8 Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Kids This Spring

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When spring rolls around, the excitement for playing outside with your children intensifies. After a long period of cold weather, you and your kids are eager to get out and enjoy the sunshine. You can enjoy many fun activities now that the weather is favorable.

Here are 8 outdoor activities to do with your kids this spring.

1. Picnic

Spring is the perfect time to grab a blanket and your favorite snack to eat outside. The refreshing fresh air will be a joy to both of you. Whether you head to a park or backyard, soaking up the sun with your favorite treats is a great way to kick off the season.

2. Fly a Kite

Fly Kite with kid

Flying a kite defiantly takes time and teamwork. You want to ensure you head outside on the right day, so they stay in the air. Windy days are best for kite flying since getting it up in the air will take less effort. Once it is finally in the sky, you guys can enjoy seeing the colorful kite flying high. If you feel bold, you can get it to do tricks in the air.

3. Go on a Walk or Bike Ride

Going outside to walk or bike is a great way to observe and connect with nature. It is a great way to connect with nature and helps promote healthy habits for both of you. Going on a regular walk for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease.

Walks and bike rides are great for your health and can be fun. You can turn it into a game to spice up your time outdoors. Here are some games you can play while walking or riding a bike.

  • ABC ride or walk. Try to identify something on your route for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Color ride or walk. Point out colors in nature for the rainbow colors or try to identify as many colors as possible.
  • Senses game. Get in touch with each of your senses in the spring air. Feel the environment around you, listen to the animals, smell the fresh air and more.

4. Play in the Rain

Not every day is going to be sunny and warm in the spring. Lots of rainfall is bound to allow the beautiful flower to bloom. That doesn’t mean you need to stay inside all day. Grab your rain gear and head into the drizzling rain.

Outside, even when it is raining, there are many fun options. Find some puddles to jump in and don’t be afraid to get dirty. One of the fun parts about the rain is bending the rules and not caring about being outside and getting wet. You can even create a boat out of outdoor items to see how long it can float in puddles or streams of water.

5. Clean Up the Yard  

Although this might not appeal to your children, it is a great way to get outside. One of the joys of springtime is nature coming back to life. You don’t want dead plants in the yard since it will look like the house is not taken care of.

You can also clean up weeds in the yard or mow the lawn. These activities can be made into a game instead of seeming like chores. Make it a friendly competition to see who picks the most weeds or, after a certain amount of time, switch back and forth between kickball and weeding.

6. Start a Garden

Start a Garden with Kid

A garden is a great way to connect with nature while you watch something grow together. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick plants or herbs that are easy to grow. It can be food or flowers that can be turned into a beautiful centerpiece.

Certain things you plant can even attract animals or butterflies. If your kids love to look at birds or bugs, try planting things that bring them into the garden. 

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7. Backyard Camping

As the evening rolls around, put tents in the backyard and enjoy a family night under the stars. Your kids will love playing in a tent while rolling out their sleeping bags for an exciting night outside the house.

You can do other activities like roasting marshmallows and telling stories around a firepit. There may even be fireflies out to light up the dark yard. You can explore while collecting a couple of them and watching them fly away as they are set free.

8. Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes never gets old. Many different wands allow you to get super big bubbles in the air or challenge yourself by trying to pop a bunch of tiny ones.

Enjoy the Spring Season

No matter what you do outdoors with your kids, it will be a memorable experience. Spending quality time in the spring air will set the mood for the summer!


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