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Baby Sleep Miracle is a comprehensive online program to teach parents effective sleep techniques and train them for the bedtime routine of their babies. The scientifically proven program based on sleep and developmental psychology focus on providing you with safe and natural ways to help your baby fall asleep quickly. We’ve thoroughly reviewed the online system by Mary Ann Schueler and received positive feedback from thousands of exhausted parents of children with sleeping struggles who were helped by this step-by-step method.

It’s effective and takes one to two weeks to show results.

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Raising kids is one of the most demanding jobs in this world! And it becomes more challenging when you have a newborn.

Your days become occupied with additional duties, and nights become tirelessly long, sleepless, and exhausted. Of course, you want a sound and healthy sleep to stay energetic, active, and composed throughout your day.

Sleep Deprivation New Mom

So, if you are one of those new mommies who are tired of their sleepless nights or your newborn sleep during the day and do not let you sleep at night, and you are desperately looking for help to set your baby’s sleep routines?

If yes, then no look further because here we are introducing you to the most effective and proven sleep solution for your newborns and infants.

All of us know that sleeping is just a simple task for adults as they simply go to bed wherever they feel tired or stressed, but this is not the case with infants. If you want your infants to sleep tight at night, then they have to learn some sleep patterns.

You might be wondering how you can train your little one for such sleep patterns?

Sleep training is an outrageous task for infants. Currently, there are several conventional techniques for making your newborns sleep in time, but most of them are inapplicable and end up either in parents’ frustration or babies cry out.

If you want to train your baby for some consistent sleep patterns and want to help him with his sleep problems, then we are here to help you with the best kind of product that you are looking for your newborn, which is Baby Sleep Miracle. It is an all-in-one solution to your baby’s sleep difficulties.

In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the Baby Sleep Miracle and how it is helpful for you and your baby to get a calm nighttime sleep.

What is the Baby Sleep Miracle Program in Real? An overview

To give you a clear idea about the Baby Sleep Miracle program, we are sharing the personal experiences of several exhausted parents who were going through sleeping struggles.

After consulting the Baby Sleep Miracle guide, they end up with fruitful results.

Baby Sleep Miracle is a comprehensive online training program to teach parents effective and natural sleep techniques and train them for the bedtime routines of their babies.

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The program brings a complete sleeping guide for sleep-deprived parents that how they can make their babies sleep at night naturally?

Baby Sleep Miracle program has ended the most dangerous sleeping methods like the Feberizing or the “cry him out” method. This method has proved to be extinct scientifically.

According to numerous studies, feberizing is a conventional method of sleep training, and it may cause several health issues for your children, such as mental disorders, anxiety, and even serious damages to the nervous system.

Baby Sleep Miracle guide focuses on providing you with the best safe and natural ways to help your children fall asleep quickly. The program comprises tons of useful tips and hands-on tactics to train your baby for a healthy night’s sleep.

We assure you that this sleeping guide is highly authentic and verified as all the sleep training methods are, based on the Sleep and developmental psychology of Harvard University and Stanford University.

So you can trust in Baby Sleep Miracle for your baby’s bedtime routines.

Who is the founder of the Baby Sleep Miracle Program?

The author of this fabulous book is Mary-Ann Schuler, a well-known child psychologist and a mother of two children. She keenly studied and observed the different behaviors of children in different environments that what makes them cry, restless, and sleep at odd timings of the day?

The author has answered all the questions that you needed to ask for your children’s healthy sleep routines. Based on her observation and research, she has analyzed how different children respond differently to a particular situation.

In Baby Sleep Miracle Book, MaryAnn Schuler has provided an easy-to-follow step guide for how to train your baby to sleep through the nights?

Baby Sleep Miracle program mainly targets new parents or first-time parents who are going through the tough times of rearing a child.

The author, from her personal experience, is fully aware of the problems that new mommies have to face with their little ones when their newborns do not sleep and do not stop crying.

