65+ Baby Shower Venues

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Baby Shower Venues – Why do you need one?

An expectant mother is already under many mixed emotions and is also very skeptical of what the future holds for her after her baby is born, especially if she is a first-time mom.

It is a popular way of celebrating the arrival of a new family member, which has no set formula or rules; hence it gives a wide margin for the host to make it memorable.

A baby shower is just what a pregnant mother needs at the time to enjoy her last days of freedom before she embarks on another exciting yet very demanding job of motherhood.

It’s a tradition that dates back many decades and has been celebrated in many cultures and countries according to their traditions and values.

Nonetheless, a baby shower is conceptualized as a function that is full of fun for the pregnant mom and is all women exclusive, so moms share their experiences.

Today we will try to cover as many elements that you need to keep in mind while you plan a baby shower for anyone.

Before you jump on inviting the guests, you must make a list of a fewmat questions and answer them yourself so that you can get a clear picture of what you need to decide:

  1. Who will host the baby shower?
  2. Who should be invited to the baby shower to determine the guest list?
  3. Discuss the theme of the baby shower with the pregnant mom.
  4. How much will you spend on the baby shower, i.e., your budget?

Once you have answered the questions above, you should be able to plan an exciting baby shower for the mother-to-be confidently. The things one will need to consider include:

  • Find the most responsible for inviting, managing decorations, finalizing the theme, and working closely with the expecting mother so that a fun-filled baby shower is given.
  • The theme is very important in a baby shower and gives a very good aesthetic feel and look so the host and the expecting mother to communicate and finalize the theme together so that both can be satisfied.
  • The number of attendees will also determine the place, which will assist in managing the budget and making it manageable.

You’ve got the date, a location – and the guests are already on board too. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder what this day needs to be perfect.

It’s probably best to get yourself a flexible baby shower venue when you realize that it’s going to need something else that you forgot about or some new thing suddenly comes up.

Check out these 65+ venues, so you have an understanding of your options:

Best Baby Shower Venues

The venue is a vital factor when planning a baby shower. That will assist in managing most things effectively.

You can choose several places to have the baby shower, depending on your budget, the number of attendees, etc.

Now that you have picked out your theme and basic details, it is best to decide on a suitable venue for the baby shower.

Let us run you through some of the best venues for a baby shower that will make it fun and memorable:

  1. Host’s House:
Baby Shower Venues - Host's House

If the house of your event host is big enough to hold all of your party guests, this can be a practical option for an expecting mother.

In addition to making her feel more relaxed and at home, it will help make the experience more enjoyable by allowing her to let go and socialize without feeling uncomfortable or restricted.

  1. Friend’s House:

Unfortunately, if the host house is unsuitable for the guests, then any friend’s home can be chosen for the baby shower that will make a good venue to host the baby shower.

  1. Banquet Halls:

These halls are designed specifically for hosting such events independently. They are specialists in conducting events of all scales in their banquet halls, making them an ideal venue for conveniently conducting the baby shower.

The rates of the banquet halls vary with the type of decoration, size of the room, and the food variety you will ask for.

They provide tables, linens, and food services, making it a convenient place to host the baby shower.

  1. Beach:

It is an excellent venue for throwing a baby shower by simply decorating a portion of the beach, having a seating arrangement, music, and food to enjoy an evening, and perhaps enjoying a bonfire at the end and making it a fun-filled evening.

  1. School Gym:

If you plan to host a big-scale baby shower and need a place accordingly, then a school gym can be the right place for you.

School gyms are generally very large and empty after school hours and economical, making them an ideal location to throw a baby shower.

Since it’s a large venue, you might want to hire a catering company to manage the event properly so that a good baby shower is given that will be enjoyed by many.

Plus, these have restrooms, so that is also something off the checklist.

  1. A Virtual Baby shower

In this digital age where communication barriers have been eradicated by the use of technology and even marriages are done virtually.

You can plan a baby shower virtually if your loved ones don’t live with you and cannot gather in one place to celebrate the baby shower.

