s not the case. However, reading Head Start promises your child will be reading complex books with speed and accuracy while understanding meaning.

The power of positive feedback in any reading program cannot be overlooked. This way you get to know that a system is not just based on claims and promises. You will hear from other people in the same situation as you. Sarah’s other satisfied clients have also complimented the system too with the feedback below:

“Since I purchased Reading Head Start for my 3-year old son, we’ve both had a thrilling experience. Just a month into the program and his reading is incredible. I’ve used other programs unsuccessfully for a long time but Reading Head Start came along and changed everything. He can now confidently sound out words. We are both so excited about the tools used and the new content you keep adding. I am so impressed by the reading success he’s achieved through this. This program is exceptional!” 

Wendy W

“I have been using Reading Head Start for two weeks now with my 2-year-old daughter and I can say this program is fantastic. The excitement and joy that she gets from the word games, workbooks, letter books, and reading cards is the biggest thing ever! We’ve had so much fun with the letter sound songs. The look on her face during those 15 minutes screen time is everything! I’m proud of my choice to teach her to sound out words using this system. We absolutely love this program!” 


“My 5-year-old had the least interest in reading until we stumbled upon Reading Head Start. She’s implemented everything taught in the program and her performance has gone up really quickly. She loves school more than ever before. She’s very motivated and has developed a huge passion for reading. Now she doesn’t need to be pushed around anymore. She now reads story book series confidently and accurately. Thanks a lot Sarah.”

Amanda S

The above clients have gotten satisfactory results and more than a million others have successfully used the system.

Sarah has also used the system with her son and daughter. There’s a big chance this will be the reading breakthrough you’ve been wanting for your child.

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About the Author – Sarah Shepard

Sarah Shepard is a mother of three and has been an English teacher for 14 years. Her son’s poor English grade pushed her to question her parenting style. She felt embarrassed since she was an English teacher. This motivated her to explore ways to address her son’s struggle with English.

She came up with the Reading Head Start system, which surprisingly worked on her 6-year-old son as well as her 2-year-old daughter. Her son was at the top of his English class after using the program. She went ahead to share her reading program with other parents whose children were having reading difficulties.

In her program, she uses her motherly approach and her teaching expertise that promises to transform your child into a great reader. She aims to share the system with as many children and parents as possible. She doesn’t doubt her claims and she is so confident about the exceptional results you’re bound to get from this reading system.

What Techniques Are Used Inside the Head Start Program?

The Reading Head Start program has 200 lessons divided into 4 levels, each 10 weeks long. These levels are all tailored to increase your child’s interest in reading and enable him or her to read and understand words.

So, you don’t have to worry about your child getting bored or losing interest in reading since each new lesson comes with fun and non-repetitive activities. The following are included in all the lessons:

  • Lesson plans – they guide on the steps to be followed after each activity. Every lesson is designed according to the grade level of your child and is accompanied by a ton of fun activities. This engages your child well. You can easily access the next and previous lesson plans without leaving the lesson plan page. Tools required for each activity can be checked in the resource area.
  • Reading videos – they are read-along videos to help your child learn to read in a fun way.
  • Exercises – these exercises are related to the content covered in each topic. They are questions having words and letters your child has learned in each lesson and the new words they have to decode. They challenge kids to remember what they’ve learned.
  • Interactive games –your child gets to play word games of matching letter to letter sounds and identifying words. These help them remember words and the words stick in their mind.
  • Enjoyable workbooks – there is a library of colorful attractive books that can be selected based on the grade level of your child.
  • Short passages – your child will learn to progress from reading short words to reading passages that use the words they’ve learned. They will also be able to recognize new words easily.

The members’ area is easy to navigate and you can check out all tools required for every activity easily. The platform is interactive as you can communicate with other members about the lessons and pose questions. 

