250+ Space Baby Names for Boys

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The vast expanse of the universe has always served as a source of wonder, mystique, and inspiration. From constellations to planets, the cosmic world has influenced various aspects of human life, including art, science, and even baby names.

With the world venturing further into space exploration, it’s no wonder many parents are looking skyward when considering names for their newborns. If you’re searching for a unique, celestial-inspired name for your baby boy, this article is your telescope into the vast world of star names for boys and other astral monikers.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, nature names, and the star system, we’ve curated a list that’s not just a mere baby name generator. This collection offers names brimming with meaning rooted in the lore of our universe. Whether you’re after a name that means sun, references a moon of Jupiter, or evokes the imagery of a bright star in the distant northern sky, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your little astronaut.

The allure of baby names inspired by the cosmos is undeniable. They evoke feelings of grandeur, wonder, and timeless beauty. They connect our tiny, fragile lives to the grand tapestry of the universe. What’s more, such names aren’t just for baby boys.

While our focus here is on boy names, many of these cosmic names are unisex or have variations that make lovely baby names for girls. And for those who believe in the power of names to shape destiny, what could be more empowering than a name that draws from the very stars themselves?

Space Baby Names for Boys

Beyond Earth: 250+ Space Names for Boys

S. No.NameMeaningOrigin
1AchillesThe thin-lipped, from the Greek a (without) and chelyne (lip)Greek
2AcruxFirst or strongest crossCombination of star constellations (Alpha and Crux)
3AdityaThe sunIndian (Sanskrit)
5AeroOf the skyGreek
6AetherGreek god of the upper airGreek
7AkayShining moonTurkish
8AlanLittle rockEnglish
9AlcmeneMeans ‘might of the moon’Greek
10AldrinOld and wise rulerEnglish
11AlekseyForm of AlexanderRussian
12AliothNavigational star used by sailorsArabic
13AlphaBrightest star in each constellation, First letter of the Greek alphabetGreek
15AlulaThe first leapArabic
16AmaltheaName of a goat in Greek mythologyGreek
17AmarisMeans ‘child of the moon’Old Irish/Hebrew
18AntaresRival to AresGreek
19ApolloGreek god of the sun and lightGreek
21AquariusConstellation between Pisces and CapricornLatin
25ArielLion of GodHebrew
27ArmstrongStrong fighterEnglish
28AsterStar or flowerGreek/English
31AstroOf the StarsGreek
32AstrophelStar loverInvented by Sir Philip Sidney
34AtlasGreek Titan who held up the heavensGreek
36AviorMy father is my lightHebrew
37AydanFrom the moonTurkish
38BadarFull moonArabic
39BadruBorn during the full moonEgyptian
40BlazeStrong connection with the sunEnglish
42BuzzShort for BusbyAmerican
45CanisThe greater dogLatin
47CapricornThe GoatLatin
48CassiopeiaQueen of great vanityGreek
49CastorBrightest star in the Gemini constellationGreek
50CelestialRelating to the skies or heavensLatin
51CelestinoMeans ‘heavenly’Italian
52CepheusFather of AndromedaGreek
54ChandraMoon goddessHindu
55ChanterSunNative American
57ColumbaNamed after the dove that warned NoahLatin
58CometCosmic body of ice and gasEnglish
59CordeliaInner moon of UranusWelsh/Shakespeare
62CosmoOrder, organization, beautyItalian
63CraterBasin; cupLatin
66CruzHoly crossSpanish
67CunnawabumOne Who Looks at the StarsNative American
71DivakarSunIndian (Sanskrit)
72DivyeshSunIndian (Sanskrit)
73DonatiGiven by godLatin
76ElectraMeans ‘bright’ or ‘shining’ in GreekGreek
77ElioThe SunSpanish
78EpsilonFifth letterGreek
81EstherMeans ‘star’Persian/Hebrew
82EtoileMeans ‘star’ in FrenchFrench
83EuropaAbducted Phoenician princessGreek
84FerdinandBold voyagerGerman
86FomalhautMouth of the fishArabic
87FranciscoFrom FranceSpanish
88GaganHeavenly SkyIndian (Sanskrit)
89GalateaShe who is milk-whiteGreek
90GalaxyLarge System of StarsAmerican
91GalileoNamed after the famous astronomerItalian
92GeminiThe TwinsLatin
93GidjaGod of the MoonAboriginal
96GomeisaMeans ‘bleary-eyed one’ in ArabicArabic
98HalaMeans ‘moon halo’Arabic
99HaleHero; from the hallEnglish