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  1. Park Pavilions:

If you plan to throw a baby shower during summertime, you could consider renting a park pavilion.

There are different kinds available, so it’s a good idea to take a look at some of them before making any decisions, but once you find one that seems suitable, then getting it reserved should be fairly simple.

The best part is the park pavilion should already look somewhat classy if maintained regularly, which provides an elegant backdrop to the whole baby shower event.

The walls in the pavilion can work to convey important information about the baby and its parents (such as updated family trees and photos).

So, make sure you ask them if that is allowed or not beforehand since that’ll make an even bigger impact on your reception.

  1. Private Rooms at a Restaurant:

Besides renting a room for a private party, renting out a portion of the restaurant can make for an equally rewarding experience.

This is especially true if the establishment you choose does not require anything other than your patronage during peak hours.

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  1. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens are a great place to plan a baby shower or any party, for that matter. Guests and the soon-to-be moms will feel at ease, surrounded by nature, while celebrating this memorable event.

  1. Fire Hall:

A fire department in any city has fire halls that can be used as a space at a low cost. These have provisions for a kitchen etc., but you can easily rent a catering company to provide food, etc., and you can enjoy the baby shower.

  1. Church Hall:

A church hall is yet another economical option but an ideal venue that you can utilize for your needs.

Just ensure that you book quickly since they are usually fully booked over weekends for weddings or baptisms ceremonies; hence a booking will ensure that it is yours for the event.

  1. Hotel Meeting Space:

Many hotels usually provide private rooms for such events at a reasonable cost. Hotels usually provide basic facilities like water, juice, tea, or coffee that will be included in the total cost.

Moreover, they have pools and other outdoor places that you can easily decorate according to baby shower themes.

  1. Farm House:

You can throw an ideal baby shower at a farmhouse which you can book for a day and decorate according to your themes, and it will be a fun-filled event for all.

  1. Country Clubs:

Country clubs are highly popular establishments and can be found nationwide.

Whether you’re planning to host a large or small event with your closest family and friends, these locations will impress virtually everyone in attendance!

These facilities provide guests with festivities and entertainment as they take advantage of the shared resources within their walls.

Suppose you plan on hosting your baby shower at one of these locations. In that case, it’s important to check if you have received access to a private room.

However, not all clubs have separate areas for events like this one that is reserved exclusively for members.

  1. Hotel Event Room:

If you are planning to throw a very ornate baby shower and something that will unwind all the guests, then you should plan something like a weekend baby shower in a hotel room that you can hire.

Most hotels have very lavish and big spaces to host such events that they can decorate and serve food elegantly for the guests, which makes it all the more memorable and relaxing for the expectant mother.

  1. Indoor Restaurant:
Baby Shower Venues - Indoor Restaurant

You can enjoy special offers or discounts on your favorite restaurants’ menus if you ask them to give one by making a reservation and notifying the manager.

Be sure to let the manager know ahead of time that it’s for an important occasion like a baby shower so that they can make sure to honor whatever offer you get during the event!

  1. Park:

Most communities have the facility of parks which is free for all. It is a good venue for throwing a baby shower if you have a decent park in your surroundings.

Some parks have the facility of charcoals that can be rented out and used to decorate and plan a perfect baby shower.

  1. Spa:

Having a baby shower in a spa is ideal for any expecting mother to relax and get pampered before becoming a mother.

From enjoying the favorite foods of friends and family to getting the best treatment, spas offer the ideal environment to celebrate impending motherhood!

  1. On a Boat

If you live nearby water, having a baby shower on a boat is a very classy venue and something everyone will enjoy.

Just charter a boat or a yacht, decorate it, and make it all more fun and decked up with music and food. You can also book a boat with restrooms and a small room that you can easily use for your guests.

  1. Community Centre:

Every city does have these centers called community centers that are commonly used for various purposes. Still, they are also rented out when not in use at an economical price to make some money.

You can seek such a venue for the baby shower and decorate it accordingly, making it a great venue.

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  1. Amusement Park:

Amusement parks are another place you can host a baby shower.