Additional materials used in the Reading Head Start to support each lesson include:

  • Letter cards, picture cards, and printable flashcards – these show pictures and written letters. They are handy in learning alphabet sounds, letter-sound combinations, and vocabulary practice. They are so appealing to children by being colorful. They enhance critical thinking too. These are all downloadable in various sizes.
  • Letter formation – through this guide, kids learn how uppercase and lowercase letters are formed and learn to perceive letters quickly when they encounter them.
  • Activity log – with activity logs, you can ensure the concentration and productivity of your child and minimize time-wasting. In these forms, you can register the completed lessons and activities and assess the progress of your child.
  • Sound out cards -these are cards that enable your child to hear, identify, and manipulate sound in words. They can then learn to decode new words by sounding them out. These cards are also downloadable.
  • Irregular word cards – these are printable index cards that are used in teaching irregular words activities.
  • Advanced phonic cards – these printable cards used to teach the connection between sounds and individual letters and a group of letters. Your child gets to learn that even though there are 26 letters there are 44 unique sounds called phonemes. They contain double-letter words, silent letter words, compound words, and contractions.

All these activities match the individual child’s reading abilities. These tools make words stick in a child’s brain. This is a good assurance that your child will be in for the most fascinating 40 weeks of his or her life, and the end result will make you a proud parent. 

Your child will be awarded a Reading Head Start certificate of completion upon completion of each level. This will boost his or her confidence and will be motivated to advance to the following levels.

The following free bonuses complement the system:

Bonus #1: Incredible Reading Shortcuts guide ($47)

Getting your child to read better doesn’t have to be a long and arduous journey. That’s why Sarah Shepard gives effective, simple ways to help improve your child’s understanding of words and memory retention. This guide further enables your child to grasp difficult words easily.

Bonus #2: “Fun with Words” books series ($67)

With every book, your child gets quickly interested in reading. Your child discovers new words after completing each book, therefore widening their knowledge. They yearn for more books.

Bonus #3: MyHeadStart members’ area ($197)

Once you log in to the MyHeadStart members’ area, you give your child instant unlimited access to MyHeadStart. This is an online platform with award-winning reading games developed by leading academics.

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These with a variety of other activities give a better reading experience and help to quash boredom. All the games can only be played online. Therefore, no disks or downloading.

They can be played on mac or windows. Brief reading videos that are captivating will keep your child asking for more.

Reading Head Start Review Sarah Shepard

With all these, you can be assured your child will not only have a lot of fun but also gain a ton of knowledge. Reading games, videos, and worksheets are added constantly to ensure the program is interesting and up-to-date.

Your child starts with the basics and later advances to reading complex textbooks easily after understanding earlier levels well. Go at your own comfortable pace, while the videos guide the both of you on how to navigate all the way.

Sarah Shepard’s method uses a unique approach. She recommends breaking up the letter of each word and then teaching the sounds of each letter that compose the word instead of reading the word as a whole.

She explains that your child won’t get this approach from school since the current curriculum still uses the old-fashioned method of sight words. This makes kids learn words as a whole. Children get confused when they encounter two different word shapes that look similar. This method forces children to memorize words and shapes rather than understand the words.

She challenges the way schools teach English today _ a system not bound to change anytime soon. This current method used by the education system is contributing to increased illiteracy rates. The following proven facts might challenge you to consider trying out an effective reading system, like Sarah’s:

  • study done by the U.S. Department of Education shows that, if your child does not meet the average literacy standard by the end of grade one, they are 88% more likely to keep falling behind up to fourth grade.
  • According to researchers from Yale University, 75% of children who reach the third grade with poor literacy become illiterate until their very last year of high school and even for their entire life.
  • Research has shown that there’s a high school dropout rate as high as 66% in the USA alone.
  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 in 3 children starts kindergarten without skills necessary to begin learning.

You can stop your child from being illiterate by giving him more than the education system can.

This flaw in the school system and her son’s failure pushed Sarah to create a different way to teach English. She also studied how babies naturally learn to speak by just listening to words and concluded that children can learn to read by listening to letters too.

Sarah has made the tough task of learning to read quite easily for any child at any age. These techniques are probably different from any other you’ve ever encountered, and now you can’t wait to get started.

Pricing – Expensive or Cheap?

The complete Reading Head Start program costs only $597, but at the time of writing this article, it has been discounted for a limited period.

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The program has three payment plans, all discounted and inclusive of one full year moneyback guarantee.