Mom wants to sleep well

The main objective of this program is to improve the parenting experience of new parents and to take them out of stressful situations. Learn about parenting styles.

All the information contained in the Baby Sleep Miracle is highly authentic and well-researched, as it is the outcome of Mary Ann Schuler’s personal experience and her extensive observation of the sleep-deprived babies and their restless behaviors.

Mary-Ann Schuler has provided complete and concise instructions to all caregivers to resolve the sleeping issues of their babies through easy and hands-on techniques.

Baby Sleep Miracle Book

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Baby Sleep Miracle Program is a digital training program in actuality. This digital program is available in the form of an eBook. It offers a wide range of scientifically proven sleep strategies to train your baby how to sleep at night.

The Baby Sleep Miracle book has got numerous fantastic features that we are describing below.

What is contained inside the Baby Sleep Miracle Book?

There are several splendid features and beneficial knowledge contained inside the Baby Sleep Miracle book. Below we have compiled a list of some bold features. Let’s take a look!

  • It compiles a step by step training system to train your baby for his sleep routines
  • It comprises of valid and scientifically approved sleep training methods
  • The book offers a complete parents guide with 100% safe and natural sleep solutions
  • It covers a wide array of ages starting from the newborns to toddlers till the age of five
  • All the sleep methods have developed after carrying out the prolonged research and analysis at Stanford University and Harvard University under the supervision of highly experienced and professional psychiatrists.
  • It offers different sleep strategies for different ages according to the needs and behaviors of children
  • Not only has it focused on developing your children healthy sleeping habits but also on his overall physical, mental, and emotional development indeed.
  • The book comprises of 110 pages, including extensive valuable information on sleep strategies that you can apply instantly after reading them.

In addition to the above-stated features, the Baby Sleep Miracle book answers the following questions that you want to ask for your baby’s sleep disturbance. It has highlighted the following points.

  • What are the benefits of bedtime routines for your newborn?
  • How your children developmental stage is related to his sleep patterns?
  • How can you prepare your baby for complete sleep training?
  • Why you and your baby need to thrive on a sleep routine?
  • The importance of naps, persistent feeding, and a sleep-friendly environment
  • The value of nap timings for babies
  • The hazards of sleep deprivation and its impacts on your baby
  • The benefits of bedtime routines and its positive effects on your babies growth and development
  • Easy to implement sleep rules
  • Complete sleep guidelines for both moms and dads to train their babies from the time of their birth till the age of five for the perfect sleep patterns

Baby Sleep Miracle programs Format

Baby sleep Miracle eBook is available in two highly accessible and user-friendly formats, one is video content, and the other is PDF format.

If you do not want to take the video course, then you can read it in a PDF file or download it on your mobiles, smartphones, tablets, or any other device. The pdf format has the following advantages,

  • Highly accessible and user-friendly
  • Portable and pocket-friendly
  • Readily available for reading without any hassle.
  • Easy to use and handle, you can even read the guide using your mobile phone in the presence of your babies.

If you want to get the printouts in pdf format, then you are welcome to do so. You can get a clear print of the book and compile the personal sleeping guide for your baby.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review (Chapter-wise Review)

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Baby Sleep Miracle Book consists of four comprehensive main chapters and various subchapters. Below we are providing you with a walkthrough of these chapters.

Chapter -1 The Dangers of sleep deprivation

The first chapter is parent-oriented and focused on the Danger of sleep deprivation and how a lack of proper nighttime sleep can be harmful to you.

The book has highlighted the various hazards of lack of sleep, such as stress, anger, depression, frustration, physical sickness, and headache.

Sleep deprivation may also lead to marriage difficulties and can leave a negative impact on your relationship with your spouse. This chapter will help you in understanding the root cause of your baby’s sleep problems.

Chapter-2 Understanding Sleep

The second chapter is all about Understanding Sleep, in which you will learn the importance of sleep for you and your baby. Some parents do not bother about sleep routines and take sleeping disorders lighter.