The mom-to-be will appreciate the opportunity to roam around for an extended period in an environment where she does not feel confined and as though she is missing out on something by being away from home.

Just make sure she knows which rides to avoid!

  1. Club House:

A clubhouse is a perfect venue to have your private party or event. A clubhouse is the best option if you’re looking for a place to catch up with your friends and relax in a casual atmosphere.

Golfers usually use these facilities to cool down after playing a round of golf and provide entertainment through activities like tournaments.

Most also provide small meals that can be eaten with family and friends at their clubhouse lodge area.

  1. Outdoor Restaurants:

Just like restaurants provide indoor rooms for hosting events, many restaurants in your area might provide outdoor areas to host your events, like a baby shower.

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These make an ideal location for you at night if you just decorate it nicely and light up nicely that you can get, making it all the more aesthetically appealing and that they will surely remember for a long time.

The best part of having a baby shower here is that you can get food and desserts easily.

  1. Community Meeting Room:

Many community meeting rooms range in size that can either be booked privately to invite friends and family to a baby shower or rented out for corporate events.

One thing to ensure is that every community center has its own set of amenities and specialties as it relates to food and other facilities.

So when arranging your meeting, you should consider the space, tables set up, and decorations required to meet everyone’s needs.

Finally, community centers have different capacities depending on the number of guests you intend to invite.

  1. Tasting Rooms:

Many wineries, breweries, and even bakeries in any town have a tasting room that can easily be booked for a baby shower. These rooms are small and are an ideal space to host small ceremonies.

  1. Rec Centre:

Rec centers are another ideal place for you to throw a baby sprinkle and can be rented out to host large-scale events.

They are large spaces, so you must hire a decoration/catering company to handle the decorations. They can decorate them in such a way that makes them suitable to accommodate the guests and looks appealing.

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  1. Ball Rooms:

Dance halls, as the image, come into the mind of the films, and the moves that happen are an optimal area for facilitating a baby shower.

It is a tasteful spot with the right arrangement of lights, enrichments including tables, seats, table materials, food, backgrounds, and a dance floor if you need to make it more fun.

You can enrich the setting with the catering company, and they will want to finish it for you as indicated by your requirements and all you need to appear and appreciate!

  1. Conference Centre:

Conference centers are yet another exciting place for you to hire and throw a baby shower.

They are ideal since they are in various sizes and are set up with various amenities for the guests. You can visit some and select the one that suits your needs.

  1. A lake:
Baby Shower Venues - Lake

If you have a lake nearby, you can easily throw a baby shower outside of the lake by setting up a table and decorating it, which will be pleasant when it is not too hot or windy.

  1. Brewery:

Breweries tend to be rather rustic, so if you have an elegant baby shower coming up and the venue of choice happens to be a brewery, you might want to freshen it up with touches like metallic colors (yes, even for an elegant baby shower).

Check out Mia Majesty, which will be perfect for the brewery.

The most important part about throwing a classy gathering is that both the guests and mother-to-be will have fun at this baby shower, but don’t forget your main objective, celebrating your new arrival!

  1. Vineyard:

Vineyards are a great way to host a baby shower in a very classically vintage setting, complete with vines.

It’s amazing how many vineyards out there have grown to be the perfect place for hosting an event or inviting people over due to the small, unique spaces they provide.

This can range from having just one room where food and beverages are served or having smaller rooms that make for the ideal baby sprinkle location if you’re looking for something more intimate.

As always, though, as an expecting mother, your main concern should be making sure you don’t come into contact with anything resembling grapes or damage any of the vines!

In these instances, perhaps going outside and taking a walk around (but staying away from the vines) would be nice since you won’t be bothered by any of your guests.

  1. An Art Studio:

Looking for something fun to host for the expecting mother?

Then you can host a baby shower at an art studio or ceramic studio that will be more focused on the artistic experience rather than the decoration or food or anything else.

But it will be a great venue for all as it will be something different and an experience they will remember forever.