Three-day free trial ($1)

  • You can cancel any time, but after the three days trial period, you will be charged $37 monthly if you fail to cancel.
  • It gives you access to complete Reading Head Start and bonuses.

One-year plan ($297)

  • You get a $100 discount.
  • It’s a single one-time payment.
  • It saves $147 over the monthly plan.

Lifetime plan ($597)

  • You get a $200 discount.
  • Gives you lifetime access to the members’ area.
  • You get unlimited updates.

Refund Policy – Can I get my money back?

You are assured of a full 365-day money-back guarantee if:

  • The program is not as fulfilling as you expected.
  • You don’t get everything promised in the course.
  • Your child’s reading skills don’t improve significantly after finishing the program.

For a full refund, simply email and get all the money invested stress-free with no questions asked.


  1. It’s an accommodating system

Reading Head Start can be used by children of any age, even if they have zero reading experience or lack of interest in reading completely. The course can work for your child, no matter how young you think they are. It also involves the parent and enables them to be their child’s favorite teacher. Any number of children in a household can use the system.

  1. It’s easy to navigate

Logging in is easy with instructions to direct you on steps to follow and how to use the system effectively. Even without prior computer experience, Reading Head Start is simple to use for you and your child. You can easily access lessons, activities, workbooks, games, and videos by just logging into the MyHeadStart member section.

  1. Makes reading fun

The system uses interactive games and videos so every child enjoys learning to read. There’s plenty of learning materials to keep them busy. This makes it easy for you as a parent since it will instill self-drive in your child.

  1. It’s been proven to work

Sarah Shepard has used this method on her 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. Her son’s English performance went up unbelievably fast. The program was created by the educator with knowledge of what is missing in the education system’s curriculum. Sarah’s satisfied clients have also sent feedback in video and text on how this program has miraculously ensured their kids’ reading success within a very short time.

  1. You get unlimited updates

You can stay up-to-date with all the recent developments and improvements in the program after the purchase of the lifetime plan.

  1. It’s a flexible system

It can be used anywhere, anytime, even while running errands. It can be accessed on a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

  1. It’s a secure and safe site

Reading Head Start system uses the strongest encryption from the world’s most trusted security companies. Therefore, your personal and credit card details are guaranteed to be secure and encrypted.

  1. Constant email support

You may raise any concerns you have about the program via email at any time.

  1. It guarantees a full refund

All credit card transactions and refunds are handled by a secure third party. You get a refund the same day automatically, with no difficulties.


  1. It is an online program

It requires you to have a reliable internet connection to take full advantage of all the materials. The contents of this program cannot be printed out.

  1. It is quite demanding

It requires time and patience to start seeing good results. You must be fully dedicated if you expect to reap the best from this system. It requires a parent’s presence. This system is not for you if you are lazy or too busy to care about your child’s progress.

Verdict – Is the program worth it?

Many programs promise to help jump-start your child’s reading skills. You may have come across many that haven’t delivered as promised. You’ve probably given up trying or are still searching for the best.

Judging from all the above information, Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start program is worth checking out. Thousands of her clients have given the program a thumbs up.

Reading Head Start
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What’s not to love about this system? It is different from all the programs out there. Your child is guaranteed to earn a great deal of knowledge while having fun at the same time.

With all the easy-to-learn videos, games, exercises, and workbooks, your child will delight in this unique learning process.

This program is not asking much from you. Just spare 15 minutes of your time 3 nights a week. The bonding you get with your child from this program is priceless. Even if work is tolling on you during the day and you barely have time or energy to check on your child’s progress, you still get this quality nighttime.

This system is not for parents who prefer sitting their child down all alone in front of a screen. It’s not for impatient and lazy parents too. But if you love your child and want to give them the best, Reading Head Start promises to help you effectively achieve this goal.

This system may not be perfect, but from the parent testimonials, it’s obvious it offers the highest quality of teaching. It was developed by a mother and a trained educator who’s experienced firsthand the pain of a child failing in school.

Give your child more than any education system ever will. Get a chance to teach your child and know their strengths and weaknesses. Take charge of every aspect of your child’s life. Prevent your child from dropping out of school due to poor literacy skills. Discover possible underlying reading disabilities.

