Baby Shower Gift Ideas | 22 of the Best Gifts Every Mum with Love

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Wow! Attending a baby shower is one of the best moments.

It is a perfect chance to welcome moms to be and show them what motherhood has in place.

I will help you get equipped with perfect ideas on how to make a baby shower event forever memorable.

Most importantly, the mom to be should not be involved in the preparation process of the event. She is the guest of honor. It will be best if you make it a surprise party for her.

Best time to hold a baby shower

The 30th- 35th week of pregnancy is the perfect time to hold a baby shower party. You don’t need to have it too early.

Since you are going to set the baby welcoming mood, the expectant mom will start feeling that the baby is taking “decades” to come. If you have been through this, I guess you understand what I am talking about very well.

Start with planning the baby shower event.

First, who to attend the party decision is done by the party owner. Mostly the attendees’ are girls who haven’t had kids yet.

Commonly a baby shower is conducted for first-time mothers.

But that is an old tradition which you can always ignore. And hold a baby shower for all your kids and invite all your influential friends.

Preparation of Baby Shower for Single Mom To Be

Then, plan on printing invitation cards. There is a variety of cute cards from which you can choose. But, if you are unable to make a perfect choice, you can involve a specialist to help make the best selection.

You need to send invitation cards to respective individuals at least two weeks before the function. To help them include the event in their diary.

  • Don’t forget to invite a photographer. A photography session is one of the must-do lists. The photos taken will be one of the best memories. The mother will leave to show to her beloved ones. Even better, make a portrait.

Here are unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for you to choose from, and make expectant moms very happy.

Maternity Dress

A maternity outfit makes a perfect baby shower gift.

Most new moms end their first pregnancy before finding a perfect dress because they are hard to find. And, the few available are not pocket friendly.

A right maternity dress can serve a multipurpose as a nursing dress too.

So, finding a perfect dress for the two purposes will be of great use to the expectant mother for many months to come. If she has added a dress to a baby registry, do not forget to check that.

Maternity Underwear

Maternity underwear is the most forgotten clothing to be included in the budget. A mother to be is likely to put on her favorite type and brand of underwear.

Helping her try something new will be a perfect idea ever.

Maternity underwear has a design in that; it fits well and comfortably on the expanding belly without causing any discomfort to an expectant mother.

Maternity Belt

You can’t imagine having sleepless nights because of back pain!

It sacks, right?

Now let’s help our dear expectant mother have a relaxed good night’s sleep.

A maternity belt is also called a corset. It helps in supporting the back. Thus, relieving back pain.

It can be used during and after pregnancy.

It has adjustable points making it flexible and comfortable.

Maternity Pillow

A maternity pillow makes an incredible baby shower gift.

Maternity pillows are available in almost if not all baby-shops and supermarkets you can visit.

Plus, they are pocket friendly. Thus, you are not going to sweat much to get this one.

Sleep is really what a mom to be, needs most during this time.

So, helping her enjoy one will be a perfect idea ever.

Maternity Pajama

Wow! It is the most forgotten clothing to shop for an expectant mom.

A mom to be is likely to wake up late. Visitors are most likely to pop in and find her in bed!

The duration and energy she will use to get dressed someone in a hurry can’t wait.

Let’s go through the importance of maternity pajama.

A right pajama will allow the mom to enjoy a warm good night’s sleep. She will be able to get up and head straight to the living room without worrying about her looks.

It is best if the color is dull. When the baby arrives, she is likely to mess herself up with the leaking breast milk. It will help her not worry much about the stains when waking up and give her enough to get dressed at her own time.

Nursing Bra

Like all ladies, a mom needs to put on a bra to support her breasts, which helps her look sexier when dressed.

A nursing bra is the best during this period. It offers excellent comfort. Also, it gives room for expanding breasts due to milk production. And, when breastfeeding, it makes it easier to access the breasts.

Nursing pads

One of the must-have items for new moms is nursing pads.

Leaking breast milk can make life unbearable.

Nursing pads are pocket friendly.

You can grab as many as possible for an expectant mom.

Breast Pump

breast pump is one of the essentials for new moms. Thus, helping your friend get equipped with one can be a big thank you.

A manual pump can be good enough. Since for the first new months of breastfeeding, the mother will be around, so she won’t need to do a lot of pumping.

The pump will help the mom to express the excess milk after the baby finishes breastfeeding.

If need be, the mother can purchase an electric pump as time goes by, if she needs to express more milk.

Nursing Tanks

The name nursing tanks might sound funny when you hear it for the first time.

Wait until you understand in detail what it means, you will need to purchase one for a dear breast pumping mother.

A nursing tank contains; a breast pump, bottle, and a nursing bra.

It will go a long way to help in making her pumping process easy and fast.

