Unique Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Time travels so fast when you’re in the moment, having fun, and savoring every single minute you have with your partner. Eventually, both of you won’t notice how you’re about to celebrate another 12 additional months of your relationship. Anniversaries are one of the occasions that most married couples look forward to celebrating every year. 

An anniversary is a way to memorialize that both of you have now reached another milestone together despite all the challenges you both went through that tested your marriage. Not everyone, nowadays, can even reach a year with their partner. So, being able to stay in one marriage for several years is something worth celebrating. It could also be your way of reaffirming your love for each other.

Over the years of being together, both of you may have been to hundreds of restaurants already during the course of your relationship. Thus, the idea of celebrating your anniversary in another restaurant may seem boring or not too special anymore. Thankfully, anniversary celebrations don’t really have to be done in fancy restaurants, like how it was before.

To give you more unique anniversary ideas, read on below and see which of these unique ideas is appealing, memorable, and a breath of fresh for both of you.

Plan An Exciting Vacation

Instead of celebrating your anniversary at another restaurant, why not pack your suitcases and have an exciting vacation outside the country?  So, take a break from your usual routine at work, household chores, and other family responsibilities, and spend your anniversary at a place where both of you have never been before. Make your anniversary celebration more like a one-week anniversary celebration if you could.

You can bring along your kids with you if you want. Just make sure you take note of the important things to take when traveling with kids, so you won’t end up stressing about the diapers and milk bottles you left in the kitchen.

However, if your budget may not allow you to go on lavish travels outside the country, you can always travel to places within your state. Plan an affordable vacation somewhere and enjoy the long drive together. This will surely be memorable for you in its own unique way.

Revisit The Places You First Went Together

Couple Kissing

After long years of being together, perhaps, one or both of you may have forgotten about the first moments and places you went to that brought you together. So, during your anniversary, why not spend the day going on a trip down memory lane to one of your firsts. It could be the spot you first met or the place you had your first date or first kiss. It could also be the place where he asked you to be his girlfriend.

Suppose you choose to visit the place where you had your first date, you can remake the memory by ordering the same dishes you had way back years ago. You’ll both have a good time as you spend the day reminiscing about the things that made you fall in love with each other.

Go Camping

On your anniversary, you can surprise your partner with a camping trip by booking a tent and camp on a nearby mountain or forest. This will surely blow your partner away, especially if both of you have never tried camping before within the years of being together.

Aside from packing the tent, don’t forget to plan out a moonlight dinner under the stars. For a more unique setup, have your date in front of a bonfire, complete with marshmallow s’mores. After a romantic camping dinner, spend some cuddle time with your partner as you both gaze at the stars and talk about your future plans together.

Try Out Some Adventure Sports

If you’re one of those couples who easily get bored in quiet and calming places, then why not both of you get out and try some adventure sports!  Some of the must-try adventure sports for couples include skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, freediving, rock-climbing, visiting underwater caves, and paragliding.

This is an exhilarating way to celebrate your anniversary in the most unconventional way. However, keep in mind that this idea may only be suitable for physically fit couples who can handle unusually high places and are used to doing intense physical activities in the past.

Learn Something New Together

For couples who constantly crave being creative and wanting to learn something new every now and then, this tip may be perfect for you. Together, you can enroll in some classes or courses that both of you have no idea about, and which are totally out of your comfort zone. These can include baking, pottery, painting, furniture making, and more.

Both of you can have quality time together by learning something new, while, at the same time, making your relationship’s coordination and teamwork even deeper. 

Splurge On A Hotel Or Resort Vacation

If you and your partner have an extra budget for yourselves, you can splurge it on a hotel or resort vacation!  It’s your anniversary, so relax and give yourselves a break from your busy daily routine.

If you want to surprise your partner with a resort reservation, you can coordinate with the receptionist and tell them to set up some of the good stuff, like rose petals. Don’t forget to let the hotel know about your anniversary celebration. Most of them give out freebies to celebrating couples, such as complimentary champagne or free one-hour massage at their in-house spa.

Go Boat Riding

After several years of being married together, perhaps, both of you have already been to numerous plane, bus, car, and train rides. Why not do something different this time?  Why not you both go for a boat ride?

Don’t worry because you can quickly get your boating license after finishing a three-hour boating course. After that, you can, then, book yourselves on your boat of choice and rent it for a night. There, you can relish a romantic dinner in the boat or go swimming in the middle of the ocean. You have the boat all to yourselves so you can do anything you want together!

Wrapping Up

Whether you have a huge or small budget, or a little or plenty of time together, don’t forget that the essence of your anniversary celebration is commemorating your relationship. There are numerous places, activities, and options mentioned above for you to choose from, but the best way to celebrate your anniversary is to always remind each other how much you love and value each other.


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