After reading this section of Baby Sleep Miracle, you will surely understand that what are the positive impacts of healthy sleep routines and the negative impacts of sleep imbalances.

This part of the book is based on extensive research and studies on quality sleep routines and their effects. The information contained inside this section is based on the sleep science of human beings.

All the later sleep rules and useful tips of Mary-Ann Schuler are based on the content of this chapter. So this chapter is worth reading for you.

Chapter-3 General Sleeping Rules and Useful Tips for Babies

The third chapter is all about useful tips and sleeping rules that are designed to make your baby’s nights peaceful and cozy and to build his healthy sleep routines.

This chapter is focused on developing your baby’s sleep schedule. It contains all the soothing tactics and general sleep rules to establish a consistent sleep routine and to provide your baby with a friendly-sleep environment.

All the actionable tips and techniques contained inside this chapter are based on your babies feeding needs and behavioral traits. This chapter is divided further into seven comprehensive sub-chapters.

The sub-chapters give you authentic and approved techniques that are meant for the quality sleep of your newborns and infants. These rules and tips are focus on the importance of breastfeeding before and after nap time, the value of bedtime stories, and the nursing of your baby when they fall asleep.

If you want to get a complete idea about these sleeping methods and whether they are right or wrong, then this chapter is highly recommended for you!

Chapter-4 Quality Sleep at different age

The fourth chapter is divided into sections according to age-specific groups. All the tips are age-appropriate. So you can easily figure out which one is best applicable to your child.

Sleep Training for Baby

All the content of this section is arranged beautifully and categorized age-wise. You will get complete knowledge on effective sleep strategies from the time of your baby’s birth till the age of five.

If you do not have time to read the whole book, you can easily open the specific page of your baby’s age and find the best sleep solutions and techniques.

This section contains answers to all your questions related to your children’s sleep problems and their restlessness. Mary-Ann Schuler has divided ages into nine categories, i.e.

  • 1st month
  • 2nd month
  • 3rd month
  • 4th & 5th months
  • 6-8 months
  • 9-8 months
  • 13-18 months
  • 1.5 years-2.5 years
  • 2.5-5 years old

Each age group is supplied with complete and comprehensive information and sleep guidelines.

Our Review of Baby Sleep Miracle

What techniques are used inside the Baby Sleep Miracle Program?

Baby Sleep Miracle is an all-in-one proven solution to your baby’s sleep problems. Not only it contains tons of techniques and useful tips for your newborns and infants, but it also compiles the complete sleep guidelines for your elder ones.

The book encloses ideal tips and tricks to deal with the nightmares and fears of older children, and most of the sleep strategies will act as a night terror stopper for your children.

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There are countless useful tips and sleep techniques used in Baby Sleep Miracle Book. A few of them are explained by Mary-Ann Schuler in detail, given below.

  • Tip 1 – Laugh with your Babies

Laughter is the most powerful tool to relieve tension and to relax the tense body muscles. One of the secrets of a good night’s sleep is to make your baby laugh and relax.

As we all know that laughter is the right therapy to make oneself feel relaxed and in improving moods so you can apply it to your babies. In this way, babies will release their stress or anxiety, and they will fall asleep quickly.

  • Tip 2 – Choose Ideal Bedtime

Put your baby early to bed – don’t let him awake for late at night. Research has shown that awakening late at night triggers cortisol (a stress hormone) in your baby’s body that leads to the overwhelming of your baby. That may lead to other psychological, mental, and health issues.

Mary-Ann Schuler has particularly highlighted the importance of bedtime and the factors that affect your baby’s bedtime routines. According to sleep researches studies, your baby’s bedtime depends on his age.

  • Tip 3 – Use Miracle Sounds

Never make your babies sleep in complete silence as white noise (the everyday sounds) might make them a light sleeper. One of the sleeping rules of Baby Sleep Miracle is that you should act normal while making your children sleep.

