Unisex Diaper Bags | Diaper Bags for Moms and Dads

Are you a dad who is sick of carrying the same diaper bag as your wife which doesn’t suit your style?

AmyandRose present you the bestselling unisex diaper bags that can be carried by you as well as your spouse.

1. Diaper Bag for Dads

Diaper bag for dads backpack amyandrose

This large diaper bag guarantees that no one will ever know the main purpose of the bag.

It has many features including

  • anti-theft back pocket
  • zippered waterproof pocket
  • padded shoulder strap
  • superior quality zipper puller
  • exquisite metal buckle
  • water resistant fabric
  • provides easy access to all your belongings
  • can be easily attached to a stroller without any stroller hook

It’s available in black and grey.

2. Large Capacity Maternity Diaper Bag

Large capacity maternity unisex diaper backpack amyandrose

This multifunctional large capacity diaper bag is prepared from premium quality fresh jacquard nylon fiber. This bag is accompanied with breathable and soft sandwich sponge back that accord with human body engineering.

This maternity nappy bag has 10 pockets including

  • front pockets
  • side pockets
  • inside pockets for wipes
  • feeding bottles
  • clothes
  • laptop
  • diaper changing

It’s available in grey, charcoal, burgundy, cyan and rose shades.

3. Evan™ Double-Layer Unisex Diaper Bag

Evan double layer unisex diaper bag backpack amyandrose

Evan Double Layer Diaper Bag is a premium choice for dads. It’s a backpack with all the capabilities of a diaper bag.

It features include

  • pocket for small items
  • keychain holder
  • insulation bottle pocket
  • elasticized pockets
  • soft and breathable cushion
  • anti-theft back pocket
  • detachable stroller strap
  • comfortable handle
  • alloy zipper puller
  • padded shoulder strap
  • water resistant
  • 5 amazing color choice
  • double-layer design
  • top zippered pocket
  • waterproof front pocket
  • tissue pocket

It can be used as a diaper bag when you are with your child as well as a casual backpack. It’s currently available in 5 colors: red, blue, black, purple and grey.

4. 2018 Fashion Diaper Backpack

2018 fashion diaper backpack backpack amyrose

Unlike other diaper bags, the diaper bags for dads must look tough. Our latest Diaper Backpack does that brilliantly. Its design makes it stand out from the crowd.

It’s built to fit everything that your baby might need while being stylish and fun.

It’s feature rich:

  • 25 L large capacity
  • multifunction storage
  • front bottle pockets
  • comfortable shoulder strap
  • breathable and waterproof fabric
  • minimalist style
  • back independent pocket
  • double “D” rings to easily hang on the baby carriage

Available in Pink, grey and deep blue shades. It can be hung to a stroller/pram using our stroller clip.

5. Messenger Diaper Bag Organizer

Messenger diaper bag organizer amyandrose

If you are kind of dad/mom who loves a messenger back, we have a treat for you. We present you the most amazing messenger nappy bag.

This tactical diaper bag is the premium choice for dads and is available in camouflage and grey shades.

Don’t get confused with its small size. This bag has large enough capacity to put all your essentials. It also includes a changing mat. It’s one of our coolest diaper bag for dads.

6. Janet Leather Diaper Backpack Baby Bag Organizer

Janet leather diaper backpack baby bag organizer amyandrose

If you want a diaper bag that is different from the rest, then you should definitely go with our leather diaper backpack

It’s made with premium quality PU leather for durability and ease of cleaning. It’s available in grey, pink, black, blue, brown and green shades.

YouTube Video of Top 6 Diaper Bag for Dads

Many folks ask us questions about our diaper bags through our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Here are some Diaper Bag FAQs

1. What is in my diaper bag?

Every diaper bag must contain essentials for baby, extras for baby and necessities for the mom/dad. We recommend having diapers, wipes, changing pads, sanitizer, baby food, cup, water, first aid, tissues, and blanket.

2. What is in my toddler diaper bag?

A toddler diaper bag may contain stuff different from an infant diaper bag. As a toddler may fall while learning to walk, you must carry an emergency kit including some medications and bandages with you.

3. What’s in my diaper bag newborn?

A newborn baby bag must have extra wipes, tissues and changing pads. As with a newborn, it’s quite new for the mom too. You can never expect what your newborn may need. Therefore, it’s always good to be prepared.

4. What’s in my diaper bag YouTube?

There are 1000’s of diaper bag videos on YouTube. You can check one of the themes here:

5. What’s in my diaper bag videos?

Here are some videos that might interest you:

6. What’s in my dad diaper bag blog?

You can check our diaper bag article here:


7. What’s in my diaper bag twins?

A mommy asked me about what she should have in a twin diaper bag. I said that the twin diaper bag is essentially a large capacity nappy bag that contains all the essentials that make them well prepared for the chaos or the calm.

5pcsset large capacity baby nappy bag amyandrose

8. What’s in my diaper bag 6 months?

For a 6-12-month-old baby, you must carry pacifier, diapers, changing pad, burp rag, feeding bottle, baby formula, extra clothes, wipes, toys, sanitizer, snacks for you.

9. What’s in my diaper bag ju ju be?

Ju Ju Be diaper bags are amazing as they are practical as well as stylish.