All these will only be possible if you’re willing to take a step and invest in an effective reading program like Sarah’s. Other programs might not offer you what it guarantees. With a reading system this interactive and enjoyable, you can’t imagine the enthusiasm it could instill in your child. It will expand their mind.

Now you can make an informed decision and get started.

Please share your thoughts about reading head start review in the comments below.

Reading Head Start Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Head Start Reading?

    Head Start reading is any reading done at an early age meant to teach children to read from a logical angle. Many programs are helping with Head Start reading. Each of them employs different strategies to ensure the effectiveness of the programs.

    However, not all systems work best. The best systems are those which address all reading challenges and disabilities and use creative delivery methods.

  2. When Should a Child Start Head Start?

    Any child can begin Head Start even as young as one-year-old. Children of any age can use Head Start. Most researchers believe that by age 3, a child should have good literacy skills. A child can start head start even if they don’t know the alphabet.

  3. What Is the Point of Head Start?

    Head Start is very crucial in improving children’s reading skills. It is an undisputed fact that teaching your child to read early goes a long way to help them do well in schools. It determines their future overall success.

    Poor reading skills are detrimental to any child’s self-esteem. It can damage their confidence and all-round well-being. Most researchers have also argued that poor skill of reading contributes to illiteracy for the entire life of a person.

    These have led to increased crime rates. That is why getting your child to know how to read earlier is important. It will prevent them from dropping out of school and remaining illiterate.

    Head Start is the best way to ensure your kid learns to read and understand words. It also ensures these words stick in their minds and develop your child’s vocabulary.

    It enhances language development, intelligence, and communication skills. Head Start can help reveal underlying issues like dyslexia early enough to be addressed.

  4. How Can I Teach My Child to Read?

    Teaching your child to read is not an easy task. It is very demanding. To teach your child to read, you must use techniques that will not make your child lose interest in reading.

    You can try using the methods used by Sarah Shepard in her Reading Head Start program. These include word games, flashcards, workbooks, and reading videos. This is highly recommended. It prevents you from using outdated reading methods.

    You can also explore other creative ways like songs and rhymes. It is very advisable to sit down with your child instead of leaving them to read on their own.

  5. Who created Reading Head Start?

    Sarah Shepard created the digital program to help your kid enhance their reading capabilities, social skills through her successful reading strategies. It’s not an English language course, she made the learning process enjoyable through interactive reading games that will result in your child’s success in school and in their life.

  6. Who is Sarah Shepard?

    Sarah Shepard is a mother of three and has been an English teacher for 14 years. She came up with the Reading Head Start system, which surprisingly worked on her 6-year-old son as well as her 2-year-old daughter.

  7. Do they provide free login?

    No, but they provide a $1 trial which is as good as being free. You can start the trial by clicking here.

  8. Where Can You Buy Reading Head Start From?

    To receive the genuine program, access to the member’s area, and all bonuses, you should only buy from the official website.

  9. Who should buy the program?

    This is for parents who wish to help their child read early and support in their learning journey. It can also be the perfect gift for such parents. Parents can learn the method of teaching reading through a positive approach which will help their kid in linguistic development, and enhance social interactions.

  10. How Much Does Reading Head Start Cost?

    It has a $1 trial plan, $37 monthly plan, $297 yearly plan, and $ 597 lifetime plan. After the trial, 70% of parents opt for the $297 plan as it saves a lot. For those who have babies planned for the future go for the lifetime plan as it offers unlimited updates. You can start the trial from the official site here.

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  1. I encourage everyone to read this book. It is incredible because it helps you find the right program for your child. The Reading Head Start program was a perfect fit for my son who struggled with reading.

  2. I learned that there are various types inefficiencies when I tried other programs like Reading Head Start. It is a good program and I recommend it to anyone who has children.

  3. Sonya has a better understanding of phonics now. I am surprised at how much progress she has made in such a short time.

  4. The learning styles and reading methods presented in the Reading Head Start program are very effective. This is a parent friendly course that helps develop language vocabulary skills in children. I was earlier on the monthly subscription plan but soon upgraded to receive life time access.

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