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Moms are the most valuable person in any family. They are loving, caring and understanding. They give up their sleep for you, they give up their hobbies for you, they give up everything for you.

Happy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With kids life can get quite hectic, that is why mom deserves the best. Gifts are ideal to thank them for everything that they have done in their lives.

Here you will see a list of some of the most appreciated and unique gifts for mom for a special mother’s day which she will remember for the rest of her life.

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Top 100 Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

Bouquet of Balloons

While flowers are by far the most popular choice for mother’s day, I think that bouquets made out of balloons are simply awesome. And if you want to do it right you can find some awesome DIY tutorials on how to make a balloon bouquet. Or if you’re not into the whole “craft” thing you could always just buy a balloon bouquet or order flowers with balloons online.

Cat Butt Magnets

Who doesn’t love cats? Show your mom how much you care by surprising her with this awesome gift. Cat butts are both cute and funny, so they make perfect additions to any fridge! Or you could get your mom a custom-made magnet using the picture of her cat.

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Lotus Flower Diffuser Necklace

There are several different types of organic essential oil diffusers out there, but my personal favorite is the lotus flower. It’s very pretty and it lasts for about 3-4 months if you use the correct oils in it (just make sure you don’t put anything too strong in there). If your mom is into yoga or meditation this would be the perfect gift for her.

Balloon Lampshade

This might not sound like such an awesome gift, but trust me- it is! I saw one of these at a wedding and I thought it was such a clever idea. If you’re crafty enough to make one of these yourself, great! But even buying pre-made lampshades with balloons on them is not a bad idea (I like this one ).

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A jewelry box filled with new baubles or a necklace in mom’s favorite colors will make for a unique Mother’s Day gift idea. If you’re looking for something more sentimental, consider purchasing a custom piece from a jeweler.

Personal Spa Day

Treat mom to some R&R with a day at the spa. Not only does it give her time for herself, but you’ll get your special time with her as well!


If mom loves listening to music or watching movies on her laptop, consider buying her a pair of headphones. Not only will they come in handy when she’s on the go, but they’ll make for a unique Mother’s Day gift idea this year!


As mom probably has lots of places she goes and things she does, why not give her a new piece of luggage? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be reliable to ensure that all of her travel essentials arrive safely.

Laptop Case

Whether mom needs a new case for work or school, find one that fits the occasion and puts the finishing touch on her tech collection.

A New Bag

Keep her hands free by buying her a new bag that’s functional and stylish at the same time.

A Mug

A personalized mug is a wonderful mother’s day gift idea, especially if your mom enjoys her morning coffee while reading the news. You can get text or designs printed onto the mugs and she will definitely appreciate such a great present. She might even make use of more than one mug since they are so cute and adorable to use every day.

A New Wallet

As one of mom’s most used accessories, taking care of it is a must. Whether she’s looking for a new design or a wallet that will hold all of her essentials, there are plenty of options out there.

Wooden Desk Set

Whether she has a home office or simply loves working on her laptop at the kitchen table, consider buying mom an elegant desk set that will let her work in style.


Of course, nothing beats taking mom on a vacation. Whether it’s to the beach or the mountains, she’ll appreciate getting away with you and spending some time together.

A Picture Frame

You can design a perfectly customized picture frame which she will definitely adore. You can print a photo of you two together, her favorite photo, or any kind of design you like to make it really unique and special to fit your mom’s personality perfectly.

Luggage Tag

Help her ensure that she can easily spot her luggage at baggage claim with a customized luggage tag. It’s more than just an accessory; it’ll help her get home without any trouble!

A Bangle Bracelet

Complete her collection with a new bangle bracelet that she’ll have fun stacking on her wrist.

Herbs and Spices

Consider buying her some fresh herbs or spices for the kitchen. Not only does it show you put some thought into your gift, but it’ll help give all of her meals a personalized taste.

A Soap Dispenser

Does your mom have a beauty collection that’s just as big as yours? Then, she’ll appreciate having a soap dispenser in the bathroom. It not only keeps her skin clean, but it will give the room a personal touch too.

Wooden Desk Set

Whether she has a home office or simply loves working on her laptop at the kitchen table, consider buying mom an elegant desk set that will let her work in style.

A Throw Blanket

Does mom love curling up on the couch with a good book? Consider buying her a beautiful throw blanket to keep her warm this fall. Better yet, get her a personalized throw blanket that shows off your family’s name and logo!

Oversized Scarf

She’ll appreciate having an oversized scarf to wear this winter. Not only will it keep her neck warm and cozy, but it’s also trendy and stylish at the same time.