  1. Rental Companies:

Rental companies that deal with tents can be hired to host the baby shower in outdoor spaces like gardens, parks, or poolside since these companies specialize in hosting these ceremonies.

These companies also accommodate any special or private place that you wish.

You can hire these companies, and they can rent tables, chairs, table linens, catering things like dishes and plates, and decorating and lighting according to the requirement of the event.

  1. Tea Rooms:

Tea rooms are ideal for hosting bridal or baby showers since they are designed for small ceremonies.

Some tea rooms provide small-scale menus like sandwiches or pastries, which can be served during these ceremonies.

Tea rooms have set up tables and some centerpieces that can be used as decorations.

  1. Office Hall:

If you are throwing a baby shower for your college, you can book a conference room in your office, decorate it, and throw a baby shower there for the expecting mom.

  1. BNB:

You can hire a bed and breakfast for an overnight stay without worrying about food or anything, and it can be an ideal location for your baby shower.

  1. Air BnB

If you are arranging an end-of-the-week escape or something to that effect for the baby shower, then you look into Air BnBs in your areas and book it as per your necessities.

On the off chance that you intend to have a garden or a pool close by, look for the Air BnB that has a pool or a garden that you can brighten and get together and partake in the occasion.

  1. Backyard:

A backyard is yet another great place to have a baby shower.

Decorate it and arrange food and seating arrangements, and you are all good to go with throwing an easy and fun-filled baby shower.

  1. Disney World Baby Shower:

If you live in Orlando, Florida, you can throw a baby shower at Disney World, which can be fun and exciting for all the guests.

  1. A Gallery

You can host a baby shower in a gallery or an art museum. If the expecting mother is really into arts and crafts, she would certainly enjoy it.

  1. Rooftop Garden:

If you have access to a rooftop garden, it can make for a beautiful and memorable baby shower venue. Decorate the space with floral arrangements, fairy lights, and comfortable seating to make the event special.

  1. Luxury Yacht:

Consider hosting your baby shower on a chartered yacht to make it a luxury affair. This venue will make an unforgettable impression with the sparkling sea as your backdrop.

  1. Local Zoo:

Host the baby shower at your local zoo for a unique twist. This is a great choice if you plan to have many children at the event, as they will love the animals and the fun atmosphere.

  1. Cafe:

Consider renting a local cafe for a small and cozy gathering. This casual venue can provide an intimate setting for your loved ones to celebrate the upcoming arrival.

  1. Picnic in a Forest Clearing:

A picnic in a forest clearing can be magical if you love nature and want an outdoor baby shower. It’s essential to ensure the area is safe and easily accessible for all guests.

  1. Sports Club:

Sports clubs often have rooms or areas that can be rented out for special occasions. With catering facilities and ample parking, they can be a practical choice.

  1. Historical Mansion:

Renting a historical mansion for your baby shower can add a touch of elegance and grandeur. These properties often have beautiful gardens, providing indoor and outdoor spaces for your event.

  1. Library Meeting Room:

Many libraries have meeting rooms that can be hired for private events. This can be a wonderfully unique venue for a book-themed baby shower.

  1. Farmers Market:

For a laid-back daytime event, consider hosting the baby shower at your local farmers market. You can arrange a special brunch or lunch with fresh, local produce.

  1. Public Aquarium:

Hosting your baby shower at a public aquarium can create a magical and unforgettable experience for all your guests. With beautiful marine life as the backdrop, your event will be anything but ordinary.

  1. Yoga Studio:

A yoga studio can provide a peaceful, serene setting for a baby shower. You can even arrange for a special prenatal yoga session as part of the festivities.

  1. Theatre:

Local theatres often have spaces that can be hired for private functions. This can be an excellent choice for drama lovers or those wanting to add a dramatic flair to their event.

  1. Cooking School:

If you or the expecting mother love cooking, consider hiring a cooking school for the event. You could even incorporate a fun cooking class into the baby shower activities.

  1. Art Gallery:

For art lovers, consider hosting the baby shower at an art gallery. The artwork can provide a unique and cultural backdrop to your event.