In this way, they’ll learn that they have to sleep at a particular time regardless of any sound or noise. The Baby Sleep Miracle program has introduced the miracle sounds as the sleep sounds that are scientifically proven at Queen Charlotte’s hospital in London.

The sleep sound is not any kind of noise, in fact, it is a piece of specific sleep music that makes your babies feel safe and protected at the time of their sleep and assist them to sleep fast without any cry.

  • Tip 4 – Set Feeding Times

Set your baby’s feeding time that will help you understand his sleep routines. Sometimes breastfeeding can help you make your infant sleep early.

  • Tip 5 – Read bedtime Stories

Reading bedtime stories help in relieving your child’s stress and anxiety as you’re free from your house chores and relax that will give a signal to your child that it’s time for a restful sleep. Plus, this will enhance your interaction with your child.

In addition to these sleep tips and tricks, this Baby Sleep Miracle book will help you to discover the following techniques,

  • Should you nurse or rock your baby during his sleep time or not? And what should you do instead of using these conventional sleep methods?
  • Baby Sleep Miracle Book contains the secret of refilling your babies love tank and how to prevent it from being emptied?
  • This sleeping guide contains useful tips on how to make your baby relax and release his anxiety in just 5 minutes?
  • Seven (7) proven and easy to follow steps to make your toddler sleep in his bed and despite his cranky and anxious behavior.
  • This miraculous sleeping guide has revealed the best tactics to boost your babies sleep hormones with 100% natural and safe sleep tricks without the use of any sleep drugs or pacifiers.

Additional Content of Baby Sleep Miracle Book

In addition to these main chapters and subchapters, the book contains some extra information and bonus features of sleep strategies.

  • Sleeping struggles with siblings or twins or sleep double trouble
  • Night terror stopper for toddlers and older children
  • Miracle sounds in MP3 discs for natural soothe and consistent sleep of your newborns

At the end of the book, complete references and claims are given. All the researches and studies are based on the authorized sleep science centers of Stanford and Howard University.

How can Baby Sleep Miracle help you and your Spouse?

Baby Sleep Miracle is a perfect plan for you as a mother and a wife. Not only will you be a savior as a mother but also a worry-free wife.

It is a general phenomenon that if you do not get perfectly healthy sleep, you become tired and frustrated, which can ultimately lead to an unhealthy relationship with your spouse.

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Moreover, your marriage life can be affected negatively, and it can be put into jeopardy. Baby Sleep Miracle is a complete package for you and your children. It can help you in the following ways

  • Provides proven and surprising tips to make your newborn sleep in just five minutes
  • The useful tips and tricks will teach you how to perceive and understand the signs of your newborns when they are tired and stressed so you can help them with their sleep problems right in time.
  • No need for conventional sleeping methods of swaddling, rocking, and lapping
  • Teaches fastest sleeping techniques to saves your time
  • Build a calm and healthy sleep routine not only for your child but also for your family.
  • Brings harmony, oneness, and balance to your life and hence saves the marriage system.

How is Baby Sleep Miracle helpful for your Child?

Baby in Deep Sleep - Baby Sleep Miracle

Baby Sleep Miracle is a perfect guide for you and your child. With the help of this guide, you can sleep train your baby in more simple and quick ways. This guide is helpful to your child in the following aspects.

  • It provides your child with a sleep-friendly environment and teaches him a healthy sleep routine.
  • Your child will learn his best sleep strategy according to his age and behavior.
  • Helps your child in reducing his tension and stress and give him a soothing calm sleep
  • Your newborns and infants can learn effective and practical sleep patterns without any trouble.
  • Help your babies developing their bedtime routines and efficient sleep habits
  • Studies have shown that proper sleep routines leave a positive impact on your child’s cognitive abilities and help in his social and emotional development.
  • Bedtime routines improve your child’s overall physical and mental health and hence improve his academic achievements.
  • The book contains some additional content, useful tips, and sleeping rules for siblings and twins that how to Make their bedtime routines at the same time
  • Baby Sleep Miracle guide contains miracle sounds (sleep-soothing music) in MP3 files that will help you train your baby for self-soothing and develop healthy sleep habits through the nights

Pros of Baby Sleep Miracle

There is no denying that the advantages of Baby Sleep Miracle are countless. However, we have compiled a comprehensive list below.