Tennis Racket

Consider buying her a new tennis racket. Not only will it add variety to your games, but she’ll appreciate having a new one that fits well and is easy to grip.


Mom has a lot of books, right? If so, why not get her some cool bookmarks to go along with them this year? Not only do they make for perfect decorations, but she can use them when reading at night before bed too.

Wine Glasses

Consider buying her some new wine glasses that look classy and elegant. They’ll certainly add style to her collection and go well with whatever type of wine she prefers!

A Journal

Help her de-stress by getting her a journal. She can write down all of her thoughts when they come to mind, which will help prevent them from piling up.

A Balcony Garden

Give her the gift of green this Mother’s Day by buying her a balcony garden that she can place on her patio or balcony this spring. It’ll not only add to the aesthetics of the space, but it will also give mom fresh ingredients she can use in her cooking!

Mug Warmer

She’ll appreciate having a mug warmer that she can place on her desk at work or by the kitchen table. Not only will it keep her coffee hot throughout the day, but it’ll save her from constantly reheating it too!

A Kindle Fire Tablet

Let mom enjoy her favorite books in the comfort of her own home. A Kindle Fire tablet is the perfect gift for tech-savvy moms who are always on the go.

Laser Cut Stationery

She can keep organized by getting her some laser-cut stationery that she can use to write letters, jot down notes, and leave thoughtful messages for loved ones.

Gift Cards

Gifts for Mom

Give mom the gift of flexibility this Mother’s Day by getting her a variety of gift cards. She can choose where to spend them, which is especially nice when she has more than one favorite spot.

A Nice Watch

Help her coordinate with her outfit and give her a nice watch. She’ll appreciate the classic design and the fact that it matches most outfits she wears.

A Classic Handbag

Don’t just get mom any handbag—get her a classy one! She can use it as an everyday bag or as a formal accessory, which makes it the perfect present for all different types of moms.

A Crossbody Bag

If mom needs a small handbag that she can carry while running errands, get her a crossbody bag. It’ll be the perfect accessory and it goes well with many different types of outfits too!

Wine Cheeseboard Set

Expand her knowledge of wines by getting her a wine cheese board set. She can use it to greet guests with style and grace, while also impressing them with her new expertise on the subject.

Natural Bath Salts

Let mom relax and detoxify her body with some natural bath salts. They’re fun to use and can be customized as well, which is something she’ll appreciate as the years go on!

A Coffee Table Book

Help your mom decorate her living room with a coffee table book that’ll give everyone something to talk about. Whether she’s into gardening, fashion, or photography, you can find almost any topic for her favorite type of book too!

A Set Of Cake Testers

Give mom the chance to create delicious cakes by getting her a set of cake testers. They’re simple to use and won’t take up too much room in the kitchen, which is ideal for busy moms!

A Classic Novel

Consider getting mom a classic novel this Mother’s Day. She can read it anytime she wants and you might even enjoy reading it together as well—making memories is always the best gift of all.

An Apron

She can cook up a storm with an apron that she can wear while cooking. It’ll protect her clothes from getting stained and it’ll also make cleanup afterward much more manageable too!

A Set Of Miniature Books

Expand her knowledge of literature by giving her a set of miniature books. Each one is a miniature replica of a classic novel and they’re all bound together in a beautiful set too.

Plant In A Pot

Help mom her garden this Mother’s Day by giving her a plant in a pot. It’ll make the house look more beautiful and it’ll also give everyone fresh vegetables to eat at dinner time too!

Bonsai Tree

Give mom something green with a bonsai tree. She’ll be able to take care of it all by herself and it could also be a great decoration for her desk at work, which will help her feel relaxed no matter where she is.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Help her feel relaxed after a long day with a Himalayan salt lamp. She’ll appreciate the warm glow it puts off and you can also use it to help purify the air in your home too!

Laptop Bed Tray

Help her get some work done while relaxing in bed with a laptop bed tray that makes tasks easier than ever before. It’ll make it much simpler to browse the web and check e-mails while watching movies too.

Kneeling Chair

Help her unwind after a long day with a kneeling chair. She’ll be able to rest her feet while also getting some work done too. It’s the best of both worlds and it’ll make all the difference in the world!

A Coffee Maker

She can start her day off right by getting her a coffee maker. She’ll be able to make the whole house smell delicious and it will also give her a chance to spend some time relaxing before work too.

Cooking Class

Help your mom to have fun this Mother’s Day by allowing her to enroll in a cooking class. She’ll be able to learn a new skill and she might even end up making something delicious for everyone else as well!