Diaper Bag Themed Gift Basket

Items you need to include in your gift basket to create a perfect themed diaper bag:

  • Diapers.
  • Baby wet wipes.
  • Sanitizer.
  • diaper rash cream.
  • Baby powder.
  • diaper change pad.
  • Nail trimmer
Diaper Bag from Land

Gifting the above to an expecting parent will make a perfect and unique baby shower gift. You can check bags from Land and Lequeen in our store.

Pacifier Clips

A pacifier clip is the best soother for a baby. Thus, making it one of the best baby shower gifts.


Moms love it most when the baby is quiet and happy. It gives them little time to at least focus on something else apart from the new member of the family.

Pacifier clips come in different brands. Each brand has its design. All you need is to show up at your nearest baby-shop or supermarket and get spoiled with choices.

Not forgetting, they are pocket friendly so you need not worry.

Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is also called a sleeping bag. Its function is to keep the baby warm when asleep at night. But, you can use it at any time of the day when it is damn cold.

It helps the mother not to be struggling with shawls each time the baby kicks them away.

It is most important to note that a sleep sack helps to prevent the baby from overheating. Since using a baby blanket or shawl, you can overdo it and cause the baby a heat rash infection.

If you manage to get one for an expecting parent, it will go a long way of helping.

Baby Stroller

The baby may seem tinny, but guess what? Carrying him/her along in your arms can be a real struggle.

Baby Stroller for Active

Making an effort to purchase such an incredible gift for an expecting parent can be a show of great kindness.

A baby stroller can offer much help apart from helping carry along with the baby.

It contains a stroller organizer that can help the moms walk along carrying everything necessary for keeping the baby comfortable when away from home. Gift them a jogging stroller.

Car Seat

Wow! Giving out a car seat at the baby shower is not a thing many people manage.

The reason being, a car seat is expensive to purchase.

But, if you can afford one, it makes a unique baby shower gift idea.

Car Seat

Let’s have a look at the importance of a car seat; it keeps the baby safe and comfortable when traveling.

Road bumps can trouble you a lot when traveling with an infant. The baby will tend to be flying off your hands each time the car slows down.

Car accidents are the worst! It can cause injuries that can last a lifetime.

To help keep the baby a little safe, a parent dearly needs to install an infant car seat for each baby in the house.

Phone Holder

Handling a toddler and attending to a phone can be hectic.

Therefore, making a phone holder a necessity for a new mom.

Getting one for her can enable her access to social media and make phone calls more efficiently. Without getting to worry about how to handle the phone and the baby.

Favorite Books

Do you think it’s too early to start making a collection of baby books? You are very wrong.

Go ahead, by one of your favorite baby books to help a mom to be, start a small library for the baby to come.

Customized Cup

Using your preferred theme, customize a cup for an expectant mom.

You are good to go with your unique baby shower gift.

Baby Shusher

baby shusher, “Sleep Miracle.” As the word suggests, shush “stop making noise.”

It acts as a soother when the baby is crying.


It is a machine which makes a soothing noise which helps to calm down the baby.

It makes a perfect baby shower gift.

Dry Shampoo

Taking care of a toddler and planning a salon visit can be next to impossible.

Most expectant moms in their third trimester and new moms prefer doing their hair at home.

Shopping a dry shampoo for a baby shower visit is the best gift idea.

It cleans the hair more efficiently by absorbing all the applied oil.

Therefore, leaving the scalp and the hair very clean, feeling relaxed and fresh.

Water Bottle

A pregnant or a breastfeeding mom needs to keep hydrated all the time.

Gifting her a water bottle is likely to boost her water consumption.

There you go, grab one and start the mission “drink a lot of water daily dear mom to be.”

Baby Walker

A baby walker is a very special gift for the arriving baby. Although it is not needed for another 1-1.5 years, it can still make a very good present. You can review some of the best baby walkers here:

  • Einstein baby walker
  • Vtech baby walker

Gift Card

Finally, if you’re out of options, it will be best to buy the mom to be a gift card so she can purchase whatever is on her mind!

Simple Advice to Expectant Moms

Once you finish going through this simple advice, you will feel some weight lifted off your shoulders.

An expectant mother is likely to find childbirth stories emotional. Giving birth is not like it’s’s going to be the end of the world for you. Many people, including me, have been through it successfully.

Choosing a baby name should not trouble you that much; you can involve your close family members to help you decide on the perfect name for your coming bundle of joy.

Homebirthfor the first time, moms, is not common. It mostly happens for 2nd time going forward, mothers. Because their pelvic bones are already flexible since they have gone through the process before.

Baby bath, it’s’s not as terrifying as it looks. Your midwife will take you through the basics. And, sooner before you know it, the process will be so easy for you.

During your pregnancy period, your body undergoes many changes. Of which, you need to practice body positivity. The same goes for postpartum body changes. If you practice a healthy lifestyle, your body will soon be sexier even than before.

During your third trimester, all the way to a few weeks after baby birth, you are going to need someone to help you with household chores like house cleaning.

For single parents, you are going to need more support, but don’t worry. Out here, there a lot of good people willing to help out. What I can assure you, you are going to walk out of this strong than ever.


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