  • Baby Sleep Miracle is a full package for tired, stressed, and exhausted parents with easy-to-follow steps and techniques.
  • It contains plenty of useful tips to give complete sleep solutions to your children
  • It offers comfortable eLearning
  • It contains step by step clear instructions for first-time parents and parents to be.
  • The program is highly applicable and user-oriented, as the author has used very simple and easy to understand language, it is free from advance scientific terms. It is quite readable, even a common man can understand all the sleep strategies, so you don’t need to have any specific skills to apply any approach.
  • The format of Baby Sleep Miracle Book is handy and readily available as the PDF format is compatible with all your devices, such as smartphones, iPad, iPhone, tablets, and any other electronic device. In this way, you can read this book anytime anywhere you want without any hassle.
  • The book is designed beautifully and divided into comprehensive chapters. The content contains specific and concise information. All the tips and sleep rules are time-saving and precise. It will take less time to understand these sleep techniques, and you can easily track the progress of your child.
  • The book covers a wide range of ages and contains specific age-appropriate techniques that are helpful for you to train your child according to his age and personality traits
  • The techniques given in the Baby Sleep Miracle book are based on extensive research and studies carried out in two well-known institutions, the sleep science centers at Stanford and Harvard University.
  • Price highly affordable and budget-friendly and offers a 100% moneyback guarantee
  • One of the main advantages of this program is to provide quality night sleeps for your babies as well as their overall development and health.
  • Many sleeping rules are focused on developing a strong parent-child interaction and their mutual relationship
  • This baby Sleep Miracle program will surely enhance your parenting experience, and you will raise your baby in a calm, relaxed, and friendly environment.
  • It comes with bonus products: Night Terror Stopper (Value $52), Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle (Value $52), and Miracle Sounds (Value $52).
  • No more bags under your eyes.

Cons of Baby Sleep Miracle

There’s no doubt that Baby Sleep Miracle bears tons of advantages. However, it has some drawbacks given below,

  • There is no guarantee that the program will work with your child or not! And neither the author of the book Mary-Ann Schuler has claimed for that. However, she has promised that it would surely give you productive results for children of all ages. After applying all the tips and sleeping rules, your child might face sleep difficulties and fail to develop a consistent bedtime routine.
  • The program is time taking and long. If you want to get fruitful outcomes, you have to be patient and consistent throughout the whole training process, since the learning curve is quite steep. Do not expect it to have a magic on your child that will turn your baby into a perfect sleeper throughout the nights.
  • It has a few shortcomings as some parents have complained about the grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Well! That also depends on the edition of the book that you have downloaded
  • Another drawback is that the program covers limited languages. It has translated into English only!
  • The book is only available in PDF format which could be a problem for few people to understand it or get access to download.
  • You might need to apply a specific sleeping strategy multiple times until it becomes natural to you.
  • The most significant flaw of this program is that there is no information available about the writer on the web. You can find a little introduction about Mary-Ann Schuler on her website. Other than this, you will not find any research papers, publications, interviews, or any relevant information about the writer herself.

What Parents Say About the Program?

My 2-month-old daughter Eva was up every hour and it practically became my new full-time job. Baby Sleep Miracle helped me learn how to deal with her. After reading the book, I finally understood why she’s crying, what is the best way to calm her down and get a good sleep for everyone!

Alexia G.