100HamalBrightest star in Aries constellationArabic
101HartleyStag meadowEnglish
102HelakuFull of sunNative American
103HeleneMoon of Saturn named after Helen of TroyGreek
104HeliaMeans ‘sun’ in GreekGreek
105HeliosPersonification of the sun in Greek mythGreek
106HerculesMighty hero in Greek mythologyGreek
107HesperiosEvening; evening starGreek
108HesperoEvening; evening starGreek
110HolmesFrom the island in the riverEnglish
111HunterPersonification of the Orion constellationGreek
112HydrusMale water snakeLatin
113IlkayFirst moonTurkish
114IllyrianAncient tribe nameGreek
115IshaanThe sunIndian (Sanskrit)
116IzarBinary star in Bootes constellationBasque
118JerahTaught by GodHebrew
119JerichoCity of the moonArabic
120JupiterChief Roman god, equivalent to Zeus, The supreme godRoman
121KaleMoon orbiting JupiterOld English
124KiritShining like the sunIndian (Sanskrit)
125KorayEmber moonTurkish
126KosukeRising SunJapanese
127KuiperSmall band of space rocks near NeptuneDutch
128LarissaMoon of NeptuneGreek
129LedaGreek name meaning ‘happy’Greek
130LeoConstellation containing shiny starsLatin
133LucineMeans ‘moon’Armenian
136MahakWaning of the moonArabic
137MarsRoman god of warRoman
138MentariThe SunIndonesian
139MercuryThe messenger of godLatin
140MeteorSmall metallic or rocky body in spaceEnglish
141MeztliMoonAztec (Nahuatl)
142Ming YueBright MoonChinese
143MisaeWhite SunNative American
144MoonSatellite of the earthEnglish via Latin
145MuracoWhite moonNative American
146NamidStar dancerNative American
148NeptuneNamed after the Greek god of waterRoman
149NovaA star showing a sudden increase in brightnessLatin
150OberonRoyal bearGerman
151OctansThe eighth part of a circleLatin
152OjaiMoonNative American
153OrionBrightest and best-known constellationGreek
154PallasYouth, wisdomGreek
155PegasusFrom the water springGreek
157PhoenixDeep red; mythical birdGreek
158PiscesThe FishLatin
159PlutoGod of the underworld, richRoman
160PolarisPole starLatin
161PolluxTwin brother in Gemini constellationGreek
162PortiaOne of the moons of UranusLatin/Shakespeare
164ProteusThe firstGreek
165PtolemyAncient Greek astronomer and mathematicianGreek
166PuckMischievous oneEnglish
168PurnamaFull moonJavanese
171RamsesBegotten by Ra, the sun godEgyptian
172RasalasThe northern star of the lion’s headArabic
173RaviSunIndian (Sanskrit)
174RealtinLittle starCeltic
176RheaMoon of SaturnGreek
178RocketJet-propelled TubeEnglish
179SabikOne who comes in firstArabic
181SarosFrom the term ‘Saros Cycle’Greek
182SaturnGod of agricultureLatin
190ShashiMoonbeamIndian (Sanskrit)
191ShaulaRaised tailArabic
194SiriusThe brightest star in the night sky, Burning brightlyGreek
195SkyRefers to the celestial sphereEnglish
197SolarisOf the SunLatin
198SolsticeRefers to the changing of seasonsLatin
202StarlingStarling birdEnglish
203StarrOld English word ‘steorra’English
204StellaItalian name meaning ‘star’Italian
206StephanoCrown, garlandGreek
207SuryaThe SunIndonesian
208SuvanThe sunIndian (Sanskrit)
209TaariqMorning StarArabic
210TarachandStarIndian (Sanskrit)
211TarakMorning starArabic
212TaurusStar sign and constellation of a bullLatin
213ThalassaMeans ‘sea’ in GreekGreek
214ThatcherRoof thatcherEnglish
215ThebeInner satellite of JupiterGreek
216ThemisLaw of nature, or divine lawGreek
217ThulePlace nameGreek
219TitanGiant race of deities in Greek mythology, Saturn’s largest moonGreek
220TitaniaLargest moon of UranusShakespeare
221TkalisSunNative American
222TotoleStarNative American
223TritonMoon orbiting Neptune, God of the seaGreek
228VegaSwooping eagleArabic
229VernonAlder treeEnglish
230VesperEvening StarLatin
231VirgoMaiden, pure or chasteLatin
233VulcanHypothetical planetLatin
234WabanangEastern (Morning) StarNative American
235WeayayaSetting sun (Sioux)Native American
236WenopaTwo MoonsNative American
237WoksapiwiHarvest MoonNative American
238WolfNamed after the rare star ‘Wolf-Rayet’Native American
239WozhupiwiSpring MoonNative American
240WurrenChildAboriginal Australian (Wardaman)
243YamirMoonIndian (Sanskrit)
245YoomeeStarNative American
250ZenithThe highest point in the heavens, The highest or crowning pointEnglish
251ZephyrGreek god of the west windGreek
252ZephyrusWest windGreek
256ZyanyaForever floweringNahuatl


