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When do babies start talking?

Posted by Amy T. on

We humans as social beings are extremely reliant on communications – whether it’s via expressive emotions or sometimes rather simple speech. Now that brings us to the question, to the source of this quest.

When does a baby start talking?

Further, delving into this discussion, it is, in fact, intriguing to know how communications begin at the initial stages. Perhaps it is an instinct-driven potential within us humans progressing through stages of growth to acquire simple skills as learning a few words and the complex phrases.

Musical Walker for toddler

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What to Do When Your Child is Aggressive

Posted by Amy T. on

Is your child aggressive too? Here's what I did...

I had a fantastic call with Parenting leader, coach and one of my mentors Sandra Will. This call was so jammed packed full of great info I just had to write about it. We were discussing aggression in children.

My son has been using an aggressive tone lately which has been a concern for me.

Whenever children are aggressive we as parents often punish, reprimand, or explain.

Explaining or reasoning with an angry child rarely works.


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