My relation with my boyfriend was suffering. I was so stressed out and frustrated all the time due to lack of sleep, which led me to wake up several times throughout the night with my baby crying. The sleep miracle program gave me a new perspective about how important it is for everyone (especially mothers) to get enough rest and how to achieve it.

Kelly K.

It’s just amazing how it helped me and my baby finally get the sleep we needed. I got so many good ideas for how to calm a crying infant, what are some of the best ways of getting them back down when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Michelle M.

I was always tired all day long. It seemed like I was never getting enough sleep at night. Baby Sleep Miracle helped me to put my baby in a routine for bedtime, which made it easier for both of us.

Peter S.

Thanks to Mary-Ann for Baby Sleep Miracle, I was able to manage my time so that Baby had enough sleep and playtime.

Anna R.

I know it’s hard for any parent to find the time or energy to change their parenting style- but Baby Sleep Miracle gave me all of the information I needed. I’ve read similar books that claim to improve sleep at every age but I find them difficult to sleep train my newborn baby. Reading the baby sleep miracle has cleared many common misconceptions that I had. I would call it a science rather than a miracle.

Julie H.

I was struggling with Baby’s sleep patterns- I couldn’t seem to find a routine that would work. The Sleep Miracle provided me with all the tools and resources I needed.

Sam W.

Price of Baby Sleep Miracle Program

One of the most amazing things about this program is that it costs only $37. The Baby Sleep Miracle book is available on Click Bank, a well-known platform for digital products.

It is a reliable company for selling digital products. Initially, Baby Sleep Miracle costs $97, but now the author is offering it at a discounted price of $37.

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Its cost-effective price makes it a perfect pick for your baby’s sleep training. Now you can have access to all the sleeping secrets and tactics at the lowest price.

Refund policy

Another stunning feature of Baby Sleep Miracle is that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of this sleeping guide, then you can claim a refund. Your 100% payment will be sent back to you within 60 days of your purchase without any charge.

Click Bank offers you 60 days money back guarantee on the Baby Sleep Miracle program. This assures your secure investment for your baby’s healthy sleep routines.


Baby Sleep Miracle is a simple and efficient guide to teach parents effective and practical techniques for making their children sleep early.

Since all the tactics used in the Baby Sleep Miracle program are purely natural and safe, your children will not get any harm by applying these strategies.

Although the program is time taking and elaborated and your baby might take longer to learn the sleeping patterns but all the sleep rules and principles enroot to the genuine and natural ways of sleeping.

The program does not involve any conventional method of crying him out. Moreover, Baby Sleep Miracle is based on developing a strong and positive bond between parents and their children.

It assures children that they will find their moms and dads around them whenever they need them, so they do not have to cry for their sleep, since this guide is for a vast array of ages with specific age-appropriate strategies so it will work for your newborns, infants, and toddlers according to their ages and needs.

It is essential to understand that you have to be persistent and committed to yourself throughout the whole learning process to get the desired results. Baby Sleep Miracle will help you to develop a deep and positive relationship with your baby. After consulting this premium sleeping guide, you will be able to make the right life-changing decisions.

You can efficiently resolve several-health related issues of yourself and your baby that are caused by the lack of proper sleep.

There are several reasons for which we recommend this incredible sleeping program i.e.

  • Baby Sleep Miracle book has a user-friendly interface so you can read it anywhere anytime you want as it is downloaded easily on any of your electronic devices.
  • Numerous positive feedbacks and reviews are posted on the author’s website, by happy and satisfied parents who have tested and tried the tips and techniques given in the book.
  • This book will help you understand your children moods, signs, and behavior under stressful situations and assists you to figure out the effective solutions to these problems.
  • After reading this book, you will love to spend more time with your baby without being irritated or angry at any moment.

In addition to the above benefits, the authenticity of the program, good readability of the book, and 100% money-back guarantee make it a perfect option for your baby’s complete sleep solution. Also, check Reading head start review.