10. What’s in my diaper bag list?

  • Diapers
  • Changing pads
  • Tissues
  • Snacks for mom/dad
  • Extra outfits
  • Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Sanitizer
  • Water Bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Toys
  • Wallet
  • Lotion
  • First aid kit
  • Baby care booklet
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Book
  • Burp Rag
  • Wallet

11. What’s your diaper bag collection?

Click to can check out our complete diaper bag collection which contains the various style of maternity bags including backpacks, messenger bags, tote.

What’s in my diaper bag 1 year old?

12. What’s in my diaper bag game?

You should always carry some toys and games for your baby and sometimes for you too. Rattles toys are the first choice for every parent as it looks good, is safe for the baby and makes a sound that keeps the baby busy.

13. What’s in my diaper bag 15 months?

A 15-month-old is a toddler and you must carry diaper pads, diapers, wipes, changing clothes, hand sanitizer, a book, a toy, snacks and baby food.

14. Do you ship to Singapore, US, UK, Australia, Canada?

We provide free shipping Worldwide. Do read our shipping policy for more information.

15. What goes in my diaper bag?

Many think that a diaper bag is only meant to keep diapers in it. But in recent years, diaper bags have evolved into a full-fledged baby room that holds all the necessary stuff that your baby and you might require.

16. What can I bring in my diaper bag on a plane?

You should definitely carry pacifier so that your baby’s ear can adjust to the pressure change during the flight. You can also get some medications, baby formula, 5 -8 diapers, wipes, tissues, a blanket to keep baby warm during the flight, bib, bottle, changing pad/mat and baby powder. These things will ensure a safe and comfortable ride for you and your baby.

17. My diaper bag is too heavy?

You should always consider the diaper bag’s weight before making a purchase. A heavy diaper bag can be a burden to carry during travel.

We always suggest carrying a backpack style maternity bag instead of traditional tote or shoulder bags. A backpack style diaper bag uniformly spreads the weight over both the shoulder making it extremely easy to carry.

Now again, if you still that your bag is heavy then you should only consider putting only the essentials into the diaper bag.

The number of diapers to pack in the bag totally depends on the length of the travel before which you can’t get new supplies and your baby’s digestive system. I suggest you carry 5-7 diapers.

Some diaper bags are available with a built-in changing station such as this one:

Designer changing bag amyandrose

This makes it easy to change diapers as well as to carry.

18. What to pack in my diaper bag for delivery?

You should definitely consider packing these things for delivery, a dressing gown, slippers, socks, lotion, hairband, lip balm, something to pass time such as a magazine or a book, birth ball, music, nursing bra, breast pad, mobile phone and charger, comfortable shoes.

For you baby, carry some nappies, wipes, tissues, baby blanket, muslin cloth, and clothes.

Also pack some toiletries, toothbrush & toothpaste, towel for your comfortable delivery at the hospital.

19. What size should my diaper bag be?

In most of the cases, a large size diaper bag is the best as you need to carry all the essentials and extras for your baby. A smaller diaper bag may be easy to carry but may not fit all the things that your baby might need.

In such cases, you might under pack your bag and a situation may occur that can create chaos. So, be on the safer side and go for large capacity bags.

20. What’s a backpack diaper bag?

backpack diaper bag is essentially a backpack with all the functionality of a maternity bag. It is practical and easy to carry on the shoulder. A lot of diaper backpacks are now with a designer look so you don’t feel a lack of style.

These backpacks have multiple pockets for neat organization of your baby’s stuff, pockets for baby bottles and tissues. Some of them even have a built-in changing mat for extra space.

21. What’s in my coach diaper bag?

Coach is one of the finest bag manufacturers in the World. There has a beautiful and expensive range of diaper bags. If you are into style and fashion, you can go for their bags. However, if you want functionality and practical bag along with style and fashion, you should stick with us.

22. What’s in my cloth diaper bag newborn?

If you don’t like leather, we have a selection of nappy bags made from canvas. These bags are cruelty-free, durable and stylish.

23. What to carry in my diaper bag?

You should carry the essentials and extras for your baby along with some books and snacks for yourself.

24. What’s in my skip hop duo diaper bag?

If you don’t want to be super spendy about your diaper bag, you should skip the skip hop duo bags.

25. What’s inside my diaper bag?

The inside of a diaper bag is generally made of high-quality polyester. This material is chosen because of its high durability, easy cleaning, and waterproof properties.

26. What to keep in my diaper bag after my nursing period is over?

Diaper bags are meant to keep baby’s essentials. But what would you do with a diaper bag after your nursing period is over?

Unlike others, Amy&Rose diaper bags provide camouflage, that means that you can use our bags even for your daily routine. They can well organize your stuff like bottles, laptops, books and more.

27. What’s on my diaper bag?

You can place several things on your diaper bags depending on your mood. Most moms like to place fabric stickers bought from Etsy marketplace. Others like to put some key-chain, laces, emojis, and minions. You can also put some customized buttons with a photo of your child.

28. What do I really need in my diaper bag?

You really need to keep diapers, wipes, tissues, changing mat and baby formula in your diaper bag.

29. What’s in my diaper bag 2018?

Our 2018 Fashion Maternity Bag is an update over the bestselling nappy bag of 2017. This one is a classic designer bag with a ton of more functionalities and superior durability.

With multiple pockets and stylish look, it’s the Mom’s Choice Diaper Bag of the year award winner.

30. What’s in my diaper bag 2017?

Click here to get our bestselling mummy maternity bag of 2017. It’s lightweight, has many interior pockets for good organization of your baby stuff. It’s feature rich with cheat access back pocket, tissue pocket, and baby bottle pocket.

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