An Entire Set Of Kitchen Utensils

Get mom a complete set of kitchen utensils that she can use whenever she’s cooking up a meal for the family. It’ll make it easy to cook and clean up afterward will be much faster as well.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Give mom something fun to do this Mother’s Day by getting her a jigsaw puzzle. She’ll have the chance to spend some relaxing time with her family while she pieces it all together and it could also be an activity you can do together as well!

High-End Shower Curtain

She’ll be able to keep her bathroom beautiful with a high-end shower curtain. It’ll look great and it will also give the bathroom an extra touch of elegance that she’ll always appreciate!

Bathtub Caddy

She’ll be able to use her tablet while she’s soaking in the tub and it will also make reading much more convenient too.

Yoga Mat

Give mom the chance to exercise at home with a yoga mat. She’ll be able to watch YouTube videos and take care of her daily routine without having to leave the house—she’ll love this!

Mom’s Car

It might seem like an odd gift, but it will make a huge difference in her life and she’ll love the chance to be able to drive around town whenever she wants as well!

New Phone Case

HA customized phone case is an excellent gift idea for mom as it can carry memories of her children and you on a daily basis. You can get any designs printed onto the phone case, depending on your preferences and which will best fit your style. She will always cherish it and she can use it every day.

Professional Spa Day

She’ll have the chance to take her time and enjoy some self-care without having to lift a finger. It’s a luxurious experience she will always be glad to have as well!

House Cleaner

The house will be spotless and she’ll never have to think about chores again — what could be better than that?

The Perfect Dinner

Give mom the perfect Mother’s Day dinner as a way to recognize everything she does for everyone else. She’ll appreciate the effort and the food will be delicious too!

Gift Basket Of Her Favorite Things

Help her find a new favorite by getting her a gift basket of all of her favorite things. It’ll give her the chance to try out some new products and she can also use them whenever she’s feeling stressed too.

Cute Underwear

Give mom cute new underwear as a way to say “you’re beautiful”. She’ll be able to feel great and she can even wear them on Mother’s Day too.

Wine-Pairing Class

She can learn something new with a wine-pairing class. She’ll be able to drink some delicious wines and enjoy an afternoon out with the family too.

New TV

Upgrade mom’s television with a new 4k TV. She’ll be able to watch her favorite shows in stunning detail and she might even end up binge-watching something new too!

Guilt-Free Dessert

Give mom a guilt-free dessert as a way to say thank you for everything. She’ll love the healthy ingredients and no one else will mind if she has a few extra bites either!

Netflix & Chill

Give mom the gift of Netflix with a subscription to her favorite shows. She’ll get to enjoy some relaxing time with family and it might even become a new tradition for everyone to watch together too!


Is your mom an outdoor person? Maybe she would like to enjoy some spare time in nature with a customized bike specially designed for her needs. As all women are different, you can design it in many different ways. You can print her favorite photo on the bicycle (maybe you two together). If your mom is passionate about cycling she will appreciate this personalized gift.

Professional Lifestyle Photographer

Give mom the gift of beautiful memories with a professional lifestyle photographer. She’ll look gorgeous and you can even hang up some of her photos around the house for everyone to enjoy.

Overnight Staycation

Give mom an overnight staycation at her favorite hotel. You can relax together and take a break from the world before coming back refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Modern Art

Custom wall art is a great gift idea as your mom will be able to put it up at home, in the living room for everyone to see it. This is a very unique gift that mom will definitely enjoy using. You can get this canvas made up of wood and hang it anywhere in the house for her to see every day. These are long-term gifts that everyone cherishes for a lifetime.

Customized Necklace

An elegant monogrammed necklace for mom will be really appreciated. You can custom design the necklace with her initials and any text she wants, according to her style. Also, read these mom quotes.

Coffee & Tea Subscription

Give mom a subscription to her favorite coffee or tea as a way to say “I love you”. She’ll enjoy sipping some delicious hot beverages and it will become a new tradition for the two of you.

Yoga Classes

Give mom the gift of yoga classes as a way to say “you’re special”. It will be relaxing, fun, and healthy too. You can even join her for some sessions if you want to!

Organic Soap

Gift Ideas for Mom

She’ll feel relax with organic soap as a way to say thank you. She’ll appreciate knowing that it’s made with natural ingredients and she’ll love feeling pampered too.

Facial Treatments

Give mom the gift of facial treatments as a way to say “you’re wonderful”. It will be relaxing and pampering for her and she’ll love feeling refreshed too.

Mother’s Day Candy Bouquet

If your mom loves candy there’s no better way to show your appreciation than making a mother’s day candy bouquet. All you need is a bunch of colorful tissue paper, some ribbon, and a vase. You can add flowers in between the balls of tissue paper for more “pop” if you wish.

