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As the phrase implies, graduation announcements are sent basically to inform recipients of one’s academic achievement. Although graduation announcements fall within the categories of graduation invitations, wedding invitations, party or graduation party invitations, etc., it is not an outright invite.

That is, it is not necessarily an invitation to the ceremony. It could be written as a formal or informal piece considering whether it is the announcement of college graduation or high school graduation.

Coming up with a college graduation announcement 2020, there are no specific formats, unlike periods when formal announcements reigned. This makes it simple to write and allows for the use of discretion.

Pink Background Graduation Announcement

Although while addressing and sending, you should note that this is a piece of impactful writing that will depict what people think of you in terms of your personality and style. So, you must mind your choice of words while expressing your excitement.

Why send a Graduation Announcement?

It is realized that Graduation Announcements seem somewhat dispensable despite people’s excitement to boast about their academic accomplishments. Well, the following reasons are credible and are recommended as eye-openers for people who do not see the need for sending out graduation announcements.

  • Ordinarily, your family and friends would be proud to associate with every significant accomplishment and, as such, will like to brag about it. So, sending out announcements to or on behalf of your family and friends will boost their excitement, and they’ll, in turn, appreciate that you considered sharing the good news with them.
  • This happens to be the easiest way and best time to start linking up, networking, and building a professional contact list of people in your discipline.
  • Sending out graduation announcements is a courteous way of gratifying and appreciating those who influenced and contributed to the success in one way or the other.
  • Formal graduation announcements, in the long run, turn out to be a thing of sentimental value; holding back memories for future reference.

What should you write in Graduation Announcements?

Amusingly, graduation announcements give room for artistic feels because it has no precise format. However, there is the need to put more effort into making the graduation announcements professional, sleek, unique, and easy to read by taking note of graduation announcement etiquettes delivered by etiquette experts periodically. This goes a long way in maintaining a standard level of quality writing.

Relevant information as regards the academic accomplishments such as your official name, year of graduation, name of the school, degree earned and vital, etc., are the essentials of graduation announcements.

While writing graduation announcements, quotes, wishes, or inspirational statements should be included to season your literature in a way that it creates the desired impression. The quotes should preferably emphasize the value of education, determination, and working hard.

Graduation Adventure

Note that if you’re sending graduation announcements along with an invitation, you’ll need to make corresponding references to it while retaining clarity.

By putting all these together, be rest assured that you are adhering and that you are in line with proper etiquette.

Who and When to send Graduation Announcements

Although there is no rule as to who and who not to send graduation announcements to, there is a general notion that whoever you send graduation announcements should include those that your family members and friends would forward holiday cards to.

Irrespective of who you’re sending to, it should consist of people you spent the majority of your academic periods with and those who must have contributed to the achievement in one way or the other.

They could be both your immediate family and extended family, friends, tutors, mentors, classmates, and importantly yourself.

Yes! You yourself because these announcements end up being keepsakes for many years.

Determining when to put out announcements require careful reasoning mainly. This is because one would need to send early and, at the same time, not send too late, putting into consideration every determining factor.

Generally, graduation announcements sent with invites are advised to be sent at least two to three weeks in advance; before the graduation ceremony to enable guests a window to receive the announcement, RSVP, and also make necessary arrangements for the ceremony. If otherwise, the announcement could be sent within a broader range of two weeks before the date or four weeks after the invite is accepted.

Logically, advanced notice is to be sent along with the announcements to guests that might have to travel down to make attendance. In summary, there are several types of graduation announcements, including the photo graduation announcement.

Three Photo Announcement

So, you would need to put into consideration every little detail and decide on a particular type to create. Also, strive not to send the announcement too far before or after the event, as the case may be.


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