  1. Museum:

Many museums offer event spaces that can be rented for private functions. This can provide a unique and educational setting for your baby shower.

  1. Winery:

If you live in a region known for its wine, consider hosting the baby shower at a local winery. Guests can enjoy vineyard tours and wine tastings as part of the festivities.

  1. Circus Tent:

Consider renting a circus tent for a fun and whimsical baby shower. This can provide a unique and memorable venue for your event.

  1. Lighthouse:

If you live near the coast, a local lighthouse can be a beautiful and unique venue for a baby shower. This setting can offer breathtaking views and memorable photo opportunities.

  1. Orchard:

Hosting your baby shower in an orchard can be a lovely choice, especially in the autumn when the trees are heavy with fruit. This can provide a natural outdoor setting for your event.

  1. Zoo or Wildlife Park:

If you and the expectant mother are animal lovers, consider hosting the baby shower at a zoo or wildlife park. Guests can enjoy looking at the animals and exploring the park during the event.

  1. Concert Hall:

If music is a passion of the expecting mother, consider booking a concert hall or a similar venue for a sophisticated and musically-themed baby shower. Some venues might even provide options for live music.

  1. Botanical Garden:

Consider a botanical garden as your venue for a nature-inspired baby shower. Surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, guests can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere while celebrating the upcoming arrival.

  1. Art Studio:

An art studio can be a creative venue for a baby shower. You can arrange art activities that match the baby shower theme, offering guests an opportunity to create something beautiful.

  1. Planetarium:

Consider a local planetarium for a unique and educational baby shower venue. The celestial theme can be very exciting and different for a baby shower.

  1. Beach House:

If you can access a beach house, it could be an excellent venue for a baby shower. A beach-themed baby shower could include beach games and a barbeque.

  1. Tea Garden:

A local tea garden could be ideal for a serene and elegant baby shower. This could include a traditional high tea with various delicious cakes and sandwiches.

  1. Bookstore:

For literature-loving parents-to-be, a bookstore could be an ideal venue for a baby shower. You could organize book reading sessions and choose a children’s book theme.

  1. Ice Cream Parlor:

An ice cream parlor or a dessert bar could be a fun and unique venue for a baby shower, especially if the expectant mother has a sweet tooth.

  1. Hot Air Balloon:

Consider renting a hot air balloon for a truly adventurous baby shower. This can make for an unforgettable experience, offering breathtaking views.

Things to Look for in a Baby Shower Venue

1. Location

The venue’s location should be easy for your guests to get to, and it should be close enough to you that they can easily walk or drive there if necessary. Go to your favorite search engine and search “baby shower venues near me” to get the nearest options.

2. Parking options

It should have ample parking, especially if you have more than one party.

3. Food

You want to ensure you’re getting good quality food, so choose a place with high-quality ingredients and friendly service.

4. Music

Find out what kind of music will be played during the event. This is important information to know if you plan on dancing.

5. Decorations

Decorate as much or as little as you like. It’s your baby shower, after all! You don’t need to spend a lot of money decorating, though. A simple tablecloth, balloons, streamers, and candles are usually enough.

6. Cleanliness

Look around before choosing a venue to ensure everything is clean. Make sure there are no smells, stains, or dirt anywhere.

7. Space

Make sure you have enough space for everyone to move about freely. Will there be room for people to dance? Is there enough seating for everyone?

8. Cost

Are you looking for baby shower venues on a budget? How much does it cost to rent the venue? Are there additional costs involved? How much does it cost per person? You can also go to your favorite search engine and search “inexpensive baby shower venues near me.”

9. Accessibility

If you have special needs such as mobility issues, make sure the venue has accessible facilities. Look for ramps, elevators, and other features that help those with disabilities feel comfortable and included.

10. Event planning services

Don’t forget to ask about their event planning services. Some places offer free consultations, while others charge a fee. This way, you can find out how experienced they are at organizing events like yours.

11. Party favors

Are you looking for something sweet to give out as a gift? Consider buying some inexpensive favor bags from a store like Target. These come in many different sizes and styles. They also work great as thank-you gifts when someone RSVP’s to your event.

