Sanity Tips for Stay at Home Mothers

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“Motherhood is a very beautiful journey” is a phrase that we commonly hear but even as a mother of a newborn or five kids, it’s not easy right? As a mother, your life revolves around taking care of your little one and the house which might seem easy but is a very demanding job.

As much as it feels amazing to be a homemaking mom and be with your kids all the time, it can be a very daunting task and can make you lose your sanity quickly enough which might not just affect people around you but can have a huge impact on yourself and can take a toll on your physical and mental health both.

If you are in the same boat then take a deep breath and clear out five minutes from your busy schedule and read our tips for stay-at-home moms that will help you in managing your day effectively and will also make the complete guide to homemaking fun and a little less challenging:

Set a routine and follow it religiously

You need to set a routine for your kids and ensure that it is being followed religiously. Make a “to-do” list of things a night before that will include the important tasks that you need to get done the next day. This will allow you to optimally use your day and might even get time for things that were being missed previously. This will also create a sense of accomplishment for you and will motivate you to do better the next day.

Setting a routine for your kid’s sleep and wake-up time is of utmost importance since that enables you to start your day properly and enable you to follow your plan for the day. A great tip to do is by waking up half an hour or an hour before your kids wake so that you can have some time for yourself and plan your day properly and positively.

Take care of yourself along with your family

Often as homemakers, we tend to keep our needs at the very end which results in being skipped and giving us a very bad feeling. For example, we make breakfast for kids and make sure that they eat but how often do we eat a good breakfast?  Keeping your needs at the results in making your morale low and neglecting yourself in the long term.

It is completely ok to take out time for yourself and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or treat yourself to a nice breakfast now and then. Things like taking a nice hot shower, getting dressed, reading a good book, and taking time for yourself like exercising or dancing might help you in lifting your spirits and will help you stay on track.

You need to ensure that you take a bath daily, change your clothes, brush your hair put on a little makeup and get enough sleep, etc. This will make you smile and pumped up and set a good example for your kids too.

Meet the other mom friends

Meet other Moms online

Another great tip to keep your sanity intact is through socializing with fellow homemaking moms.

It is a great win for both you and your kids as they will have someone to play with and you will have someone to share your experience and get parenting tips with and talk to in times when you feel overwhelmed as both of you can understand each other’s situation that no one else can.

Plan park dates or picnics together with other homemaking mothers and take your kids there which will be easier for you to handle and will be enjoyable.

You need not complete all your tasks in one

Yes as much as it opposes my earlier tip, it is ok to have a slow day and take things slowly for yourself and not end up feeling guilty. Sometimes you need to relax with your kids and spend time with them. It is not always possible that your kitchen or your living area to remain clean.

A day off to not fold laundry or get meal delivery will be a sanity saver for you. You can always take a small nap or watch a good movie or play with your kids that will allow you to appreciate the precious moments with your loved ones and will remind you why you opted to become a homemaking mom in the first place.

Another tip is to relax when your little one is taking a nap. A common mistake that mothers tend to make is that they aim to complete all the pending tasks while the babies are sleeping. This results them in being tired when the baby wakes up.

A better solution is to aim to finish one task during one nap; the task shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes so that you can relax and be fresh when your little one wakes. This may seem difficult at first but as you feel the change in your mood and yourself you will start practicing it.

Find a constructive hobby

Cooking hobby

As a homemaker, finding a hobby might be a tad difficult but not impossible. It might be very refreshing for you and will also help you in being energetic.

For instance, if you are into reading then order some books and take out some time during the day or when the kids sleep at night and read it. Or if you are into baking or cooking them you can always search for easy recipes on Youtube and try them at home.

You can enhance your skills in this way and will enjoy it as well. Nowadays with the internet and Youtube, it is possible to find tutorials for almost everything be it sewing, gardening, cooking, painting, etc.

Talk to your friends or family

It may be impossible to meet someone regularly when you have kids and a home to tend to but having them over the phone and talking to them is very much possible. It can be anyone be it your friend, a relative, or any colleague of yours that you know very well, and just give her/him a call and see how they are doing.

Sometimes, we are yearning for our loved ones and we don’t realize and get overwhelmed and mix these feelings. Talking to someone who understands you helps you in putting things back in perspective and reminding you that you have a life outside of home and kids too.

Take your kids out of the home once in a while

As a homemaker, it’s not just you who gets frustrated but it’s our little ones too who get frustrated with being in the same routine. They get a little too energetic and make the home a mess which in turn drives you crazy. So to be a sane mom, it is good to take your kids out for some activity for a couple of hours now and then.

By simply taking them out in a park or a library or any place that you know they will enjoy will certainly help them in burning their energy and will be a meaningful experience for them and you will also be able to breathe fresh air as well!!

Clean your house regularly

Homemakers usually feel like going crazy when they find their home a mess and things missing at the last minute. For this purpose, you should make a habit of cleaning the house every day or every alternative day rather than once a week. This will help you in being organized and will declutter your house and make it look a little more home.

Even if cleaning the whole house seems impossible then it’s better to prioritize and divide it. Like cleaning the kitchen one day and other bedrooms the other day and so on. Tag along with your kids in this activity and let them help you out as well. This way they will also enjoy and will get into the habit of cleaning every day.

As a homemaker, we have a lot of responsibility but it’s not the major tasks that drive us crazy but everyday struggles that make us tired. These day-to-day tasks can be organized and then carried out so that the mother can also be a happier person.

Since a happy mother will lead with a good example. If things are not turning out well then it is always best to talk it out and seek help from your friend or a relative so that you cannot be miserable and de-channelize your anger on the kids which moms tend to do.

Before things turn out nasty, talk to your partner and be clear about your tasks and things that you won’t be able to do so that unnecessary expectations are not made by either. We hope that now you can enjoy your motherhood and smile once again!!!


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