7 Tips For Setting Up A Baby Shower

Updated: December 6, 2023 | Published:

Just like any other special occasion, setting up a baby shower entails careful planning and preparation. It’s a special day to welcome the newest family member, gathering everyone close to you and celebrating this momentous event for your little one. In this digital era, baby showers are getting more popular worldwide, which evolved from traditional to virtual settings.

Baby showers are meant to show love to mom and baby with gifts and presents, where the expectant mother’s friends usually organize a baby shower.

So, if you’re a friend or a close family wanting to throw a baby shower, here are a few suggestions on setting up a perfect one:

Find The Right Venue

Choose a place to hold your baby shower party. Your baby shower can be an intimate affair in your backyard or living room where there’ll be no charge to reserve the space. You may need a hotel or restaurant if there is an extensive guest list or if your budget is high. The venues play an essential role in the planning process. Your venue location must be secured before you can send invitations and save the dates. You can choose between a function room or a nearby restaurant as a venue for the party.  Determine the number of people that the room or home can accommodate.

Send Out Invitations

Ideally, sending out invitations should be around six weeks before the baby shower. By this time, invites should be delivered to your guests. One crucial thing in sending out invitations is the medium you’ll choose for it. If you’re looking for a casual way to do it, you can have a virtual baby shower invitation for a change.

However, if you’re planning a more formal baby shower, you may consider going with the traditional card invitation. Baby shower invitations for two genders don’t have to be complex! Choose designs, fonts, and colors that are suitable for both genders.

Select A Theme For The Baby Shower

Picking a cohesive and easy theme while planning a baby shower may seem obvious, but it’s otherwise an important part to focus too. A theme is essential for every type of party for coordinating everything from decorations and party favors to food and games. Furthermore, your personal preferences can be reflected in numerous baby shower theme ideas.

For your baby shower themes, you have a wide range of options that includes dinosaur-themed, nautical-themed, cowboy-themed, or space-themed baby showers.

Decorate And Prepare The Menu

Among the many important components of the party, you should pay attention to your food and decorations. You may also need to prioritize planning the menu, along with the importance of the décor for your baby shower. You should think of including foods that everyone may enjoy and like. For example, try to gauge the people who will attend your party and from that data, create your food menu.  For a casual baby shower, try to add food and snacks, or consider some savory foods for your guest. In addition, you may want to add a variety of mini-desserts to add a variety.

For your baby shower decorations, you may opt for money-saving choices. With that said, you can save money and time with printable baby shower decorations without sacrificing the quality and overall look of the decorations you’ll set up. You may decorate your baby shower using various printed logos, water bottle labels, banners, favor boxes, and tags. In addition, you can get cheaper deals, if you go with balloons and streamers instead of incorporating expensive party props. In the end, when decorating your baby shower you must choose your décor themes with coordination, relevance, and impact.

Organize Some Games

You should consider what games to play as well as what prizes to give to the winners. A baby shower wouldn’t be completed without the thrill of games. However, if your guests aren’t competitive, there are other options available to keep them entertained. You can get everyone to laugh and have fun by playing games. Prizes for each winner of the game can be something creative and fun. A blue and pink tissue paper and a couple of drink packets in the bottom of a tumbler, followed by a bow tied around the straw, are fantastic baby shower game prizes

Have A Gift Registry

Baby Shower Gifts

A gift registry provides a specific list of preferred gift ideas for a certain occasion. In other words, the use of a gift registry spares your guests the brainstorming and the possibility of double-ups. Besides, with a wish list such as a gift registry, it’ll be easier for you to curate the things you want to give for the baby. If you want to receive personalized baby shower gifts for a twist, you can easily indicate them in your gift advisory. This way it saves you time and guarantees satisfaction.

Hand Out Party Souvenirs

No matter how big or small, a parting gift is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to express your appreciation to your guests. The most familiar crowd-pleasers or baby shower favors are candles, soap, and baths. The perfect way to say thank you to each guest is to give them a welcoming bag filled with goodies like candies and cookies.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, a baby shower presents the family with an opportunity to get people together to help them prepare for their child’s arrival. Getting all of your friends and loved ones in one place as a baby shower gathering is a perfect time to share funny stories with family and friends. Also, this could be the time when the parents might ask for help in raising their child and help educate them over its development.

That’s why it must be planned out thoroughly. However, no matter what you have in mind, the baby shower setup should always depend on the mother. Hence, it’s always a good idea to ask her thoughts and follow her preference on things such as the activities, foods, venue, and decorations.


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