Mother’s Day 2024: When is Mother’s Day This Year?

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Mother’s Day is a special day to honor the incredible women in our lives. This year, it falls on a specific date – but when exactly? Discover the date, the rich history of Mother’s Day, and unique ideas to make this celebration unforgettable for your mom.

When is Mother’s Day 2024?

In the United States, Mother’s Day 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday, May 12th. Remember that the date changes annually, always falling on the second Sunday of May.

When is Mother's day

History of Mother’s Day: A Deeper Look

Mother’s Day has roots reaching back to ancient times, with celebrations honoring mother goddesses. The modern Mother’s Day as we know it emerged in the US through the efforts of Anna Jarvis. She campaigned tirelessly to establish a day recognizing mothers following the death of her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday.

  • Ancient Roots: Many cultures held festivals honoring mother goddesses and maternal figures throughout history.
  • Mother’s Day Work Clubs: Precursors to modern Mother’s Day, these clubs organized by Ann Reeves Jarvis (Anna Jarvis’s mother) focused on public health and community concerns.
  • Commercialization: While now heavily marketed, Mother’s Day began as a grassroots movement. Handmade gifts and experiences are still treasured ways to celebrate.
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Mother’s Day Around the World

Mother’s Day is a cherished tradition worldwide, though dates and customs vary. Here’s a peek at how other countries celebrate:

  • United Kingdom (Mothering Sunday): Honors the Virgin Mary, held on the fourth Sunday of Lent (March or April).
  • Mexico (Día de la Madre): Always celebrated on May 10th.
  • Thailand: Celebrates Queen Sirikit’s birthday (August 12th), making it a dual celebration of mothers and the Queen.
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10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. Breakfast in Bed: Pamper mom with a delicious breakfast.
  2. Meaningful Gift: Choose a gift reflecting her interests.
  3. Handmade Card: Get creative with a heartfelt card.
  4. Family Outing: Plan a fun activity the whole family enjoys.
  5. Spa Day: Gift her a relaxing spa experience.
  6. Help with Chores: Take over her usual tasks for the day.
  7. Write a Letter: Express your gratitude and love.
  8. Cook Her Favorite Meal: Prepare a special dinner.
  9. Share Memories: Reminisce over photo albums.
  10. Spend Quality Time: Simply being present is the best gift of all.

Looking for ways to make Mom feel special? Here are ideas tailored to her style:

  • Pampering Gifts: Spa treatments, cozy robes, luxurious bath products.
  • Experiences: Tickets to a show, a planned day trip, a class she’d enjoy.
  • Thoughtful Gestures: Heartfelt letters, framed photos, helping with a project.
  • The Adventurous Mom: Hiking gear, travel accessories, a subscription box for outdoor adventures.
  • The Homebody Mom: Gourmet treats, cozy blankets, plants or décor for her space.
  • The Sentimental Mom: Personalized jewelry, a custom family portrait, a memory box.
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Is Mother’s Day a Public Holiday?

While Mother’s Day is widely celebrated in the US, it’s not a federal public holiday. Businesses generally remain open.

Mother’s Day 100 Year Calendar (From 1950 to 2050)

1950SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1951SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1952SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1953SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1954SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1955SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1956SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1957SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1958SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1959SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1960SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1961SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1962SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1963SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1964SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1965SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1966SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1967SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1968SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1969SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1970SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1971SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1972SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1973SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1974SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1975SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1976SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1977SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1978SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1979SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1980SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1981SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1982SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1983SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1984SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1985SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1986SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1987SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1988SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1989SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1990SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
1991SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1992SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1993SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
1994SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
1995SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
1996SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
1997SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
1998SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
1999SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2000SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2001SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2002SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2003SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2004SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2005SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2006SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2007SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2008SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2009SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2010SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2011SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2012SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2013SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2014SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2015SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2016SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2017SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2018SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2019SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2020SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2021SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2022SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2023SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2024SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2025SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2026SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2027SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2028SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2029SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2030SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2031SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2032SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2033SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2034SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2035SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2036SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2037SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2038SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2039SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2040SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2041SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2042SundayMay 11thMother’s Day
2043SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2044SundayMay 8thMother’s Day
2045SundayMay 14thMother’s Day
2046SundayMay 13thMother’s Day
2047SundayMay 12thMother’s Day
2048SundayMay 10thMother’s Day
2049SundayMay 9thMother’s Day
2050SundayMay 8thMother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to shower the moms in your life with love and appreciation. Whether you choose a grand gesture or a simple act of kindness, make this Mother’s Day a memorable celebration of the amazing women who nurture and guide us.

FAQs about Mother’s Day

  1. When is Mother’s Day in other countries?

    Dates vary around the world. Check online for country-specific dates.

  2. How did the tradition of giving flowers on Mother’s Day begin?

    Anna Jarvis used white carnations to honor her mother, and the tradition grew.

  3. What are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas?

    Consider personalized items, experiences, or donations to her favorite charity.

  4. Is there a traditional Mother’s Day flower?

    White carnations were favored by Anna Jarvis, but any blooms Mom loves are perfect.

  5. How can I involve young children in Mother’s Day celebrations?

    Finger painting cards, “helping” bake simple treats, or picking flowers are sweet ways to include the little ones.

  6. How can I celebrate Mother’s Day if we live far apart?

    Video calls, sending a care package, or writing a heartfelt letter are all meaningful long-distance gestures.

  7. What’s the difference between Mother’s Day and Grandparents’ Day?

    Grandparents’ Day (established in 1978) is a separate celebration in September honoring grandparents.


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