12. Is there an option for catering, or is it all-inclusive

This depends on whether or not you want to provide all of the food yourself. Many places allow you to bring your food and drinks, but most require you to order them.

13. Can I bring my decorations?

Most places won’t let you bring in decorations, but some do. Check ahead to see if they’ll allow you to do this.

14. Do they offer discounts?

Check online to see if they offer discounts. Most places offer a discount to bridesmaids, parents, grandparents, and friends of the bride and groom.

15. What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellation policies vary widely. Find out what type of policy they have before booking the venue.

16. Does the venue cater to infants?

Some places may only cater to adults, but others may cater to children too. Find out ahead of time if the venue caters to kids.

17. Who else will be attending?

Does the venue accommodate large groups? You might want to look into another venue if you’re expecting a crowd.

18. Do they have a website?

Visit their website to learn more about them. Read reviews to see what other customers think about them.

19. Does the venue accept credit cards?

Some places only take cash, while others accept major credit cards. Call ahead to confirm.

20. What are the hours?

Know what the hours are so you can plan accordingly. For example, if the place closes early, you might want to consider having the reception elsewhere.

Final Words

A baby shower is a special event for couples and those celebrating. The venue is a vital factor when planning a baby shower. That will assist in managing most things effectively. We hope our 65+ baby shower venues list has helped you find the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I keep my baby shower?

    There are a lot of great options for baby showers, from tea rooms to banquet halls.

    It can be tough to decide where to have yours, but a great way to narrow down your choices is to think about what kind of atmosphere you want and what kind of event space will best fit your needs.

    Once you’ve got a few venues in mind, you can start comparing them based on price, availability, and amenities. And of course, don’t forget to ask your friends and family for their opinion!

  2. Who generally pays for a baby shower?

    Who pays for a baby shower? This is a common question with many different answers. It is traditional for the host to pay for the baby shower.

    However, co-hosts or other family members may also pitch in. If you plan to have a baby shower, discuss who will be paying your potential host ahead of time.

  3. What are the good prices for a baby shower?

    The cost of a baby shower will depend on what kind of cake, food, and decorations you want. Generally, a simple baby shower could cost $30 – $50 per pax, while a formal one could cost $100 – $150 per pax.

    Most people go for informal baby showers, so the above numbers are general and not exact.

    But the cost of the party should not be your primary concern. It’s more important that you choose the best date and time and pick the right venue (such as a park or a restaurant) that will be able to accommodate your guests.

  4. How far in advance should baby shower invites be sent out?

    It depends on who you’re inviting. If you’re inviting people who have a hard time getting to the post office or don’t like to deal with mail, they might appreciate a couple of extra weeks to respond.

    If you have a lot of relatives or friends who live far away and you’re having a big celebration, they might appreciate a couple of extra weeks to save up and plan their travel arrangements.

    Another reason could be that you’re waiting to find out the gender of the baby so you can decide on the theme of your party.

    As a general rule, baby shower invitations should be sent about six to eight weeks before the baby shower is to be held.

  5. What should you not do at a baby shower?

    Nowadays, almost all baby showers have become casual and fun events, with no “guests” taking their roles too seriously.

    Still, there are several types of behavior that you should avoid if you do not want to be considered inappropriate at the party.

    Do not do a speech in the shower. It’s not a birthday party, after all.
    Do not bring a gift that is not a shower gift.
    Do not talk to the expectant mother about your pregnancy and childbirth experience.
    Do not ask when they are going to have the baby.
    Do not complain about the venue of the shower.
    Do not tell the mother to take it easy because she is pregnant.
    Do not criticize the games or the food.
    Do not bring gifts that are not related to the baby.

  6. What is the best baby shower venue?

    The best baby shower venue should have everything you need to make your event perfect.

    Event venues that specialize in baby showers will have great options for games, party favors, and more. If you’re looking for a unique venue, try a tea room or country club.

    If you’re looking for a great location, try a party room at a wedding reception venue.


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