Finger Knitting

This one makes the list of unusual mother’s day gifts. Finger knitting is also known as “nålebinding” or “needle looping”, and it was originally used to make hats, socks, sweaters, etc. Nowadays you can buy kits that have all the necessary supplies so you don’t even need to know how to knit to enjoy this activity.

Ticket To Her Favorite Show

Help your mom enjoy her favorite show by giving her tickets to see it live. She’ll get to hear the actors in person and laugh the night away.

Dinner & Movie

Give mom a dinner & movie night out as a way to say “you’re amazing”. She’ll love relaxing at home with you and eating some delicious food too.

Iced Coffee

She’ll be able to enjoy some delicious coffee whenever she wants and it will help her relax.

Teddy Bear

She’ll love cuddling with her new best friend and it’s a great way to show her how much she means to you too.

Car Detailing

She’ll have a clean car that looks amazing and it will be just what she needs after a long day at work.

Organic Bath Bombs

Help mom enjoy a guilt-free soak in the tub with organic bath bombs. They’ll make her skin look gorgeous and she might even end up discovering some new scents that she loves too.

Gym Membership

She’ll be able to work out any time she wants and it will even become a new tradition for the two of you to do together too.

Restaurant Gift Card

Give mom a gift card to her favorite restaurant. You can enjoy a delicious meal together and reconnect in the process too.

Massage Therapy

Give mom the gift of massage therapy as a way to say “thank you”. She’ll be able to relax in no time and she can even go in for multiple sessions if she wants to!


For a mother’s day gift idea that is personalized and very unique, a quilt with her favorite photos or memories can be full of love and sentimentality. It looks amazing in any house, you can use the design which your mom likes most so she can enjoy looking at it every time she needs some relaxation.

Rosewood Pen

You can print any kind of photo, text, or even drawing you want onto the pen to make it special. The design possibilities are endless when customizing this product. It is top quality and was named “the best gift of 2010” by Oprah Winfrey.


A personalized pencil pack is an ideal gift idea for moms and it can be made out of top quality materials to fit your mom’s needs. You can get text or designs printed onto the pencils so you can make them special for her. You can choose many different colors and she will be able to use them every day while at work.

Comic Book

If your mom is a cartoon fan, then this could be a very unique mother’s day gift idea. You can create a comic book that tells the story of you and your mom to make it even more special. You can illustrate that book with drawings or photos to make it stand out from the rest of the things she owns.


A custom bobblehead doll for mom is a really special and unique gift idea which she will adore. You can get it in the shape of her head or any design you like, according to her preferences. It’s a great way to commemorate motherhood and your relationship with your mom so she will cherish it forever.


Gifts for Mom

You can get any design or photo printed onto the lunchbox and it will be something she cherishes and uses every day while at work or school. All women love cute things so they will appreciate this gift.

Tote Bags

A customized tote bag is an ideal present for all the busy moms out there, who like to carry many things with them while running errands all day long. You can get any designs printed onto the tote bag and it will be something she cherishes and uses daily.

Towels & Bed Sheets

These are very common gifts that are used by most people for their mothers. You can customize these with a message or an initial of her name just to make it more special for her.

Pillows Covers

Personalized pillow covers with a message or an initial on them are something that is loved by everyone. These are cute additions to the house.

Hangings & Wall Decor

Dress up your mom’s house with these beautiful wall hangings. These are long-term gifts that can be hanged inside the house for a lifetime. You will find some very unique and some very common ones here.

Wall Clocks

These are some of the most appreciated gifts that can be used inside or outside the house. These are long-term gifts that mom will always cherish.

Gift baskets & Hampers

Chocolates, cookies, and other edible stuff are very common gifts people give to their mothers on special occasions.

Toiletries Basket

This basket contains all things that a mother needs while she is inside the house. These are very practical gifts and mom will be happy with them.

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Desk & Office Accessories

This is an example of a cute gift that mom can use in her office or at home. This letter holder will hold all letters and cards sent to her by you on special occasions. These are very interesting gifts that mom will enjoy using for sure.

Wall Shelves

These shelves are made up of pallets and can be customized very easily. These shelves will be loved by your mom and she will show off these to her friends in gatherings.

Towel Hangers

These are very convenient gifts that anyone can use for their bathrooms. These are one of the most appreciated gifts that mom will love to have in her bathroom.

Cushions & Pillows

These cushions and pillow covers are something that your mother will enjoy using while she is inside the house. These are very common gifts that anyone can get, but the love towards your mother will always be unique.


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