With your consistent effort and time, sooner or later, your child will learn organized sleep patterns and will react and respond to your training methods. We highly recommend you must give this miracle a try!

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Baby Sleep Miracle Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Baby Sleep Miracle legit?

    There is no straight answer to this question as this book has got diverse opinions from its users.

    No one can guarantee that Baby Sleep Miracle will truly work or not…

    But in reality, this book is not a scam.

    It is a fact that this book has assisted many parents to solve their newborn’s sleeping issues. According to the several reviews and testimonials of its satisfied customers given on the author’s website, the Baby Sleep Miracle program truly works if you follow all the prescribed guidelines and implement the given sleeping rules.

    The program available in digital format has helped over 17000 parents with its effective strategies in establishing their little ones’ bedtime routines. You need to stay persistent and composed throughout the training period, regardless of how much time it will take to get the desired outcomes.

  2. What helps a baby sleep better?

    If you want your baby to sleep fast and for long intervals, then you have to train your baby the efficient sleep patterns. Baby Sleep Miracle teaches you how to train your baby for a consistent bedtime routine and how to take quality nighttime sleep?

    According to several studies, babies’ sleep patterns can be made more organized by making them relax before sleeping time, laughing with your baby to relieve his anxiety and stress. Secondly, do not put your baby late to bed that will help him sleep early and effectively in time.

    Another amazing approach is to apply miracle sounds that will teach your baby to self-soothe and help him sleep peacefully. Find the largest collection of baby lullaby.

  3. When did babies start sleeping better?

    Well, we will simply answer this question by saying that it depends on the child’s needs and personality. Since each child has unique behaviors and needs at every stage of development, therefore his sleeping duration will be different too.

    Some babies begin to sleep early for long 4-6 hours at the age of 8-10 weeks, while others may not learn the proper sleep patterns still reaching the ages of 7-8 months. Your baby’s sleep routines depend entirely on their feeding needs, behaviors, moods, and personality.

    But with little effort and patience, you can teach them systematic and healthy sleep patterns. The good thing is that generally, babies begin to sleep through nights at the age of 6 months on average.

  4. How much do babies sleep by month?

    Babies have different amounts of sleep at different ages. Below we have given a breakdown of the sleep duration of babies at different ages.

    Sleeping duration of 0-3 months

    Since newborns do not have definite sleep patterns of day and night, they are too young to grab the concept of day and night sleep.

    Generally, newborns sleep for 15-20 hours per 24 hours a day, out of which 8-9 hours are for nighttime sleep.

    Babies of this age awake after every 2-4 hours for their feed as they have small tummies, so they need to be fed after every interval. However, at the age of three months, babies take an average sleep of 14-15 hours per day.

    Sleeping duration of 3-6 months

    Most of the babies of this age category sleep for 10-18 hours per day (out of these 9-10 hours of nighttime sleep), and their average sleep duration is 14 hours over the total 24 hours period.

    However, this is their growing age, and they need to be fed at different intervals. Babies at this age must take a nap three times a day for good health.

    Sleeping duration of 6-12 months

    Babies of this age mostly sleep on an average of 14 hours per day. Most of the babies at this age take a nap during the day. Some babies take longer naps of 1-2 hours while others only sleep for less than an hour during the day.

    The nighttime sleep of these babies is almost 11 hours. The bedtime for most of the babies of this age is 6-10 p.m. Some babies sleep within 30 minutes, while others may take longer to settle down.

    Sleeping duration of 12 months and above

    Babies from 12-18 months generally sleep on an average of 13-15 hours over 24 hours period of a day. Babies of this age usually take naps twice a day or just a single long nap. Babies of this age tend to stay awake at night with their families.

    This habit persists till the time of 18 months, but it goes away with time. The only thing is that you have to put effort and time, to establish a healthy sleep routine for your child!

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  1. He would wake up every hour of his sleeping time and cry until we give him milk or food. Baby Sleep Miracle changed it all for us, and we finally got a sound sleep!

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