A Universe of Possibilities: Naming the Stars of Tomorrow

In an age where the world feels smaller by the day, the cosmos offers a vast and beautiful frontier, reminding us of the endless possibilities. Naming your child after a celestial body or concept is a beautiful way to instill a sense of wonder, exploration, and ambition in them. From names meaning moon to those derived from Roman mythology, the options are as boundless as space.

Beyond the Stars

The quest for the perfect baby name can sometimes feel as challenging as charting a course through the cosmos. Yet, we can find unique and timeless names by looking at the stars, planets, and myths of old. While popular baby names come and go like meteor showers, a unique space name stands eternal, just like the celestial bodies that inspire them. And as we’ve explored, space isn’t just the realm of boys named after stars. The universe holds names for your little ones of any gender, ready to inspire and enchant.

So, let the universe be your guide, whether you’re just starting your parenting journey, contemplating getting pregnant, or already gazing into your newborn’s eyes. After all, every child is a star, and every star deserves a name that shines just as brightly. Here’s to the cosmic dance of life and the beautiful names accompanying each unique rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Space Boys’ Baby Names

  1. What name means universe boy?

    Vishnu, a name of Sanskrit origin, signifies ‘universal’. Cosmos is another fitting choice in Greek mythology, directly translating to ‘order of the universe.’

  2. What is a unique space name?

    Orion, after the famed hunter constellation in the northern sky, stands out as a unique space name that’s both strong and distinct.

  3. What boy name means child of the moon?

    Thalos, an uncommon choice, translates to ‘child of the moon’—a name imbued with moonlit mystery and charm.

  4. What boy name means shooting star?

    Aster, rooted in the greek word for ‘star’, encapsulates the essence of a shooting star.

  5. What male name means sky?

    Aether, inspired by greek mythology, is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven.

  6. Is Celestial a boy name?

    While Celestial can be a unisex name, it’s more commonly associated with girls. However, the beauty of baby names inspired by the cosmos is their versatility across genders.

  7. What is a galaxy name?

    Andromeda, a name meaning star, is not just a galaxy but also a Greek mythological princess, adding layers of meaning and heritage.

  8. What are cool planet names?

    Mars, named after the Roman god of war, and Jupiter, the king of Roman gods, stand out as cool planet names that resonate with strength and majesty.

  9. What is a cool name for Earth?

    Terra, the Latin word for Earth, presents an elegant and earthy moniker for those looking for an alternative name for our home planet.

  10. What boy names mean heaven?

    Jannat, of Arabic origin, directly translates to ‘paradise’ or ‘heaven’, enveloping a sense of divine tranquility.

  11. What boy name means bringer of light?

    Lucius, rooted in the Latin word ‘lux’, carries the beautiful meaning of ‘light’, symbolizing brightness and clarity.

  12. What name means bright sky?

    Zohar, a name of Hebrew origin, captures the essence of a bright star in the vast expanse with its meaning ‘light’ or ‘brilliance’.


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