10 Best Books for 6-8-Year Olds

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Developing a reading habit in a child is not an easy task. Also, getting them to read on a daily routine is not enough.

Having valuable books at your disposal is key. With a plethora of printed and online children’s books all over, it’s hard to settle on the best.

Take your child’s reading skills to another level using educational, informative, and entertaining books.

Good books that will improve their reading and literary skills while ensuring their social development and academic success.

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Here’s a list of carefully selected, extremely rewarding books that will transform your child into a competent reader within no time.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl

Narrates adventures of Charlie, a destitute kid, in a chocolate factory after winning a Golden Ticket.

Little Kids First Big Book of How – Amy Shield

An adventurous, interactive question-and-answers book that triggers curiosity and understanding about the immediate environment.

Ada Twist, Scientist – Andrea Beaty

Features Ada, a curious girl with Science fascinations determined to understand the world. It sparks STEM interests.

Flat Stanley Series – Jeff Brown

A humorous and educative story of Stanley’s differences and his struggles to fit in among peers.

Bob Books series – Bobby Lynn

Step-by-step short approaches to reading, starting from sounds, letters, and 3-letter words using simple drawings.

The Day You Begin – Jacqueline Woodson

Addresses issues of isolation through Angelina’s school life. It portrays the power of friendships and sharing stories.

Horrid Henry – Francesca Simon

Tells the story of naughty Henry and the consequences of bad behavior while addressing issues of disparity in families.

Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White

Explores the power of friendship between a girl, a pig, and spider Charlotte as the heroine who saves Wilbur’s life.

The Magic Tree House – Mary Osborne

Adventure and history through the eyes of Annie and Jack after discovering a treehouse in the woods.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs – Jon Scieszka

Extreme humor from Wolf AI’s explanation of how he ended up eating the pigs.


Kids will love these books for being extremely humorous, adventurous and educative. They are colorful and attractive books with intriguing stories written by award-winning children’s books authors, and will make kids read again and again. Interested in writing for us?

They instill skills and knowledge vital for their social and emotional growth. Children get lessons on how to tackle challenging circumstances. These books spark creativity and imagination and enrich their vocabulary. They expose children to the world and instill virtues such as honesty, kindness, bravery, empathy. Also, read our review on Children Learning Reading.

Books for 6-8 year old kids Frequently Asked Questions

What books should an 8-year-old be reading?

Harry Potter series, Chronicles of Narnia, Stuart Little

What are good 7-year-old books?

Matilda at 30, The Creakers

What stage books Should a 6-year-old be on?

Mister Magnolia, The Ship Pig

Should my 8-year-old be reading?

Yes, phonics, vocabulary, and fluency are required.

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