Use These 10 Tips as a WFH Mom

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Motherhood is complex — so is working from home when you just want to spend time with your little ones. Remote work offers excellent flexibility for those who need it, but it can bring challenges when you still have to play the role of mom. Here are some tips to keep you moving forward, even when the WFH life feels too complicated.

1. Set Routines

Routines can help you feel empowered and ready for the day. You can have a morning routine that influences your day and helps you feel productive and complete the rest of your tasks. An evening routine can distract you from the computer screen and get back into your personal life.

Routines can take time to build but are also associated with a decreased need to see healthcare professionals if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle. That way, you can benefit your physical and mental health.

2. Search for Privacy

Children may follow you everywhere — even to the bathroom — so you must find a way to have privacy during work hours. If your child isn’t old enough to be alone, build a space in your designated office for them to play. If you can have someone else watch your child or they’re old enough to care for themselves, let them know you’ll be in the office.

Teach your child when they can come in and talk to you by implementing a door policy. If they approach the office and see the door is closed, they know you’re in a meeting or focusing on something and shouldn’t interrupt you unless it’s an emergency. If your door is open, they can feel comfortable approaching you.

3. Decorate Constructively

When you decorate your office, think of ways it can better serve you. Adding green to your space might improve your mental health — just 20 minutes in nature can decrease stress for most people.

Unfortunately, you may not always be able to work outside. Still, you can bring some nature inside by setting plants up on or near your desk, or opening a window to a scenic view. Similarly, natural light can influence your productivity for the better.

4. Plan for Your Kids

Use These 10 Tips as a WFH Mom

Your kids need to have something to do when you’re at work. As they age, they’ll be able to care for themselves and be in school for most of your work hours. However, they may need your constant supervision when they’re too young to attend school.

You can plan daily activities to keep them occupied while you work. You might also call a relative or friend to watch your children while you have a meeting or a particularly heavy day at work. That way, your quality of work won’t suffer and you know your child won’t be bored.

5. Upgrade Your Technology

It might have been a while since you last worked in your home office. It could be time for you to upgrade your materials. Consider opting for a new desk that can raise or lower when you want so you can stand up and work. You should be able to rest your arms on your desk at a 90° angle without sacrificing comfort to find the most ergonomical desk for you.

6. Figure Out Your Best Workflow

The best way to make your workday feel easier is to figure out how and when you do your best work. If you know how to revolve your working hours around your deep focus times, you’ll be able to complete more tasks and feel like you’ve expended less energy. For example, some people can enter a deep working mode earlier in the day, while others might have to wait until late afternoon to be at their most productive.

7. Take Breaks Often

Even if you create your schedule, you need to build in time for some breaks to hang out with the kids. You can find out whether shorter breaks work best for you or if a long break in the middle of the day makes you feel more productive. Breaks from five minutes to an hour can improve your productivity and help you focus better.

8. Stay Organized

One day, you might have an immaculate desk — the next, it could be covered with clutter due to papers you’ve printed out or notes you’ve jotted down. Try to take some time at the end of your day to tidy up your workspace. A little cleaning about five minutes before logging off can transform your tomorrow and help you feel more productive while sitting at your desk.

9. Set Goals You Can Achieve

WFH Moms - Set Goals You Can Achieve

You have to be realistic when setting goals in your professional and personal life. Since you have kids, there might be a few more obstacles, but you can reach your targets when you put your mind to it.

People reach realistic goals more often than unrealistic or fantastical goals, so it’s important to remember to work with what you can do. Set a small goal and work your way up from there.

10. Be Flexible

With kids, your schedule will look different every day. You might have to log off work early to take care of a sick kid or start later one day because of some mishap in the drop-off line at school. You must feel prepared for these little setbacks and realize they don’t define your life. Being flexible will help you in your personal life and at work.

Learn Your Best Working Schedule

Your working life may change daily or even yearly as your children grow up. However, the sooner you can find a pattern for your ideal workday, the easier it’ll be to start building routines and habits for the better. Take each day one at a time and be flexible about whatever comes up.


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